Cristin Russell: Illuminated Life & Soul Energy Coaching

Cristin Russell: Illuminated Life & Soul Energy Coaching


Cristin has one of the kindest hearts I have ever met........
I want be the member
I want to take the time to give Cristin a 5 stars for her work on illuminated life... She help me grow, heal myself and she's been always there for me when I need it! I am more than grateful that she enter my life and that she's in my life now! Thank you for your help, your love and your light! Bless you Cristin! ❤️
Thank you Cristin. Wow! for having me here. I am open to Divine qualities. I am open to Divine guidance and unlimited abundance. Thank you for being a part of that, you are, like our friends

Coaching to help you open to new possibilities for yourself and your life by awakening and aligning with the deeper layers within you. I’ve been working with clients since 2006 to help them expand their awareness, accept and love themselves more completely, and create lives they love.

I offer energy work to facilitate the release of fears, doubts and limitations and create new pathways and connection for embracing who you really are, and expanding what you think is possible for you and your life. A bit of my story…

I began my “awakening” in 2004 after some challenging and eye opening events. Over the course of many years that followed I studied, explored, and experimented with


How are you feeling?

It's such an interesting time we're living in right now and I hope you are feeling well, stable, and connected to your Source through all of it.

There is so much opportunity for new breakthroughs, expansion of awareness, and new beginnings. However, I know many people are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or stagnant.

If you are someone who isn't feeling as full and connected as you would like to be, I encourage you just to take few moments and let your mind relax. Connect with your heart space and open to the deeper layers of yourself. Journal, go for a walk, or just take a few breaths. It's going to be ok. I'm sending much love to you right now.

And, if I may be of assistance please just let me know.

Much love to each and every one of you,

Recommendation: Bridgette Aldrich, Energy Healer 04/02/2020

Recommendation: Bridgette Aldrich, Energy Healer

Bridgette Aldrich and Jill Renee Feeler...wonderful resources for your consideration. ❤️

Recommendation: Bridgette Aldrich, Energy Healer Bridgette's Crystal Clear Alignment Sessions are at In Bridgette's 60min remote session you will receive th...


Now offering New Beginnings sessions!

Release what is holding you back from truly loving your life. Expand your awareness, embrace your eternal self, and create new pathways and possibilities for a fresh approach to life.

Contact me for details.




I've been pretty quiet here lately but I wanted to take a moment to connect as the Solar Eclipse approaches.

We are blessed here in Idaho to look forward to an amazing view of it, but the energy of it is available to everyone!

It's a wonderful opportunity...are you feeling that too?

It's an opportunity for a new beginning. A reboot.

What have you been letting go of to make room for the new?
What do you want to create and allow into your life and this reality?

Stay focused on the love and possibilities that abound.


Thank YOU.
Thank YOU.
Thank YOU.

No matter who you are or what you do, thank you for being you. It can be easy to feel unappreciated in this sometimes crazy world, so take a moment to appreciate yourself.

You can, and ARE, having an impact on the world around you.

It really doesn't take much to brighten someone's day. A smile, a thank you, a giggle or a joke expressed in your own unique way. (Lol that rhymed ;))

You have no idea the impact you are making by just being you.

Thank you for being YOU and sharing yourself with this world.

I've been noticing and appreciating the simple unique energy people bring to basic transactions. At the checkout, installing carpet, cleaning a home...there are such precious gifts wrapped up in the actions. Even if no one else notices, I do.

Let yourself notice too.

10 "Spiritual" Things People Do That Are Total Bu****it 03/25/2017

10 "Spiritual" Things People Do That Are Total Bu****it

Spiritual bypassing....

And, there is a book I read a few years ago called "Eyes Wide Open" that addresses some of the unconsciousness that occurs in spiritual communities. Good stuff to be aware of. 😍❤

10 "Spiritual" Things People Do That Are Total Bu****it Is your spirituality secretly sabotaging your life?


Lots of new and exciting things are happening...

I hope you're experiencing excitement too!

You may be experiencing challenges and chaos, and I'm not suggesting to deny that. Awareness is important. As is the power of choice and discernment.

And...If you are struggling in any way, please know there is another way.

I'm here if you would like assistance.


Here we go...

