Heart Fire Institute

Heart Fire Institute is a Center for the Study and Practice of Contemporary Spirituality for Healing This involves developing Earth and Spiritual Connection.

Each of us has a soul and a connection to Spirit, but how do we unfold it? Through quality teaching and practice, each person can grow into the full potential of a Human Being, fully connected and empowered to live a life that is dynamic, ethical, and full of Love, Joy, and Peace. From this place we seek to benefit others, that we may all unfold wisely, together.

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Hey Everyone! HFI's new incarnation is called The Wisdom Tree! Watch for my new FB site, web site ( Wisdom Tree Boise) and the fabulous calendar for 2016, Fall and Winter!


Sacred Sweat Lodge!
Friday May 27, 2016 7 pm at Sacred Mountain
With Lelelewa i
and Brother Lomi

Originally we dedicated this lodge to folks interested in a Quest Opportunity. Now we are opening it to everyone as a community Lodge with some extra Mojo.

The Sacred Sweat Lodge is an ancient ceremony utilized by many indigenous peoples to renew the spirit and detoxify the body. As I see it, we enter into the darkness of the womb to journey empty the bowl of the mind and be filled with spirit, and to give away in prayer and song to the earth, our family, and community.

We enter the lodge at 7, so come early, by 6:30 is preferable. the Ceremonial Grounds are one hour from Boise, but allow a little extra time for the holiday traffic.

Directions and equipment list will be supplied when you sign up.
Reserve your Space now!

Call or text Lelelewa at 208-384-1017 or email me back [email protected]


Angel Weaving starts May 21, 2016 from 10-2 a six month journey to open your life to more of your true self! Bring in more love, more peacefulness and calm, more beauty and laughter and Joy. Sign up now!




New Years' Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Saturday, January 2 at 1 pm to 6 pm (including potluck)
Forgiveness and Healing
with Lelelewa Tano Rikiho
Start the New Year by letting go of pain, harm, or carrying what is no longer serving you in your life. In the end, Forgiveness is not really so much about the other person, but about setting ourselves free from the past. This ceremony not only helps release the past, but brings in support from your Soul and Higher self to give you a vision and blessing for a new dream.

The lodge in in a west Boise location ( I'll tell you when you register) You will need sweat gear, two bundles of burnable wood, pot luck item for afterwards, a drum or rattle, and something to write with and on. Minimum donation of $20 is suggested.

To sign up or for more info call or text Lelelewa
208-384-1017 or [email protected]


Please share this information and come to this important statement of solidarity in support of refugees here in Idaho and the US.


Winter Blessings
Community Sweat Lodge

Saturday, December 12 at 2 pm.

with Lelelewa
Let's get together and sing, sweat, pray, and send out light into this world as we go down into the dark! Everyone is welcome, experienced and not experienced, women or men, old or young. Bring your friends!

Location to be announced when you sign up, although it is in Boise.

Bring two bundles of wood, sacred item for the altar ( you get it back afterwards) drum or rattle if you have it, and potluck item for feast afterward. Drink lots of water three days prior to the lodge, and bring water with you, and don't eat after breakfast. Come early to help dress the lodge, if you can! Love offerings are appreciated, but not required.

To reserve your seat(s) call or text Lelelewa at 384-1017!


Just had the first meeting of the Living and Dying Class. Eight wise women attended (Plus myself) , mostly who had never met before , and formed a bond. We shared and explored the gift of reflection, story, learning, mediation, and treasure hunting and finding. It's going to be a great 7 months!


M.J. Rose

This is so beautiful. I was crying by the second line, Written by Henry Scott Holland (27 January 1847 – 17 March 1918) was Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford


There is still time to sign up for this fabulous class, Living and Dying! We meet for only 4 hours one Saturday a month to explore the fascinating and essential questions that surround the end of live and how we live our life now.


Women's Healing Lodges

with Lelelewa Tano Rikiho Spiritual Guide and Teacher
Friday October 2 at 6:30 pm , Saturday October 24 2 pm,
Friday November 6 at 6:30 pm , Saturday November 21 at 2 pm

Donation is $15 to $50, sliding scale fee.

