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For you Middle Fork of the Salmon River lovers out there, I have a few of these Velvet Falls T-shirts left from a printing this summer. They make a quick and easy holiday gift for you favorite boating partners. Order here:
Idaho Whitewater Association Christmas Party and White Elephant
Idaho Whitewater Association food drive is going on now. For every 5 food items donated, receive 1 raffle ticket. Drop off at Idaho River Sports. Benefits The Idaho Foodbank helping hungry Idahoans. Prizes TBA, but they are never disappointing. Going through December 16th.
AIRE Factory Store
Have you heard? Santa is floatin’ to town Saturday December 3rd. Santa will be available for pictures 1pm-4pm at IDAHO RIVER SPORTS. He’s busy busy this time of year. We hear he’s bringing his special red raft. He’s also given holiday permission for extra savings this weekend on the gear you need for year round paddling and fishing. Pictures with Santa will be free with donation to Idaho Whitewater Association food drive. With the opportunity to buy more prints from our photographer on hand. See you December 3rd. “The magic of Christmas lies in your heart.”
Pro Photo Box Hill Photography
It’s Small Business Saturday!! We have worked with OneWheel to bring you special pricing this weekend! Limited to stock on hand. We have savings all over the store. We also have what you need for year round paddling & fishing. Open 10am-6pm, 7 days a week. We are also partnering up with Idaho Whitewater Association food drive. For every food items, receive a raffle ticket. There are some sweet prizes this year! See you soon!!
Onewheel AIRE
Join the Idaho Whitewater Association at Payette Brewing Co. on October 17. Come hang out and enjoy a beer or two while supporting Idaho rivers, whitewater safety, and more! See all you AIREheads there!
MF Salmon - Ramshorn Creek Blowout Panos - 8/21/22
MF Salmon - Spike Creek to Velvet Falls Blowout Panos - 8/21/22
MF Salmon, Lincoln Creek Blowout Panos - 8/21/22
Join us this weekend! Support Idaho Whitewater Association event - Safety Saturday! 🙌🏽
Didn't get to stay for the Lochsa River Madness video contest, but I hear they showed my entry regardless and it was received well. Hope y'all like it!
Looking for a shuttle for the SF Salmon. We are planning to put on Sunday, potentially Monday. Anyone out there that can help? We will confirm details with you if you are interested. Thx!
Hey! I’m looking for a crew to join on Saturday, May 28! I am normally and oarsman, but would be thrilled to grab a paddle and do my part on the Lochsa. I’ve got my own drysuit, pfd, paddle, helmet…
I’m writing an article about the event, but that’s just an excuse to get on the water. Been wanting to do this for years! Thanks, Nathan Boddy
I know most the good paddling is up in the pan handle but I am starting a sub group for east Idaho paddlers. It’s a new club look us up it’s called the Idaho Falls kayak and canoe club so let’s get connected and go shred some rapids.
Wondering if anyone would be willing to let me tag along on a Banks to Beehive run this coming weekend? We got our first raft this winter. We've done the run in IK's several times but I'm a little hesitant to run it solo in a raft without a group.

The IWA is for whitewater boaters, those with a passion and experience and those that want to learn about that passion.

Operating as usual


Food donations are being gathered at AIRE Factory Store and Idaho River Sports until Dec 16. Every five food items = one raffle ticket 🎟 😀 The barrels are fairly empty and the raffle is at good odds today.

Odd are looking good for the raffle. Five food items = one raffle ticket Idaho River Sports


Thank you, U.S. Forest Service - Salmon-Challis National Forest, for making this happen. We appreciate your efforts to keep this place unique :)

In 2022, the staff at Corn Creek managed and educated almost 12,000 visitors that launched from Corn Creek, issued 889 permits, maintained upkeep on the facilities, all while hosting Montana Conservation Corps volunteers.


Odd are looking good for the raffle. Five food items = one raffle ticket Idaho River Sports

Photos from Idaho Whitewater Association's post 11/30/2022

A couple of your favorite board members were enjoying this past Sunday Funday and checking off their November float.

Who ran the river this month? Show us your photos!

📸 Garth Levandoski, Main Payette

Welcome to Idaho River Sports - Kayak SUP Surf Raft Canoe Swim Yoga 11/30/2022

Welcome to Idaho River Sports - Kayak SUP Surf Raft Canoe Swim Yoga

Donate five food items this Saturday, December 3 and get a free picture with Santa and a raffle ticket. 😀

If you can't make it Saturday, swing by Idaho River Sports anytime before close of business December 16 to help us feed families. Every five food items earn one raffle ticket for a chance to win river gear.

Welcome to Idaho River Sports - Kayak SUP Surf Raft Canoe Swim Yoga Boise's premiere paddlesports retail and rental shop and provider of recreation & whitewater kayaks, stand up paddleboards (SUPs) and surf boards, canoes, rafts and rental packages. SUP & SUP Yoga classes & events in Boise, Idaho.


