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We at Full Spectrum Support are committed to helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum realize their dreams. Help for People on the Autism Spectrum.

Social Coaching:
Through Social Coaching, we help the individual to identify and analyze social errors and situations that are perplexing for them. In Social Coaching, we assist the individual to learn new skills to feel confident and successful in social environments they have identified as being important to them. Life Skills:
Valuing independence, we help individuals to gain essential life sk



I found this guide put out by the Minnesota Autism Society to be very helpful.



[04/13/16]   In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, we will have a panel of autistic adults and some of their spouses share their experiences regarding social relationships. Thank you to Allison Ball, Kristen King, Carlyle King, Kyle McAllister, and Casey and Tash Newsom. We will meet at 1111 South Orchard, Suite 166 (Use Entrance 5). We'll have light snacks and will have gluten-free and dairy-free options. Please let me or Lisa Lee know if you plan to attend, as seating is limited. We look forward to seeing you there!


Just a reminder about our group coming up on Monday night. Hope to see you there! Please let us know if you're coming so we can get a head count.

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Medical Support Videos

These free videos may be helpful for those who have trouble with medical procedures, like getting blood drawn. Here's a poster about the videos, as well.




[07/20/15]   Just a reminder that our July Parent Support Group will meet tonight, July 20th from 7:00-8:30 pm. Arlene Reed-Cossairt will share information on services we are developing for adults and ask for your input on what you would like to see offered. Hope to see you there!
The address is 1111 South Orchard, Suite 166 (Entrance 2). Light snacks provided.


Our July Parent Support Group will meet on Monday, July 20th from 7:00-8:30 pm. Arlene Reed-Cossairt will share information on services we are developing for adults and ask for your input on what you would like to see offered. Hope to see you there!

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Here's a link to an online program on how to get employed. It's a collaboration between the company Uptimize and the Autism Research Institute's Global Initiative. The cost is $75 for unlimited viewing of 17 tutorials that cover all aspects of interviewing, resume-writing, selling yourself, disclosing your disability, etc. I haven't viewed the tutorials, but I really like the Autism Research Institute and what they are doing for adults. http://www.uptimize.com/blog/introducing-learn-the-steps-get-employed

uptimize.com uptimize


Thanks to Lisa Lee, BSW, and parent for leading the support group while I am away. See you all in July!

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Medical Support Videos

Sorry, the previous post was just the flyer. Here is the link:




Here's a link to video social stories to help kids with autism who are going through medical procedures, like blood draws.


healthstoriesproject.com 04/28/2015

Life on the Spectrum

I'm happy to share this article about my new friend, Carlyle King. He is doing a lot for adults in our area. Carlyle would love for this to be shared far and wide. Me, too!

healthstoriesproject.com Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Carlyle King isn't interested in passing as "normal." Instead, he's chosen to help educate others about ASD!


Thank you to Carlyle King, Ian Bott, Leah Pederson, Allison Ball, and Dana Longpre for sharing your stories and expertise with us last night at the Support Group for Families of Teens and Adults. I heard such great comments from the audience members who felt encouraged and hopeful upon hearing you share. Thank you so much!!

[04/06/15]   What’s in a name? This month is Autism Awareness Month. This sounds like a good thing, right? Having been in this field a long time, I remember the days when we needed to educate and make others aware of autism. However, in 2015, there are few people who aren’t aware of autism.

I have recently learned that there are a lot of people, specifically autistic people, who would rather see us celebrate Autism Acceptance Month. Why? Because many of the activities surrounding “awareness” have been about curing autism or eliminating or fixing those with autism. How would I feel, I wonder, if who I am – my very nature, was targeted for elimination or if I read constantly about what a burden I am, how challenging I am, or what difficulties my loved ones face?

I recently joined a local group on FB of Autistic Adults and their Allies. Thank you, members of that group, for teaching me so much in so little a span of time! As many members of that group have said - if you want to know about autism – Ask someone who is autistic.

