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[08/14/21]   get your computer ready for fall

Matt's computer repair updated their phone number. 08/14/2021

Matt's computer repair updated their phone number.

Matt's computer repair updated their phone number.

Matt's computer repair updated their information in their About section. 08/14/2021

Matt's computer repair updated their information in their About section.

Matt's computer repair updated their information in their About section.

Matt's computer repair updated their address. 08/14/2021

Matt's computer repair updated their address.

Matt's computer repair updated their address.

Matt's computer repair updated their website address. 08/14/2021

Matt's computer repair updated their website address.

Matt's computer repair updated their website address.


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todays project fixed usb car charger witj aualcom 3.0 snapdragon smartest charger in the world lol... 07/24/2017

Here's how to get Windows 10 for free -- still

upgrade free to windows 10 People who assistive technologies still quality for the free upgrade, though Microsoft doesn't ask for any evidence that you actually use such tools.


Roger Hodgson - Dreamer [Live]

Nite time to dream luv n hugs

Roger Hodgson - Dreamer [Live], Produktion: HEY-U Mediagroup,, © 2010, Produzent: Herwig Ursin, Promotor: Donauinselfest, pro.event, Sch...

[04/23/17]   Hello people hope your having a great spring day.... 12/04/2016

Everything we know, expect, and want from AMD's Zen Zen may not revolutionize the CPU world, but it will shake things up, and that's good news. 11/27/2016

"Netflix tax" may be coming soon to your bill Some California lawmakers are suggesting a tax on streaming services after a glut of cord cutting 11/27/2016

Would you believe the pope endorsed Trump? Five tips for spotting fake news No, Pope Francis didn't endorse Donald Trump. And no, Trump didn't beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote. But how to tell what's real or fake? 11/23/2016

The story behind QWERTY The QWERTY layout of your keyboard may seem random but it was actually designed to solve a major problem with early typewriters. 11/23/2016

15 best laptops you can buy in 2016 The best laptops for your every need 11/13/2016

Unturned: how a survival game made by a 16-year-old racked up 24 million downloads Two years and 150+ updates later, it's an unlikely success story (and one of the most popular games on Steam).

[11/13/16]   Dell desktop computer tower core 2 duo 3.16 ghz w/ hdmi video card 250gb hard drive windows 7 pro $60 11/12/2016

Dell OptiPlex 960 SFF+Monitor Screen lcd 19 dell optiplex 960 core2 duo e8500 3.16 ghz 4gb ram dvd burner 19 lcd monitor 500gb hard drive complete computer with19 lcd monitor / all cables & mouse & keyboard text Matt 11/03/2016

Gaming: DirectX 12 Unleashes AMD FX Processors ... | Community

cool Battlefield 1 has now been on the scene for a spell, and we hope yall are having a blast storming the trenches with powerful Great War weapons like the 11/01/2016

Leaks reveal Intel's initial Kaby Lake i5/i7 desktop lineup 11 new quad-core desktop processors coming in January. 10/30/2016

Defenseless internet 'paying the price' for ignoring security The internet is defenseless against another massive cyberattack. 10/27/2016

Google lays off staff and 'pauses' Fiber in 8 cities

google at it again Existing Fiber locations will be unaffected. 10/27/2016

Cubs level World Series, first Fall Classic win since 1945 Kyle Schwarber had two RBIs while Jake Arrieta pitched 5 1/3 innings of no-hit ball as the Chicago Cubs evened the World Series at a game apiece with a 5-1 win in Game 2. 10/10/2016

Samsung halts production of troubled Galaxy Note 7 phone Samsung has halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as fears spread that even replacement versions of the device can burst into flames. 10/05/2016

Exclusive Multi-GPU DX12 Frame Pacing Interview with AMD’s Scott Wasson KitGuru was recently given the chance to fire some questions over to AMD’s Scott Wasson on the topic of frame pacing for multi-GPU (mGPU) configurations using DirectX 12. Frame pacing has lon…

[10/01/16]   We offer... Pickup and delivery free anywhere in boise / meridian/eagle 09/24/2016

Police warn of shady USB drives appearing in mailboxes If you found a random USB drive in your mailbox, would you plug it into your computer? 09/21/2016

SanDisk Just Revealed a Monstrous 1 Terabyte SD Memory Card

sweet.... There’s no word on when you’ll be able to buy it, or to what extent you’ll need to mortgage your home to afford one, but today SanDisk revealed a prototype of a one-terabyte SDXC card that will help ensure your camera never runs out of space for photos or videos. 09/20/2016

DS4Windows now supports Sony's official Bluetooth adapter You can now use the Dualshock 4's headphone jack and touchpad with DS4Windows. 09/07/2016

Apple launches iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with two cameras, water resistance and all-new headphones - live

Hahahaaaa Tim Cook is live on stage now - read on for live updates of the latest iPhone 7 and watch announcements as they happen. 08/29/2016

Facebook tweaks Trending Topics (again) after criticism The social network is changing how it presents news following months of criticism over its curation methods



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Idaho SESTA is a collaboration of the University of Idaho and Boise State University funded by the Idaho State Department of Education.

Students for Prison Awareness Students for Prison Awareness
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To bring public awareness to mass incarceration, prison violence, the process of rehabilitation and reentry and to provide support for families.

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Bohemian Supper Club offers different options for the community to learn about or experience food.

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We offer Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop for age 3+up. Our classes encourage and teach, confidence, creativity, self expression, core technique, and personal growth. (COVID 19) Protocols/Mask

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Find out all of the upcoming PTO events and announcements for Morley Nelson Elementary. PTO BOARD MEMBERS for 2020/2021 school year President - Katie Mowat Parke​ Vice President - Anna Rostock Treasurer - Wendy Harvey​ Secretary - Brittany Albizo

Coding Dojo (Boise) Coding Dojo (Boise)
404 S. 8th St. #204 Boise, Idaho 83702
Boise, 83702

Coding Dojo is an award-winning leading bootcamp that’s helped 4,500+ students successfully transform and jumpstart their careers. An average of 94% of graduates land a job in tech within 6mo of graduation, working at companies like Google and Amazon.

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A small, in-home preschool focusing on academics while also experiencing hands-on learning about animals, and how things grow. Students interact with various animals daily, learning how to be kind, gentle and quiet, how to care for, and feed the animals.