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Amazing opportunity in Boise. Come learn what we can do to save breastfeeding and help these babies thrive. Https://tonguetieconference.eventbrite.com
Hi!! Thank you for allowing me to share this with your community!

I'm really close to wrapping up my Postpartum Healing Course and I'd love your help!

I have 3 questions I'd love some feedback on!

If you experienced a high-risk pregnancy, preterm delivery and/or traumatic pregnancy/delivery would you mind taking 2 minutes to complete this short survey?

Here's the link: https://goo.gl/forms/VdgivLwf4UuyQvPg1

Thank you!!
Wendy graciously suggested I post this here.

I've had two food sensitive babies and struggled with finding answers, safe foods, and adjusting our diets.

Tomorrow night I'm doing a free webinar to give moms the info they need all in one place...
*Learn the 5 forms allergens can be found in ingredients
*Cheat sheet downloads for hidden names
*Quick hacks to identify safe foods

If you're a food sensitive mom too, register for this webinar and make your next run to the grocery store sooo much easier!

Need some good vibes tonight...first 1/2 shift back to work!! Hoping for a peaceful Emergency Department!!
I know babies are your thing...I thought you might also like this post on thriving during the first year postpartum. :)

Resources and expert advice for expecting and new moms (parents) promoting healthy development of preemies and infants, 0-12mos, with our without physical challenges.

Online video consultations, coaching and "baby and me" classes. Click "Learn More" Hi! I am Wendy Rohin, PT, DPT. I am a mom and a pediatric physical therapist, with 10+ years of experience specializing in prematurity and infant development. I am very passionate about helping parents not only survive but THRIVE during baby's first year and beyond! Every newborn and their exasperated mommas and dad

Operating as usual

vimeo.com 09/22/2020

Safety Aspects of Daily Car Seat Use

vimeo.com Lauren Rand BSN, RN, CPN Northern Kentucky University Master of Science in Nursing-Nursing Education Candidate


Louis Scott

Little kid hilariously runs to home base in slow motion. This brightens my day 😂.

📹 jukin

disabilityscoop.com 08/02/2020

Stride Rite Rolls Out Shoes For Kids With Special Needs

disabilityscoop.com A major shoe company is unveiling sneakers specifically designed for children with special needs.


Some Guy Named Allen

I can’t 😍 ... VOLUME UP!!!


Signing Time

Excellent resource for early language!

👶 Communicate with your child with Baby Signing Time.

Babies develop their motor skills long before their verbal skills. Teaching them to sign gives them a head start in communication and problem-solving skills!

➡️ Sign up today and get FREE access to our entire library for 14 days.

nytimes.com 07/20/2020

During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Some Doctors Wondered: Where Are the Preemies?

Very interesting. Can’t wait to see more research.

nytimes.com Hospitals in several countries saw dips in premature births, which could be a starting point for future research.


Mommy Owl by Lauren Lodder

This father designed this headstone of his wheel-chair bound son depicting him “free of his earthly burdens.” My heart. ❤️

cnn.com 06/07/2020

CNN and 'Sesame Street' to host a town hall addressing racism

cnn.com As anger and heartbreak have swept across America over the killing of yet another black man at the hands of police, CNN and Sesame Street are refocusing their second town hall to address racism.

today.com 04/23/2020

Mom who gave birth in coma from coronavirus holds her baby for 1st time

today.com Angela Primachenko was able to hold her baby daughter for the first time since giving birth on April 1. Little Ava was born prematurely while Primachenko was in a medically induced coma.


MC Lyte

He knows how to pick a song, Bob Marley and sang so sweetly! Mother dear protect this beautiful child as best you can💜🙏🏽


$5 Dinners



Free Parenting the Love and Logic Way online course!

For a limited time only! To help families during this time. https://www.loveandlogic.com/collections/spr20/products/love-and-logic-parenting-online



via Sumaira Z


Idaho State Department of Education (SDE)

sde.idaho.gov A state agency Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve

medium.com 03/16/2020

Social Distancing: This is Not a Snow Day

medium.com Originally published by Ariadne Labs on March 13, 2020

docs.google.com 03/14/2020

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

docs.google.com Sheet1 Join "Amazing Educational Resources" for more Resources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/445786889466638/ Do you know another company to add? Email [email protected]. They can be added to the list.


Melissa Calise Photography

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lovewhatmatters.com 03/01/2020

‘When I have to search a student’s cell phone, I’m sick to my stomach at what I find. It gets worse every year.’: Assistant principal’s plea for parents to monitor cell phone use, ‘The internet is the most dangerous place behind closed do

lovewhatmatters.com "'How often do you search your kid's phone?' The shock is even worse when 90% of them say hardly ever or never. They get upset at me, accuse me of lying about their kids, and expect me to somehow fix the situation. Please stop actively working against the schools and start working WITH us. We are no...

simplemost.com 03/01/2020

Hospitals Dressed Leap Day Babies As Frogs, And It's Absolutely Adorable

simplemost.com All across the country, babies born on Leap Day this year are being dressed as frogs, and the photos are absolutely adorable. Because February 29th only comes around once every four years, it's reason...