This is another problem with some organizations that tout “awareness” – they don’t have autistic adults on their boards. No adults to add to the discussion, to share their perspective or to contribute in decision-making about the very services that affect them.

This reminds me of President Clinton’s Dialogue on Race in 1998, when a panel of members of various ethnic groups was organized by the White House. Sherman Alexie, a Native American who was part of the panel, expressed that he was just happy to be at the table because so often Native Americans were not even invited to be a part of the discussion on race.

I also have learned that people with autism prefer the term “Autistics” versus “person-first language.” That is a surprise to me; I always thought my using person-first language was respectful. (I still remember the days when kids would come to my classroom and say, “Can the wheelchairs come out to play?” “No, because they are inanimate objects – however, you can ask the kids who use the wheelchairs if they’d like to play!”)

As recently as last month, I have taught people that “person-first language” is the most respectful way to speak about people with disabilities. But, I have been educated by autistic adults who express that this language separates them from autism and makes it feel like autism is something they have (that should be fixed), not something they are.

What is most important for me is that if someone shares with me their preference for language that describes them and their feelings around use of certain terms, that I should TRUST them, BELIEVE them, and RESPECT them.

So, I am learning – I am working on changing my language – Acceptance, not Awareness. “Autistic” not “people with autism.”

In that vein, I would like to invite people to an event at Full Spectrum Support this month in honor of Autism Acceptance Month. Our second support group for parents of autistic teens and adults is meeting on April 20th from 7:00-8:30 pm. We are honored to have a panel of autistic adults who will share with us the supports that work for them and those that don’t. I’m honored that these adults are willing to share their thoughts and expertise with us in order that we might learn how to better provide support.

I know that, for me, change can sometimes be slow, but I also know that I am willing – I want to listen, I want to learn more, and autistic people will always have a place at my table.


Thank you to all the participants at my Autism and Behavior Training yesterday. I am inspired by your enthusiasm and creativity. What a fine group of participants!
Some comments from a few of them: "This training really opened my eyes." ...provided some clarity to points I struggle with when training my staff." "Easy to understand and relate to." There were also some great suggestions and ideas about future trainings and I look forward to putting those into place. Thanks again, group, for a fun day!

fullspectrumsupport.com 03/03/2015


We are extending the early bird registration for Autism and Behavior Workshop until this Friday, March 6th. Hope to see you there! www.fullspectrumsupport.com/trainings.

fullspectrumsupport.com Help for People on the Autism Spectrum • Social Coaching • Life Skills • Self-Advocacy Full Spectrum Support, LLC 1111 S. Orchard Street, Suite 205 Boise, Idaho 83705 208-602-8155


One week left for Early Bird Pricing for the upcoming training - Autism and Behavior. This training will be interpreted in Spanish and here are fliers in both English and Spanish. Thanks for sharing!


Please feel free to share this flyer of our upcoming events . We have current openings in Social Skills Classes for ages 10-13, 14-17 and ages 18 and over. We also are starting a Family Support Group in March. Autism and Behavior:Strategies Workshop coming is March 13th, with early bird pricing by March 3rd.


Welcome Full Spectrum Support

Parent and Family Support Group for Families of Teens and Adults on the Autism Spectrum starts Monday, March 16th from 7:00-8:30 pm. We meet at 1111 South Orchard, Conference Room, Boise ID 83705 (Entrance Two)

fullspectrumsupport.com Social Skills Autism Boise Help for People on the Autism Spectrum • Social Coaching • Life Skills • Self-Advocacy Full Spectrum Support, LLC 1111 S. Orchard Street, Suite 205 Boise, Idaho 83705 208-602-8155

[02/05/15]   I feel very fortunate to have a BSU student through the Service Learning Program this semester. Since she is fluent in Spanish, she is going to interpret my Autism and Behavior Workshop on March 13th. Please check our website for more information or to register. www.fullspectrumsupport.com/trainings

[02/03/15]   Autism and Behavior Workshop will be presented again on March 13th in Boise. More details on our website. Hoping to have someone interpret the workshop in Spanish.


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