SomaSano provides "Dramatic Results in Holistic Healing". Using techniques such as BioSync™, EFT ( Are you in pain? You aren't alone. We hear this regularly.

Have you tried Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage, even Acupuncture with limited or no lasting results? People come to SomaSano after they have tried these conventional modalities and are pleasantly surprised when they get dramatic and immediate results. Are you living with pain? You really don't have to. Give SomaSano a try! Using techniques such as BioSync™, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and more!

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Follow up from Paula K., massage therapist and whiplash victim, a day after a SomaSano session:

"Today I went to Dr. Mofid, and didn't tell him that I had done biosync with you yesterday. He had me sit down and turn my head from side to side, and said "wow! your neck turns no problem today. Without you forcing it!" I started to laugh and said "yeah I know huh!" Then I told him what I did, that I got a biosync treatment yesterday.
He proceeded with his adjustment and everything adjusted so easily. (often times he cannot even get my thoracic region to move at all because my mid back was so tight.)

So today I got adjusted. I do have some swelling in the right side of my neck today so I am icing after receiving an ultrasound treatment on it as well. But that was there from the whiplash before the biosync treatment.

My gate is still longer, and I feel exercise sore, like I worked out yesterday. But it feels good like things are moving out. I am going to take a vinegar bath today. I still feel tension in my jaw and shoulders, but my shoulders felt so much different yesterday and they feel totally relieved from what they felt like before your treatment. So I think we made progress but there are still things moving out that may need another go round. I feel a little toxic like I need to drink more water and take a vinegar bath and have had some low grade headaches, nothing serious just mild and dull like toxins moving out. But I want to walk around singing"

- Paula K.

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From a client (that is a massage therapist) a few hours after a SomaSano session:

"I felt totally awesome when I left your office. First I noticed I had a longer gate (stride length) when I was walking out to the parking lot. When I got home I had a HUGE amount of energy. Then I took a hot bath to assist my body to remove toxins you had set free. Then I started to sweat, and my nose started to run... You rock! Here is a HUGE THANK YOU! What an amazing gift you offered me."

- Paula K.


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We provide dramatic results in holistic healing!





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