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Foothills School of Arts and Sciences


Jump around!!! JUMP JUMP!!! Everybody come on! JUMP JUMP!!! Lol you can probably guess where crew number 2 is working tonight, you got it.. At the Jump Center downtown Boise! 🎉👏

Live and back in person for the Foothills School of Arts & Sciences , Futuristic Foothills, the future is bright dinner and Auction! 🔆🙏

Founded 30 years ago and located right in the heart of downtown, Foothills School takes a progressive approach to education, with a focus on whole child development. The major emphasis comes for project based learning, with the values of individuality, creativity, and community being instilled. 💯❤️

We had orders to make sure this event came back with bang and everyone had a good time, well as you can see with this live look, that's exactly what's happening! Check out this awesome live auction opportunity with local TV celebrity Mark Anderson from the Food Network Grill Dads, as our guests are bidding on this amazing experience! 👀🔥

The staff faculty and teachers really make a difference in our kids lives, and it's evident here at Foothills. It's also evident the amazing families here tonight, thank you all for the support and a great night! 😃😁

We had a great Valentine’s Day Party on Friday at the Family Shelter. Thank you to Foothills School of Arts & Sciences student council for helping bring joy to our guests!
Great adventure, in Boise, Idaho, visiting Foothills School of Arts & Sciences, STEMfinity, and more, earlier this week.
Interfaith Sanctuary just received this adorable note with a check for $440.00 from Foothills School's Girls On The Run.

The note read:

The Girls on the Run Team Foothills School of Arts & Sciences chose to hold a bake sale to raise $ for The Interfaith Sanctuary. The girls decided on how they want to positively impact the community. We hope the money can be helpful during the holiday season!
For years now my inboxes and social media comments sections have been filled with folks asking me advice on body positivity. I've decided to share some frequently asked questions and some more specific concerns here as a sort of Ask Amy advice column because I know they might help others, too. ❤️

Dear Amy,

I'd love your input on some questions and comments I am getting from my daughter. I have purchased some if not all of the books you have recommended on your page but a theme regularly from her is commenting on her own body and comments she's hearing from girls at school. She's 5-years-old. I put in so much work at home and it seems to not combat the things said at school. Ah!

Dear Warrior Mom,

There is no way to completely shield your child from body image issues, unfortunately, but only teach them how to handle outside sources when they do feel shame. They can only control their own response to them. I try to give all my kids the tools so that they are equipped to think critically and react appropriately when these things come up. It often means repeating the same thing a gazillion times. In our house it is "all bodies are good bodies and there is no wrong way to have a body." Good luck!

(I'm often invited into schools, from universities to elementary schools, to talk about positive body image. Here I'm reading one of my favorites, Your Body Is Awesome, to a class of kindergartners at Foothills School of Arts & Sciences.)
When we talk about sharing our passion on Bronco Giving Day, we're usually talking about our passion for birds. But a trip to Lucky Peak for a group of students is often so much more than that. It's about the whole experience!

In the case of the Foothills School of Arts & Sciences group visiting us tonight, it's about sharing your passion for "camp tacos" with your best friends 😉

Help us provide these experiences for our community by supporting IBO's Lucky Peak project today on Bronco Giving Day! ❤️

Photo by Heather Hayes
Foothills School of Arts & Sciences invited me to attend their assembly on Wednesday morning to accept a donation from their early learners. Apparently they had heard about our Family Daytime Program from another Foothill's Student, Remedy, who decided to do her school project, a short film, about our kids living with us at Interfaith Sanctuary. She shared what she learned with these 3 and 4 years old and they were so moved they decided they wanted to help. Together they came up with the idea of making jewelry to sell to raise money to help us open our shelter during the weekends. Last week they hosted two pop up jewelry shops and raised $1,000.00 which they presented to me on Wednesday. I spent some time after the assembly in the early learners classroom answering questions that they had about Interfaith. They were so proud to know that the money they raised was going to help our families. One of the most charming moments that day was when a sweet boy started raising his hand in a way that I just knew he had something very important to say. I asked him what his question was and he said very seriously and loudly " I love hamburgers. Do you love hamburgers? Have you ever been to Bittercreek?" I respectively answered his question by answering " Yes, I do love hamburgers! Do you like Cheeseburgers? They are my favorite." It turns out he does in fact love cheeseburgers too. Thank you Foothills School of Arts & Sciences for giving your students the power to not just learn about real issues but be a part of the solution by coming up with ideas that educate and help support an organization like Interfaith Sanctuary Homeless Shelter. We were moved beyond words!

Foothills School of Arts & Sciences is an independent school in downtown Boise.

