School of Incense

A place to learn about the spiritual and ethnobotanical uses of incense. Also to supply yourself with the ingredients and tools to design your own incense.

Coming in 2013 beginners class on the use of incense. Participants will be provided with knowledge of the ingredients and production of quality incense. You will receive an incense "kit" to take home with you and use as you please. Learn the medicinal and cultural uses of the various resins and woods. There will be instruction on the different grades of Aloeswood (Oud), which is the most valuable

Operating as usual


I haven’t put anything on here in ages. I still get views for some reason. I am going to start classes again soon and will be posting details.

[08/19/15]   It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything on here. Within the next few weeks (at long last I know) I will be announcing some upcoming classes. It will be nice to get back into the swing of things after a long hiatus. The class structure will be more streamlined and also more affordable. So, please stay tuned. :-)


Well, it has been a long time since last posting on my business page. Sorry that I have been a bit of a hermit lately, but I have been focused almost entirely on work. There are going to be some changes to my business structure and even the name will change soon. School of Incense will remain as a facet of course, but going forward I intend to expand the focus of what is being offered.

That being said. In order to raise a bit of capital to buy some needed materials to continue doing classes again. I am offering Kits, just like what are used in the class, along with a brochure I have created explaining each ingredient in a more condensed way. If you are interested they are $25 each or if you by 2 or more they are $20. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and keep tuned for future offerings to be announced soon.


Well, I have not posted anything on FB for quite sometime now. The past 60 days have been rather hectic and in some ways quite unpleasant. I managed to contract a very serious staph infection from some commercial compost and had to take some very strong antibiotics to recover. In the midst of that I was diagnosed with Iritis and so if you have seen me around town with my pirate patch that is why. In addition to this I have started a new job downtown and this has absorbed much of my mental energy for the past few months. I do love where I work though and am able to interact with a lot of very amazing people. Now that fall is quite near, I intend to start scheduling classes again soon. I would like to set up a time to do the perfumery class with those that may be interested. However I would need at least 8 people to sign up in order to enable me to obtain the needed materials for the class. The max limit of participants is 10 and please let me know if you are interested.


I have had several for students of the Beginners Course on Incense inquiring about refills. I do sell all of the ingredients in larger vials, however not everyone needs to purchase large quantities of various things because they are using small amounts. If you would like to have your Incense Kit refilled the cost is only $15. You will just need to make arrangements to meet and I will refill everything and for the first 5 people that make their request I will provide an Aloeswood Sampler with their order.


I had a great time today in session with some good clients that are also great friends. Thanks Toya, Failla and Luis for coming today to learn how to make incense cones. It was a fun thing to share with people who are really fascinated and appreciative of this art. I am just about finished getting my official alchemist space situated. Most likely I will have the project finished in the next week and I will post some pictures. Also there are still openings in some of the upcoming classes. Please let me know if you are interested to attend.


Waiting for a friend to show up for a private session. Was a little bored after setting everything up and decided to make some Incense cones using my Transcend Blend. I could have made these a bit smaller and ended up with 10 cones, but I like them to burn for awhile, so 7 big ones is fine.


I would like to express my thanks to everyone who has shown interest in the upcoming classes. There are still a few open spots in both the Incense class and the Perfumery class. Each of these are a rather intensive introduction to both of these arts and it is assured that you will leave with a tremendous amount of knowledge. Also you will have materials work with at home to continue to explore the world of scent. Please message me if you have any questions and be sure to register at the site to secure your spot.


In the lovely month of May many of us are enjoying the great weather and have schedules that are spontaneous. This being the case I am offering a special for this month to accommodate your active lifestyles. If you and at least 1 friend enroll in any of the courses offered and are not able to take the regularly scheduled courses. I will offer private sessions at no additional charge. So all you pay is the tuition and we can work out a time that will be convenient for you to attend. The only requirement is that there be 2 or more people enrolled for each session. Please feel free message me with any questions.


One of the Incense blends that I sell, is not made by myself. That is the Ketoret, which I merely bottle and distribute. It is compounded by Orthodox Monks that live on Mt. Siani and reside at the Monastery of St. Catherine Martyr. They have made this blend according to traditional recipe as discussed in the Midrash since 350 AD, always using the same ingredients and methods. In the book of Exodus there are only 4 ingredients listed, as commanded by God to compose the Incense for temple worship.
These ingredients are the first four indicated in the list below, which is the recipe according to Rabbinic oral tradition.