On the verge of a new 9 year cycle and I'm feeling so many new possibilities open up!

I'm really excited to see what we create in 2017. I can see so many unexpected ideas arising...are you noticing that too?

As 2016 comes to a close, I'm clearing up the old ideas and attachments that no longer serve and beginning to create new intentions for 2017 and beyond.

Now's the time to get clear and intentional.

If you want any help with this process, just let me know.


Today I'm feeling so grateful for all the amazing people I have had the honor to work with.


The Power of Pause.

When things feel a little chaotic it's amazing how just pausing and breathing into your heart can create great internal shifts.

The snow falling outside my window in Boise, Idaho is a wonderful reminder to slow down and now I'm offering that reminder to you.

Take a few moments for stillness and listen within your heart space if you also feel inclined.

There is wisdom and peace there.

Timeline photos 11/10/2016

"Love has no fear and no vengeance."

Today's message by Yogi Tea.



I dreamed last night I was cleaning out my closet.

Some things were obvious to clear out and easy to say goodbye to.

There were others though that were a little harder to let go of. One in particular was a cute shirt I had just recently bought and liked, but honestly it wasn't THAT great. A deeper part of me knew it was time to say goodbye to it even though I could feel my resistance and attachment.

As I awoke I see the metaphor here regarding the many things I create. I have so many ideas and many of them don't manifest the way I envision. It is important to decide when to restructure, or when to let go.

When we are pushing the edge of living our potential, it is always important to continue to recognize and let go of what no longer fits. This can be hard sometimes when we had hopes and visions that didn't quite manifest like we saw the potential for.

But making room for the new is an important part of the journey.

So, more changes and letting go coming soon. :)

What in your life is ready to be let go of?

Timeline photos 10/26/2016


“Be relentless in your looking, because you are the one you seek.” — Rumi

The Connected Universe • Resonance Science Foundation - 中文 • Resonance Science Foundation - Русский • עברית - Resonance Science Foundation • Higher Perspective • Collective Evolution • (post by Jamie Janover)

Timeline photos 10/10/2016

How deeply do you Trust YourSelf, God/Source/the Universe?

The answer to this will shape your experience of life.


Have you been feeling like you are in a cocoon? On the edge of new creations and manifestations but unclear about the specifics? Me too and here is a message I received this morning that I offer to you as well…

Sit in the uncertainty.
The curiosity.
Be where you are.
Still in the cocoon but you can feel the energy working and spinning and transforming within.

Allow the transformation to occur.
Stop pushing or rushing.
Be fully with what is, there is no passivity.
There is engagement with what’s possible.
Nothing to fix.

An allowing, a surrendering to your soul’s will.
Allowing your amazing, expansive soul to descend into form and express itself freely.
Feel the activations in your body when you allow this.
The amplification of energy.
What if you truly surrendered and allowed yourself to be animated by Spirit?

Flowing. Guiding. Leading your heart, body, and mind.
Let your heart be your guide. Your compass.
Every cell of your body will participate and follow.

Blow your breadth of blessings on the world around you as you overflow.
Birth your new creations with wonder and surprise.

Allow the unknown to be sacred.

Know that it is all sacred.

Feel your aliveness.

All is well.


"Your Light Changes Lives"

This was a message I received yesterday. This isn't just true for me, it's true for all of us.

Remember that.

Be Your Light.

Let it Shine.

Soul Tribe Intro Video 09/13/2016

Soul Tribe Intro Video

Another special offering to support you on your journey...

Soul Tribe Intro Video Illuminated Soul Tribe Intro Video More info at:


How are you feeling?

I've noticed some disruptions in my energy field the past couple of days.

My mind used to have a hay day analyzing all of it but now I've learned to pause, go within, and listen deeply.

I'm being offered more opportunity and encouragement to go about you?

In that space within the stillness of my heart greater wisdom, peace and clarity is revealed.

It's amazing how even a short amount of meditation can shift my experience.

Are you taking time to pause and connect with your inner wisdom?

It feels like a wonderful time to slow down, recenter, and release what no longer serves.

As I write that I giggle because I think most times may be a good time for that! 😍

We are being supported energetically for a time of completion. A 9 year and a 9 month and I am noticing many opportunities arising for that...are you?