Operating as usual


We offer tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-11:00 and families can sign up here. We still have spaces for 2023-2024 and we'd love to connect with you! PreK-9th grade families can also tour for 2024-2025.


You are invited to join us for our Preschool Playdate & Open House on Saturday, September 30, from 10:00-12:00! We'll have fun activities for children ages 2-5 and refreshments, and there will be a chance to chat with families and teachers. This event is open to families with preschool children, prospective families, and current Foothills preschool families. For more information and to RSVP, visit our website:

Foothills School of Arts and Sciences Foothills School of Arts & Sciences is an independent school in downtown Boise.


Thanks to everyone who was able to join today as we helped clean up our section of the Greenbelt! We feel fortunate that Foothills students get to enjoy so many urban amenities in our beautiful city while also having regular access to nature. We were happy to be of service as students and families worked together to pick up trash and remove invasive weeds and wire mesh from trees.

Thanks to Kristin , our awesome Foothills volunteers, and all the nice people passing by and volunteering at who thanked us throughout the morning.


The Foothills School Community shares our gratitude to the Telaya Wine Company for an incredible Sip2Give event last Friday!

Families, faculty, and wine enthusiasts from around the city enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and evening nestled by the Greenbelt, enjoying the best of Telaya's creations in connection with one another, with 10% of the total proceeds going to benefit Foothills School. If you haven't yet stopped by Telaya to enjoy their incredible wines, you're missing out!

Special thanks to Earl & Carrie Sullivan and Django & Aiden Laighleis (first grade parents) for sponsoring and hosting this event!


Looking to kick off your Labor Day weekend?

On September 1st, Telaya Wine Co will be donating 10% of all online and tasting room sales to Foothills School. Learn more about Foothills School.

To top it off, Bo Elledge of the Canyon Kids will be joining us for this Sip2Give!

Date: September 1, 2023
Time: All Day Event (12:00-8:30)
Venue: Telaya Wine Co.
Venue Google Map Link: + Google Map

Buy some wine online while you're driving up to your weekend adventure!

Foothills School is near and dear to Django’s heart, as Foothills ignites a passion for learning through a progressive approach to education. Embracing each individual’s unique strengths and contributions, they guide children to know themselves and to understand their role in a global community.


We're looking forward to hosting our K-9 Back to School Night event for parents and guardians tonight at 6:00!

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 07/20/2023

New friendships, sunnies, and lots of laughter at camp this week! We played in the mud, made our own paint and paintbrushes from natural materials, went on nature walks, and so much more at Nature Quest Camp. Hope you will join us next summer!


Here are some of the books that our Jr. High students will be discussing in their Language Arts classes this year. Each week students break up into smaller groups by grade level (7th, 8th & 9th) to share their interpretive questions, consider deeper meaning and themes in the texts, learn how to support their ideas and arguments using textual evidence, and consider how these books can broaden their understanding of the world we live in today.

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 07/13/2023

The Foothills Tinker Camp crew has been busy tinkering with hands-on, and engaging experiences this week. These little engineers have tinkered with alarm clocks, created their own robots, constructed food towers, and built cities! Join us next week July 17th-21st for the Nature Quest camp!

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 06/27/2023

⛵ Science, solar ovens, coding, fizzy volcanoes, and designing boats for float or sink experiments.....all at our Science Exploration week at Foothills Summer Discovery camp! ⛵


is offering drop-in tours throughout the summer on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10:00-10:45 (except for July 4 & 6). You can sign-up for a tour via our website link in our bio or just stop by!

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 06/21/2023

We kicked off our first week of Summer Discovery Camp at Foothills with Art Investigations! The past few days have been filled with creative printmaking designs, active clay exploration, and inventive mask making. Campers are provided with multiple opportunities to express themselves through a variety of mediums. Look at all of these incredible artists and their work!

Our next camp week is Science Exploration on June 26th-30th...we still have spots available! Click the link in our bio for more information.

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 06/16/2023

Our Early Learner (preschool) students made their own stuffed animals this year, and their creations turned out just as sweet and unique as our students!

The project started when two friends were drawing replicas of a stuffed animal. This inspired other Early Learners to draw their own creations. With teacher support, Early Learners sewed patterns of their drawings, cut and pinned them to fabric, and learned how to use a sewing machine.

Our 3 and 4 year olds expressed so much joy and pride in realizing they could make their own stuffed animals! And their creativity, persistence, and sewing skills were pretty astonishing to see in action!



We are looking forward to celebrating our amazing 9th graders at their Graduation tomorrow (5/31) at 1:00 at JUMP! Our 9th-grade families, students, faculty, and staff will all be there to honor this incredible group. Any friends of Foothills who'd like to join us are welcome.


