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Melissa Plumeau-Fitness


I have struggled with glute, hamstring, and hip misalignment/agitation/annoyance (fill in the blank). Today I worked with Melissa and had more relief than I have had in months. Not only is she knowledgeable, but also presents her work in a kind, understanding, and supportive manner. Melissa, endless thanks!!!
Make this! I promise you will NOT regret it ( I have made this with both almond butter and sunbutter, both are delicious! I also do not use honey)
Wishing you the very best got this!

Inspiration. Motivation. Education.

Operating as usual


Thank you Girls on the Run Treasure Valley for an incredible evening!

Twenty four amazing women showed up to play in the sunshine before heading into a packed house at Payette Brewing.

If you couldn't make the event and still want to donate to this amazing organization please drop me a DM.


Join Embody Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Monday evening at Payette Brewing to raise money for the local Girls on the Run chapter.

We will kick off the evening with a Bodyweight bootcamp and piyo class in the production area of the brewery ( 5-6 pm) .

After class, join us in a beverage of choice ( both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase) where 50% of all proceeds will be donated back to GOTR.

Raffle tickets available for purchase.

As an educator, a mother and a lifelong lover of the power of running- I am excited for the opportunity to work with this incredible organization.

From their website:

"Girls on the Run offers programs designed to inspire girls of all abilities to recognize and embrace their inner strength and make meaningful connections with others.

Trained coaches use physical activity and dynamic discussions to build social, emotional and physical skills while encouraging healthy habits for life.

In today’s unpredictable world, the strategies learned at Girls on the Run are more important than ever."

Join us Monday evening as we raise money and awareness in our community as to how this program benefits Treasure Valley girls in grades 3-8

Read more about the organization here:

Preregister for the class by following the QR code and receive and recieve a digital recipe book packed with fun, tasty fall favorites.


Ready is not a feeling. It is a decision.

When you have recognized that what you have been doing, no longer works for you…

When the urge for something bigger is more powerful than the fear of the unknown…

You are ready.

When your old answers no longer fit the questions …

When your desire is bigger than your doubts…

You are ready.

When you are tired of waiting for the “right time” or tired of wading through the bulls**t…

You are ready.

Trust yourself to take action. Success is a choice we all get to make.

It won't be easy- but we will have your back the whole time.

We start October 3.


Between raising children, running a small business, attending school full time, a life changing injury & trying to maintain relationships- I was struggling.

I was gaining weight & battling a lifetime of negative thoughts and beliefs that led me to hate my body.

I was embarrassed of how I looked, I was tired, and I was willing to try pretty much anything to "lose weight".

Even if it meant that I had to resort to desperate measures.

Over the last thirty years of trying to "look better", I have battled disordered eating including binging/purging & starvation.

I have used extreme exercise , methamphetamines, and diet pills in an attempt to shed that last "ten pounds".

And it never worked for long.

Only when I was willing to start tackling my belief systems, was I ready to make changes that have led me to love my body- right where I am.

Along the way I have blessed to share this journey with some of my closest friends.

Like me, they were dealing with the natural changes that accompany age.

Our bodies were changing, and we were all battling with challenges in life.

But we had each other to lean on.

I am fortunate to share my business with some of these same women.

Together we will work with you to challenge your existing beliefs and create a new way of living.

One that improves your confidence and self belief in all aspects of life- not just health & fitness.

We bring our experience - as health & fitness professionals , educators & as women to help you step into your power.

My tribe, is now your tribe.

Ready to be Empowered?

Check out the attached flyer or visit :

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Putting the “F-U-N” into functional.

Exercise does NOT have to be a chore. And training skill related components of health does not have to be dull.

In this morning's water fitness class, we practiced a few of my favorite single arm drills along with hand to hand passes - both below the water and over the head.

As we age, it becomes increasingly more important to be able to work on tasks that require us to :

Pass an object from one hand to the other.
Practice reaching over head.
Train reaction time
Stabilize and mobilize in a variety of situations

Just as life does not always happen in a linear and predictable fashion, your workout should include actions that can translate into everyday life.

