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Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

It’s no secret that half of marriages end in divorce.

...But what about those that don’t end and should; or could have worked but didn’t?

What can you do when you know you don’t want to get divorced but you know you can’t stay the way it is, either?

How do you know if it’s time to stay or go?

Is happily married even possible?

I’m Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci, Founder of the HAPPINESS clinic and Creatrix of the 90-Day Relationship Remodel program, and ’m here to tell you:


...and it’s actually easier to have that we’ve been taught to believe—NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN STRUGGLING.

...I’ve been there—reading anything I could get my hands on, talking to counselors, clicking on any ad or link that sounded like it might help, even trying just “one more time” to start a conversation with my partner in hopes it would change things...only to end up in the same place: angry, frustrated, lonely, and desperate to make things better.

It’s not your fault, really. The information you were given and the models you had weren’t good.

And so much of the information available about relationships is just completely inaccurate.

But most importantly, IT ISN’T WORKING FOR YOU.

People cannot teach you what they don’t know.
… And they can’t really help if they have an opinion about what you should do.

Through my struggles in marriage and working with clients on theirs I realized there were some themes in the problems we had.

Commonly held beliefs, myths, and messaging were blocking progress and preventing lasting change because they had become hardwired into our brains.

These common myths and limiting beliefs had become the habits and subconscious “scripts” that run non-stop...steering our ship (our relationship) off course and onto the rocks.


When you become aware of the subconscious, it becomes conscious (duh)—no longer hidden and now available to re-program for happiness and success.

If you are unhappy in your marriage, even if you don’t know why— you just don’t feel fully alive or are disappointed at how life is turning out—YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Now, it’s not your fault that you weren’t given good information or tools to create a happy relationship, but it is up to you to do something to be happy.

...and I’D LIKE TO HELP.

I’ve put together a groundbreaking FREE myth-busting masterclass that will unravel the very patterns and beliefs that sabotage your happiness and slow your healing:

The 5 Truths You’ve Never Been Told ...That Actually Make Happy Relationships Possible No Matter How Long You’ve Been Struggling.

This masterclass is for individuals who are:
∙ Looking for real, sustainable happiness in their relationship;

∙ Willing to challenge the beliefs that keep them stuck in insecurity, unhappiness, or holding pattern;

∙ Ready to do something DIFFERENT so they can have something different.

Attendees will learn:
➢ Why it has been so hard to create a happy relationship up until now. (You can stop beating yourself up or thinking there is something wrong with you or your partner.)

➢ How to get out of the comparison trap and create a relationship that is as unique as the people in it. (You don’t have to lose yourself to save your marriage.)

➢ How to communicate in a way that invites cooperation and connection instead of inciting resistance and rejection. (This is a self-confidence booster, too!)

➢ What you are choosing that is making you miserable. ((Once you know what it is, it's easier to choose something else.)

➢ The fastest way to a new reality and happy relationship. (Quantum physics and neurobiology aren’t just for nerds anymore.)

The information I present is immediately applicable and it will work:
♥︎ without couple’s therapy
♥︎ without a lifetime subscription to coaching or counseling
♥︎ without any involved or expensive testing or evaluation
♥︎ without taking a long time!

This masterclass is FREE.

I know how hard it can be to even figure out where to start and how devastating it can be to find out your investment didn’t pay off.

I’d like to be a contribution to you and your happiness. I know it’s possible.

This masterclass is only available for a limited time, so make sure you get it before it’s gone!

Here is the link to register:


the HAPPINESS clinic

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Integrative health & relationship coaching that makes happiness the target, priority, and measure of success. We offer no-bullsh*t coaching and classes to dynamically change your relationship with yourself and your partner so you can be can be #happyAF.

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Do you wait until the last minute?

Do you wait until the last minute? - Bring your questions, frustrations, and issues and I will show you a way out or around to beyond whatever is holding you back.  You CAN have what you'd like. Start here. It's free! 02/28/2018

HAPPINESS Brain Training

Shortcut to Success 🚀 - HAPPINESS Brain Training is an integrative coaching program to change how you think and create a habit of success. 02/06/2018

HAPPINESS Brain Training

Shortcut to Success 🚀 - HAPPINESS Brain Training is an integrative coaching program to change how you think and create a habit of success.


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

What if being wrong was a good thing?



Reveal Your Inner Superhero... the time has come!


The Happiness Clinic

In case no one else informs you today, You're Awesome!

Embrace your awesomeness. What would awesomeness do?

Happy Weekstart!

#drjoylynmaniaci #lifecoaching #theHAPPINESSclinic


the HAPPINESS clinic

I feel the need, the need for speed!