Enjoying our last days of school together!


We still have some space in our summer camp offerings and it's not too late to sign up!


Foothills Early Learner families are invited to join us for our Preschool Playdate & Open House on Saturday, May 13 from 10:00-12:00--and bring a friend! Prospective families are also invited to join us for a fun morning together. To sign-up, families can visit our website. We hope to see you there!

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 04/25/2023

Our Jr. High's production of Matilda last week was AMAZING!!! Congratulations to everyone involved for an incredible performance that will long be remembered!

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 04/24/2023


Have you seen these men?

We’ve heard some rumblings going round that MC Ivan Castillo & Auctioneer Tyson Baker are back in town! If you see them - get ready and listen up! You never know what these two outlaws will be up to…


Check out our Summer Discovery Camp Promotion!


Join us this Saturday for our Open House!



Here is a preview of our new drink tokens, and our new Foothills camping mugs! Mugs will ONLY be available at the auction while supplies last.


Don't miss our summer camps sign-up! ☀🌈😎


Foothills is offering Drop-in Tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-10:45. Families are welcome to register on our website or just show up. We look forward to having you visit!

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 04/04/2023

Please Join Us for Our Open House on 4/22!

Foothills is hosting an Open House & Open Play Session on Saturday, April 22, from 10:00-12:00! Visiting families will be able to see our PreK-9th grade classrooms set up with student projects; talk with students, teachers, and parents about their experiences here; create art & play music; plant seeds in observance of Earth Day & conduct science experiments; and participate in other fun activities!

If you'd like to attend, you can sign up on our website (Foothills School of Arts & Sciences) or RSVP to our Admissions Director, Katy Young ([email protected]).

Children and teenagers are welcome; you can come for all or part of the morning; and we'll have refreshments!


Check out our exciting summer camp offerings for students ages 3-12! Go to our website for more information and to register for camp!


Join us for the Foothills School Auction & Celebration! Tickets are going fast, wrangle yours today by clicking the link in our bio.


Some of our Foothills alumni traveled to Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, and the Scottish highlands over spring break! We're so happy to see all of these awesome alumni enjoying their time together as seniors in high school!!


At Foothills, we believe that Jr. High students need a learning environment that allows them to feel happy, capable, excited, prepared, and optimistic about what's to come.


At Foothills, we value 'out of the box' thinking... although sometimes it happens in a box!


Thanks so much to all of our families who've been able to participate in our Ski Club Wednesday outings after school in January and February! We've had a great turnout and we hope you all have gotten in some good turns, made some new friends, and enjoyed spending time outside of school together. Big thanks to parent Megan Frary for her help in organizing skiing this year!

Tomorrow is our last ski/snowboard meetup of the year for those who can be there!


In our 7th grade Language Arts class, students have been assigned their specific roles for their upcoming mock trial. Our LA Teacher Lori shared: "In our seminar novel, Deathwatch, Madec is charging the defendant, Ben, with Felony Aggravated Assault. Madec claims that Ben assaulted him with the intent to kill him. Ben admits to shooting Madec with a buckshot using a slingshot that he had found from the old prospector. However, the slingshot is now missing! Ben claims that he shot Madec in self-defense. It will be the jury's duty to decide whether or not Ben is guilty of the crime. If the prosecution fails to convince the jury of that beyond a reasonable doubt, then Ben will be set free. The 8th-grade group will serve as the jury for the 7th graders on Thursday, February 16th which is when the trial will take place.

Students have been instructed on the law in this case! The law states that the prosecutor must prove that the defendant intentionally threatened an attack and caused the victim fear, or that the defendant attempted or accomplished a physical attack. The prosecutor must also prove the facts that make the assault aggravated - either that the defendant used a deadly weapon, concealed his identity, inflicted serious personal injury, or committed the assault with the intent of committing some other serious crime. The defendant can claim it was assault through self-defense."

Our students are excited to make their cases!

Photos from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences's post 02/09/2023

We're excited to greet our 3-4 class after their trip to MOSS in McCall this week! They should be home very soon!!


Application Deadline - 2/28

For prospective families interested in applying for admission to Foothills for the 2023-24 school year, this is a friendly reminder that February 28 is our application deadline. Our application process involves families touring the school or attending an Open House, submitting an online application, submitting a teacher referral and school records for K-9th graders, and scheduling a classroom visit. We also offer need-based financial aid for interested families.

Questions about the application process can be directed to our Admissions Director, Katy Young ([email protected] or 208.331.9260 X103).


Maya Angelou wisdom


Can you solve Emily's Director of Development Annual Campaign riddle?

🔍 Stay tuned next week for the answer!


Bring on the snow!


Sending good vibes from Foothills!

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