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Looking for a personal trainer in Boise or meridian Idaho? Contact me, like my page and get info o

Did you know on average a person could spend $1,800+ per hospital visit? Did you know that in one year 460,000 people were injured in the gym and were sent to the hospital? Personal trainers motivate you to improve and control your health management and decrease your need to go to a doctor. Personal trainers help keep you motivated, hold you accountable, and makes working out fun!Personal trainers

Operating as usual


Lateral lunges on slider


Tidal tank shoulder press to add in more stability work!!


Some hard core work!!


Stealth core board!!


Great exercise for shin splints!!


Goblet squats on cable!!

Ryan Jones Fitness 12/23/2022

Ryan Jones Fitness

Ryan Jones Fitness Looking for a personal trainer in the Boise area? With years of experience, you can rest easy knowing you are in professional hands at Ryan Jones Fitness.


Landmine squats !!


Goodmornings. Strengthen the lower back and hamstrings.


Deficit trap bar deadlifts. For increase range of motion and increase strength off the ground.


Reverse curls. Using a thicker grip bar


Terra core!! Stability work….


Lateral lunges on slider!! Isolating one leg at a time.


OKE. Working stabilizer muscles for shoulder injury prevention!!


High step up!! Difficult exercise. Hinge forward from the hips and not pushing off from the back leg!! Require balance and good strength!!


Rock climber 🧗‍♀️ !!


Core work!!!!


Core work on the slider!!!


For the month of December I will be offering 1 free one on one personal training session !! This will start with a assessment to look at muscle imbalances and also a workout. Great chance to get educated on proper form and technique and see how to creat and design an effective workout routine for your goals!! P.M me for more info.


B.C strength 45 hyper. Love this new hyper better gripping better adjustments and also band pegs !! #B.Cstrength#45Hyper#Boiseidaho#

Photos from Ryan Jones Fitness's post 11/09/2022

45” hyper by BC strength great upgrade loving it!!


Rock climber. Globe lat pulldowns


Xpo trainer!! Endurance work and low impact on the knees


Heel elevated goblet squats!!


Low pulley row!!


Lawnmower variation!!


Heel elevated front squats !!


Pistol squats!!


Lying hamstring curls!!




Side lying abduction !! Important to keep those abductors strong because they support the knees ….


Stability work with water!!


Kadillac bar bench press!! Safer for the shoulder while pressing!!


Yes we allow dogs in the gym!!!


Backpedals !!


Sandwich press!!! Pulling the scapula down and back and keeping the lats activated during the movement!!


One of the best hamstring development exercises available. Nordic hamstring curls !!


Zottman curls

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Rock climber. Globe lat pulldowns
Xpo trainer!! Endurance work and low impact on the knees
Heel elevated goblet squats!!
Lawnmower variation!!
Heel elevated front squats !!
Pistol squats!!
Lying hamstring curls!!
Great quad exercise give this a try if you need more variety for your quad exercises!!!
Rhino harness. Allows you to load the bar at shoulder height without the discomfort!!!
Leverage squat machine !! Great squat variation to get lower to the ground and get better glute and hamstring activation...
Gravity boots great exercise for training the abs !!




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