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First time hitting red!
Hey, Ally! I was wondering if you’ve watched the documentary called The GameChangers. I watched it a couple of days ago and immediately thought about what your take on a vegan diet is.
She’s dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable
Just wanna say thanks to Allie for being awesome!! I’m down two pant sizes and I’m loving all my new muscles💪🏻. Hiring her as my trainer was the best thing I ever did when it comes to my health.
Congrats April Mayberry for winning Week 5 of Stronger Than a Trainer!

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Empowering women to create sustainable fitness solutions. Train to be strong and the weight loss will follow! These days there's more to just looking good, it's also about feeling good AND enjoying life.

I strongly believe you shouldn't miss out on 95% of your life to be 5% leaner. I want to teach you how and what to eat, how to make your workouts more effective, and how to live a balanced fitness life! Visit my website for 1:1 training, Elite online coaching with my app and other online program options

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It’s here!!! 🎉 Grab your copy today- guide to eating out!

⭐️ Restaurant order Cheatsheet
⭐️ Top 10 guidelines to be applied to any restaurant
⭐️ No more nutrition tables for you!
⭐️ Protein breakdown for every menu item
⭐️ Plenty of options for even the picky eater
⭐️ Tips, tricks, and information other than what to order! Learn about food and how to eat for your goals!

Co-Owner & Coach: Allie Smith-Cobb - Allie Smith Figure

Our team has over 22 years experience- join our roster!
Online and in-person (Boise/Meridian ID)

Coaches: Logan Cobb - The Everyday Athlete Trainer & Julie Bawden Coaching


It’s time for you to start lifting more than doing cardio 💪🏼

Did you know you lose 3-8% muscle mass after the age of 30 without resistance training and proper nutrition??

Don’t let that be you. Let’s train you to be a badass confident woman!

Co-Owner & Coach: Allie Smith-Cobb @alliesmithfigure

Our team has over 22 years experience- join our roster! Online and in-person (Boise/Meridian ID)

Coaches: Logan Cobb @locobb12 & Julie Bawden @juliebcoaching

Monthly Workout program and Nutrition App $27/mo: ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Extreme low calorie diets are soooo 80s! I know we are bringing everything else back, but can we leave this one in the past!!

Says the girl with the big curly hair and headband 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Simple calculation for your calorie goal when starting out.

Bodyweight in pounds x 12 =
A starting calorie goal.

My numbers. 160 x 12= 1920 calories a day

Variables: how many workouts are you doing, have you been dieting for a long time already, how aggressive are your goals, is this extremely high for you on a daily basis. (This is a starting point FYI!)

Non negotiable: high protein intake, consistent water intake, daily movement, and daily consistency.

Want to learn how you can see results without cutting out your favorite foods, with out tracking macros, and without starving? Message me or click the link in my bio @alliesmithfigure

Co-owner & Head coach: Allie Smith-Cobb
�Our team has over 22 years of experience- join our client roster! Online & Boise, ID coaching

Coaches: Logan Cobb @locobb12 & Julie Bawden @juliebcoaching

Online Workout program & Nutrition coaching with App $27/mo:


5 steps to focus your efforts

The workout is important- the food is more importanter! 😉

5 steps to start your fitness journey
💧Water: drink 72-90 oz a day
🍗Eat protein with each meal
🚶‍♀️Steps: 8-10,000
🍓Eat 1 fruit and 1 vegetable a day
💤Sleep: Get 7-8 hours a night

All core fundamentals but the way you implement them and approach is personal! And that’s where a coach can help you find what works for you 💜

Co-owner & Head coach: @alliesmithfigure
�Our team has over 22 years of experience- join our roster! Online & Boise, ID coaching

Coaches: @juliebcoaching @locobb12

Online Workout & Nutrition App $27/mo:

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End of the week, are you sore? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Muscle soreness is a side effect of stress put on muscles during you exercise. It is commonly called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. DOMS usually begins within 6-8 hours after a new activity or a change in activity, and can last up to 24-48 hours after the exercise. Hopefully not longer if you’re taking care of yourself.

Acute muscle soreness is most often caused by a buildup of lactic acid. Adding light movement helps this lactic acid move out of the muscle and reduce soreness.

➡️ How can you tell if your soreness is the normal kind of soreness? 

Feeling soreness when you use the muscle is a good amount soreness. i.e. Picking up something you dropped and feeling your hamstrings. Doing your hair and feel your shoulders. Sneezing or coughing and feeling your abs.

🚨If you cannot function in your daily activities, tell your trainer. They need to back off on your progressions a bit.

➡️Should you chase soreness from every workout?

Soreness doesn’t equal a good workout. As a trainer, we may not load the exercise until we feel comfortable you can execute it safely and accurately. Especially if you’re dealing with aches and pains. (Knees & back issues are popular) But also, if we cripple you during our workouts, you’ll hate working out and never come back… so, we’re nice to a point 😉

But soreness is to be expected if you changed up your workout routine recently… Something to think about: If you haven’t been sore in a long time though, what is your goal with your gym sessions?

