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Leading provider of hands-on STEAM curriculum & resources for classrooms and out-of-school learning!

PCS Edventures is a leading provider of hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) curriculum and resources for educators in classrooms and out-of-school learning environments. We offer turn-key curriculum kits and provide scalable solutions for education programs that give students the resources they need to succeed in STEAM fields.

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Buckle up for a fact about the future of transportation! 🛩️🚗 Did you know there are several flying car prototypes in the works? In fact, some are believed to be available to purchase in the near future!

Now, let’s zoom back in time for another fun fact – the first flying car prototype was built in 1949!

Inspire a future generation of transportation experts with our program BrickLAB STEAMventures – Transportation Collection: https://hubs.ly/Q02bwM9z0


Are you looking to strengthen math skills in your learners? Look no further than PCS Edventures’ STEAM programs! In our latest blog, we explore how a hands-on STEAM approach is essential in boosting confidence and sharpening math skills. https://hubs.ly/Q029zmQl0


🌱This World Soil Day, unearth curiosity through hands-on exploration of soil science. Cultivate a deeper understanding of the origins and make-up of dirt. Discover more:


🍂This spark a passion for science and the environment among learners. 🌿 Explore our blog post that digs in to the importance of engaging learners to think critically about the environment. 🌎

Read the Blog Post:
But that's not all! To add to your celebration, check out our free resource that connects art and nature. Delight your learners, while discovering the impact of earthworms on soil.

Access your free resource: https://hubs.ly/Q02c1jz10


Tis’ the Season for STEAMventures! ❄️ Did you know kids engaged in STEAM are more likely to become innovators, problem-solvers and collaborators?

Let’s end the year 2023 with a month of thrilling, hands-on STEAM lessons that’ll impact your learners! Check out our FREE 25 Days of STE(A)M: https://hubs.ly/Q02bwJN80


What do you think the following have in common: butterfly wings, snowflakes, seashells, leaves, bees, artichokes?

They are all examples of math that can be found in nature! Explore math’s connection to the world around us with Da Vinci Camp! https://hubs.ly/Q027ncjv0


Looking forward to attending . Look for our STEM program specialists who will be presenting and running drone and podcasting workshops. It's going to be a lot of FUN!

Association for Career and Technical Education


ELO funding may be the key to starting your STEM Edventure. Explore exciting options such as:
• programs that align with Quality Standards
• a variety of federal grants
Read “PCS Meets Quality Standards for ELO” and give OST a major upgrade!

BrickLAB Zoo 11/22/2023

Are your learners passionate about saving animals & their habitats? Then check out our enrichment program – BrickLAB Zoo! Work together & think creatively to tackle exciting design challenges, all while exploring Earth’s diverse animals. https://hubs.ly/Q01XWXjf0

BrickLAB Zoo Traverse tricky terrain, shake claws with lobsters and design ecosystems in this life science Enrichment Program! Discover the diversity of wildlife adaptations, the differences in habitats and the essentials for each biome’s survival. BrickLAB Zoo delivers engaging experiences with hands-on brick...


Happy American Education Week! This week celebrates the achievements of schools and educators in our nation.

At PCS Edventures, we 💙 our educators! Each day, you make a difference in the lives of your learners. You can celebrate this week by shouting out a colleague in the comment section ⬇️


Combining mapping and drones is sure to capture your learners' attention! In our latest blog, we explore how engaging kids with GIS, STEM and hands-on technology is key to mapping their way to future success. Read it to learn more: https://hubs.ly/Q0281BC70


Great discoveries can happen when we least expect them. See how a plumbing accident led to the mass production of an affordable drug still used today.

As a 🌟BONUS🌟, you’ll find an exciting STEAM activity inspired by chemist Percy Lavon Julian. Use this collaborative resource to fill your learning environment with STEM role models all year long! https://hubs.ly/Q022dRdF0


Did you know around 3 billion people worldwide play video games? 🎮

With that statistic, we’re sure some of your learners are gamers! Encourage them to pursue their passion and create their own games with our Video Game Design Course! https://hubs.ly/Q027ns_s0


This week is World Communication Week! 📱Communication is essential in connecting individuals, organizations and nations. What’s more, technology has played a pivotal role in our ability to communicate with one another. Now we can text, call, video chat and more! 💻

In the comment section, drop an emoji letting us know your favorite way to communicate ⬇️


This , explore authentic vs. scam online advertisements with your students with these FREE STEM activities! https://hubs.ly/Q026tdyj0


🎃 Each Halloween, some of the most popular costumes are inspired by movies and television! Now, we know many costume choices are influenced by technology, but what about science, engineering, art or math? Drop us a comment with a creative STEAM costume idea! ⬇️

Click or Close? Cybersecurity Games 10/25/2023

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! To celebrate, we’ve put together 3 free activities to teach younger and older learners how to be safe with online advertisements:

Click or Close? Cybersecurity Games Perfect for Cybersecurity Awareness Month or any digital citizenship class, this freebie explores the difference between authentic ads and scams. Using fun mazes, matching games and card games, students of all ages practice thinking critically about advertisements. Download the PDF for your grade ba...


