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Law for Conscious Leadership is a boutique firm supporting social enterprise, cooperative culture, and the sharing economy. I am on a mission to serve my community by helping awesome people do awesome things.

My clients have bold ideas for how to create a sustainable economic system where sharing and cooperation are valued and encouraged, and I help them craft the agreements and execute the plans they need to succeed. I strive to be a balanced part of our economic system and my fee arrangements will reflect that. I have years of experience building partnerships around energy, the environment, and susta

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Very exciting announcement from one of my favorite clients, Snake River Seed Cooperative! My relationship with them started when I interned for Earthly Delights Farm after quitting my job to fully commit to my own law practice. This group has worked for years to build the collaborative/cooperative culture that frames this new legal structure! Yip!

We’re excited to announce, and celebrate, that SRSC will be an employee and grower-owned by the end of December!

Becoming an official cooperative has always been in the works, as it has been part of our business objectives since the beginning, let alone part of our name.

Save the date to join us Saturday, January 15th, at 410 S. Orchard #172, Boise, ID 83705 for activities, games, prizes, and opportunities to celebrate this huge next step at Snake River Seed Cooperative!

Friends are buying homes together. Here's why. 12/21/2021

Friends are buying homes together. Here's why.

This is a pretty cool option. And I agree that you MUST have a well thought out co-ownerhsip agreement if you're going to share property with anyone! Co-housing/Co-Ownership agreements are fun to work on!

Friends are buying homes together. Here's why. Millennials may not be having kids or getting married right now, but this generation is investing in homeownership — by co-buying houses with friends.

H**p – Idaho State Department of Agriculture 11/11/2021

H**p – Idaho State Department of Agriculture

Hoooody hooooo! H**p license applications are now open in Idaho! Lots of rules and hoops to jump through here. Good thing I love hoops and jumping!**p/

H**p – Idaho State Department of Agriculture Idaho State Department of Agriculture H**p Program To help expedite the process for anticipating applicants, please review the following H**p License Timeline and H**p Application Videos. Creating a H**p Program Account  H**p Producer Application  H**p Handler Application  The Idaho State De...

Worker Cooperative Practice Guide 09/30/2021

Worker Cooperative Practice Guide

Hey, check this aaaaamazing resource I was a part of creating! I often reference Sustainable Economies Law Center when speaking with clients because my law practice would not be what it is without these colleagues. Truly honored to know them and keep learning! Are you interested in cooperative law? I wrote the intro chapter which provides a great overview for lawyers and non-lawyers!

Worker Cooperative Practice Guide Lawyers advising worker cooperatives have been asking for it for years! A Practice Guide, written by practicing attorneys with experience and expertise, to help lawyers confidently give expert and nuanced legal advice to worker cooperatives. It's finally here!

Intersectionality and the Movement to End the War on Drugs - Canna Law Blog™ 08/16/2021

Intersectionality and the Movement to End the War on Drugs - Canna Law Blog™

White capitalist opportunities aren't the main reason to end the War on Drugs . . . it's an intentionally racist system that has had devastating impacts.

Intersectionality and the Movement to End the War on Drugs - Canna Law Blog™ The year 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of the so-called War on Drugs. As states across the country decriminalize and commercialize legal cannabis, some have declared drugs the winner of the Drug War. There is some truth to this assessment. Two-thirds of Americans currently support decriminalizing...

Photos from Snake River Seed Cooperative's post 07/29/2021

Extra extra! Read all about it!


Constitutional law nerds that despise #cannabis prohibition rejoice! the cracks in the Raich line of argument are starting to show!!


Just got off the ISDA rulemaking session for the new #h**p rules in Idaho. RETAILERS need to be super-duper cautious still. This new legislation and rulemaking do NOT create a licensing regime that clearly allows retailers to sell h**p products that have THC. The police position during the legislative session was "No THC on the streets." This bill was to support farmers, not product manufacturers or retailers. There is some more clarification work that needs to be done, but for now, I would recommend not selling THC products unless you're super risk-tolerant for criminal prosecution.

ABOUT US 06/16/2021


I'm doing some research for a cooperative client and am reminding myself how incredible the work of the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative is and wanted to share it! Please check out what they have done / are doing / will keep doing!


2021 H**p Legislation Overview + Anticipations 06/12/2021

2021 H**p Legislation Overview + Anticipations

Here is a link to the outline I used for The H**p Convention gathering last night! TL/DR? A h**p licensing regime is coming to Idaho this fall! But exercise care in the meantime - there are some gray areas relating to retail of THC containing h**p products.