Life offers many ways to suffer and experience pain.Sometimes it is our own pain, sometime it is the pain of others. If we hold this pain inside, and do not let go of it, it becomes like a poison. As women, we gather to share, to release, and to heal from the wounds of life. The earth helps us remember who we are as Sacred daughters of the Earth, the Moon, and of Great Mother. We return to the love, the resilience, the strength of our true nature. We can learn how to take care of ourselves, how to love ourselves and receive love from others.
Join us!

To sign up or get more information contact
Lelelewa at 208-384-1017 [email protected]


Loving our self is a deeply positive and friendly thing to do. We fear that self love is self indulgence or narcissism. those things are not true love, they are a story about love, constructed our of immaturity. True self love is inclusive of all beings, and is born of the awareness of our innate sacredness, and our small place in the Cosmic scheme of things. What do you think?


It is not so much we love others too much, but that we do not love ourselves enough.


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Living and Dying

with Lelelewa Tano Rikiho
Spiritual Guide and Teacher

Free Introductory Class Tuesday September 15 at 7 pm.
(Check it out! Let me know if you plan to come.)
Starts Saturday September 19 from 10-2 pm.
(All dates are available upon request. Dates can be altered by the group once circle begins. ) Sign up now! Auditors are welcome!
208-384-1017 [email protected]

Dialogue, Poetry, Meditation Practice, Forgiveness, Intention, Holding Space, Creating Love, Joy and Peace from Suffering.

This course is a comprehensive look at death and our relationship to it. We examine current beliefs about death, the faces of grief, and the losses we encounter in daily life. We explore how to prepare for our own eventual demise by forgiving and letting go of the past in clear and practical ways. We learn how to help others make the passage from this world to the next. How to use pain, and all the indignities that come with the end of life, for a sacred purpose. Plus numerous resources and speakers to educate ourselves and each other about choices for hospice, palliative care, funeral expenses, advanced directives, and more throughout the seven month period.
This class meets once a month from 10-2. Tuition for a private session and the monthly workshop is $110.00 each month. ( A $150.00 value)

What participants have said about the course...

I highly recommend this class to anyone who is concerned about dying, and how to live well. There was a lot of practical information as well as a strong spiritual foundation. Lelelewa is a loving and concise teacher, and she knows her stuff, too!
Jennifer Moore L Ac.

"The speakers were awesome.it was more than I had expected. Helped me move forward in my own transition following retirement."
Ann Sargent

Call,text, or email me right now to reserve your space or get more info !
208-384-1017 [email protected]


This is a Metta created specifically for women to discover what is needed for themselves and each other to thrive.

Women’s Metta:

We declare and vow

That each woman shall learn to Accept herself and respect her sisters.

That women shall come to see the Sacredness in themselves and each other, throughout life.

That every woman shall know and live our gender imperative of- Nurturing, Protecting, and Honoring all life as precious.

That women shall learn to live from the heart and act from the belly.

That each woman shall come to understand she can only flourish in unity with her sisters.

We declare and vow that the Wisdom Light of Maha Amma and the Earth Magic of Maha Gaia shall shine in the world for all to see.


Badger is a very useful totem for healing, or anytime you need to have tenacity, strength, confidence, boundaries, or just get down to the root of something.


Time to Harvest Sagebrush

And other special plants

The time is short, only a week or so until the sagebrush goes to seed. Gather now and make your smudge sticks for the coming year!

Here is how to do it.

Take some corn or birdseed and extra water. head out into the foot hills, and walk and spend a little time with the land. Feel, stroke, smell, and otherwise enjoy the sage plants. Ask them if you can have some of their stalks for sacred purpose.

Wait for the right moment when you feel a slight release and a yes from the plant. Give water to the sage at the root and sprinkle bird seed or corn around to feed the birds and animals there. Now sing, and walk, gently bending back and snapping the the long stalks about 8 to 8 inches from the top. Wander, singing, praying, leaving offerings and gathering until you have as much sage as you think you will need. Take only a few stalks from each plant, leave plenty more to propagate.

Move on to the next set of plants, repeating the process.

At home spread out the sage on newspaper for a few hours until the sage is a little drier. bundle them together and wrap with crochet or embroidery thread ( cotton is best) until all the bundles are made. Hang them upside down to dry in a cool place out of direct sun.