📣Calling all river runners! Support families and win raffle tickets for great prizes during our annual food drive from November 25 - December 16. 🎁 For every five food items donated, you earn one raffle ticket. Donation drop-off and raffle ticket pickup at AIRE Factory Store or Idaho River Sports. 🤩


🤩 This week, four dedicated volunteer IWA members headed to Beehive to make the required second highway cleanup a reality. Four hours of cleanup, nearly two miles of highway cleaning both sides free of debris, and 17 bags of trash! 😲 Luckily, they encountered one quick rain shower on a day with a forecast of up to two inches of snow. We are grateful for your generosity and for taking the time to make this happen! 😍 IWA is expected to perform two cleanups each year. 🤓 Watch our page and website for the spring cleanup volunteer opportunity.


This week Payette Brewing Co. hosted a Kegs 4 Kause event for our volunteer and membership driven non-profit. We are to everyone who came to the event and helping us raise nearly $550 to support whitewater access, stewardship, and safety. A huge shot out to Idaho River Sports, Cascade River Gear, and Idaho Trails Association for hanging with us and donating raffle items! 😊


Potentially hazardous conditions at Lake Cascade and Payette River; avoid contact with cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom | Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Be cautious of the water in Lake Cascade and the Payette River. It's potentially hazardous to animals and humans.

Potentially hazardous conditions at Lake Cascade and Payette River; avoid contact with cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom | Idaho Department of Health and Welfare The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) Division of Public Health and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) are notifying the public of potentially hazardous conditions at Lake Cascade in Valley County and the Payette River from Lake Cascade to Payette through Boise, Gem, Paye...


Come drink a beer and support the longest standing (40 years 😳) Whitewater nonprofit. Fifty percent of beer proceeds is donated to IWA.

Instagram Photos 10/09/2022

Nice work! ❤️


CAUTION: Cayanotoxin exposure warning for the Payette River below Black Canyon Reservoir in Gem County.

⚠️In response to a dog death potentially linked to cyanotoxin exposure below Black Canyon Reservoir in Gem County, DEQ and DHW are urging caution when recreating in and around the Payette River. Preliminary sample results indicate naturally occurring toxins levels are below the human recreational threshold values but may be unsafe for animals, especially dogs. Further testing is being done but we urge caution when recreating in these areas. It is also important to note that there is no visible scum present.

⚠️Remember that there are no cyanotoxin levels for recreational water advisories for dogs. Dogs are more vulnerable than people to cyanotoxins in recreational water because they will drink contaminated water, swallow water while swimming, lick water and cyanobacteria off their fur, and eat cyanobacterial mats and contaminated dead animals. When in doubt, keep dogs out. Carry clean water for your dogs to drink when recreating near a possible cyanoHAB.

For information on pet safety guidelines, see

For information on scum and algal mats, visit

Find recreational water health advisories on the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare at


We're gathering raffle items and confirming that local vendors will be joining us :) See you all at Payette Brewing Co. on October 17!
We cannot wait to hang with you all! 😎🎉


Stay on board with 's longest-running non-profit supporting whitewater advocates for river access, stewardship, and safety! Renew or join our membership today at

📸 Garth J Levandoski


Hey, river friends! and give back to the community, and earn river karma! 😍

We still have some volunteer spots for our project this weekend in Hells Canyon! The group is meeting Friday at noon to be jetboated from Pitsburg Landing up the river to the historic Kirkwood Ranch. The crew will help to remove an old bridge to make way for a new one. After work, the group will explore the ranch and museum! Great opportunity to squeeze in one last summer adventure 🚤

Learn more and sign up here:

Home page | Digital Lift 09/13/2022

Home page | Digital Lift

WANTED: Grant writers, we need you 😊
Email us at [email protected] if you're able and willing to help us apply for grant money to update our membership database.

Home page | Digital Lift We partner, invest, and volunteer to give nonprofits the tools and help they need to make lasting impact. for nonprofits.


Be part of this great annual event Saturday, September 17.
We need a crew for the annual Payette River National Public Lands Day highway cleanup and more! T-shirts, coupons, coffee, water, and lunch are provided!

Please email us if you can help at [email protected].


Thanks, Matt Leidecker, for the update on situation!


Pray for snow y'all! Thanks for sharing this pic!

Health advisory issued for HELLS CANYON RESERVOIR – Southwest District Health 08/17/2022

Health advisory issued for HELLS CANYON RESERVOIR – Southwest District Health

River runners be ⚠️ cautious ⚠️ when rafting, kayaking, or SUPing Hells Canyon!

Health advisory issued for HELLS CANYON RESERVOIR – Southwest District Health Based on Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) testing and Idaho’s public health advisory guidelines, Southwest District Health (SWDH) is issuing a health advisory for Hells Canyon Reservoir. SWDH urges residents to use caution when recreating in or near the water. Recent samples...


