Delta Sigma Phort

A protected environment to foster quality learning, friendship, and coffee. It's that time of the semester again.

Come down to the south-east corner of the second floor in the Boise State Library and hang out in the Delta Sigma Phort. We have coffee, friendship and a healthy study environment!

Operating as usual


I, Joe St.Romain, have assumed charge over the fort. I have eradicated the pungent smell, and repaired the walls. Delta Sigma Phort is now a safe place to study, nap, or drop off stuff you would like someone to watch while you dip out for a bit.

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And so it begins


Tonight. 9:00pm. Vi Va La Resistance.


It's that time again ladies and gents. The resistance begins Monday.

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If you brought something to the Phort and haven't picks it up yet, please do so. I don't want to have to take this stuff home with me. If you can't make it before 5, text me (Clint) and we can work something out.


Fort takedown will begin around 6:30pm tonight. If you have anything here, please come get it.


Dearest family, friends, and soldiers, we would like to remind you all of the purpose of the Delta Sigma Phort and that's to work together to conquer the inevitable doom that is the end of the semester. We kindly ask that if you don't have finals to study for essays to write in the Phort that you so kindly leave the Phort and not distract the individuals who are actually trying to study. Good luck with finals and all you future endeavors.


Holy Phort! Our numbers and size has exploded over the last hour. We are twice as big, twice as many, and ten times more organized that we ever were last semester. Come get some free snacks, naps, and Monster Energy drinks!


Construction has started. Head up to the second floor with blankets and books. Lots of blankets. Lots.


It's almost time....


Hope you all rocked those mid terms and had a wonderful spring break. There will be an annex of the Phort this friday at the Relay for Life. Come swing by and check it out in the Rec center starting around 6pm!

Delta Sigma Phort will be rebuilt stronger than ever in only a few months!

Career Center - Career Center 01/27/2014

Career Center - Career Center

After all that studying we did, lets get ready for the real world

2014 Career Fair – Wed. February 26 from 9-3 in the SUB Jordan Ballroom. Connect with employers! Get career & job info! For more details, contact the Boise State Career Center at (208) 426-1747

Career Center - Career Center


I would like to say Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you've all received the grades that you studious people deserve!
Happy Holidays!


This is your Commander.

I want to personally thank each and every person who took part in what we created. Never did I imagine the reach throwing up a few blankets over some chairs would have. I met so many new and interesting people, and made so many wonderful new friends. You guys rock. Thank you so much for respecting each other, as well as the other people that were studying around us. I'm honestly convinced that it was because of all of your smiling faces that I didn't end up drinking myself half to death while curled up in a ball under my coffee table by day 3 of dead weak. What we all created brought a semblance of fun to what we can all agree is a rather stressful time. I hope you all felt the same.

Be safe over break, and enjoy the time you spend with family and friends. If you find yourself alone this holiday here in Boise, I will be hosting events for all the stragglers here thought the entire break. Weather you know me or not, you are more than welcome to join. Nobody should spend the holidays alone.

I look forward to seeing you all again this spring semester.

Until next dead week, this is your Commander, signing off.



As of now we have:

7 blankets
3 Sheets
1 Pillow
4 extension cords
1 set of colored Christmas lights
1 cooler filled with random sodas
and a random assortment of food.

Please come grab them. At 2:45-3:00 we will grab them and hold onto them. You can contact David A Green on facebook to get them back after that.

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If any of these items are yours, you should come down and claim them!


This is the Executive Officer (XO) speaking.

At noon tomorrow, we will make like the Cold War and tear down this wall. I will bring my vacuum up along with stuff to wipe down and clean the desks.

If you have been kind enough to donate blankets to expand our perimeter, please come and pick them up around noon tomorrow. If we want to do this again next semester, it's upon all of us to leave the library at least as we found it, if not a bit better and more clean.

It's been a great time in our finals refuge. Now that we have conquered the semester, it's time to take our reward of a long break and holiday parties. It's been an honor Ladies & Gentlemen.


This is your commander speaking.

While I cherish my time here on the front lines with each and every one of you, as well as value the new friendships and bonds I've made with so many, I have located, closed with, and destroyed my last final by a precise barrage of academic firepower. I would like to return back to home base, and drink beer with my dog while watching netflix in nothing but my tight white underpants while morning the overwhelming loss of what can only be described as my collective sanity. There is a lot of very expensive electronic equipment here, and I won't leave as long as it is, but I would appreciate some reinforcements so I may vacate the fort for the night and proceed with "Operation Blackout" on schedule.


Donuts and Sodas have been resupplied. Studying for championship week is a go!


After a meeting with the Commanding General of Albertson's Library, our forces have been given the green light to man Delta Sigma Phort though the weekend. Although we will no longer maintain 24 hour security, fort operations will resume as normal Saturday and Sunday from open to close, and will return to 24 hour operations on Monday.

Timeline Photos 12/14/2013

The front lines

Timeline Photos 12/13/2013

How iconic the Delta Sigma Phort is located right next the the Egyptian section in the library

Photos from Delta Sigma Phort's post 12/13/2013

All is quiet on the western front in the newly established Xi wing


This is your Commander. After a night of intensive close quarters studying, I'm pleased to report the flag still flies over Delta Sigma Phort, and will continue to do so well into the night tonight. After a quick (4 1/2hour) nap, I have re-assumed my post and am back on the grind. I am extending refugee to any weary travelers who are headed down that long road of academic excellence. Our fort is your fort.

Timeline Photos 12/12/2013

Finals are coming

Timeline Photos 12/12/2013

Let me introduce you to our fearless Commanding General, Joe St Romain. It was his inspiring vision that lead to this extravagant monument of sleepless nights and passing grades.

Mobile Uploads 12/12/2013

We added more lights!!


Its almost 2 am and we have coffee brewing. Extra blankets are around so you can crash when you can't study anymore.





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