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Thank you Idaho Head Start Association! You can find out more about our program at
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Thank you Idaho Head Start Association for posting on this historical day 🪶
I'd like to share a rather unusual and free resource for promoting positive childhood experiences and preventing adverse childhood experiences...parenting norms bumper stickers. Advancing Parenting, a Camarillo CA nonprofit, produces parenting norms bumper stickers and makes them available at no cost to schools, businesses, organizations, and clinics. There are fifty-two in a set and each bumper sticker communicates a parenting behavior or practice generally recognized as supporting the healthy development of children. Just one will be read thousands of times!

Bumper stickers are a unique and powerful way for friends, family, and community members to share parenting wisdom. At stoplights drivers and passengers point, smile, and nod. Conversations begin and often a phone is used to take a photo of the sticker right at the stoplight. Presumably, they are being shared on social media. It's wonderful to see!

Sets of the stickers can be given away at events and/or put in holders and placed on counters and tables so folks can select one or more for their cars. Visit to request this free resource. Use a computer...our website is not optimized for phones. Please share.
Staff and Policy Council parents are participating in the Idaho Head Start Association annual conference virtually this year. Check out the video of Governor Brad Little proclaiming February as Head Start Awareness Month
We want to congratulate the Idaho Head Start Association on its 55 year anniversary!

Also, School District 25’s Head Start program is now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year! Refer to the flyer below or call (208) 233-6606 for more information.

One of our grantees, Idaho Head Start Association, is mentioned in National Head Start Association's latest brief!

Head Start gives young children living in poverty backgrounds the skills they need to be successful in school and life. Learn more:
Please join Decoding Dyslexia Idaho at our public signing with Governor Little of our Proclamation declaring October as Dyslexia Awareness Month. Friday, October 4th at 2:00 at the Rotunda in our State Capitol. Bring your kiddos, those 1 in 5 who struggle in our schools across this state and support this important moment in bringing awareness and change.
Please join Decoding Dyslexia Idaho for our first
Dyslexia Awareness & Educational Summit
Saturday, October 5th, 8:30-4:30
St. Luke’s Washington Group Plaza
720 Park Blvd. Boise, ID 83729

This summit is designed with educators, therapists, and parents in mind, bringing you resources and tools from specialist in our community. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what Dyslexia is, why early screening is so important and what signs you can watch for in the children you work with. Tips & tricks will be presented for teaching these students in the classroom and tools to help you coach these students through therapy sessions. Learn how to write effective IEP goals and how to better advocate for your student/child. Individuals who should attend this one-day Summit include general education teachers, special education teachers, reading specialists, paraprofessionals, school counselors, OT/PT/SLP therapists, principals, and parents. The $40 price covers lunch and a day packed full of community leaders sharing and providing resources to support individuals with dyslexia. This is truly a day you won’t want to miss! Educators can earn 1 CE Credit through NNU. More CE Credit information will be given at the Summit.
• Connie Risser, Adult Dyslexic/NILD Educational Therapist
• What is Dyslexia
• Dyslexia Simulation
• Dr. Deb Glaser, National Trainer of distinguished teacher curriculum authored by Louisa Moats Ed.D
• The Reading Teachers Top Ten Tools
• Evelyn Johnson, CEO Lee Pesky Learning Center
• Early Screening and tools educators, therapists and parents can use to help identify these kids early
• Sherry Black, Dyslexia Consultant/Rise Above Dyslexia
• Answers to common questions about Dyslexia
• Karyn Kilpatrick, SPED Teacher/Coopalo Learning Center
• How to write an effective IEP
• Rachel Berger, Founder of Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota/Microsoft Assistive Technology Trainer
• Introduction to Microsoft AT support for the classroom
• Nick Stallings, Idaho Assistive Technology Project and our State Department of Education, Shannon Dunstan, how they work together creating change and the literacy projects the state is working on.
• Panel Discussion
• An opportunity to ask your questions and interact with our guest speakers

Visit to get your tickets today
“We stand ready as a state to continue investing in upstream solutions. Foster care is really expensive, it’s devastating, it’s hard and it’s our last resort.” - State Senator Abby Lee.

Idaho Head Start Association helps struggling families create more stability, prevent family separation, and build stronger communities and is one of the American Heart Association's Voices for Healthy Kids grant recipients. The goal of the grant opportunities is to make effective strategic investments in ongoing state, local, and tribal public policy issue campaigns in order to increase public policy impact on healthy weight and living among children. Read more about how Idaho Head Start is helping families.
We're at Idaho Head Start Association this morning to support their work to help struggling families create more stability, prevent family separation, and build stronger communities. The Idaho Head Start Association is a Voices for Healthy Kids grant recipient. Voices for Healthy Kids is an initiative by the American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation aimed at creating a culture of health.
Congratulations to our staff for the recognition at this year's Idaho Head Start Association Annual Awards Banquet!

