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Be Crash Free

The August riding tip from Be Crash Free. Enjoy! ~Ax

Our August riding tip – “Crossed up.“ Leaning IN is a great active defense against finding yourself leaning OUT.

Ride well, and Be Crash Free!




Be Crash Free

June Riding Tip from Be Crash Free - “Caught Off-Guard.”

Have fun, Ride well, and Be Crash Free!




BCF Monthly Tip 15 Emotional Control

A riding tip from Be Crash Free about keeping our cool in traffic.


This is "BCF Monthly Tip 15 Emotional Control" by Ax Axmaker on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Be Crash Free

From our friends at Best Rest Products - should the lead rider be in the right portion of the lane?

They make a very compelling case - watch the video and see for yourself. What do you think? Should we teach this as an option in rider training classes and DMV Motorcycle Manuals?



Be Crash Free

Virtual Reality coming to Motorcycle Safety and Rider Training!

A recent interview with Ax and David Cleverdon from 360Immersive about Be Crash Free, motorcycle safety, and Virtual Reality technology.

If you haven't already done so, check out our free "demonstration" virtual reality app for motorcycle safety (search "VR Motorcycle Safety" at the App Store or GooglePlay). Note: we'll be releasing a new a much more robust version of the app in early 2018.


Be Crash Free

These folks win Halloween! I thought my motorcycle was cool until I saw this.



À moto ou à scooter, sans équipement complet, vous risquez d'y laisser votre peau

Whether it’s your arms, legs, feet, hands, head, or face – our bodies don’t hold up very well against the asphalt. Please gear up – even when it’s hot. The asphalt doesn’t get any more forgiving in the summer months.
Please like and share with your friends who ride.
Ride Safe, folks! ^Ax


Testez votre équipement sur : http://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr/operations/equipezvous/ Un film qui fait mal, pour imaginer sa peau en contact avec le bit...


Road Work: First Bike?

Got Spring Fever and just gotta get a bike? First - I strongly recommend taking some rider training to learn the ropes.
Second - when it's time for buying that first bike, here is some sound advice from Idaho's own Captain Crash. Ride safe folks! ^Ax


Looking to break into riding? Your first bike should give you a break. Here's more.

www.iowadot.gov 04/26/2014

Motorcycle rider education in Iowa - Iowa Motor Vehicle Division

On my way home from the Iowa Motorcycle Safety Forum. Great visit with the Iowa team and I thank them very much for their hospitality! I did two presentations - "The Lottery and The Chosen One" and "FEAR" and we had some great discussions after each. Both were about what goes on inside our heads and how we can use it to our advantage while riding. I'll write up some of it and post it at RideMoreCrashLess.com in the next few weeks. Iowa was great, but it'll be good to be home. ~Ax


www.iowadot.gov http://www.iowadot.gov/mvd/ods/motorcycle/#.U1vM0Nq9KSM

ridemorecrashless.com 04/06/2014

Rider Behavior and Peer Pressure

The latest blog post at Ride More - Crash Less is by Ken Codon (author of 'Riding In The Zone') - Rider Behavior and Peer Pressure. You can find Ken's original article at his blog - http://www.ridinginthezone.com/the-zone-blog/. Enjoy (and thanks, Ken!) ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com The post is by a colleague of mine – Ken Condon (and used here with permission) and speaks to how peer pressure can affect the choices we make about riding. You can find the original blog post here – http://www.ridinginthezone.com/rider-behavior-and-peer-pressure/


Cycle Helmet Safety - What the industry doesn't want you to know

Hövding bicycle helmet (European). Fascinating new technology! The video is about 7 minutes long, but worth it. To all riders out there - do you think this technology holds promise for motorcycle helmets? Imagine having superior protection AND the wind blowing through your hair (or in my case...scalp)! ^Ax

Film made by Hövding, april 2014. Short film about why cycle helmets are far from as safe as we think they are, highlighting the gap between traditional cycl...