Did you know the word “podcast” is a combination of two words? Any guesses? 🎤

iPod + broadcast = podcast! This term was first used in 2004 and has grown in popularity. Kids love creating their very own podcasts with our program Discover Podcasting! Take a look: https://hubs.ly/Q023FWwq0


GAME ON! 🎮 We’ve compiled all the resources and freebies you need to start your and video games adventure.

In our latest blog, you’ll find:

★ exciting game-based programming for your chosen grade levels
★ testimonials from educators who have used our VR programs
★ a free trial of Blocksmith, a 3D creation tool
★ a free interactive coding lesson

You’re just a click away from all this and more! Check it out:


Continue teaching into Black history and culture beyond February!

George Washington Carver was the first African American to earn a Bachelor of Science degree. Read about his journey from slavery to success in the latest addition to our STEAM in History series. https://hubs.ly/Q01-tng-0

How else can you enhance your George Washington Carver lesson plan? CLICK to find:
Sustainable Recipes STEAM Challenge
Downloadable poster
Free trading cards

Tell us how you can use these resources to support your teaching in the comments below. ⬇️


In 1712, the first successful steam engine was developed. It inspired many new forms of engines in the future! It’s amazing how transportation has changed and grown throughout history.

Do your learners love transportation? 🚂🚢✈️ We’ve got a program for you – BrickLAB STEAMventures: Transportation Collection! Check it out: https://hubs.ly/Q023FQDZ0


Enliven your with an exploration of the life of Mary Shelley. Find out how she tied scientific discoveries to the arts in this thrilling throwback blog: https://hubs.ly/Q01-QDRH0

STEM-Cast Contest 10/07/2023

Do you have a passion for STEM education? Would you like to win STEM Ed curriculum? If yes, here’s your chance. Enter the STEM-Cast Contest! Learn more and spread the word: https://hubs.ly/Q023sGLB0

STEM-Cast Contest Educators, enter a 2-3 minute podcast, recorded in a free trial of Soundtrap, for a chance to win podcasting curriculum for your learning environment!


Today is Kids Music Day! 🎶 This holiday encourages educators to infuse music into the lives of learners. Melodies, instruments, popular songs – all kinds of music promote valuable academic and social benefits.

👍LIKE this post if you plan on celebrating today with a little music in your room!

Looking to incorporate music year-round? Then check out our STEAM musical masterpiece, Rockin’ Robots! https://hubs.ly/Q023FPlQ0


Shout-out to all educators who work tirelessly to provide learners with engaging, hands-on learning every single day. Keep being awesome!


Educators, we see and appreciate your dedication to shaping the thinkers, innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for all you do to bring the best experiences to your learners, today and every day. YOU make all the difference. ​​


Here are 4 reasons video games should be part of STEM education:

1. World building fosters creativity
2. Gameplay supports literacy skills
3. Cross-curricular, tangible STEM instruction
4. Relevance to real-world skills

Interested in leveling up your STEM instruction? Click for more details and resources and get in on the game! 🎮🏆


Anyone can ignite learners’ interest in using 4 simple strategies. READ and SHARE this blog for tips to promote at home. https://hubs.ly/Q01-QDTq0


Did you know emojis were first created in Japan in the 1990s? 😯 Nowadays, they’re a regular part of technology that people use every day!

What’s your favorite emoji? Drop it in the comments ⬇️


Looking to update your STEM bulletin boards this year? We’ve got the tools you need to keep things fresh and engaging for learners.

In our latest STEAM in History post, you’ll find:
• Student-Crafted role model displays: STEAM Stamp Collection
• Downloadable posters
• Free trading cards

CLICK to grab these resources for your learning environment today! ⬇️⬇️

A NoteWorthy Anecdotal Records Kit: A Valuable Tool for Educators 09/25/2023

We’ve got a FREEBIE to help you track student learning and progress and plan for the upcoming week/month! Download it here to receive 4 comprehensive templates: https://hubs.ly/Q021kzs-0 Our noteworthy kit has all the tools you need to organize your valuable data.

A NoteWorthy Anecdotal Records Kit: A Valuable Tool for Educators Our noteworthy anecdotal records kit includes four templates to support educators with learners of all ages. Simply download the kit and start capturing detailed notes on your students today. Then use these notes to plan future instruction and help your students reach their full potential.


Tomorrow is the first day of fall… also known as the autumnal equinox! 🍂 The word “Equinox” comes from Latin – “aequus” (equal) and “nox” (night). On September 23rd, day and night will be roughly equal in length!

We have exciting autumn STEM challenges your learners will “fall” in love with, and they’re FREE to download: https://hubs.ly/Q0207lqJ0


Anecdotal records are key to unlocking student potential and serve as a guide to navigating future instruction. Optimize your records by downloading our latest FREE resource: https://hubs.ly/Q021kD920

It includes all the valuable tools you need to effectively take notes, organize and plan.

