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The Boise State Mathematics Club is committed to promoting mathematics and its intrinsic beauty. We love math and want to tell you why. 08/28/2017

Your Brain's Connections Exist in Eight Dimensions

Ever wonder how neuroscience and graph theory connect? It turns out your brain can me modeled as a graph! Imagine all your neurons' connections forming a graph. 08/22/2017

Math Department Hangout

Come check it out!!! The Math Department is hosting a Math Hangout for all Math Majors. Come hang out in the Math Club/Reading room, chat with other Math majors and meet faculty and staff. [email protected] for more info. 8/23/17 from 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM in Math Building, Room 220 C hosted by Bronco Welcome 07/01/2017

Using math to investigate possibility of time travel: Mathematical model of a 'TARDIS' takes the 'fiction' out of science fiction

Time travel is mathematically possible! After some serious number crunching, a researcher says that he has come up with a mathematical model for a viable time machine: a Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domain in Space-time (TARDIS). He describes it as a bubble of space-time geometry which carries its contents backward and forwards through…


Jonathan Coulton + Mandelbrot Set HD

I've decided to start updating this page more. Check back for updates in current developments in mathematics, cool problems, history of math updates, and whatever else we find fascinating.

For now, he's a song about the Mandelbrot Set.

Bitte schaut es Euch in HD an und geht nochmal an den Anfang des Videos weil's sonst eventuell ruckelt. Music: Jonathan Coulton Madelbrot Set Zooms made with... 06/14/2017

Marion Scheepers | UPDATE

It's awesome to see one of our own get some sweet recognition for his work 🤘 Scheepers is known for his work on selection principles, having introduced many themes that are now common to selection principles. He also is the person after which the Scheepers diagram is named.

[03/07/17]   Hey team. What's math club doing for PI day this year?

[12/03/16]   If anyone is interested in being a math tutor for K-12,Mathnaseum is hiring all both of their Boise locations. contact [email protected] or call him at 208-800-1155. The hours are flexible. They are open Mon-Thurs 3-8pm and Sat 9-1


Mobile Uploads 04/21/2015

Master's program in discrete mathematics

Here's something interesting for you people interested in any study abroad. Одним из главных принципов уникальной «системы Физтеха», заложенной в основу образования в МФТИ, является тщательный отбор одаренных и склонных к творческой работе представителей молодежи. Абитуриентами Физтеха становятся самые талантливые и высокообразованные выпускники школ всей России и десятков…

[03/18/15]   Ultimate Pi Day turned out great guys. Looking forward to next year!


Dr. Zach Teitler, Q&A, Spring, Jessica Vargas

[03/07/15]   One week until Pi Day!

- Pi Memorization
- Pie eating
- Pi Movie

See you guys there 3.14.15!


STEM Exploration 2015, Boise State Campus, Photo Patrick Sweeney


Math Is Awesome

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[02/10/15]   If anyone took pictures of the STEM Exploration day, upload them here so we can show them off.

[01/24/15]   Dr Dorff from BYU will be here giving a colloquim talk to the math dept on Feb 23. He has also graciously accepted an invitation to give a talk to students, and math club in particular. We just need to decide what talk we'd like to hear. Leave your suggestions below.

Please let me know by Tuesday next week which talk is preferred. Here they are:

Talk #1
Title: Soap bubbles and mathematics

Abstract: In high school geometry we learn that the shortest path between two points is a line. In this talk we explore this idea in several different settings. First, we apply this idea to finding the shortest path connecting four points. Then we move this idea up a dimension and look at a few equivalent ideas in terms of surfaces in 3-dimensional space. Surprisingly, these first two settings are connected through soap films that result when a wire frame is dipped into soap solution. We use a hands-on approach to look at the geometry of some specific soap films and "minimal surfaces".

Talk #2
Title: Movies and math – the past, present, and the future

Abstract: What’s your favorite recent movie? Frozen? The Avengers? Avatar? Transformers? What do these and all the highest earning Hollywood movies since 2000 have in common? Mathematics! You probably didn’t think about it while watching these movies, but math was used to help make them. In this presentation, we will discuss how math is being used to create better and more realistic movies. Along the way we will discuss some specific movies and the mathematics behind them. We will include examples from Disney’s 2013 movie Frozen (how to use math to create realistic looking snow) to Pixar’s 2004 movie The Incredibles (how to use math to make an animated character move faster). Come and join us and get a better appreciation of mathematics and movies.

Talk #3
Title: What is the best job of 2014?

Abstract: A new 2014 ranking from, a job search website, recently named mathematician the best job of 2014. “Mathematicians pull in a midlevel income of $101,360, according to, and the field is expected to grow 23% in the next eight years,” states the Wall Street Journal blog post. Many students and professors think that teaching is the main (or only) career option for someone who studies mathematics. But there are hundreds of jobs for math students. However, just graduating with a math degree is not enough to guarantee getting one of these jobs. In this talk, we will talk about some of the exciting things mathematicians in business, industry, and government are doing in their careers and how these things are changing the world. And we will reveal the three things that recruiters say every math student should do to get a job.

[01/24/15]   Congratulations to our new president, Josh Gepford! We are very excited to see where this semester takes us under such a motivated leadership team!


Mission complete! Made it back to Boise!


This is a sculpture made from suitcases left at the airport.


Boise State Math Club's cover photo


On our way home.


From the towers of America green screen we were digitally transported around San Antonio! Wow! 01/14/2015

Frigid temperatures disappoint SA visitors, businesses

BSU math club gets interviewed on the local news in San Antonio. Apparently the idaho winter followed us down here. SAN ANTONIO -- Tonight's frigid weather took its toll on tourists and some local businesses that rely on tourism dollars. Thats because Alamo Plaza


Ran into a dude from Boston while we were in San Antonio. He wanted a picture with the only other bruins fan in the place.


Day 3 of the JMM


Wax museum in San Antonio!


Mobile Uploads


We made it !!


Made it to Denver!

[01/08/15]   Getting ready to head to the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Antonio tomorrow!


Boise State Math Club's cover photo


Mathematics Images


Boise State Math Club



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