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It started with a dream. Over 30 years ago, school teacher Patrick McShane noticed a disconnect in his classroom. Now, are you ready to start a STEMventure?

For over 30 years, PCS Edventures provides educators with turn-key, quality curriculum and materials that inspire elementary, middle and high-school learners to develop a passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). His students were eager to learn, to engage with new technologies and innovations, to prepare for the future, but their time in the classroom was leaving

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Making a Cleaner World 09/19/2022

Making a Cleaner World

Do you know what your daily impact on the environment is? This Pollution Prevention Week, we’re happy to share some eco-friendly freebies: https://buff.ly/3qQxsf3

Making a Cleaner World Start the conversation about sustainability in your learning environment with these guided group discussions! Perfect for eco-friendly holidays, like Earth Day and National Pollution Prevention Week, each lesson outlines STEAM connections, key terms, background information, discussion questions and....

Math Storytelling: Survive the Wild with STEAM 09/15/2022

Math Storytelling: Survive the Wild with STEAM

Did you know September 25 is Math Storytelling Day? Prepare to celebrate with our latest freebie! Drawing, writing and talking about math naturally occurs when completing a wildly thrilling design challenge and creative writing task! https://buff.ly/3L4rReJ

Math Storytelling: Survive the Wild with STEAM In this free lesson plan, learners collaborate to complete a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) challenge that encourages discussion, drawing and writing about math. Learners engineer innovative survival tools and craft descriptive letters, all while intertwining storytelling with....

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

Which famous board game is likely based on inventor Elizabeth Magie’s patented The Landlord’s Game? Click to learn more! https://buff.ly/3QpKNWi

Timeline photos 08/27/2022

Are you ready to join your learners during lessons? It’s time to stress less and become a facilitator in your room! Facilitating allows you to engage with student learning groups, target areas for instruction and alleviate anxieties. Our blog post illustrates how you can use hands-on activities to make a powerful impact:https://buff.ly/3Clbzvy

Timeline photos 08/25/2022

Breathe easy and stress less by adding to your instruction! Our latest blog post illustrates how interactive lessons alleviate educator and learner anxiety: https://buff.ly/3AFuz6Q
In what ways do hands-on activities benefit you and your learners? Comment below.

5 Ways to Prepare for a STEAM-Filled Year 08/19/2022

5 Ways to Prepare for a STEAM-Filled Year

Start your STEMventure today! Read 5 Ways to Prepare for a STEAM-Filled Year for tips and resources for educators: https://buff.ly/3SMsIUz

5 Ways to Prepare for a STEAM-Filled Year After a much needed summer break, you walk into your learning space to find boxes stacked high, bulletin boards covered and tables pushed aside. You smile, then sigh as your thoughts are pulled in two separate directions: “This new year brings so many possibilities!” and “I’m entirely overwh...

Timeline photos 08/17/2022

We’re sharing 5 key details for to consider while planning your STEAM instruction. Which stands out for you? https://buff.ly/3Pf1vH5

Timeline photos 08/15/2022

It's Back to School Prep Day! Don’t miss these must-have tools for implementing or STEAM. What are your go-to STEAM resources? https://buff.ly/3SGPZr8

Timeline photos 08/13/2022

Emergency services are adopting drones to support firefighters, aid in search and rescue, assist law enforcement and more! Perfect for CTE learning environments, adding drone piloting to your current program can set students on a career path before they even graduate. Check out these drone career examples to get inspired: https://buff.ly/3P9s4Ox

Physical Fitness, the Brain and Active Learning in the Classroom 08/12/2022

Physical Fitness, the Brain and Active Learning in the Classroom

Did you know physical activity can directly affect student learning and retention? Tell us how you include movement in your lessons. https://buff.ly/3PMM7mt

Physical Fitness, the Brain and Active Learning in the Classroom Educators are wondering how they can keep learners active throughout the school year while still meeting curriculum standards. PCS Edventures offers exciting STEM programs that put both our bodies and brains to work!

Timeline photos 08/11/2022

UAVs are already being used in many emergency services, from firefighting to law enforcement. Discover some ways drones are saving lives and inspire your students to consider these career paths: https://buff.ly/3ymhj4J

Boosting Student STEM Interest Through Sports Science 08/10/2022

Boosting Student STEM Interest Through Sports Science

Get learners excited about STEAM by investigating the sports they know and love! What STEM topics can you connect to your favorite sports? https://buff.ly/3cUWQgl

Boosting Student STEM Interest Through Sports Science When you play sports, you’re active — and that increased activity level has an incredible effect on your body and mind, especially when it comes to today’s learners. Sports are a marriage of many different sciences, from the biology of body movement to the aerodynamics of a swimmer and the phy...