Ricardo Luna, the Education Coordinator at Felipe Cabral was honored as Teacher of the Year!

Russ Newbold, the Transportation Services Manager was honored as Support Staff of the Year!

We are so lucky to have you both at CC Idaho! You're both truly making a difference and we couldn't be more proud!!! Thank you for going above and beyond in your roles.
Thank you for your recognition Idaho Head Start Association
We sure are lucky to have such a committed and caring individual on our team! Russ, congrats on being named the 2018 Head Start Support Staff of the Year!!!

The Idaho Head Start Association (IHSA) supports Head Start programs through advocacy, Partnerships,

Every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, has the ability to reach their full potential.

Operating as usual


News from Head Start.


Administration for Children and Families - ACF issues Final Rule on mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in Head Start programs to align more closely with the guidance from CDC.

This final rule also removes the universal masking requirement for individuals ages 2 and older.

Learn more:


Idaho's Head Start and Early Head Start programs welcome children with disabilities. We offer a full range of services to ensure these children will be as successful as the other children in our program. These services include special education, health, social services, parent involvement, mental health, nutrition, and case management. Children suspected of having a disabling condition and/or children with a disability are carefully assessed to determine what services might be necessary. Learn more and find a program near you at


Are you worried? Afraid? Angry? Prolonged stress is unhealthy for you and your children. You can learn and practice these easy techniques to calm yourself, and your children can learn and practice alongside you. Start 2023 off right by learning to manage stress.


The simple act of expressing gratitude is powerful for adults and children. Verbalize your gratitude to pre-verbal infants, encourage toddlers to talk about or draw pictures of what they are grateful for and help older children write down what they are grateful for. Family meal time is an excellent place to talk about what each person is grateful for.


Hooray! The Fiscal Year 2023 budget on its way to the President Biden’s desk includes a record investment of $11.99 billion for Head Start and Early Head Start. That's a $960 million increase over last year. Big thanks to our team that visited with Congress in the fall. IHSA will continue to work with National Head Start Association to advocate for increased compensation for the early childhood workforce.


Head Start and Early Head Start serve expectant parents and families with children ages birth to five years. You’ll find our welcoming and inclusive programs in 146 Idaho communities. We partner with you to ensure development of your child’s language, literacy, social, emotional, and physical skills Applications are always accepted. To learn more and find a program near you, please visit


Idaho's Head Start and Early Head Start programs serve large and small families. Each of the 13 programs enrolls children who are unhoused, children in foster care and children with disabilities. We celebrate our Head Start families in their awesome diversity. Learn more at
Pocatello/Chubbuck Head Start


Idaho's Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide opportunities to families with young children in 146 Idaho communities. All families are welcome if they meet the income-related eligibility requirements. Your child’s early years are very important, and you want to give them the best. Get in touch with your local Head Start program by visiting
Photos from Friends of Children and Families, Inc. Head Start & Early Head Start


What happens in a child's first days and months has a life-long impact. Parents are often unaware of the simple steps they can take to build positive relationships with their babies. Idaho's Early Head Start programs provide comprehensive services to families with children age 0-3 and most welcome parents who are expecting. What are you waiting for? Find out about Early Head Start programs near you at and please share with your friends.
[Image Description: Two newborns wrapped in blankets lie sleeping side by side. Text reads, "Is Your Family Growing?"]

Timeline photos 11/21/2022

We celebrate our Head Start fathers!

Fathers and male caregivers play a very important part in a child’s early learning. Explore how early education staff can create father-friendly environments in their programs:


Now that's something to smile about!

is one of the most important educational investment in children & families in the U.S. Over the last 6 decades, it has provided support to 37 million vulnerable children & their families.
That's 37 million !!


Thanks for advocating for Head Start!

Advocates for Head Start in Washington DC 💥 Ruby Behm and Abby Greenfield

Photos from Idaho Head Start Association's post 09/21/2022

The Idaho delegation is making a difference at the National Head Start Association Fall Leadership Institute in Washington DC. After the morning rally, they had a meeting with Head Start supporter Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson. Thanks to Karey Perkins from WICAP Community Collaborative, Ruby and Tom Behm and Abby Greenfield from CSI Head Start/Early Head Start and IHSA Executive Director Bill Foxcroft for speaking up for Head Start.


Mask rule to officially change at Head Start.

The Administration for Children and Families recently announced that, in the near future, we intend to publish a final rule that will formally remove the requirement for universal masking in Head Start programs for all individuals ages 2 and older.