I don’t know of any hospitals here in the Valley with an official gag order but I do know that nurses & IBCLCs can’t speak freely.
Reposted from @kellyibclc 🤬
Silenced. Gagged.⁠
As of last week the lactation consultants at another hospital in my area have a gag order put on them with regards to mentioning tongue tie and referring out for it. No discussion, wouldn’t let anyone else speak, just gagged them. ⁠

Yet another example of the health care system failing families. Instead of being able to make an informed decision, families will be left to wonder why breastfeeding isn't going well. Some will seek help elsewhere. Some won't.⁠

I do not work at this hospital (or any hospital), but I am absolutely distraught over this. ⁠

They say it’s because we can’t “diagnose”. I’m sorry, but this is a cop out. ⁠
1) These IBCLCs (like most) have always been very careful of their wording around ties. Saying things like: ⁠
“Based on your symptoms, you may want to rule out a tongue tie. Here is a practitioner to see”⁠
“When I do an oral assessment, I am feeling some restriction. You may want to see X practitioner to see if that is what is causing your symptoms.⁠

2) If it is just about diagnosing, why aren’t we gagged from saying other words such as mastitis, or cleft palate, PCOS, or IGT.⁠

Many IBCLCs have gone to many conferences discussing tethered oral tissues…learning about possible causes, the embryology, the best prep for release, what it should look like at every stage of healing, the after care, retraining the newly mobile tongue, supporting pieces of the puzzle, impact later, etc.⁠

All of these pediatricians have been invited to conferences on this topic and non have attended. They choose to stick their heads in the sand and silence everyone else. At least have a discussion. Come to the table. ⁠

This is why families are turning to the internet for medical advice and I don’t blame them! ⁠

#breastfeeding #ibclc #tonguetie #liptie #hospitalIBCLC #buccaltie #tetheredoraltissues #RN #breastfeedingmom #pumpingmom #momming #momlife #healthcare #gagorder #silenced #birth #infants #failingmothers #newparent


Shelly Robinson - Raising Yourself

Imagine a world like this 💗 Grace given all around.

charity.gofundme.com 02/21/2020

Idaho CMV Advocacy Project 2020

charity.gofundme.com The Idaho CMV Advocacy Project was formed in 2016 by several local CMV families. In 2017, we helped pass state legislation promoting CMV awareness. In 2019, we officially partnered with the National CMV Foundation, which recently applied for CMV s inclusion in the universal screening panel. The mome...

washingtonpost.com 02/20/2020

The decline of play in preschoolers — and the rise in sensory issues

washingtonpost.com Here is a new post from pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom, author of a number of popular posts on this blog, including “Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today,” as well as “The right — and surprisingly wrong — ways to get kids to sit still in class” and “How s...

news.literati.com 02/19/2020

This is Your Child's Brain on Books

news.literati.com The latest science, as explored by Literati CEO Jessica Ewing.

thumbs.gfycat.com 02/19/2020




Joys of Autism

princeton.edu 02/19/2020

Baby and adult brains ‘sync up’ during play, finds Princeton Baby Lab

princeton.edu It's not your imagination -- you and your baby really are on the same wavelength. A team of Princeton researchers has now measured baby and adult brain activity moving in sync as they play and interact together.

nytimes.com 02/18/2020

An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught

Let’s teach this to kids before it’s too late!

nytimes.com It’s a shame so few of us are taught the basics of how to interact constructively with each other. If you never were, we’re here to help.



Astrophysicist, author, and science communicator Neil explains how to raise kids that will become the shakers and movers of the world of tomorrow.

Interview: Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory

popsugar.com 02/09/2020

We Are Transitioning Our Kids' Car Seats Way Too Early, and Manufacturers and Federal Regulators Don't Care

popsugar.com An investigation found that Evenflo Big Kid booster value profits over being honest about safety issues when it comes to kids riding in their car seats.

propublica.org 02/07/2020

Evenflo, Maker of the “Big Kid” Booster Seat, Put Profits Over Child Safety — ProPublica

propublica.org Internal video of side-impact tests shows that children could be injured or killed in Evenflo's “Big Kid” booster seats. But the company continued to market them as “side-impact tested.”



This breastfeeding mama was hungry so baby lent her a hand. #teamwork 😂

huffpost.com 01/31/2020

Miscarriage Trauma Can Last Far Longer Than We Realized

huffpost.com New research says many women struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD months down the road.


Bobby Ghaheri MD

This needs to be addressed.

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Now Enrolling for Online Baby and Me Classes!