1 balsam,
2 onycha,
3 galbanum
4 frankincense
5 myrrh
6 cassia
7 spikenard,
8 saffron
9 costus
10 aromatic bark?
11 cinnamon

Many scholars believe that the entirety of the recipe was not made known publicly, to ensure that the Incense was not used for purposes regarded by the Hebrews as profane. I have always been fascinated by this compound. Though it does not appeal to me on its own (Kinda makes me think of bathroom cleaner) I do really like to add it to various blends. The energetic frequency is quite profound and lends a lot to any blend. Being that is contains Onycha, which is very hard to work with and prepare, the fixative properties it lends are exquisite.

This being mentioned the inclusion of Onycha is a rather curious thing, as it is not a "Kosher" ingredient. There are rather heated debates as to wither or not this was truly the substance used in the original Ketoret. The element of Water become present in the Incense with it's use however and therefore causes the blend to contain the energy of all 4 earth elements. When you include the Akashic element of prayful intent, it becomes a very powerful concoction indeed.


School of Incense's cover photo


Looking very forward to the class today. Thankfully being that I had to host this course at my home, it is a small class today. As my dinning room would have a hard time accommodating a large group. We will be discussing and demonstrating what I have termed the "Temple burner method" and will be playing with some fun ingredients. Those in todays class will receive a portion of their Advanced Kits which will include the following: Balsam of Peru, Tonka Beans, a variety of white copal, a variety of Frankincense and a woods blend consisting of Sandalwood, Palo Santo & Styrax.


Have been labeling a lot of stuff today. Some for the class tomorrow and several other things. The three blends I have made come in 3 sizes, 1dram, 2dram and 4dram vials. The incense does not need charcoal in order to burn and can also be gently heated to release its fragrance. One of the blends each person attending class tomorrow will receive a vial of Ketoret. The particular blend I am distributing is made by the monks of St. Catherine Monastery on Mt. Siani. The recipe and techniques to produce this has not changed since 350 AD. I must admit that it is not really something I burn by itself due to its rather medicinal smell. It does work very well as a fixative in my more complex blends however and adds quite a boost in energetic frequency.


Recently I have completed the production of 3 blends. They are called Sanctum, Transcend and Joy. Tomorrow I will upload some pics and descriptions of each one. Also there are still openings in both the advanced and beginners Course on Incense. Please let me know if you would like to attend.


It seems that the website somehow dropped the upcoming Perfumery class from the available options. My apologies to anyone that has been trying to sign up and not able to add that to their shopping cart. There are only a few spots left in the May class so be sure to register soon to reserve your spot.


Well the Perfumery Basics class has been filling up pretty quickly. In order to secure your place you will need to register via the website and that will ensure you a spot. This class will give you the knowledge to create feminine, masculine and gender neutral scents, For yourself and your loved ones. We will be working with only natural and wholesome products. There will be no use of petroleum based "fragrance" oils. That is the reason for the cost of the class as these products are more rare and expensive. Among the samples that you will receive will be Rose and Jasmine absolute that has been diluted into Sandalwood oil. It smells magical on its own, but can also be made into some very lovely blends as well.


Finally I am ready to announce some of the new upcoming classes that will be offered by School of Incense. In response to several requests I will now offer an Aromatherapy Basics class and also a Basic Perfumery class starting in May. Please visit the website to register in order to reserve your place.


I would like to extend my thanks to all those who attended the class this weekend. It was an awesome time with you all and I hope that it was a great experience for everyone who came.


Due to a cancellation there is now 1 spot open for the Beginners Course on Incense this Saturday. If you would like to be the one to fill this spot please register via the site


I'm looking forward to the class this Saturday. It will be nice to meet all of you that have decided to attend. This course continues to be a great learning experience for myself and I appreciate all the kind messages and support that has been given to me. I will be announcing the first classes on perfumery and essential oils that will be held in May. So please stay tuned for more information on that.


With the new classes now posted I would like to make the following offer. If you inform friends or family about this course and at least 6 people sign up as a result, then I will discount your tuition by 50%. You will just want to advise them to let me know that you were the influence for them deciding to take the class. This is a good way to enable those with limited financial means to take this course and also to experience it with other loved ones at the same time.


Well I had intended to announce the advanced classes almost a week ago. I have been getting the materials list and calculating cost and such. The time has gotten away with me and here it is Thursday already. I will have the site updated with the tuition option for the course by the end of today and after I set that up I will set up the Event page for it. Thanks to those who have been patiently waiting for this and I look forward to this next stage of development for the School.


