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As KW Productivity Coaches, we empower each agent we work with to create a life by design by building a successful business through support and accountability.

[02/28/18]   Ask me how to earn a 1/2 scholarship to BOLD! #marchmadness

[02/19/18]   Day 2 Top 10 Takeaways:

Here we go...

1) Gary blew our minds with what he's been working on in terms of technology. He said, "Sometimes we're losing so slowly we think we're winning."

“The real estate industry is in a battle, and the players will be decided in the next 12-18 months. The game has not been won and you are not late to the party. However, there is a sense of urgency.”
In order to be competitive and successful in the fourth industrial revolution, agents must do the following:

-Control their data

-Move to digital platforms

-Disrupt through data share

He's got this all figured out and is pouring everything he's got, literally, into protecting us and building the technology to keep us in the game and winning the war!!!

2) “We disrupted the real estate industry through profit share and forever changed the industry. Today, we must partner again in a completely new way. We are going to have to go from a profit share relationship to a data share company to win the war.”

“We must lock arms, team up and power through the fourth industrial revolution by creating the most powerful, proprietary real estate database on the planet.” -Gary Keller

The KW Data Rights Pledge:

We will always respect your data as your business and we will always allow you to take your data with you. can take that one to the bank...the databank that is!

3) "Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast." -Ben Kinney

4) Am I building a lifestyle business (based on the lifestyle I want to live...making what I need/want to live) or a growth business (based on putting my money and efforts into growing a big business rather than funding my lifestyle)???

5) Jay Papasan and Geoff Woods shared how billionaires set goals. They goal set to the now.

-Some day goal (huge and long term)
-5 year goal (1 thing)
-1 year goal (1 thing)
-1 month goal (1 thing)
-1 week goal (1 thing)
- Today, right now! (1 thing)

6) What story are you telling yourself to justify your inaction?

7) How often is this happening, because we don't have a GPS or 4-1-1...I don't know what to be doing in my business right now so I'm going to check my email and let everyone else in the world tell me me what to do." ???

8) "You can't meet a need you don't understand and just because you understand it, doesn't mean you have to meet it." -Matt Townsend (go buy his book here!!!)

9) Matt taught us a lesson he just learned from C.S. Lewis regarding the Given Gift and the Expected Gift. The Expected Gift is what we hope for in our minds and the Given Gift is what you actually get from life. Suspend your expectations and start picking up the gifts you've been given and take all that life gives you!

10) So...if you don't have an Executive Assistant, you are one! Get a $.10 notebook and every time you have a task for your assistant, write it down on a piece of paper, rip out, and give it to them. Have them return it on your chair with one of three things...1-Got it...2-Done...3-Working on it. -Monica Reynolds

[02/18/18]   Wanted to share my Top 10 Takeaways from Family Reunion today in Anaheim! I will do so daily...

1) If you never want to do another cold call, door knock, open house, or prospect again, you don't have to! A business built totally and completely off of client events was proven by Laura Gillot. She did it in Lebanon, Oregon, a town of 15,000 people where she sold over 500 homes last year!

"They're not going to see a free movie and get free popcorn and put someone else's sign in their yard." -Laura Gillot

2) "When we have high touch with our database, we're in control. Relationships beat everything." - Gary Keller

3) Instead of calling them "open houses", David Huffaker calls them a "Launch". He asks neighbors three questions when knocking and inviting them to the listing launch. He calls them the three asks:

-Do you know anyone looking to make a move to the neighborhood?
-If we were to get several offers, would you be interested in selling your house?
-When you think of real estate, who do you trust?
-When they can't answer the last question, David responds, "Can we earn that right?"

4) "People who are hungry for success introduce people into their lives that will create discomfort." -Abe Shreeve, MAPS Coach

5) "Make peace with the monotony of success." -Gary Keller

6) "If you don't know what you want out of life, you'll never have enough money. Wealth is a state of mind." -Gary Keller

7) What do you do with a plant that has gotten too big for its pot? You put it in a bigger pot! Have you outgrown your environment? Is there anything you need to do to broaden your environment and increase your opportunities in your life and business. -From Dianna Kokoszka

8) Dianna told the story of a 5 year old boy, Ian, who got to be the class leader in his kindergarten class. When he came home from school his parents asked him what he got to do. He said, "I got to hold doors for other people!" Great leaders open doors that give other people opportunities.

9) Life is indeed a juggling act. Work is the only rubber ball. It can always bounce back up. Our health, family, spirit, and key relationships are glass balls. There is no guarantee what will happen if we drop them. -From Dianna Kokoszka.

10) My main takeaway from Gary's first words with the panelists today was this: Nothing will ever replace the good old fashioned relationships that agents build with their database. Peter Chabris said, "Until you've got your database dialed in, there's nothing else to master."


The 15th Protocol Explained

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[12/21/17]   "Work and joy go hand in hand. Hard work isn't as hard as people make it sound. Yes, it can have its challenges and stresses. Sometimes it can wear you out. But, in the end, it feels good. It builds character, strength, and tenacity. It gives you confidence, staying power, and a competitive advantage. Here's the secret: hard work is not to be avoided, it is to be embraced. It will get you where you want to go." - Mo Anderson's A Joy Filled Life





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