As much as I like to be quick and get things done, it seems that I've often taken the "scenic route" and really got sidetracked by my feelings.

But if you really want something to change, you've got to be willing to acknowledge what isn't working and move on. No need for drama; no use in resistance.

Get on the fast track.
#drjoylynmaniaci #fruitytuesday #seedsforthought #lifecoaching


the HAPPINESS clinic

Today is a great day for taking action...

Happy Weekstart!


the HAPPINESS clinic

Happy Weekend!

Here's a little Friday funny.

If you didn't get a chance, check out the Fruity Tuesday Seeds for Thought and blog from earlier this week!

#drjoylynmaniaci #theHAPPINESSclinic


The Happiness Clinic

Space…the final frontier...

Space, the non-reaction, the ability to NOT judge is where magic is...

and what makes change easier. For You. For your kids. For the whole world (I'm not even exaggerating).

The world needs you now. What if being kinder to you was the way to world peace?

#drjoylynmaniaci #theHAPPINESSclinic #lifecoaching


A little expansion to go with yesterday's Fruity Tuesday video...

#thehappinessclinic #fruitytuesday #drjoylynmaniaci

WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE: rest your case.

Whatever it's about, no matter how right it seems or how intensely it seems to matter that you are right...give it a rest. Set it down.

Wait 2 minutes and see how different you feel.

...A little expansion to go with yesterday's Fruity Tuesday video...

#thehappinessclinic #fruitytuesday #drjoylynmaniaci


the HAPPINESS clinic

Case making doesn't work like in the courtroom except to make one defensive. And often that someone is yourself, in defense of you, instead of just being you.

It can be different... a seed for thought.

#fruitytuesday #seedsforthought #drjoylynmaniaci #lifecoach

Explanation and justification gets us farther from vulnerability and our ability to change things.

Case making doesn't work like in the courtroom except to make one defensive. And often that someone is yourself, in defense of you, instead of just being you.

It can be different... a seed for thought.

#fruitytuesday #seedsforthought #drjoylynmaniaci #lifecoach

#fruitytuesday #seedsforthought #drjoylynmaniaci #lifecoaching


the HAPPINESS clinic

Fruity Tuesday Seeds for Thought...


The Happiness Clinic

What you can do for the wildfires blazing now...

Here's a link to the blog I mentioned:


the HAPPINESS clinic

So excited for our RADventure Retreat!! More fun with relationships is possible and we want to make it a reality for you!!


The Happiness Clinic

This is something that is near to my heart…I've been here.

There is another way...

One where life is not just livable, but enjoyable.

You can do this. I can help. We can create new possibilities for you...


the HAPPINESS clinic

The eclipse was awesome!

So, I was thinking, as I do...

Those glasses were really cool. Everything BUT the sun disappeared...

which Pete used to make eclipse traffic "disappear" on our return trip home...

What if you could create your own "eclipse glasses"

...I mean that you could set your sights on the things/events/energies you would like in your life and put on your glasses to make everything that doesn't allow you to see it to "disappear"!

WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE: what it is that you'd like in your life? Look to it. Look at it.

It is already there, no matter how far it may FEEL. Don't let the feelings get in the way. Put on your "eclipse glasses" and enjoy the magnificence of what is available.

Next step is to ask what it will take to bring it into your reality now...

What phenomenal reality do you know is possible that you can see?

Allow the awe and gratitude for you and your ability to create this fill you (it feels so much better than the overwhelm or despair that it's far away). LOOK to it!

#eclipseglasses #eclipse2017 #thehappinessclinic #radventurersmaniaci


The Happiness Clinic

I finally got to writing again…Happy Blog Thursday!

Blog Thursday!!

I didn't fall off of the earth, I've been taking some time to re-organize my approach...

I'm kicking around the idea of changing the name of this operation to The HAPPINESS Clinic...

Because I'm a doctor and I think that happiness is integral to health. Happiness is healing. It is available. You can enjoy it.

So, to help get that to you, for you, I write...about the stupid sh*t that we do that gets in our way. We are the biggest hinderance to our happiness. But if we can look at that, talk about it, laugh at it. We can change it!!

I hope that this blog can shed some lightness on a habitual resistance to receiving.


the HAPPINESS clinic


Sometimes life hands you lemons when you were asking for oranges...

there is still room for gratitude and amazing creation…and HAPPINESS.

Today, be bigger than the feelings and the drama swirling around you. You can just because you say you can, if you will choose to say it.

Happiness is not bestowed, it is created and claimed.

