One Million Bones, Idaho

A collaborative art installation to raise awareness and funds to help eliminate genocide and violent crimes still happening all over the world.

One Million Bones is a collaborative art installation designed to recognize the millions of victims and survivors who have been killed or displaced by ongoing genocides and humanitarian crises in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Burma. Each bone made will generate $1 towards stopping the atrocities of genocide and violent crimes still happening to this day across our great planet.

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More great BOGOs today!! So much fun!

In this video Dr. Hill talks about two of his favorite oils, Cardamom and Cilantro, and why he loves them so much. 07/01/2014

One Million Bones - OMBHomePage

The beautiful video made from the laying of the bones in Washington D.C. 2013. I am so honored to have been part of something so amazing! Fundraising & social art organization

[09/20/13]   I just read that KONY is close to being captured!! I sure hope this is true!! Very good news!! :)


Students Rebuild

From the father of a student who took part in the #OneMillionBones Challenge after a visit by On Tour! and was in Washington, D.C. for the bone laying in June:


Students Rebuild

From a Sudanese refugee who came to the #OneMillionBones installation in Washington, D.C. in June:


Students Rebuild

Now that the #OneMillionBones installation is behind us, what happens now? Tell us what you plan to do to continue making a difference.


The rain has stopped and the bones were laid!! Beautiful!!

Each bone, a symbol of our common humanity.

[06/07/13]   The National Mall Installation in DC is this weekend!! We've all worked so hard to get to this point and success has surfaced in the form of actually having 1,000,000 bones for this weekend!! Prayers are needed to help stop the rain happening in DC for the installation to move forward!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! 05/28/2013

One Million Bones on the National Mall

Feel like making a donation to a wonderful cause?? Click on the link below to do just that!! Using the power of art and activism to create a visible petition against ongoing genocide and mass atrocities. 05/28/2013

One Million Bones on the National Mall

Feel like making a donation to a wonderful cause?? Click on the link below to do just that!! Using the power of art and activism to create a visible petition against ongoing genocide and mass atrocities.


Our pallets of bones, heading to D.C. Wish we could be there in June, but too many complications. Please lay some bones for Idaho!! Thanks to all the wonderful helpers we had this past 10 months!!!

[05/13/13]   Our time here in Idaho has come to the end for the One Million Bones Project. We have had the most amazing journey this last 10 months making bones and connecting with our community and the wonderful people in it. I am proud to say we did an amazing amount of bones, close to 20,000 and they will be shipped off next week to Washington for the installation. Thank you to BSU Service Learning dept and students who have been there every step of the way. We also thank so many wonderful helpers in our community for helping to fire bones and also make bones. Fort Boise Community Center, Borah High School, and a few private folks that used their personal kilns to fire for us. We made it!!! Good job IDAHO!!!! 04/24/2013

Josiah Films

I had the extreme pleasure today to see part of an amazing documentary called ICYIZERE: Hope, issuing the genocide in Rwanda and the decades of healing and rebuilding communities within and among the Rwandan people. I also got to talk briefly with film maker Patrick Mureithi about his desire to help heal a country so torn apart with trauma and sorrow over the 3 month genocide of the Tutsi people. I cried and my heart was touched and I had a strong remembrance of why I want to do this work. To help those whose voice has not yet been heard, be heard and to make change happen. What an amazing project! Filmed over the course of three years, ICYIZERE:hope is a documentary about a reconciliation workshop in Rwanda that brings together 10 survivors and 10 perpetrators of the 1994 genocide, with encouraging results. Learn more

[04/23/13]   Borah High School made 300 wonderful bones for the state of Idaho to ship to D.C. Thank you so much to the students who participated and to Patrick for firing the bones!! Amazing!!

[04/23/13]   We added another 1,598 bones to our count from our last Service Saturday!! We had some great students who did an amazing job making bones!! Thanks to everyone who participated!!

[04/22/13]   Today Amanda will do our final bone count. Our last 3 events; City Church, The Idaho Youth Ranch and First Thursday produced 1036 bones to add to our count. We had a great last Service Saturday with BSU students! More bone counts to come!

