Lisa C. Cheney

Lisa C. Cheney


Just in case some of you need a break from today's events, I have a treat for you on this Tuesday. I hope you enjoy these time-lapse video clips of my creative process, as I carefully string up my Telecaster painting. There are many, MANY, hours of painting compressed into 2 mins. *Bonus* Maya makes her debut, so don't blink!! Sending you all much love!

Click through to my YouTube Chanel and subscribe if you enjoy watching and learning about my creative process, art inspiration, painting/drawing tutorials and tips, the inspiration and stories attached to much of my art, and other things. I need to have 1000 subscribers in order to have live streams available there. I would love to have you join my community there!
Thank you in advance! 🙏 💗
Would love to take a workshop with you. E at
Lisa, it was so good to see you today at Art Unraveled! I came home and looked up the workshops I took from you 3 years ago. They were Learning to See, Creative Values, and A Visual Journey (at least I have a booklet titled that). I do think I attended all 3 of your classes that year, if you did teach 3. The two booklets I have are so informative. I DROOL over your visual journals - they are so rich and inspiring! I LOVE your style and all of your art.

Artist Lisa C. Cheney ~ Discovering the beauty of both my external and internal views, and following

Operating as usual

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More adventures in monotype print making… swipe to see the amazing 36” wide etching printing press my father built for me. 😍🥰

“Cancer Full Moon 2023”

Yesterday I held my first printmaking workshop in my home, using my press! Everyone had a fantastic time creating one of a kind artwork that they will use for their book covers in next weekends book making workshop.


New Years Eve monotype printmaking fun. 😅💗
I have an upcoming bookmaking/printmaking workshop that I’m teaching, so I spent the evening practicing some of the printmaking techniques. This is a one color monotype that turned into a two color monotype. I love the press my dad made…it is bad ass!! 🙌 I’ll post some images of it soon.

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Now available! (Update SOLD)
I have one journal/mixed-media sketchbook ready to be shipped. This one is extra special because it has images of my artwork on both front and back covers! The pages inside are heavy weight Stonehenge printmaking paper, smooth enough to draw on yet will withstand any wet mixed media you wish to use. This is the journal I designed 10 years ago, and the primary one I use for all my visual journaling. It could be yours just in time for Christmas and the new year.

PM me for price and details. I can ship immediately.

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Printmaking Fun!!!


Inktober #7 & 8
Trip & Match

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Did you see my artwork on the cover of Boise Weekly a few months back? Love it? 💗
The original could be yours!!!
Online bidding is now open and the live cover our auction is Tuesday, October 18.

Online bidding:

Live event tickets:
go to click the “purchase ticket” button


Inktober Day 5: Flame


Inktober Day 4: Scallop
I chose to draw a section of scalloped lace.


Inktober 2022
Days 1-3
I have given myself the challenge to sit and sketch a minimum of 15mins to 1 hour each day in order to return to my daily sketching practice. What a pleasant surprise that this coincided with Inktober! 🙌

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Boise Open Studios starts this weekend. My studio will be open next weekend, Oct 8-9. If you are in the Boise area, I invite you come out and spend some time with me in the studio. 💗😁
Thank you Boise Weekly for the featured article. On news stands now…printed Studio Tour maps also available in this week’s paper. Visit Boise Open Studios . com for the detailed interactive map.

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On news stands now… Boise Weekly cover. ☺️😁

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Happy patron picking up his limited edition print of “Reflection,” my vintage Telecaster oil painting. What an absolute honor it has been to see the joy my painting has brought to all those that have supported and believed in both me and this work of art. Thank you!! 🙏🏻💗

Full size 36”x36”, and half size 18”x18” prints available. PM me for details.



First set of Limited Edition prints of my Telecaster painting leaving the nest!!!! 😍🙌


Me: What are you going to make with those? 🤔

Muse: Just you wait and see!!! 🙌😁


Watch this reel by lisacheneyart on Instagram 01/04/2022

Watch this reel by lisacheneyart on Instagram

Completed my Telecaster painting the other night… it still hasn’t sunk in that it is done after 4years. 😳🥂😁🎉

Full size and half size limited edition prints available… PM me for info.

Watch this reel by lisacheneyart on Instagram Lisa Cheney shared a post on Instagram: “The Tele’s final screw is done! Four years in the making… I am still in shock that it is complete!!…” • Follow their account to see 195 posts.