Happy Wednesday!

artwork by JoylynSparkles


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

Has anyone else had a haywire week?

Intense... Emotional...

Well, I have...

Sometimes I judge myself for it and think I should be doing better, like it should never happen...

This time, instead of judging me, I asked what I could do with it?…so I wrote a blog for you.

Proof to me and you that change really is possible and we can create something different even while we're having a lot of intense feelings.

...from my insanity to help you out of yours...

If you're going for greater, I've got your back. I hope this helps bring some ease into your life.*t


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

Have you ever wanted something, but it seemed like it took so long that you gave up, and that's when it showed up, and it was AWESOME?!?!

I agonized for YEARS about a relationship, and then when I just stopped caring, a super amazing Pete Maniaci showed up and we are creating happily ever after day by day...

And then I've been aching to really get out there and create a community and make healing work less agonizing and serious—because I finally understood that happiness makes things work better, faster—

but I got bored and burned out trying to make things happen on my own...

I kept trying to make things work with people and office spaces that really weren't the best fit, but when I finally just decided to leap and do it, no matter what, the fireball of fun Martha M. Yoga showed up and now it's here and we are creating and actualizing our heart's desire…HAPPINESS...

Which includes YOU! This is for you, to be happy, to know your happiness.

To learn more about what we offer, check out our website:


Happy Weekstart!!

It's finally here!!

I have been asking for quite some time for someone to work with to create a community and change the world. I've been working solo and now I get to work with the amazing and talented Martha M. Yoga...

We know that happiness is an inside job. But we also know how to get you to choose it—to get rid of the stuck places where you've tucked it in and can't see it…kind of like your keys.

Happiness changes things.

First peeps to help us get the word out gets a free t-shirt. And packages 50% for the first 10 go-getters!

The first 20 people to like us, share our page, and comment on a post get a FREE t-shirt!

AND…the first 10 people to buy a package get it for 50% off!

You can buy Happiness 😂 I couldn't resist...

But for reals…check out the shop tab to get a phenomenal deal on bodywork and coaching with Joylyn and Martha.


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done…but what?

I know I've been frustrated when I just don't know where to begin, what to actually DO,

Here are 3 suggestions that will change your whole reality…

#Phenomenance #DrJOYLYNManiaci #changeyourreality #dosomethingdifferent

artwork by JoylynSparkles


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

It's Wednesday!!

This made me laugh…and think

The Earth is so nurturing. And I've been feeling a little alone and wanting a hug...

What if the Earth was just waiting to give us a "hug" if we just asked?

And you know how awesome you feel when someone asks you to help them with something you love to do?! (I love this)...

Well…what if you asking the Earth to provide made it happy and was a contribution to it?!?

The challenge today, is to go outside and take a deep breath.

Yes, I know it's hella hot in Boise today, but do it anyway. Take a deep breath and just ask the Earth to send you a little love.

Then pause. Give it a minute…let yourself be loved and notice the change in your body and mood.

Happy Wednesday xoxo


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done.

But what is that something?

It seems like it should be a someTHING, like running or buying equipment...

but what if it was a lot more radical than that, even?

What would be so different from what you do now that ANYTHING could happen?!

Try this: change your mind…about you…about how the world works…about what you believe is/isn't possible for you…about what you can/can't do.

THAT would be really different...

And that would allow for something different to show up.

A juicy seed for thought on a beautiful Fruity Tuesday.

Have a Happy Day!


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

Happy Weekstart!!

What makes you laugh?

Find it. It's a great way to start the week.

This one worked for me this morning…it's all about your point of view.


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci

I've been reading a lot about leadership and work/team dynamics, and communication...

My sister sent me a link to an interesting article...

I see that we often stop short of greatness...

We choose to create an us v. them dynamic to support our life choices instead of taking a step back and giving and getting a bigger picture.

So here is my response to this article...

The keys to success are in your hands…it only takes a choice to move from good to great...


Dr. Joylyn Maniaci


Are you feeling frustrated? Stuck?

You look around and you see lots of stupid people, moving slowly, taking up time and oxygen and delivering mediocrity?

Are you irritated with things?


Look for something to be grateful for. (You don't even have to find it, you just have to look for it, and your brain will change).

It's up to you to change what isn't working. You can't change them, but you can change you.

What if you smiled at someone that was irritating you?
What if you smiled at you in the mirror?

What if ease was just a sigh and a smile away?

The challenges is to pause. Sigh (Ahhh). Look for something that makes your heart say THANK YOU! and smile.

Did you do it?

You just changed your brain chemistry!

Things are already changing because you just changed you.






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