ridemorecrashless.com 03/09/2014

Space: The Final Frontier…

New blog post from Ride More - Crash Less- "Space: The Final Frontier." The riding season is here, folks! Let's be safe out there - as my 4-year old says "No crashing, Daddy." ^Ax


ridemorecrashless.com Here’s the simple version – if you always have space between you and other traffic, you will never have a collision with another vehicle. Easier said than done, but there are some strategies to help make that happen.

ridemorecrashless.com 01/30/2014

If a fellow rider crashes, do you know what to do? - Ride More Crash Less

You are first on the scene of a motorcycle crash - do you know what to do? Check out my latest blog post to learn more "If a fellow rider crashes, do you know what to do?" ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com What if you ARE the first responder to a crash? Do you know what to do? “How do I prevent further injury?” “How do I secure the scene?” “When should I remove the rider’s helmet? When should I leave it on?” “If I do need to remove their helmet, how do I do that?” “WhatRead More

ridemorecrashless.com 01/23/2014

Recognize the Rust - Ride More Crash Less

New blog post "Recognize the Rust." On those first rides of the season, its easy to pay a lot of attention to the bike under you and not enough attention to the road ahead. Check out the post for a few tips on starting the riding season off well. ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com Depending on where you live (and how much you like the cold), the riding season has started, the riding season is coming soon, or the riding season never ended. For those of us that have been off the bike for a while (some of us for a few months!), let’s remember that we need bothRead More

ridemorecrashless.com 01/16/2014

Why "Crash LESS?" (why not "Avoid the crash?") - Ride More Crash Less

One of our readers asks why the name of the blog is "Ride More Crash Less" and not "Ride More, Avoid the Crash." Good question. Click the link to see his question and my response. ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com We got a great comment a while back from Bob (yes, that’s his real name…), and thought we’d share the comment and my response. Please share your comments below. Ax, Nice work on the site. However I do have a suggestion that the name of the blog should be changed from “Ride More, Crash Less”Read Mor...

ridemorecrashless.com 01/04/2014

New Year's Resolutions: Something we Want and Something we Know - Ride More Crash Less

New Blog Post - New Year's Resolutions: Something we Want and Something we Know. Check it out and please share your riding related resolutions in the comments section. Happy New Year everyone from Ride More - Crash Less! ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions – we just do. This is not a post about whether or not we should make them or how to keep them; simply about why we do it and some thoughts about how it may apply to motorcycling. I believe we make New Year’s Resolutions because of aRead More

ridemorecrashless.com 12/20/2013

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea - Ride More Crash Less

New Blog Post - Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea. Something special that only motorcycle riders can give (and it won't cost you!) Happy Holidays, everyone! ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com We all have loved ones who get worried about us when we ride. Maybe it’s a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, children, or someone else. Here is an idea for an additional gift for the loved ones in your life – a safety promise. It might look something like this: “Riding my motorcycle is a big...

ridemorecrashless.com 12/11/2013

Driving in a Winter Wonderland - Ride More Crash Less

New Blog Post - Driving in a Winter Wonderland. Please like, share, and or comment. Let's all give each other the gift of time, space, and courtesy on the roads. Ride More - Crash Less. ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com Snow and ice have come to many of us this month. Where I live is no exception. While I do see the occasional motorcycle or scooter puttering down the road, for the most part, bikes are home in the garage. What I am seeing is a difference in the way most (but not all) peopleRead More


Road Work Interstate Travel

Some good, practical advice for riding across state lines from my friend Captain Crash!

Ride More - Crash Less! ~Ax

Traveling between states shouldn't be a hassle...unless you want one...

ridemorecrashless.com 11/26/2013

Motorcycling Risk and Cancer Risk

New blog post - "Motorcycle Risk and Cancer Risk." Please like, share and/or comment (either here on FB or at the blog). Ride safe, folks! ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com **NOTE: I do not intend to minimize, trivialize, or in any way express disrespect in this post for cancer, cancer survivors, or those who have lost a battle with, or a loved one to, cancer.**

ridemorecrashless.com 11/08/2013

No one ‘deserves’ to crash

"No one 'deserves' to crash" - New blog post from Ride More Crash Less. Please like, share, and/or comment. ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com (**NOTE: This is a slightly modified version of a post I wrote for the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program in August, 2013.**)


Trick or Treat! Motorcycle lessons from Halloween

"Trick or Treat! Motorcycle lessons from Halloween" New Blog post from Ride More Crash Less. ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com Another Halloween night has passed, and another bucket full of candy sits on my kitchen counter. As I watched my 3-year old walk up to perfect strangers last night and say ‘Trick or Treat!’ I thought back to my years of doing the same. At first I thought ‘Oh, it was all so different in the 1970s’…


Eyes Up … Now What?