2021 H**p Legislation Overview + Anticipations 2021 H**p Legislation Overview + Anticipations Synopsis HB 126 became law in Idaho on April 16, 2021. The legislation had 4 key components: Creates new agricultural law: “Industrial H**p Research & Development Act” (I.C. §§ 2...

Lost Grove Brewing Becoming a B-corporation — FARE Idaho 01/15/2021

Lost Grove Brewing Becoming a B-corporation — FARE Idaho

Very cool, Lost Grove Brewing!!! You know I love a good B-Corp!

Lost Grove Brewing Becoming a B-corporation — FARE Idaho When Jake Black first conceptualized Lost Grove Brewing, he wasn’t thinking of B Corporation certification. Sure, he wanted to create a business that was environmentally sustainable; and yes, he wanted to use the brewery as a way to give back to the Boise community; and of course, he wanted to pri...


Great opportunity for nonprofits and social justice organizations!

Are you registered for next week’s DEIJ webinar series (hosted by Idaho Nonprofit Center)? You can attend one, some, or all sessions for free or contribute a donation if you like.

Registrants will have access to view the recordings later. We hope to see you there!

#ImageDescription White color bold text reads “diversity, equity, inclusion & justice” below this in thinner white smaller font text reads “January 12, 13, and 14, 2021” with a single dot before and after the text. Above the text is a large white heart. All of this rest on top of a spring green background. 12/28/2020

Proposals for the Feminine Economy — Sister

As someone conditioned to value my masculine traits more than my feminine ones when it comes to "work life", I'm so grateful for this resource. Perhaps you will enjoy it, too! Cultivate loving, healthy relationships with plants, animals, people & the earth. Commune. Think about our shared future. 12/14/2020

Oregon H**p: ODA Withdraws H**p Plan Submitted to USDA - Canna Law Blog™

Well this is an interesting move from Oregon! Thoughts?**p-oda-withdraws-h**p-plan-submitted-to-usda/ The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) removed h**p and its derivatives from the definition of ma*****na under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and provided a detailed framework for the cultivation of h**p. The 2018 Farm Bill also gave the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reg...


I'm really really grateful for this progress! The fact that this many Congressmembers feel this way now is HUGE. Let's celebrate the positives. [No thanks to Idaho's House Reps Simpson & Fulcher who voted no, unsurprisingly]

That said . . . it sucks that even a federal decriminalization law probably won't persuade the religious drug warriours in Idaho to update our prohibitions. The legislation doesn't mandate any changes in state laws. It does require federal districts to start processing expungements and stop prosecuting! Yeah! But THC and cannabis flower/leaf will NOT be legal in Idaho until the Idaho legislature enacts our own reforms.


Thrive Loan - MoFi

Was your business profitable in 2019 but, due to COVID-19, not doing so well now? Do you need capital to get through winter but aren't confident waiting for new legislation to go through?

My clients at FARE Idaho shared this funding opportunity and I'm happy to share it with you all: 10/15/2020

Benefit Corporations: Thoughts to Consider When Advising Clients

I taught a class on benefit corporations to my fellow Idaho business lawyers today! Benefit Corporations: Thoughts to Consider When Advising Clients Kelsey Jae, JD/MPP Fellow, Sustainable Economies Law Center [email protected]


This is an awesome graphic on the current federal policy around h**p & its most famous component, CBD. Word on the street is the FDA will be issuing some guidance soon on food and beverages. In the mean time, make good choices :)


Childcare Cooperatives -

So many of my friends are parents and they are full of angst trying to figure out how to care for, protect, educate, and socialize their children during a pandemic. Child care cooperatives are a great option to help spread the tasks around a community!!! Childcare Cooperatives ContentsResources on Childcare CooperativesChildcare Cooperatives and Childcare Licensing LawsBite-Sized Legal Guide: How To Run a Co-Op Child Care Arrangement Resources on Childcare Cooperatives Childcare cooperatives take shape on a spectrum from casual babysitting exchanges... 06/19/2020

Child Abuse in Affluent Families - State Bar

This month's Idaho Advocate (Idaho's lawyer magazine) features an article by me about child abuse in affluent families. People often visualize poor people when they think of abuse and neglect. But abuse happens in all segments of the human population. The system does handle wealthy families differently, though. Read on, and let me know your thoughts. By Kelsey J. Nunez The desire to write this article came to me while I was watching a TV show. One of the characters was a super rich, super popular high school bully. He was so mean, exhibiting piercing cruelty and callousness. It was easy to despise him. But as his character developed, we started.... 06/08/2020

Taking a Stand for Change: How to Give Now – Figure 8 Investment Strategies

This message is from my friends at Figure 8 Investment Strategies and is targeted towards those blessed with stable incomes and reliable wealth who are looking for ways to make their money useful!


