USAF Fighter Weapons School

USAF Fighter Weapons School


The course which I offer consists of: (1) design the landscape in your mind including type of landscape-desert, mesa, tundra, forest, swamp, etc., , trees, bushes, dirt-color, sand, color of sky, w/or without clouds, path, grasses, water with frog lillies, pond life, etc., a hill, a stream, a river, a pond with dead fall tree branch in it, a waterfall if'n you'd like. Once the landscape is designed in your mind (and you do this only once), spend one-half hour here each day. Keep a Journal.
(2) Choose ten projects to build in your mind with as much detail as possible per project. Study each project well, then assemble with memorized precision. Complete 1st project, then go on to 2nd project, on up through each until all ten are completed. Then go back to project #1 and compare detail-for-detail until you have it as close as possible as the actual item; move on to the 2nd item, and on up through all ten. When you've completed all ten let me know and, we'll go on from there.
My email addy is: [email protected]
Questions..., drop me a line.
The cover photo looks to be of an RF-4C. Not sure if they went through FWS.
57 AGS

RF-4C Reconnaissance Weapons School taught graduate-level instructor courses, which provided the world's most advanced training in weapons and tactics employment to flight officers of the combat air forces.

The Fighter Weapons Schools accomplished their mission by providing graduate-level instructor academic and flying courses to Combat Air Forces. The School conducted extensive technical off-station training and liaison with CAF units from the U.S. Navy and NATO Air Forces. The School publishes the quarterly USAF Weapons Review with worldwide readership. All positions are competitively manned and st

Operating as usual


Photos from USAF Fighter Weapons School's post


RF4 Airshow Run RF-4 F4 Phantom F-4 Reno Air Races

View my gallery online where you can purchase prints ... Check it out....


RF4 Crazy RF-4 F4 Phantom F-4

Another great take on the RF-4C

View my gallery online where you can purchase prints ... Check it out....


RF4 ComeDown RF-4 F4 Phantom F-4

RF-4C formation flight

View my gallery online where you can purchase prints ... Check it out....


RF4 RightNow NOISE! RF-4 F4 Phantom F-4

Awesome video of the RF-4C Phantom

View my gallery online where you can purchase prints ... Check it out....


McDonnell RF-4C Phantom II great bio on the McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II. The RF-4C (Model 98DF) was the unarmed photographic reconnaissance version of the USAF's F-4C. The armament and radar of the fighter version was removed and replaced with equipment specialized for photographic reconnaissance. Perhaps the most readily-noticeable difference between the F-4C and ...


The McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II, a tandem, twin-engined (J79), all-weather, long-range supersonic tactical reconnaissance jet fighter. Top speed of Mach 2.23, an initial climb rate of over 41,000 ft/min, and a service cieling of 60,000+ ft.


FAC at the FWIC, Gowen Field, Bosie ID. After another week of flying, briefings, presentations, testing, more flying, and good debates on tactics, it is time for a cold beer.


USAF Fighter Weapons School's cover photo


Col (ret) Robert Athan, 155th Tactical Reconnasaince Group, Nebraska Air National Guard, Lincoln, NE. Graduate of the FWIC at Boise, ID in December 1987 with Brad Norton. Commander was Col Jim Davies and FWIC instructors were Bill (B.C.) Crum, Chuck Lax, Sal, and Sherm. Good times and one hell of a course.




Graduates of the Weapons Instructor Course (WIC) teach instructors in all phases of the RF-4 fighter weapons system. The graduate functions as the weapons officer in an operational unit. The WIC graduate possesses communication skills and effective instructional techniques in the academic and flight areas of the RF-4 weapons system. The course is restricted to pilots and Weapons System Officers (WSO) who have an minimum of 300 hours in RF-4; are instructor pilots or instructor WSO; are current mission-ready crew members, ready training unit instructor pilots, or instructor WSO's; are qualified in very low altitude training to 100 feet above ground level, and are defense-maneuvering qualified and must be air combat instructor qualified. The graduate must have recent experience of 16 sorties in preceding 60 days, 10 sorties in preceding 30 days, at least 3 of which are devoted to air combat training and all physical and flight checks accomplished prior to arrival. Officers must possess a Top Secret (TS) clearance. The curriculum consists of 152+ hours of academic work supported by 45+ hours of related combat flight activities and 3+ hours of device (simulator) training. Each flight sortie requires approximately 6 hours of additional time for planning, briefing, and critique. Classes are small (4 students), permitting a high instructor-student ratio and providing concentrated instruction. Highly experienced and academically qualified faculty are involved in all phases of the program. Adequate equipment and facilities are available and maintained in a high state of readiness.


Air National Guard Base, Gowen Field
Boise, ID
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