Note: Do not wrap too tight, they won't burn. Do not wrap too loose, they will fall apart. Wrap them JUST RIGHT!

When dry, light and use the incense to cleanse a space, or as an offering to spirits you may call to for help, like your angel or your animal totem!



How to get yourself to do something to do something you don't want to do, like exercise, or eat more veggies, to stop smoking ? I hear that question every day. Most likely you have conflicting feelings about it. One part wants to feel good, be healthy, etc. Another parts just wants to play, or be comfortable. it just seems like too much work! Start to motivate yourself by changing how to talk about the new behavior to yourself. If you are being critical, instead of inspiring, you will not get any cooperation from your emotional self. No one is motivated by "shoulds", criticism, or judgments about themselves.


A wonderful, simple way of using self hypnosis! Utilize the space between- the time right before you go to sleep or when you are waking up. That is a powerful time to visualize your goals for behavior or affirm intentions. Start by clarifying an important issue, like being more calm ( instead of worry or anxiety) and create an affirmation directly relating to it. Make it positive, a "thou shall" not a " thou shalt not"! A good example is " I remain calm and centered in each situation, and make clear decisions." " Or another might be" I am compassionate and encouraging to myself when I make mistakes." Then rehearse situations you encounter daily, and envision yourself doing that, and feeling that way, and celebrating yourself for it afterwards. Work on the same goal for a couple of weeks, or until you see visible results, which you will. Good luck!!! I offer Hypnosis, and powerful way to reach your inner mind for positive intentions.


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Mastering Internal Dialogue is starting this coming Tuesday!!!! Still a few openings! Sign up now! Take charge of what goes on in your own head! Ha!


We had a guest speaker come in after the teaching on ways to deal with discomfort and pain. She is a friend of mine who has been through a spinal injury that left her in constant pain. She spoke of her journey and how she has coped by devoting her pain as a prayer to be a blessing for others. Very inspiring.


Just finished our fourth Meeting of the Living and Dying class. All I can say is wow! Six brave souls exploring the subject of living life in a way that is a blessing. As we learn to practice living consciously, accepting whatever is happening in the now, we truly touch the sacred. Love is the power that is present no matter what, in pain, in death, in life and joy.


Join US!


Mastering Internal Dialogue A new class starting up January 28. Six Tuesday evenings devoted to transforming self talk into a loving, compassionate and motivating wisdom practice. You are what you think!


The Holidays are coming up! Gift Certificates for a private session are now $70 for an hour session. they go back up to $75 after Thanks giving. Let me know if you would like to give this thoughtful gift.


Headed to Tacoma Washington Area for some Fun and sacred work. Offering sessions, a class on Pohwas, and a Lodge in the Woods of Moss Terra. Get ahold of me by phone, email, or facebook if interested!


This is a time of big change! What do you want to change in your life? Most of the time we want to get rid of something, so we end up focusing upon what we need to get rid of, thereby increasing it! Try focusing upon what you want by finding whatever you have of it in your life, and giving gratitude for that. This is called positive reinforcement and works for behavior and also for manifesting whatever good you seek.


Foundations of Energetic and Spiritual healing is a six month process that includes a four hour workshop once a month, on a Saturday, as well as a private session for only $110 a month, a $150 a month value. We learn to use and develop empathy and intuition to tap into The Source to fill and heal our self and others. Sign up now!


Foundations of Energetic and Spiritual Healing has been moved up to next week! those who would like to participate, please let me know!
208-384-1017 or post here!


HFI is devoted to helping folks develop a spiritual practice. Why? If we let go of all the stress, desires, pressure, and focus on keeping up with the hype, even for a little while, we improve our lives and decrease all that stuff going out in the world accordingly. Spiritual guidance, relaxation, and healing is Self Care. One on one sessions for healing, guidance, and de-stressing are a welcome break and tune up for our busy lives. Call 208-384-1017 to schedule your appointment now!


This is a very wise saying by Mark Twain. But does he say how to get to the point of living fully prepared? Check out our group "A Matter of Life and Death" on my event page. It will be profound.


that we will learn humility, and sacrifice for the good of others.





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