Sending you love and hoping you feel blessed and supported today and always. ❤️

What's your life motto? 08/26/2016

What's your life motto?

Yes...and I would add a bit of Acceptance and Love to the Letting Go.

What's your life motto? Find you inner peace now with this quote of your life! Click here!

Timeline photos 08/25/2016

Timeline photos

Start imprinting your intent on the Universe!


I've talked a lot about purpose.

I continue to expand, evolve and deepen my understanding about unveiling one's soul purpose.

Here's today's version...

Your purpose is:

To embody your divinity and allow for miracles.

To listen deeply, love fully, and honor completely.

To access your potential spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

To co-create and usher in a new reality.

There is no magic formula.

There is practice. There is patience.

There is assistance. 😍


There's so much I love about the Olympics.

I especially love seeing the personal stories of commitment, focus, and dreams coming true.

As I'm currently experiencing several of my own dreams coming true, I'm noticing the importance of commitment.

Commitment to what you really want. Not how you get it.

Commitment to not letting yourself sabotage your success.

Commitment to fully engage in every moment of the process.

Commitment to listening to your inner Self.

Commitment to getting out of your own way and keep moving forward.

Commitment to receiving the gifts that await you.

What are you really wanting?

Are you willing to commit to it happening, without being attached to how?

Let the magic of your dreams coming true unfold. ❤️

Black Eyed Peas I gotta Feeling - Chicago - 08/09/09 08/04/2016

Black Eyed Peas I gotta Feeling - Chicago - 08/09/09

Let today be a GREAT day...and enjoy this fun video and song :)

Black Eyed Peas I gotta Feeling - Chicago - 08/09/09 Melhor banda do mundo... i gotta feeling...´s gonna be a good day

Timeline photos 07/27/2016

Look who showed up for me today.

Praying Mantis friend.

Always a reminder to slow down, be patient.

Something I've had in my awareness because I get so excited creating new things I can often move too quickly and get ahead of myself.

In case you can use the reminder too. ❤️


Every emotional charge is an opportunity.

Each is an opportunity to expand your awareness of the situation, embrace it and stand in the truth of who you really are.

Notice where you resist feeling, avoid, or numb.

Can't think of anything personally? There are lots of global events and elections to consider that may offer arising if you let them. ❤️

Allow yourself to move into the discomfort.

Be curious about it.

What are you really upset about?

What do you really care about?

Stand in your truth and knowing of a greater perspective.


I share a lot about the concept of Acceptance. There are SO many layers to it.

The ones least talked about may actually be the most important...

Don't just accept your "weaknesses"...accept your amazingness. The deeper truth is that you are simply amazing. Accept the divinity within you and available to you in this life. Accept the gifts of your relationships...even if they aren't playing out like you hoped.

This doesn't mean you are a doormat and accept being treated like crap. Discernment about your engagement with other beings is still important.

However, it doesn't have to be a war within yourself or with others.

Accept and honor the amazing being you are.

Accept and honor the amazing being other people are. Even if they aren't acting like it.

Accept and then consciously choose how you are going to respond.

Much Love,

How Relationships are a Gateway to Your Soul with Cristin Russell 07/05/2016

How Relationships are a Gateway to Your Soul with Cristin Russell

If you missed my interview on #TruthTalkRadio, you can catch the recording here:

How Relationships are a Gateway to Your Soul with Cristin Russell So much of life is about relationships, with the many layers of yourself and with others. Your relationships can help you expand and integrate who you are as a soul throughout every area of your li…

How Relationships are a Gateway to Your Soul with Cristin Russell 06/27/2016

How Relationships are a Gateway to Your Soul with Cristin Russell

Looking forward to this show with Deborah Acker this Wed!

How Relationships are a Gateway to Your Soul with Cristin Russell So much of life is about relationships, with the many layers of yourself and with others. Your relationships can help you expand and integrate who you are as a soul throughout every area of your li…


Happy Summer Solstice!

BIG energy with the longest day of the year and the full moon coming at the same time.

More support for us to integrate and harmonize the masculine and feminine.

There is so much available to us right now...

Open to the Light, the possibilities...and In-joy!

May you feel the blessings that abound. ❤️😘🎉





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