I am honored to be serving as legal counsel for the new organization, FARE Idaho. Please read more about where we stand on ending white supremacy in the food, agriculture, restaurant, and beverage industry.

Our food, agriculture, restaurant, and beverage industries were built not only by the often unjust and inequitably compensated labor of black, indigenous, and other people of color, but also by their ingenuity, talent, skills, and grit. Community members who work our fields, own our farms, operate our restaurants, produce our beverages, and process our food live with race-based injustices on a constant basis.

FARE Idaho is committed to elevating the voices of and supporting black, indigenous, and other people of color and to challenging white supremacy and injustice across the complex and interrelated food system.

Please read the rest of our statement on

#blacklivesmatter 06/05/2020

We are in Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

These words were drafted by my colleagues at the Sustainable Economies Law Center, and I wanted to share because it hits me deep to my core and emphasizes how much work I have left to do. My own anti-racist journey is in the adolescent stages, I think. I never considered myself "racist", like most of the nice white people in the predominantly white spaces I operate in. For the last few years, I've received help from the BIPOC in the Intersectional Idaho group and exposed myself to much-needed discomfort to understand my own role in benefiting from and perpetuating white supremacy. White silence is violence and white apathy kills. I'm committed to using my legal and policy skills to support the #blacklivesmatter movement and seek Racial Justice Now - Boise and Beyond. I invite you to hold me accountable. Black lives matter.


You all know how much I love local food economies, farmers, bartenders, servers, cooks, gardens, and hardworking nice people! Well hot damn, I'm so stoked to have been invited to be the attorney for the new organization FARE Idaho. Please let us know if you'd like to be involved!

We have heard from independent businesses and workers across the food and beverage spectrum, and all are asking “who represents us during this time?”
FARE Idaho is a new alliance that will allow our industry (Food, Agriculture, Restaurants & Beverage Establishments) to have a statewide focus. We are here to represent everyone in the food industry.
Learn more at our website,



You all may know about my other venture, The Vervain Collective. To support that community, I applied to join the Naturopathic Medical Board under the Idaho Board of Medicine. We've been working to create a framework for licensing naturopathic medical doctors that does not inhibit the freedom of people to practice natural health without a license if they so choose. Check out our new website: CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) INFORMATION The Naturopathic Medical Board is an advisory body to the Idaho Board of Medicine. The Naturopathic Medical Board is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Medicine concerning the qualification of applicants for licensure of naturopathic medical doc... 04/16/2020

Webinar: Invest in Humans Now: How to lend your retirement savings to friends, family, yourself, and other humans in your community

Is this something that interests any of you? "Many people don’t realize that they can borrow from their workplace 401(k)s or set up self-directed 401(k)s and IRAs, from which you can lend to friends, family, yourself, and other community members." In this webinar we’ll: Hear from people who have either loaned or borrowed from retirement savings to pay off high interest debt, pay for college, or make a home down payment Explain how people can borrow from workplace retirement plans Review options for self-directing retirement savings Talk thr...


I love seeing my super cool clients and friends uniting in sustainable, collaborative business!!

We are excited to announce a new retail partner. You can pick up Chocolates by Josh products at Lark & Larder in Boise. This shop is packed full of local food and artisan products.
#boiseidaho #shoplocal #localbusiness #farmraised #chocolate #wine #beer #cheese #peanuts #soap #jewelry


Worker cooperatives! An alternative to bankruptcy for locally owned small businesses with employees that are invested in the work and don't want the company to fail.


I'm sad. I'm mourning. I'm scared. I'm trying to be hopeful. I'm trying to remember how many people have been working hard to create more sustainable communities, with fair and collaborative transactions. Local food economies where soil and relationships are richly nourished. Meaningful livelihoods where workers own their time and skills. I'm trying to balance my fear response with my "what can I do to help" response.


The Treasure Valley H**p Conference was awesome! My slides for The Law & Policy of H**p have been posted to my website. Here they are! Anyone with agricultural interests in Idaho: now is the time to contact your legislators!


I work well with clients such as: (1) people who run businesses while trying to live their lives compassionately, authentically, and in a manner that serves the community; (2) people who have modest estates and need to plan for their death; (3) people who are getting divorced but want to do so with kindness so they can avoid mutual destruction; (4) people on a budget who need a lawyer willing to work low-bono. Know anyone looking for a lawyer like me? Send them my way!




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