Lissa's Learning Ladder, Boise, ID Videos

Videos by Lissa's Learning Ladder in Boise. Lissa’s Learning Ladder offers flexible and high quality preschool education to families with children between the ages of 3 and 5.

Stormy day!

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Stormy day!




Millie's birthday party!

Best day ever


Cleaning time!

Lockdown drill
Absolute silence except for that little cough!! 🤣 But for real these kids do so awesome with lockdown drills and teacher...

Mrs. Anne's kids are pretty sharp!

Fans are amazing!!!! 🤣

Just like cats!!
Haaaa!!! They had no idea it was a reflection from Bailey's phone! 🤣

Mrs. Anne is the best!!! 🥰

LaRya's Learning Ladder...🥰
Oooooh I love her!! 😂

Beautiful day!!!

Jack and Victoria!!!!! 🥰
I love these kids!!! 🥰

Beautiful day!!!
Parachute play!!!

Baby love!
Ooooooh I love the babies!!!

Ellie and her amazing talent!

More dancing!

Dancing machines!!!

My ladies!! Kayla's epic Snow White!!!

Speechless! 🤣

Wow. Just wow...