Boise Classical Academy, Boise, ID Video April 9, 2019, 4:06am

Videos by Boise Classical Academy in Boise. Boise Classical Academy offers a curriculum both classical and dynamic, combining a faith-based foundation with the best the Classics have to offer.

Julia Davis Park & Library Book Sale Field Trip 2019

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Aristotle Teaching on the first day of school!
Aristotle (aka Mr. Chris Parrish)P.S. School Newsletter coming out tomorrow! If you're not subscribed to it, please let ...

A rare opportunity... Boise Classical Academy has additional openings for the 2019-20 school year. BCA is normally full ...

BCA 2019 Graduation Slideshow
Congratulations BCA Class of 2019!

BCA Juniors establish a new tradition: After Thesis Scream
The Junior class may have established a new tradition yesterday afternoon: The After Thesis Group Scream!

Final Junior Thesis Defense: Da Vinci’s influence on the anatomical sciences.

We think this is the perfect statement to end this last Senior Project presentation, on creating Renaissance music throu...

Senior Projects: working as a page at the Idaho State Capitol.

Senior Projects continued: An exploration of the veneration of Mary.

Senior Projects continue: an examination of hard sacrifice...

Senior Project presentations at BCA this afternoon.

Julia Davis Park & Library Book Sale Field Trip 2019

Our Student Guilds "challenge our students to think strategically, creatively, and imaginatively in a team setting. On a...

Happy Giving Thanks!
Happy Giving Thanks from Boise Classical Academy

October Shindig: When you attend an after school party planned by BCA students, be prepared to move! Many thanks to our ...

Learning valuable life skills: That moment when our 7th/8th Grade PE class figures out how to flip a magic carpet withou...

Boise Classical Academy
See a glimpse of BCA and our vision!

Hello everyone! This is a video of Mr. Brandon and Mr. Snell doing a dramatic reading of Homer at The District Coffee H...