Learn more:


Idaho Head Start Association celebrates the Hispanic staff members and families that make Head Start strong.

This year, is from September 15th to October 15th!

The Office of Head Start honors and celebrates our Hispanic children, families, and staff. Thank you for being a part of our family!


Reading is a part of each day at Idaho's Head Start and Early Head Start centers. Reading develops language and literacy skills, peaks curiosity, and helps children understand emotion. Learn more about Idaho's Head Start programs at Photos are from Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Head Start in Fort Hall.

Photos from Idaho Head Start Association's post 08/25/2022

Let's make a mess! Messy play engages the senses, and children learn foundational cognitive principles as they exercise motor, language, and social skills.
Learn more:


Head Start and Early Head Start programs across Idaho are starting the 2022/23 school year. Head Start is the nation's most successful school readiness program. Find a program near you by visiting
Photo taken at WICAP Community Collaborative Head Start.


Head Start and Early Head Start programs across Idaho are starting the 2022/23 school year. Head Start is the nation's most successful school readiness program. Find a program near you by visiting
Photo taken at Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Head Start in Fort Hall.


Head Start and Early Head Start programs across Idaho are hiring. There are openings for entry level teachers and aides, support and administrative staff, cooks, bus drivers and managers. Find your local program at


Applying for your local FREE Head Start and Early Head Start program is simple for families that qualify for SNAP benefits - just show your enrollment papers. Programs across Idaho are accepting applications now. Visit to find your local program and learn more about the Head Start Advantage.


Head Start and Early Head Start support parents in their role as primary caregivers and first, most important teachers of their children. Head Start focuses on the whole family, assisting parents with a wide range of family needs including job training, housing, employment, and parenting education. When parents thrive, children thrive!
Find your local Head Start and Early Head Start programs at
Photos from Friends of Children and Families, Inc. Head Start & Early Head Start Lolly Wyatt Center in Garden City.


Attention Head Start parents and caregivers - present and alumni. Can you represent Idaho on this call? Please let us know if you attend. Thanks.

Calling all Parents and Caregivers!

Join us for our first Parent Advocacy Engagement Call on August 3 at 7 p.m. This is a space to hear the latest news and connect with Head Start families across the country.

See you there ➡️

Photos from Idaho Head Start Association's post 07/26/2022

Look at the smiles on these Head Start students from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Head Start in Fort Hall, Idaho. Idaho is proud to have three American Indian Head Start programs. The Nez Perce Tribe Mamáy’asnim Hitéemenwees, The Coeur d'Alene Tribe Schitsu’umsh, and Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Newe, programs.


Idaho's Head Start and Early Head Start programs help families find a primary care physician and a dentist and makes referrals for specialists that help with hearing, vision and other problems that interfere with learning. Expectant parents and children zero to five can enroll in our FREE program. Learn about eligibility and find a program near you at

Photos from Idaho Head Start Association's post 07/22/2022

Idaho's Head Start programs help every child reach their full potential. Getting ready for kindergarten involves developing fine motor skills that children acquire through manipulation of playdough and small toys. Find a Head Start program near you at
Photos from Friends of Children and Families, Inc. Head Start & Early Head Start Lolly Wyatt Center in Garden City and Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Head Start in Fort Hall.

How to Help Kids with Big Feelings | Raising Resilient Kids 07/21/2022

How to Help Kids with Big Feelings | Raising Resilient Kids

Idaho Public Television and the Idaho Resilience Project have created excellent resources to be used by parents, teachers and other caregivers.

How to Help Kids with Big Feelings | Raising Resilient Kids “Calm down!” It might be something your parents said to you when you were upset. Or it might be something you recently said to your child. In this short vi...


A hug is a powerful thing. A 20 second hug can help your kid grow smarter, healthier, happier, more resilient and closer to you. Start and end each day with a hug. Head Start and Early Head Start help parents learn about the power of hugs and much, much more!


Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease, but it can be prevented with good oral health care. Tooth pain can prevent children from speaking clearly, eating, and learning. Head Start's professional teachers help children and families learn how to care for their teeth. Idaho's Head Start programs are enrolling expectant parents and children age 0-4 NOW. Programs are free to qualifying families. Find your local center at


Idaho's 13 Head Start programs are accepting applications now. Find your local center at
Friends of Children and Families, Inc. Head Start & Early Head Start, North Idaho College Head Start, Mountain States Early Head Start, WICAP of Canyon County, Community Council of Idaho, Inc., College of Southern Idaho, EICAP - Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership, Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25, Lewis-Clark Early Childhood Program

We know recruiting and enrolling children and families are at the heart of the work done at Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Having readily accessible tools at your fingertips is essential to your outreach and recruitment efforts.