I would liked to thank everyone who participated in the Beginners Course on Incense yesterday. It was an incredible experience with all of you and each class continues to enrich my own experience. Very soon I will be posting details of the Advanced Course and I look forward to proceeding to this next step in the development of The School of Incense. Thank you to everyone who has provided advice and support to help me get to this stage. Wonderful things continue to happen every day in this regard and I anticipate that many great things will follow. What an exciting world we live in.


The 2 spots are still open for the class this coming Sat. If you would like to fill these please message me and then register via the website. After this next class the advanced course will be announced, along with the specialized classes. I would like to also extend thanks to Psychic-Sheila Martel for hosting these classes in her place of business.


I would like to announce that due to increased inquiry for private instruction, that I will offer this option with the following guidelines: Private instruction can be a fun and informative way to learn outside of a classroom setting. I would like to engage anyone who wishes to learn in this format, if they would prefer. However in these instances the venue would need to be provided by those requesting it. Also, I would require a minimum of 4 paid participants for each session. These sessions could be tailored to specific tastes if requested, but any addition to the already provided curriculum may incur additional cost. Please message me if you have specific questions in this regard.


Thank you so much to everyone who attended the class today! It was great how interactive everyone was. I hope that you all gained as much as I did by your presence. This continues to be a learning process for all involved, myself included. Enjoy your Incense Kits and once I get my new shipment of bottles, you can look forward to a lot more being added to the site. Also feel free to message me at anytime with questions and I will my best to assist you. :-)


I was notified today by some participants in tomorrows class that they will not be able to attend due to illness. That leaves 2 spots open for tomorrows class. If you would like to attend please message me. Thanks


I would like to advise that the last open spot for the class on Sat was filled today. There are still 2 spots open for the class in March. Please register via the website if you are interested.


So with less than a week left before the next class, there is still one opening. Also for the class on 3-2 there are still 2 openings available. Today I am putting together the kits and creating labels for everything. With this upcoming class there will be 4 vials of oils included with the kits. These will be Cedar, Spikenard, Frankincense (Boswellia frereana) and a version of the Holy Anointing oil based on the recipe from the Old Testament. Please message me before paying via the site and I can confirm if the spots are still open. Also on the suggestion of a student from the previous class. There will be a small insert with basics about each item in the kit that will fit right into the box. That way you don't have to lug an entire book around, if you want to take it somewhere with you and will be a sort of "quick reference" guide.


Any day now I will be receiving bottles to package various ingredients in. I found a new supplier that has glass vials similar to what I was using but there is not a neck on the vial. They are called "Shell" vials and it is easier to fill them and to remove the contents. Once they are received I will be ready to upload dozens of materials on the site. I could just send things in plastic baggies and let you get your own jars, but that can be inconvenient for some. Besides I really like glass vials with real corks, they are not only practical but old world and you can take your purchase right from the box and put it into your collection with ease. Thank you again to those who are anxiously waiting to purchase things from the site. There are about a dozen things available so far and I am adding more tomorrow.


I would like to advise that due to a cancellation. There is now one spot open in the class next Sat the 23rd. The only way to reserve this spot is to register via the site. Please msg me before you make the tuition payment so I can assure that it is not already taken. Also there are still 2 open spots in the March 2nd class.


Thanks again to everyone for your patience while I am setting up the shopping cart for the site. I have built a profile now for everything that will eventually be offered. There is a shipment of bottles that has been delayed and that has prevented me from weighing out portions and getting them packaged and labeled. However I assure that by the end of this month, the majority of the product line will be uploaded and ready for purchase. In the Next week I will be announcing dates for the advanced course and other classes. Again I want to give my profound appreciation for the support and positive energy from all of those who have been working with me on this!


It has cleaned up very nice so far.


So recently I made a discovery in a small Boise antique shop. It is a warming brazier that can easily be used as an Incense burner. In many ancient temples and palaces it was not uncommon to find numerous braziers such as this, burning small logs of Aloeswood, Sandalwood and an abundance of other fragrant woods. The women would use the smoke of these to sent their hair and garments. It has taken a bit of elbow grease and I am still not done cleaning it up.




Incense supplies including but not limited to the following: resins, rare woods, essential oils, mortar and pestles, incense burners ect.



1821 W State St
Boise, ID
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