Timeline photos 08/09/2022

How will you get active during National Exercise With Your Child Week? We’re sending STEM soaring with five frisbee games! Download this freebie: https://buff.ly/3zlgLh4

Cultivating Healthy Learners: Student Nutrition & the Human Body 08/08/2022

Cultivating Healthy Learners: Student Nutrition & the Human Body

Help learners maintain healthy bodies and build stronger brains! Click to discover practical tips and resources: https://buff.ly/3Q7wuWH

Cultivating Healthy Learners: Student Nutrition & the Human Body Learning about our bodies is the first step towards bettering ourselves, both physically and mentally. As one of the most substantial factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nutrition is just as important as being active. So, why should students understand how their bodies work?

Sweat It Out With 5 Frisbee-Based STEM Games 08/07/2022

Sweat It Out With 5 Frisbee-Based STEM Games

Ready to get learners active during National Exercise With Your Child Week? Set STEM flying with our top frisbee-based FREE STEM activities! https://buff.ly/3zoir9D

Sweat It Out With 5 Frisbee-Based STEM Games Blend fitness and physics into one-of-a-kind fun! Inspired by the incredible activities found in Flying Disc, get physical with these 5 frisbee-based STEM games. No matter the weather, season or skill level, these games combine the science of flying discs with calorie-burning STEM activities. Fun le...

Timeline photos 07/30/2022

By combining creativity with physics, math, coding and piloting, performances provide engaging teaching tools and viable career paths! Check out these examples of artistic drone careers with your students: https://buff.ly/3NuAjmZ

Timeline photos 07/28/2022

From capturing live football games to starring in their own performances, are excellent tools to enhance live events. Inspire your students with these video examples of creative drone careers: https://buff.ly/3y3bWXW

Timeline photos 07/18/2022

Celebrate by raising awareness about endangered species. Which animals are your learners most eager to protect? https://buff.ly/3NmFKUV

Timeline photos 07/16/2022

are well-known for their aerial photography, but did you know that FPV drone footage has made its way to Hollywood? Inspire your students with these stories of young pilots bringing their UAV skills to the big screen: https://buff.ly/3ONtFJD

Geek Out with STEM Podcasting 07/13/2022

Geek Out with STEM Podcasting

Get learners sharing their passions with podcasting! What unique interests would you share about on your podcast? Leave a comment below. https://buff.ly/3Rnj5Ln

Geek Out with STEM Podcasting Everyone has a unique passion that can really get them talking. Embrace your geekiness by sharing a fandom origin story through the exciting world of podcasting! This STEM storytelling activity helps learners find their voice and their audience as they discover their passions.

Timeline photos 07/12/2022

and CTE educators – Looking for a sure-fire way to get students excited about learning, AND set them up for success in a growing career field? Look no further than drones! Check out these examples of pilots as young as 19 making it big in racing, Hollywood and beyond: https://buff.ly/39WsHvZ

Timeline photos 07/05/2022

Practice researching skills with a graphic organizer in our latest freebie, Operation Animal Conservation. How do you support nonfiction writers? https://buff.ly/3QSnw0v

Timeline photos 07/03/2022

make tedious tasks a breeze, from 3D mapping construction sites to spraying crops or monitoring livestock. Inspire your students with these video examples of how many different industries are adopting drones: https://buff.ly/3Hpcz24

Timeline photos 07/01/2022

PCS Edventures pioneered educational . We empower educators to deliver fast-growing technology and hands-on, real-world lessons to their students.

Don’t miss out – drone kits and curriculum prizes are up for grabs: https://buff.ly/3tGV9Z8

Timeline photos 06/30/2022

are small, agile, fast and able to carry all kinds of cameras and sensors, making them perfect tools for many different trades – and CTE learning environments! Check out these video examples: https://buff.ly/39pstgq

Operation Animal Conservation 06/29/2022

Operation Animal Conservation

Passionate about saving animals and their habitats? Download our wildly fun freebie Operation Animal Conservation for ! https://buff.ly/3A8Drlh

Operation Animal Conservation Zoos help raise awareness about endangered species, and now you can too! Inspired by activities found in Unleash Your Wild Side and BrickLAB Zoo, design your own mask to advocate for animals in need. Use a pre-made fact sheet about endangered red pandas or a printable blank template to help promote....

Timeline photos 06/28/2022

Turn any story into a design challenge just as we did in our new folktale freebie! What books are you looking to STEAM up? https://buff.ly/3HEiBvS

Timeline photos 06/26/2022

and tall tales unite in our latest larger-than-life freebie! How are you celebrating folklore on Paul Bunyan Day? https://buff.ly/3Owno4M

Fractured Folktale: Paul Bunyan 06/25/2022

Fractured Folktale: Paul Bunyan

Did you know June 28 is Paul Bunyan Day? Celebrate with an interactive storytelling and STEAM freebie that brings folktales to life! https://buff.ly/3y8sX47

Fractured Folktale: Paul Bunyan Bring a mighty fractured folktale to life with a STEAM challenge that boosts fluency, comprehension and hands-on creativity! Inspired by BrickLAB Magic Beans Enrichment Program, this activity welcomes learners’ larger-than-life imaginations with a twisted tall tale and an exciting design challenge...