➡️ Do you want to change your body composition and gain muscle? Occasional soreness may be inevitable.

➡️ Think you’d benefit from changing up your workouts? Check out our level Up custom programming. We take your goals, workout environment, likes, and dislikes and build you a program that gives you results! Link in bio! @alliesmithfigure


10 year challenge. Am I aging well or I never do anything to change my look?

Actually what has helped:
Stopped tanning
Little Botox 😉
Eating well
Sun screen
Working out keeps you young 🙌🏼
Stress management

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Winter 6 week challenge starts in just 12 days! Have you signed up yet?

No, because you're wondering if you should do it again? Check out what our repeat offenders are saying!

"I've done the challenge before and loved it. But with my recent move into a new house I’ve fallen off the workout boat. If I wanted to do this alone, I could. But I love the social interactions of the other challengers. This is the motivation/ accountability I need to get myself back on track." - Megan K.

"I debated whether to do the challenge again. But I need the encouragement and accountability. It doesn’t hurt to get all the information from these amazing coaches. They are supportive and fun and knowledgeable. I’m still learning and want to continue to lose weight and gain strength. Never too late to start." - Deanna Smith

Join us and find.your winter motivation to move and eat right!


Fit ball roll outs & the ab wheel are my 2 favorite ab exercises. Warning: they’re very hard! But here are some tips..

Get strong at a plank first.

Then get strong with a plank on a fit ball.

Then while planking on the fit ball push your hands away from you then pull them back. The stronger you are, the farther you’ll be able to go.

Don’t be surprised if it’s a very small back and forward motion.

Make the motion smooth and controlled.

Be prepared for sore abs! 🔥

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BYE 2021 🎉 Huge End of Year Sale going on now through January 3rd! 7 of our most popular items on sale - including our 6 week challenge! Check it out!

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The popular phrases I hear in consultations with new clients are these 4! SO MANY PEOPLE THINK THIS!

So swipe and read my 4 beliefs that will be key to your success.

And if you love miserable diets, long hours of cardio, and believe that 1200 calorie diets are the answer, you should probably unfollow me 😉

If you’re sick of trying to lose weight, gain muscle, and feel better but always failing…. Maybe it’s time you try something new! 🙋🏼‍♀️hi my name is @alliesmithfigure and I’m here to help.


You lost weight when you did cut out carbs, did more cardio, and didn’t eat sweets or junk food.

But was it successful?

Can you keep up with that year round?
Did you lose fat or all muscle and water weight?
We’re you happy 🙅🏼‍♀️

So you owe it to yourself to do it differently!

Do it for a lifestyle you can keep.
Do it for the holidays you want to attend, do it for the birthday parties, do it for date night pizza, do it because life is short and you should be happy damnit! 🙌🏼

I can help! Get on my client roster before my prices increase in 2022!

Send me a message! @alliesmithfigure


You will never reach your goals if you keep saying these phrases:

I can’t ever stick to this!
Why do I always fail!
I’ve always been a large person, that’s who I am.
I suck at losing weight!

Hire one of our coaches to make the switch from failing to succeeding! Send me a message or visit

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Motivate yourself with accountability - accountability moves you forward.

Motivation is a great tool to get you started, but remember it doesn’t stick around all the time.

There will be days where you don’t want to eat right, workout, or move! So those are the days you dig deep into your determination and do it for more than “because I’m motivated”

🥵Do it because you’re unhappy feeling sluggish all the time.

🏃🏼‍♀️Do it so you can chase your kids around the yard.

👵🏼Do it so you can live longer to see your grandchild grow up.

The choice is easy when you know why you’re doing it!

Coaches make create accountability partners! Check out one of our 3 coaches

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😂 Intermittent fasting explained by Beth on this weeks episode of @yellowstone was perfectly Beth!

But in case you’ve never heard of intermittent fasting, here’s some basic knowledge to know before you start smoking, drinking, and eating whatever the hell you want!

Where are my Yellowstone fans at? 🙋🏼‍♀️

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Last sale this year where you will see our prices this low!! 😱 In person & online specials 🙌🏼

We did this sale last year and it was HUGE! Check it out- today only. Don’t miss it


How to Conquer your fitness

-Get a program. Take the second guessing and the wondering out of it. Get a program, show up and follow it. Don’t over think, just follow it the best you can. 👉 Turn the process into follow vs creation.

-Stick with it.👊🏼 To quote Garrett White, “You’re going to suck, you’re going to suck real bad at first. What you’re going to find over time though is that eventually you’re going to suck less. And eventually, you might even get to the point where you’re actually good!” So stick to your program for longer than 1 day or 1 week! Yes, you’ll start out weaker than you use to be, you’ll be tired, finding time to workout will seem daunting … at first! If you stick to it, workouts get easier because you get stronger, you want to eat better because you notice your body changing… so invest in sucking a little!

-Repeat! Don’t be scared to repeat a program. You went through it once when you weren’t as strong or well conditioned. Go back and have fun crushing your old numbers. Nothing feels better than looking back and thinking “ha, this used to be hard!” 👊🏼

-Track yo S**t! Don’t rely on the scale to determine if you’re successful. Take progress photos, measurements, do a strength test, and track your workouts. If you’re following a program, you WILL see improvements. Just gotta show up and track it.