Stop by and celebrate!

This Friday people!!!! Salmon Whitewater Park Ground Breaking Celebration! Bring a lawn chair and an outfit and come celebrate with us! Live music from 6-9:30 featuring Audio Moonshine and the Kris Lager Band! Bronze founding fish on display! Last chance to purchase!


Volunteer opportunity! We are looking for a grant writer.

Grant opportunities for safety and stewardship projects are available this winter and we need a grant writer to help us. This individual is NOT required to be on the board of directors or attend board meetings. Please email us if you're interested at [email protected].


Hey, boaters! If you're not paying to park at the take-out for the Cabarton, we may all lose access to the parking lot at the take-out.

Don't be the boater who ruins it for everyone!

I hate to have to say anything, but so many of the rafters this year are not paying the take out fee for the use of our property. Contrary to what people think, it's not free for us to let people use the take out. We have a pay extra on our liability insurance, last year we paid over $1200 for the two portable toilets that are back by the rafting area, we have supplied a room to change your clothes, paved the parking lot and have a nice gravel, sandy boat ramp. All of this take upkeep and money so people can enjoy a rafting experience.
I would assume that people rafting pay the fee to Valley County at the put in. It's county property, they have done upgrades and like us they charge a fee for use. My neighbor Dave who owns the take out on the south side of Smiths Ferry drive is the only other take out for the Carbarton rafting run. He also charges a fee for raft removal and parking.
No one is getting rich from these fees, it literally pays for the upkeep and insurance. Just last weekend I asked a group if they paid the fee and the male captain hat just refused to pay. He gave every excuse he could think of, he didn't use our toilets, didn't use our changing room he didn't care that it was private property. Luckily one of the girls in his group understood that there was a fee and she paid the $5.00. There was another male with Valley County plates who had not paid either, he said his wife would pay. I have no idea if she paid, he left pretty quickly after. Maybe the thought is if you live in Valley county or Smiths Ferry you are exempt from paying the fees? Maybe if you are from Ada County you are exempt from everything? People these days feel entitled. There is a reason people close off their private property to the public. Next year there will probably be a gate and people will have to pay before they get access. I understand that some of you pay every time, but more than half of the private rafters don't pay anything. They don't come into the store or restaurant.
After reading this long rant, does anyone have any suggestions? Other than pay someone to police the area or put up an automatic gate so it's pay before you play is there something I can do? Everyone drives past a 4 foot by 4 foot reflective sign that says "you are entering a fee for use area". I am open for any recommendations

Photos from U.S. Forest Service - Salmon-Challis National Forest's post 07/21/2022

The road is open with a pilot car or alternative routes are marked. Be safe!


Heads up! Be safe out there.


The river is always changing!


It's that time of year already when the north fork of the Payette River system could contain toxic algae and may be hazardous to your health. Recreate with caution.

**Update 3 PM MST**
- There are toxins present in the lake, but not high enough to issue a health advisory
- While there are no contact warnings currently in place, it may be harmful if ingested
That being said, Idaho Parks and Recreation would still like to strongly suggest that all lake users exercise caution, especially children, pets, and other sensitive individuals.
We will continue to keep you apprised of new information as we know it.

Attention Lake Cascade Visitors: There is currently an active algae bloom in the lake. While toxicity tests are still pending, we do ask that all users exercise extreme caution while recreating! We anticipate having toxicity test results back by next week.

Yes, we know it is early and we are equally surprised. There are many theories as to why this is happening so soon in the year, despite cool spring temperatures. For now, we ask that everyone remain vigilant and aware.

- Do not drink the water
- Do not allow children or pets to swim where algae blooms are present

Attention Lake Cascade Visitors: There is currently an active algae bloom in the lake. While toxicity tests are still pending, we do ask that all users exercise extreme caution while recreating! We anticipate having toxicity test results back by next week.

For now, we ask that everyone remain vigilant and aware.

- Do not drink the water
- Do not allow children or pets to swim where algae blooms are present
- Rinse off and wash hands frequently

Photos from Recreate Responsibly Idaho's post 06/27/2022

Enjoy the water and be safe out there!


The water is out there! Where are you going this weekend?
Dress for a swim, rig to flip, and know before you go!

Good morning, ! We are seeing high flows at many of our streamgage stations throughout the state. Crews are already out collecting physcial measurements and checking equipment to ensure that our streamgages remain accurate during changing conditions.


Excited to see the Southfork Lodge opening!


Meet us at Banks tomorrow for the semi- annual Adopt a Highway Cleanup (HWY 55)

Photos from Big Water Blowout River Festival's post 06/06/2022

Mark your calendars for 2023!
Big Water Blowout River Festival


Update about the two logs on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.


It's Big Water Blowout River Festival time!

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