Timeline photos 06/23/2022

Take your learners on journeys across the globe with PCS Edventures’ hands-on programs that bring summer vacation right to their fingertips. How do you keep learners engaged throughout the summer months? https://buff.ly/3H4CMCV

Timeline photos 06/22/2022

Drone educators – Did you know that you can get full coverage for your program, or insure your equipment and learners on a flight-by-flight basis? Learn more about how to find the right drone insurance approach for your learning environment: https://buff.ly/3NO03uW

Timeline photos 06/21/2022

We’re excited to participate in this summer’s iSTEM training with the Idaho STEM Action Center ! We’re heading to College of Western Idaho to teach educators how to harness the value of using mini-drones.

Timeline photos 06/20/2022

Failure is a positive and valuable part of the learning process. For educational drones, failure may involve your UAV biting the dust, and your school’s existing liability policy may not cover drone-related accidents. Learn how to determine if your program needs to be insured in our latest blog post: https://buff.ly/3m6lH1G

Timeline photos 06/19/2022

Check out our Summer Solstice blog and freebie for traditions, science and STEM programs your learners will love! How do you plan to spend the longest day of the year with your learners? https://buff.ly/3H2JfhX

Timeline photos 06/17/2022

Do drone educators need insurance? Depending on your school’s existing policies, you might! Learn how to find the answer for your summer, out-of-school, or classroom UAV program in our latest blog post: https://buff.ly/3a98KSb

Timeline photos 06/16/2022

Discover new and ancient Summer Solstice traditions with learners in our latest blog post. What’s your favorite way to celebrate the longest day of the year? https://buff.ly/3H330pm

Timeline photos 06/14/2022

We’re looking forward to participating in Idaho STEM Action Center ’s iSTEM training this week at Idaho State University , where we will help educators create momentum for STEM and workforce development using !

Timeline photos 06/13/2022

We’re happy to be partnering with the Idaho STEM Action Center in their iSTEM training sessions this summer! We’re excited to help educators at College of Southern Idaho learn how to build awareness on the value of using drones.

Timeline photos 06/07/2022

We’re excited to showcase Discover Podcasting LAB at the Out of School Time Initiative Conference this year – hope to see you on June 8 at 3:00 PM in Sundance 3!

Timeline photos 06/01/2022

Educational are a big investment – that’s why we support each version of our drone curriculum kits for years to come! Curriculum updates don’t cost extra, AND we offer technical support and many replacement parts for current and past versions of our modular drone, RubiQ. Learn more: https://buff.ly/3NiZKIs

Science of the Human Body 05/31/2022

Science of the Human Body

Through engineering design challenges and physical activity, learners explore human anatomy and proper nutrition:

Science of the Human Body Learn the microscopic mechanisms that make humans tick! Each unit of this 4-6th grade program examines human anatomy and physiology with engaging activities. Through learning-by-doing experiences, students unravel the human body by measuring heart rate, approximating energy expenditure and discoveri...

Our story

It started with a dream.

Nearly 30 years ago, school teacher Patrick McShane noticed a disconnect in his classroom. His students were eager to learn, to engage with new technologies and innovations, to prepare for the future, but their time in the classroom was leaving them unfulfilled. So, Patrick decided to make a change — to bring his students what they wanted. From the garage of his rural Idaho home, he worked tirelessly, designing and creating an education center where K-12 learners could engage with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. With his vision coming to life in 1988, Pat’s Computer School was born, providing students of all ages with hands-on projects to fuel a passion for learning and a lifelong love of STEM subjects.

As the program gained notoriety in the community, Pat’s Computer School expanded. Rebranded as PCS Edventures, Pat opened five experiential learning centers in Idaho, Washington and California. Challenging students to use critical thinking skills as they explored robotics, engineering, archaeology, rocketry, music, electronics, biology and more, PCS Edventures was blazing the trail for afterschool learning programs.

In the late 1990s, evolving market conditions presented PCS with new opportunities. There was an explosion of afterschool programs nationwide, and these programs opened the door for PCS Edventures to package its one-of-a-kind products for distribution, offering easy-to-implement curriculum supplements and hands-on educational kits. Shifting its focus towards providing the students of the world with the opportunity to learn and explore in a safe, team-oriented atmosphere, PCS Edventures learning solutions found their way into more than 7,000 sites across all 50 states and 17 other countries, including Australia, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Mexico.

Twenty-five years after its humble beginnings, PCS Edventures has instilled a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in students all over the globe. Through exciting, experiential learning, our learners quickly develop the foundations of scientific inquiry, engineering design principles and spatial mathematical awareness while also exercising problem-solving, communication, reflection and collaboration skills. With content designed to integrate instructional goals into application-based ed-ventures, we’ve coupled hands-on objectives and cutting-edge curriculum with manipulatives from fischertechnik, Mod Robotics, Thrust-UAV and more!

At PCS Edventures, it’s our goal to make learning and investigation a fun, innovative and interactive experience for all ages. Now, are you ready to start a STEMventure?

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PCS Edventures provides exciting hands-on STEM products and curriculum perfect for classrooms, afterschool programs, and more. For additional information visit: https://edventures.com



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