In doing so, you may notice an increased enjoyment in the pursuit of activities outside of the gym .

And you may just be able to reach that top shelf tequila or stash of dark chocolate a little bit easier

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For the past month, I have been working on a health coaching program specifically for women...

This program is for women who are tired of “food rules” , restriction,& unrealistic expectations.

This program is for women looking for education, inspiration & support in their pursuit of health

This program is for women struggling to love their bodies.

And for women who want to establish a sustainable, enjoyable way to be active- without feeling punished.

This program empowers overwhelmed women to claim their potential- to finally let go of the self limiting beliefs and to break down barriers in fitness, mindset and nutrition.

In seven weeks, we will tackle mindset, build new habits and create lasting results through building self awareness and practicing learning to love ourselves again.

We know lasting change comes from the inside, and that health looks different for every body.

Led by women and moms just like you- we know it takes a tribe.

What you get:

1) Custom training program based on where you are RIGHT now, and where you want to be

2) LIVE workouts ( in person and virtual options)

3) Nutrition education & recipes that are easy to follow

4) An online community

5) Mindset coaching & goal setting

6) 1-1 accountability & support

And a bad ass group of women who believe you have the ability to do the hard s**t.

If you are ready to step into your power, there is no time like now.

We start October 3.

PM for details or drop a message below.

Melissa Plumeau on Instagram: "All you need is twenty minutes and one b***y band for this Pilates inspired circuit. Place the band over your thighs- and complete the entire workout without having to move it. Complete the entire circuit two times... 09/11/2022

Melissa Plumeau on Instagram: "All you need is twenty minutes and one b***y band for this Pilates inspired circuit. Place the band over your thighs- and complete the entire workout without having to move it. Complete the entire circuit two times...

Set it , and forget it.

I like workouts that are efficient and effective - bonus points if the equipment is easy to use.

I created this quick Pilates Flow workout using only a b***y band.

Twenty minutes max- all exercises are performed with the band on your thighs.

Melissa Plumeau on Instagram: "All you need is twenty minutes and one b***y band for this Pilates inspired circuit. Place the band over your thighs- and complete the entire workout without having to move it. Complete the entire circuit two times... Melissa Plumeau shared a post on Instagram: "All you need is twenty minutes and one b***y band for this Pilates inspired circuit. Place the band over your thighs- and complete the entire workout without having to move it. Complete the entire circuit two times through using either a timer ( one minut...


I lost ten pounds in one week.

Keep scrolling for the secret.







Got your attention?

I had a colonoscopy.

For two days I was on a strict liquid diet. And for two days I prepared my body for the procedure.

So that weight I lost? It was a result of losing water and waste from my body. I was STARVING & dehydrated.

Why am I telling you this?

Two reasons:

Number one: How much value do you place on the number on the scale?

How often have you gone to weigh yourself, and the scale has gone up two pounds?

And all of the hard work you have done is negated by that voice in your head that berates you for what the scale “says”.

One pound of body fat is the equivalent of 3500 calories. In order to gain two pounds of body fat in one week, you would need to consume 1000 calories PER DAY above what your body can utilize for energy.

Before you start tossing around calories in vs calories out ( a whooooole different conversation)- let's talk about your gut health.

If you are not effectively digesting your food, it could be hanging out in your system. Causing bloating, gas, constipation- and wreaking havoc on what the scale says.

So that scale?

It is only one measure of what your body is doing and saying.

The second reason?

Yesterday I had two polyps removed.

So my friend, if you haven't done so already, and you are of age…

Go get your pipes checked out.

And remember that the scale does not measure your worth or your work.

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Ready to kick your classes up a notch with new information?

AEA has three virtual opportunities to level up your knowledge this fall as well as a TON of great in person workshops happening.

I am teaching :

Wednesday October 5th ( Virtual)

October 15-16 Roseville, CA ( In Person)

We're heading Back to School with another round of AEA Virtually Live Workshops. Click the link for more details and to register!