💪🏼 Our Black Friday Deals:
4 Personal Training sessions+ Meal Prep Service. (Value: $650) Cost $347
8 Personal Training sessions + Meal Prep Service (Value: $950) Cost: $547
3 mo. Online Personal Training (Value: $680) Cost:$397
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⏰1 day, 8 hours, and 40 mins….

P.s. we haven’t discounted our training this much since opening in 2015! 😱

And, we have never teamed up with a meal prep service! 🙌🏼 this is what my client @dusterbust says about @treasurevalleymealprep ⬇️

“Having a meal prep service is great because it takes less planning and cooking on my part. When I need a meal it’s there for me with printed macros readily available. They taste great, and help me reach my goals. I’ve noticed huge changes in my body since using this service and when I don’t have them I eat a lot more poorly. @treasurevalleymealprep is amazing and I love support this local business.” - Dusty, A night shift respiratory therapist

Don’t miss it! @alliesmithfigure ⬅️ link in my bio!

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Our small group coaching call today was a good reminder that in order to be successful long-term, you need more than a trainer telling you what to do.

You need to identify with your goals.

Can you become a badass healthy woman if you identify as a junk food connoisseur?

Can you become a more active person if you call yourself a couch potato?

Swipe through this post, some strong points that may help you feel more successful!

REMINDER- Black Friday sale ends Sunday night. Let our coaches help you reach your goals.


👍🏼ITS A GO! Black Friday Sale is LIVE until November 28th!

In person training prices- SLASHED!
Online training prices- SLASHED!

P.S. don’t wait too long, some trainers schedules will fill up 😉

➡️ BONUS! This year we added meal prep service by teaming up with a Veteran owned meal prep service right here in Kuna, Idaho! 🇺🇸🙌🏼

You can get everything health & fitness on track WITHOUT cooking! 🙌🏼

Check it out ⬇️


What muscle is your favorite to workout?

I love a good tricep workout- but I am learning to love glute and hamstring workouts simply because of my strength increasing.

The key to being successful with your workouts is finding some joy in them.

That could be tracking your strength increase, tracking endurance, do more volume, less rest needed between lifts, and how much you look forward to them!

If you hate lifting, it’s probably because you’re not aiming for anything or tracking anything. Once you work on improving, it gets more fun.

You can’t go lift just because one day it will make you look better. That’s too far away. You can add 5,10,15 lbs to your lift a lot sooner!

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😫 When can we as society get past the phrase, “I can’t have that!”

Unless your allergic to it or it hurts your stomach, then no you can’t….BUT

As a trainer I’m telling you, there is no food off limits.

Change your mindset and think of food and calories as an allowance.

You have $$$$ much to spend for the day… (hint: it’s more than 1200 calories a day)

Now do you want to spend it on and be left with little calories for the day, be hungry in 30 mins, and unable to hit your muscle growing badass protein goal?

Could you have tomorrow and plan for it, make it fit into your day?

Could you have a smaller portion of today and the rest tomorrow while still hitting your protein and calorie goal?

So yes you can have it, but maybe you can’t have it today, or right now, or maybe you start using the phrase, “I’m ok for today, maybe next time” “I’m not hungry right now.” “Thanks for offering, but I’m ok for now.”

This won’t be an easy mind shift, but it will make your process a lot easier!

For more coaching, check out the link in my bio! And share to your friend who always says, “I can’t eat that!”

@locobb12 @juliebcoaching


HUGE BF SALE - The price has never been this low! Enter your email and get a bigger black friday sale - $70 off the new MZ-SWITCH or MZ3!

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Clients are going into the busy season with focus, support, and moderation because we don’t wanna do the holidays with a restrictive diet! 👎🏼

Try out our monthly workout & nutrition program for just $1!

➡️ easy to use
➡️ video demonstration for every exercise
➡️ go into each workout with confidence and know what you’re doing!

Oh! Have no idea what you can or should eat? Our 50+ page nutrition playbook gives you recipes, pictures of all our favorite foods, cooking videos, meal prep ideas and instructions, and so much more!

Check out TFL trainer! If you like it and want more of a custom program, you can save with our Black Friday deals starting Monday! ➡️ LINK IN BIO

21 Day TRANSFORM Program

I went through two phases when it came to my body.

Phase 1: Running a lot, softer, no muscle, and eating junk. (Trying to outwork my bad diet)
Phase 2: Still running a lot, skinny, no muscle, and not eating. (Trying to starve myself to be fit)

Neither of those 2 phases worked. But I figured it out and now I want to help you!

As a Personal Trainer it’s my job to set you up for success. And it’s time to cut out all the outrageous fad diets and workout programs. They’re too extreme to maintain and never getting the results that stick!

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5 steps to focus your efforts




Online training program with app, one-on-one training in Boise area, and bootcamp classes 2 times a week.

Online services:


4585 S Cloverdale Rd
Boise, ID

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