Ryan Jones Fitness

Ryan Jones Fitness


Love working with Ryan. Very knowledgeable and inspiring. Have been working with Ryan for 6 months and have never felt better. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer. The gym is also very nice, lots of equipment and very private.

Looking for a personal trainer in Boise or meridian Idaho? Contact me, like my page and get info on workouts and other tips to help you be successful!

With years of experience and knowledge, you can rest easy knowing you are in professional hands. My certifications include:

- Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science
- International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Personal Trainer Certification
- Poliquin Personal Trainer Level 1
- NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist Certification
- Precision Nutrition Certification

Operating as usual


Great quad exercise give this a try if you need more variety for your quad exercises!!!


Rhino harness. Allows you to load the bar at shoulder height without the discomfort!!!


Leverage squat machine !! Great squat variation to get lower to the ground and get better glute and hamstring activation!!


Gravity boots great exercise for training the abs !!


Earthquake bar overhead press!!!



Poliquin style hamstring curls!!


Overhead press!!!


Hanging leg raises!!!


Cambered sleeve squats !!!


Trap bar deadlift !!!




Rita getting the pull ups in on the new ladder pull up bar!! #pullups#Boise#Gym#


Conventional style deadlifts!!!
Rita hit a new PR 140 for 8 reps!!!



Silvanio using the 45 degree hyper!!! We use chains also known has accommodating resistance !!! Loading from the shoulders. #Gym#Boise#45hyperextension#


GHD is a great machine especially for my runners!!!! #Hamstrings#Boise#Gym#


Rocking box squats !!! Using the Marrs bar which mimickes the low bar squat position !! #boxsquats#Boise#Workout#Gym#


Love the kadillac bar !!! Easier on the shoulder for benching work!!


Bulgarian split squats!!! Using the single leg squat machine has many advantages. One thing I really like is that the hips don’t go into a posterior pelvic tilt!! #Gym#Workout#Boise#


Battle rope waves #boise#workout#gym#Ryanjonesfitness#


Hamstring sliders!!! Great exercise for isolating the hamstrings!!! #gym#Boise#Uniqueexercise#


The new flying pull up squat rack attachment!!!! Boise#Gym#Titanfitness#flyingPullup#


Trap bar deadlifts on DC blocks.



Globe lat pull downs. Allows for better lat activations along with more grip strength work for my rock climbing client!!!



Great bicep exercise bar!!! This bar allows you to get peak tension at the top of the bicep curl unlike conventional dumbbells. Change the strength curve!! #Boise#biceps#Curls#Gym#


Sissy squats a very challenging exercise for isolating the quads!!! #Squats#sissysquats#Workout#Gym#


We call these bodysaws!! Very difficult core exercises !!! Gym#Boiseidaho#Workout#Abs#

Photos from Ryan Jones Fitness's post 05/24/2021

Home gyms coming along!!!


Pendlay rows!!! This is one of my favorite row variations. It requires strong core muscles especially strong lower back extensors. Great for training the lats and the mid back. We used a Swiss bar to work around elbow and wrist restrictions!!

Ryan Jones Fitness updated their address. 05/21/2021

Ryan Jones Fitness updated their address.

Ryan Jones Fitness updated their address.


Straddle lift. Great hybrid exercise it’s a hip hinge combined with a squat. Causing more hip drive and more hamstring and glute activation . I like to use the T-bell to load this exercise!!


Accommodating Resistance using chains. Chains are used to change the strength curve and load the movement more at the top !!! Has the chain links lift off the ground the weight gets heavier, and heavier !!

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13865 West Chatsworth Court
Boise, ID

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 10pm
Tuesday 9am - 10pm
Wednesday 9am - 10pm
Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday 9am - 10pm

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