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Operating as usual 08/27/2017

Legoland's mini Big Ben silenced in honour of Westminster clock tower

LEGO Big Ben silenced. Legoland Windsor is carrying out repairs on its mini Big Ben to coincide with the Westminster clock tower’s four-year maintenance work. The theme park, which features mini Lego models of landmarks from across Europe and the USA, said it is taking advantage of real Big Ben's maintenance work to carry... 01/15/2017

Chevrolet helps bring Lego Batman's ride to life at the Detroit Auto Show - Roadshow

Batmobile! The latest Batmobile patrolling Gotham City is a Chevy. 11/27/2016

5 Things I Learnt as a Designer at LEGO

Interesting. At 5am on a cold, misty morning, my plane tumbled to a stop in a strange land where I didn’t speak a word of the language. I was about to…




When a sea monster and fisherman tangle, it is up to John, Paul, George and Ringo to come to the rescue! In their iconic LEGO® Yellow Submarine, The Beatles must use their building skills to face a few out-of-this-world challenges. Full speed ahead November 1st! 05/23/2016

Lego 'arms race': Bricks growing more violent, study says - BBC News

Lego Arms Race. Lego products are growing more violent as toy makers engage in an 'arms race' to catch the attention of children in a digital age, a new study says. 04/26/2016

Lego's 2,704-piece Porsche is not a toy

LEGO Porche The Danish brickmaker's new Technic 911 GT3 RS set is beautiful, desirable and slightly scary — not unlike the actual car. 04/19/2016

Working Lego Particle Accelerator | Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

LEGO particle accelerator: Playtime just got a lot more physical and experimental with this Lego "Large Brick Collider." 04/17/2016

LEGO's 'Idea Conference' Is About More Than Just Bricks

LEGO Idea Conference It seems like the older I get, the more time I spend with Lego bricks. Sure, I say that I buy the kits for my kids, but I’m always sitting on the floor next to them within minutes of opening the box. What’s more, the grown up part of me [...]


The Beginning - Stories - How did Technic get started? - Technic

The origin of LEGO technics: How did Technic get started? We have been fortunate to talk to Jan Ryaa, one of the founding fathers of Technic back in the 1970s, where he worked with another designer, Erik Bach. At some point, these two stopped treating a brick as simply a brick, and they went to work with no more than their tool… 04/07/2016

Watch What Happens When A LEGO Brick Goes Under A Hydraulic Press [Video]

Interesting. We all know what happens when a LEGO brick meets a foot – swearing and pain. But what happens when it meets a hydraulic press? Sweet, sweet revenge. YouTub


LEGO Paper Plane Machine - Arrow Electronics commercial.

This is very cool.

It is a behind the scenes of a really nice project. On July of 2015 I was hired by Elevation Digital Media to build a LEGO machine that could fold and launch... 01/25/2016

65,000-Piece Lego Concorde Reveals all the Plane's Inner Workings

This is cool. In addition to wowing us with a heartbreaking 120,000-piece model of the Titanic breaking in two, Ryan McNaught also spent the month of December building an incredibly-detailed model of an Air France Concorde that reveals all of the supersonic plane’s inner workings and details. 01/13/2016

Lego changes bulk buy policy after Ai Weiwei backlash - BBC News

LEGO Story 12/29/2015

Report: Lego bricks better investment than gold

Interesting. The rate of return on the average Lego set is 12 percent while gold is value roughly at 9.6 percent, according to the report. 12/23/2015

LEGO Machine Ices Those Holiday Cookies For You | Nerdist

Very nice! You had such good intentions for this holiday season. “Send me your address if you want some homemade Christmas cookies!” you posted across all of your social media accounts. Seventy-eight replies later you knew you had made a horrible mistake. How could you possibly pull this off? It just so happen…


Producing a papercube with LEGO® Mindstorms® Education EV3

This is awesome!

papercube is a production line producing a paper cube from one piece of paper. The special feature: the students of the Engineering and Management study prog... 12/10/2015

Don't Pretend You Wouldn't Want a Lego McNuggets Vending Machine at Your Desk

Wow! Despite their sketchy pink goop origins, those consistently-shaped McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are too addictive to ever give up. And you can lie to yourself all you want, but deep down you know you want this Lego McNuggets vending machine sitting in the corner of your office. 11/27/2015

Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture | JK Brickworks

Coolio! 09/13/2015 08/28/2015

The Battle of Waterloo With 2,134 Lego Minifigs - Wargames Illustrated

Waterloo Battle of Waterloo in lego.


The Brick Room Blog

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This is the page for the blog that features images of the creative domains and storage areas of LEGO enthusiasts from around the world.

[08/10/15]   Happy birthday Lego! 08/09/2015

This Lego Model Reveals the Beauty of a Crashed Star Destroyer

Fun! The second teaser trailer for Star Wars - Episode VII - The Force Awakens opened with a haunting shot of the deserts of Tatooine slowly swallowing a crashed Star Destroyer. And Lego builder KevFett2011 succeeds in capturing all the beauty in that destruction with this 12,000 piece diorama. 05/05/2015

Smashing an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer in slo-mo is heart breaking

Fun! For May the Fourth the folks at Wired decided to recreate one of the final scenes in Return of the Jedi where Vader’s Super Star Destroyer crashes head first into the Death Star and explodes. Except that instead of using a CG simulation, or even a movie-caliber model, they simply dropped the hard-to… 05/04/2015

Designer Creates Working Replicas of LEGO World Computers

Interesting. If you played with LEGO as a kid, you probably remember the little computers and consoles that the minifigs were apparently operating inside 04/30/2015

How We Can All Be Like Lego Master Builders | WIRED

Fun read. Using a list of Lego sets you own, Rebrickable can generate a list of other sets you can build.


This is Happening


Wow. This is insane. 30,000+ Lego bricks and this was made. 03/17/2015

Logistikdemonstrator 2.0 - Produkt - CeBIT 2015

Fun! FIR an der RWTH Aachen stellt das Produkt Logistikdemonstrator 2.0 auf der CeBIT vom 16.03. bis zum 20.03.2015 in Hannover aus. Planen Sie Ihren Messebesuch und suchen Sie nach weiteren Produkten. 03/14/2015

Lego Says You Can't Build That — Because Of Politics

Interesting. LEGO rejects submission of women Supreme Court justices as product, reflecting view that the high court has become political. 02/10/2015

An Impressive Piet Mondrian Painted with Stop-Motion Lego by Jon Rolph

Fun! Watch as Lego enthusiast Jon Rolph deftly recreates a Piet Mondrian using stop-motion animation. While it may seem like a pretty straightforward idea, the attention to detail here is astounding, even PES was impressed. (via Stellar) 02/04/2015


Paint: Why don't more people make brickfilms like this? The other day I was thinking to myself,


Lego Congreve Rolling Ball Clock (WIP)

LEGO Clock

A lego congreve clock mechanism using a ball to cadence the period. This is the first step to test the mechanism. The next will be set up a longest path for ...


Kinetic Sculpture - Yes / No By Nico71


A Kinetic sculpture based on Yes / No Letter Transformation. Do you like my creations ? Please subscribe friend ! 01/03/2015

Mapped: The beaches where Lego washes up

Where to find the LEGO. Members of the public are helping a beachcomber map where Lego has been found since millions of pieces were lost in a 1997 container spill.

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