[04/19/13]   As we move into our last 2 events this week for bone making, we think back over the last 10 months that we have worked on this project and are so grateful for so many people that have come along our path and helped us make so many wonderful bones and find kilns for firing. We guess our count to be at least 25,000 and possibly more by the end of this month. We have almost 200 boxes that will ship to D.C. What a wonderful ride with so many amazing people!! Thank you to everyone who helped us in so many ways!!


Mohamed Nuradin Mohamed

Meet several inspiring Somali students working for a better future—and share their videos! Mohamed is one of the beneficiaries of Students Rebuild's partners...

[04/09/13]   We had great success for our First Thursday event in downtown Boise. Over 120 people came out to make bones. Photos to come. We are counting, boxing, firing, and repacking for UPS this week. We can't believe it's so close to the end of this project. We have 2 events left!

[04/02/13]   What a journey this last year has been. I one month's time, all our bones from Idaho will travel to D.C. We expect to send somewhere around 25,000. I Thank you Idaho participants for being so committed to such an amazing cause and project. We could not have done this without SO much help from so many inspiring and awesome people!!

[03/29/13]   We have fired almost 10,000 bones this week!! So exciting!! We have some fun events in April after Spring Break and we hope to see you all there!! Then the bones will go to D.C. for the June installation!


Sahra Abdi Mohamud

Meet several inspiring Somali students working for a better future—and share their videos! These students are beneficiaries of Student Rebuild's partnership ...

Firing MORE bones at Fort Boise Community Center 03/26/2013

Loading and unloading fired bones!! A beautiful sight!

Loading and unloading fired bones!! A beautiful sight!

[03/26/13]   Another 25 boxes loaded in the kiln....we are rocking through spring break!! Yay!! Special thanks to Randy from Service Learning at Boise State for being such a trooper and helping out even though it's his week off!!

[03/25/13]   Going down with Service Leaning student Randy to unpack the kiln at the Fort Boise Community Center and then repack it for another firing!! Happy Monday everyone!

[03/22/13]   Thank you to Borah High School for getting involved with making bones and also firing bones for us!! We are excited to add you as partners for the OMB Project!! Have a wonderful Spring Break everyone and we'll see you after in April!!

Firing Bones @ Fort Boise, 2013 03/22/2013

Fort Boise Community Center has generously offered their kilns to us!! We couldn't be more grateful!

Fort Boise Community Center has generously offered their kilns to us!! We couldn't be more grateful!

[03/20/13]   We had a great time with kids at the Idaho Youth Ranch again today. They made 50 lbs of bones and talked about life and genocide from their perspective. Thank you Idaho Youth Ranch for inviting us in for bone making with the kids!

[03/20/13]   Busy counting our last few event's bones and gearing up for some fun events in April. We have kilns (YAY) and student's working hard putting together a fun event for First Thursday downtown Boise......all is well here in Idaho!


Darfur Dream Team

Join the global effort for relief, justice, and peace in Darfur:

[03/19/13]   17,992 bones to date.....we are THRILLED!! And still counting...see you all in D.C. in June!!

[03/19/13]   Amanda and myself finished counting bones for our last Service Saturday at Boise State University (March 9th); to date this is our largest event so far........3,433 bones in one event! I would say Boise State Service students are AMAZING!!!! Our new total for overall bones is: 17,992 bones with still 2 events to count!! What a great day we've had here in Idaho!! Woot Woot!!

[03/19/13]   OMB Idaho got kilns from heaven today!! We secured 4 large sized kilns that will fire our remaining bones to then ship off to D.C. We are thrilled to partner with Fort Boise Community Center and get there help for using kilns!! YAY!

[03/18/13]   Amanda and I are hitting the streets of Boise today to find help with firing bones! We are heavily in need of kilns in the Boise area to help us fire around 25,000 bones or more. We estimate this to be our number by the end of April. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help us with this project!!






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