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For those just tuning in, this is a detailed shot of a 36”x36” oil painting I’ve worked on over the past 4 years. It is my vision of a 1956 Telecaster guitar, which is the 2nd painting in a series entitled Vintage Tones.
(Swipe through to see the full painting.)
PM me for info on the limited-edition, hand signed, museum quality prints.

I just added the final details to the Tele’s last control k**b… all that is left is that tiny screw head under the k**b! Then it will be complete and the title revealed!!!

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Day two of teaching my “Mixed Media Watercolor” class. Everyone is learning to integrate all the techniques they learned yesterday into one painting! I’m so proud of them for being brave and open minded to learn how to use watercolors in a new way. 👏☺️👏

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Just a woman and her visual journal… Sure felt GOOD to spend an afternoon surrounded by these old friends. 🙌😍🎨

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More downtown sketch-crawling with good friends. 💗💗💗

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This year marks 12 yrs that I have had the opportunity to participate in my local Artist Open Studios Tour. It is so much fun to share my creative process with the public! If you are near by, stop in and say hello. 😊

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This Fall I began teaching drawing to children ages 3yrs-teens. They have just moved past the basics and are now having so much fun!! My “proud mama” heart about exploded last night as I watched all ages draw their first still life, using the skills I’ve been sharing. Mind you, some of these are skills I didn’t learn until I was in college! Lucky kids!!


Our new website with Studio Tour map goes live today!!


“Protector of Pearls”
Moon Mandala ~ New Moon in Aquarius during Leo season : stepping into new fresh energy/skin, appreciating Love in all of its expressions, acknowledging and owning our gifts and learning how to share them


Dean, one of my patrons, dropped by today to meet me and to see the Tele painting in person! It felt so good to be able to meet one of the many individuals who have been following the creation of this larger than life painting. Such a wonderful man, who has an appreciation for vintage instruments and shares my love for the stories attached to both the subject and the painting!
I’ll post some more in-progress video in the next few days. 💕


“Keeper of the Bones”
Mixed media on wooden panel

“The things that women reclaim are often their own voice, their own values, their imagination, their clairvoyance, their stories, their ancient memories. If we go for the deeper, the darker, and the less known we will touch the bones.”
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Happy Tele Tuesday!!
(I get asked all the time if this is a photo… it is a larger than life painting!! 😁🎨) One knurled k**b and the final screw head to go. Watch for more updates this week. This is the final lower right corner of a 36”x36” oil painting. Check out my profile to see this vintage Tele in it’s entirety.

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Taught my niece the art of creating a nature mandala. She blewn me away with her creative spirit and open heartedness. We spent the better part of the afternoon creating this sacred space. Time well spent!!! 🙏🏻💗🌸

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Taking a moment from painting to share my view of the studio this evening. Meet my studio girl, Maya. She likes to sleep with her back leg hanging out. 😂 She is a good girl. 💗

Anyone else have a furry friend asleep at your feet while you work?


I started a new small visual journal / sketchbook for when I’m out and about. I have found that even the most simple sketches are good for the creative soul and keeps my artist eyes sharp. This was a little tree I found at the camp ground over the weekend. Well, actually it was a combination of two baby trees. I started drawing the bottom of one, got distracted, and ended up drawing the top of another. 😂🎨

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“Her Roots Run Deep”
Encaustic on wood

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Maya and I are house/pet sitting this weekend. The light in this studio is incredible!!! I’m excited to spend a long quiet 3 days here painting! (Note the Tele painting behind me.😏) Maya is loving sleeping on the soft bed in front of some of mommy’s other paintings. 🥰

What fun plans do you have for the weekend??

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More Tele
Reflections in the making...
Swipe for knurling details. 😊🎨
Oil painting on canvas , in-progress details.


Stepped out of the studio a little bit ago, thinking I had left my glasses next to the easel. I have been wondering around the past 10 mins looking for my glasses .... 👀😳🙄... 🎨

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Deep bows to all the brave souls doing their work. 💚🙏🏻

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My studio is cozy and warm, and I can’t think of a better place to be on this chilly last day of February. I’ve been painting realism all afternoon and am now switching over to filming the creation of my next moon mandala for a new on-line workshop I have in the works.

What do you like to do on Sunday afternoons when it is chilly outside?

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