PCS Edventures Leading provider of hands-on STEAM curriculum & resources for classrooms and out-of-school learning!


❗Another icebreaker coming your way: Share your funny or memorable math experience! Think about a puzzle you've solved or a tricky calculation you've made.

PCS Edventures - Experts In Hands-On STEM Education 09/20/2023

Drones: aerial photography, search and rescue, science, agriculture, security, racing, medicine, delivery. Discover the world's fastest-growing technology with RubiQ, the modular, open-source training drone. https://hubs.ly/Q022pQfs0

PCS Edventures - Experts In Hands-On STEM Education Leading provider of hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) curriculum & resources for classrooms and out-of-school learning!


Coding with Drones curriculum & materials by PCS Edventures: Tello drones, block coding, Python, JavaScript...Educators, prepare learners for the drone-filled future! https://hubs.ly/Q022pGSt0


Drones, the stars of arts and entertainment! Students get to design, choreograph and code tiny aerial robots for creative performances in Drone Designers by PCS Edventures. Educators can't get enough of the fun and engaging career exploration with this curriculum. https://hubs.ly/Q022pHVL0

PCS Edventures - Experts In Hands-On STEM Education 09/16/2023

Mini drones + aerial robotics = thrilling, collaborative drone lessons for students. Explore UAVs, safety, real-world applications, physics and future possibilities with Ready, Set, Drone! https://hubs.ly/Q022psJY0

PCS Edventures - Experts In Hands-On STEM Education Leading provider of hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) curriculum & resources for classrooms and out-of-school learning!

Instructor Drone Kit 09/15/2023

Instructor Drone Kits help educators explore the various STEM career paths that are taught with the Discover Drones program by PCS Edventures. Click to learn more: https://hubs.ly/Q022pt9D0

Instructor Drone Kit The Instructor Package includes professional development materials for drone educators. Designed to supplement the Discover Drones program. This package comes with a drone backpack, FPV goggles, flight simulator software, radio controller, user manuals and your own personal RubiQ drone kit.

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Our story

It started with a dream.

Nearly 30 years ago, school teacher Patrick McShane noticed a disconnect in his classroom. His students were eager to learn, to engage with new technologies and innovations, to prepare for the future, but their time in the classroom was leaving them unfulfilled. So, Patrick decided to make a change — to bring his students what they wanted. From the garage of his rural Idaho home, he worked tirelessly, designing and creating an education center where K-12 learners could engage with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. With his vision coming to life in 1988, Pat’s Computer School was born, providing students of all ages with hands-on projects to fuel a passion for learning and a lifelong love of STEM subjects.

As the program gained notoriety in the community, Pat’s Computer School expanded. Rebranded as PCS Edventures, Pat opened five experiential learning centers in Idaho, Washington and California. Challenging students to use critical thinking skills as they explored robotics, engineering, archaeology, rocketry, music, electronics, biology and more, PCS Edventures was blazing the trail for afterschool learning programs.

In the late 1990s, evolving market conditions presented PCS with new opportunities. There was an explosion of afterschool programs nationwide, and these programs opened the door for PCS Edventures to package its one-of-a-kind products for distribution, offering easy-to-implement curriculum supplements and hands-on educational kits. Shifting its focus towards providing the students of the world with the opportunity to learn and explore in a safe, team-oriented atmosphere, PCS Edventures learning solutions found their way into more than 7,000 sites across all 50 states and 17 other countries, including Australia, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Mexico.

Twenty-five years after its humble beginnings, PCS Edventures has instilled a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in students all over the globe. Through exciting, experiential learning, our learners quickly develop the foundations of scientific inquiry, engineering design principles and spatial mathematical awareness while also exercising problem-solving, communication, reflection and collaboration skills. With content designed to integrate instructional goals into application-based ed-ventures, we’ve coupled hands-on objectives and cutting-edge curriculum with manipulatives from fischertechnik, Mod Robotics, Thrust-UAV and more!

At PCS Edventures, it’s our goal to make learning and investigation a fun, innovative and interactive experience for all ages. Now, are you ready to start a STEMventure?

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Fun and easy activities for the holiday season! View all 25 here: https://hubs.ly/Q027BgRT0
Learn about Mars in this STEM activity! Print the instructions here: https://hubs.ly/Q027B9Vz0
Print the activity instructions here: https://hubs.ly/Q027B96V0
Learners get moving with fun frisbee games! Print the activity instructions here: https://hubs.ly/Q022K4y40
Students raise awareness for endangered animals! Print the free activity: https://hubs.ly/Q022K2Gl0
Students create their own podcasts! Print the free activity: https://hubs.ly/Q022J-ws0
Students survive the wild with STEM! Print the activity instructions: https://hubs.ly/Q022JTM-0
Students learn about bees and craft a bee condo for #nationalhoneybeeday !
Happy Fall
PCS Edventures! RubiQ takes to the sky.
Easy Classroom Coding & Game Design with Blocksmith!





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