"As you change, so does your journey."

This morning, I gave myself thirty minutes to get up and away from my work, and enjoy some movement outside.

Once upon a time, this would have been thirty minutes in which I felt like I was wasting my time because it wasn't an hour.

Or maybe I would have beaten myself up for only completing 2.5 miles.

But today, I was reminded that it is not always about the workout or the fitness.

It is also about the courage to start, the ability to dig deep to push yourself out of your comfort zone, the capacity to finish.

Or maybe, it is about the strength to keep showing up.

It is how you carry that same courage and strength and belief in your own abilities into other aspects of your life.

So today I challenge you to look at your past successes in exercise, in wellness, in the pursuit of health and in life.

No judgment, no comparison as to where you are now vs where you want to be or where you used to be.

But rather, how can you leverage those past moments of strength and belief into what you do today?

You can do the hard s**t.

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Monday motivation & education: The best thing you can do for your core.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked: “What can I do for this ?” (Points to midsection).

Besides reeducation as to why we all carry weight differently and that all body’s can do amazing things- regardless of what they look like- I tell them to get into the water.

What’s that you say?

Isn’t the water where little ole ladies go to socialize and injured athletes recover?


But it is also where someone goes who is looking for 100% core activation, 100% of the time.

As the water moves around the body, the muscles of the core are activated to maintain a neutral body position.

The continuous movement of the water requires constant contraction of the deep muscles to stabilize the body and also improves posture.

So you stand taller, and you move more effectively - not just in the water, but on land also.

And when you stand taller, you not only feel more confident, but you experience a whole ton of other health related benefits- like improved efficiency of your cardiovascular system and decreased pain in your back.

So if you are really serious about trying something new to improve your core strength, try getting in the pool .

It’s not all just , get ready to experience exercise in a whole new way.

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For as long as I can remember, I have hid my body behind loose fitting shirts when dressing for everyday life.

Hoping no one noticed my back rolls and the way my belly was not flat.

As someone who is a professional fitness instructor and P.E. major/teacher, I have struggled with the fact that I might not look like I belong .

That my professional knowledge might be questioned based upon how I looked ( or didn’t look).

At the beginning of the summer, I set a goal for myself to work on letting go of these irrational thoughts and to focus on my fitness as being a source of enjoyment and working towards building back my strength.

I took rest days. I slept- a lot. I ate food I loved and spent more time outside.

On Sunday, I saw this dress out shopping and tried it on even though it was form fitting ( which scared the f**k out of me) and that little voice inside of my head tried to talk me out of it.

Afterall, my stomach was not “perfect” ( whatever the hell that means these days), and you could see the rolls on my back.

But I loved it, and I shut that voice right up and bought the damn thing.

And when I took these pictures, I didn’t try to hide the fact that there are rolls on my back or that my stomach might show. I didn’t “suck it in” or try to angle myself to hide it.

I have a long way to go until I will be 100% confident in my body.

But dammit, I am getting there.

Welcome to a fresh perspective on fitness and life!

I am a Boise based personal trainer and group exercise instructor specializing in kick ass workouts that make you think. While here, you can expect to find playlists I have created for cycling classes along with their profile. HIIT classes, water fitness , strength training, Pilates and SUP workouts I have taught in group settings. I will include links to sites or recipes I find especially motivating or maybe even just thought provoking.

After years of battling eating disorders that led me to use methamphetamines to starve myself “skinny” in my late teens and early twenties, bulimia and negative self thoughts that plagued me through my thirties, I practice mindful eating , daily movement and positive self talk. I feel that life is meant to be lived to the fullest in every moment. I believe we should embrace who we are and strive to find movement and exercise that is genuinely joyful and eat food that nourishes body and soul. I am a bellydancer, a runner, an occasional triathlete, SUP enthusiast and a mother.

If you like what you see here and are looking for a more personalized approach to your fitness, please contact me. Thanks for being a part of this adventure!

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