Explore and download the latest recruitment tools from the Office of Head Start, now available on the ECLKC:


International Mud Day was celebrated in grand style at WICAP's Payette Head Start. Idaho Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Payette and around the state are accepting applications now. Learn more at
National Head Start Association

Idaho Head Start Association 06/29/2022

Idaho Head Start Association

Outdoor play is fun and it's packed with benefits for young children. Outdoor time at Head Start improves children's health, strengthens children's development and learning and connects them to nature. Applications are now being accepted for children age 0-4 and expectant parents. Find a center near you at
Photos from Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Head Start and Friends of Children and Families, Inc. Head Start & Early Head Start

Idaho Head Start Association The Idaho Head Start Association (IHSA) is a statewide nonprofit composed of representatives from Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant Head Start, and Native American Head Start.


Idaho's Head Start programs welcome ALL families and children! We provide safe environments that ensure equality, respect, and dignity for parents and staff members, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or gender expression. Learn more: Programs are accepting applications for Head Start and Early Head Start now. Get connected at


The Head Start Advantage. Idaho's Head Start programs help families get their children to the doctor for routine checkups and to specialists to identify and treat disabilities or delays. Screening early matters. Head Start’s comprehensive health services address critical needs and contribute to the success of children and families. Contact your local program and apply today at


Raising Resilient Kids: Mental Health Matters

Tune in next Tuesday.


Well deserved recognition of the amazing job of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Head Start staff. Congratulations.
National Head Start Association

OWYHEE--A pretty special event happened on June 9 for staff of local schools. Duck Valley Head Start and Owyhee Combined School faculty, administration and staff—were presented a gift of appreciation delivered by Tribal Council Members. The gifts were delivered in the afternoon, and were happily welcomed.
Tribal Vice Chairman Brian Mason, Councilwoman Addie Parker, and Councilwoman Daliah Abel presented the cups to the staff of the schools.
“That was shocking,” said Head Start Lead Teacher Cammie Jones. “We’ve never gotten anything like that before,” she said. While the staff receives small gifts from some students at the end of the school year, Jones said the gifts from the Tribe meant a lot to them.
Jones spoke of the challenges the head start center faced during the pandemic. Like many entities that were shut down in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Head Start students weren’t able to come to the classroom and while many head start centers across the state were shut down entirely, Duck Valley Head Start Center wasn’t. Staff worked hard to get out educational packets weekly and to get food to their students every day of the school week. Jones said she felt fortunate that their school wasn’t one that shut down entirely. They were employed and the students still received instruction.
Jones said the students were happy to be back in the classroom this past school year. She said working on social skills after two years of not being in school was the focus for a while. Jones credits her staff with pulling together and making things work because the staff had their own concerns with covid-19. “We had staff filling in other positions,” Cammie said. They made it work, though in and out themselves with bouts with the illness.
The school year was full of challenges for the schools. The Council and community saw teachers and staff display extraordinary adaptability, courage, patience, and more having to re-do the way they’ve done things all along—going back and forth between in-person, remote and hybrid styles of instruction--which is why the Council wanted to show their appreciation in a small way, putting together 61 gift cups for staff at both entities. This small but meaningful gesture included a card which read, “Thank you for your continued patience and dedication to our students of [Owyhee Combined School/Headstart] through these unprecedented times.” Signed, Shoshone-Paiute Tribal Members.
Owyhee Combined School personnel were just as surprised as the staff at Head Start. An astonished Lynn Manning-John, Vice-Principal echoed that of Cammie Jones, saying it was such a nice surprise, adding, “this has never happened before!”
The Council hopes that Duck Valley’s school personnel, both Head Start and Owyhee Combined, felt some measure of appreciation for their efforts during the 2021-2022 school year. What the future holds we don’t know, but for today and for this past school year, the Sho-Pai tribal community thanks our teachers for pushing through the unique set of challenges presented by the covid-19 pandemic.

In the photo, Council Members and staff/students of the Duck Valley Head Start Center: Shoshone-Paiute Tribal Vice-Chairman Brian Mason, Lead Teacher & Supervisor Cammie Jones, Family Service Worker Tanya Beaudoin, Council Member Addie Parker, Lead Teacher Arloa Kelly, Assistant Cook Kristina Atkins; (second row) Council Member Daliah Abel and Head Cook Vickie Thomas along with students of the Head Start. (Not pictured: Janelle Harney, Assistant Teacher.)
Photo credit, Chrissy Pete, Sho-Pai News.

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Governor Little at Mtn Home Head Start
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