"Eyes Up...Now What?" New Blog post from Ride More Crash Less. ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com If you’ve ever taken a motorcycle training class, you have no doubt heard “eyes up” over and over again. And that’s good – having your head and eyes up and looking where you want to go is VERY helpful in riding. You get two main benefits:

ridemorecrashless.com 10/18/2013

Ax’s Takeaways from the IMSC

Latest Blog post from Ride More Crash Less. A quick report from my time at the IMSC in Florida this week. ~Ax


ridemorecrashless.com The International Motorcycle Safety Conference is now over and I’m back at the hotel to get a few hours of sleep before my 4:30am shutttle comes to take me to the airport. Before I do, I wanted to share a little of my experience. It’s been fascinating to learn about the research, policies, program...


My Daddy is a Rider

A good reminder from the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program that every rider out there is someone's loved one. Ride and Drive safely - help all riders get home to their families. ~Ax

This is Morgan, her dad is a rider, and she has something to tell us about it... Remember to look twice for motorcycles, for Morgan and for all of us with ri...




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Heather L. McLean, Agent at New York Life Heather L. McLean, Agent at New York Life
1109 W Myrtle St, Ste 300
Boise, 83702

SNP Guided Surgery Group - Boise SNP Guided Surgery Group - Boise
9067 W Barnes Dr
Boise, 83709

SNP Guided Surgery GroupSNP Guided Surgery Group is a group of dental peers sharing their knowledge, experience and cases related to Guided Implant Surgery utilizing Sirona, Nobel and Patterson Dental technologies.

March Forth Soccer March Forth Soccer

www.marchforthsports.com Michael Mollay: USSF A, Premier SPEAKING TRUTH TO YOUTH SOCCER

BSU Afro-Black Student Alliance BSU Afro-Black Student Alliance

The Afro-Black Student Association is a student organization at Boise State University for African, African-American Students and anyone that wish to associate. Our vision is to empower and unite students and showcase our cultures.

Heart Fire Institute Heart Fire Institute
1800 W Overland Rd
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Heart Fire Institute is a Center for the Study and Practice of Contemporary Spirituality for Healing, and Spiritual Awakening.

MING Studios MING Studios
420 S 6th St
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MING Studios is a contemporary art center and residency program. Our mission is to exhibit, explore, and experience contemporary arts and cultures.

Idaho Virtual Reality Council Idaho Virtual Reality Council
404 S 8th St, Suite 200
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Idaho’s first networking and education council for Idaho’s leaders and innovators interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society

A nonprofit scientific and educational association dedicated to active and careful management and conservation of wildlife and their habitats in Idaho.

Capitol Club Toastmasters - Boise, ID Capitol Club Toastmasters - Boise, ID
415 E Parkcenter Blvd
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The Capitol Club Toastmasters is a local chapter of Toastmasters International in Boise, Idaho.

PCS Edventures PCS Edventures
11915 W Executive Drive
Boise, 83713

For 30 years PCS Edventures has inspired students to develop a passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).

Law for Conscious Leadership Law for Conscious Leadership

Law for Conscious Leadership is a boutique firm supporting social enterprise, cooperative culture, and the sharing economy.

Aim Early Idaho Aim Early Idaho
PO Box 1243
Boise, 83701

AimEarlyIdaho believes RELATIONSHIPS MATTER. Our vision is to support systems in Idaho that support relationships for all infants, toddler, young children, family members and providers of services to families. We also offer IMH Endorsement.