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We LOVE learning about what you do and SHARING it!! Check this Sir Smiley Submission out!! 02/05/2015

Anti-Gun Group Calls Murder Victim's Sister & Gets a Shocking Message An anti-gun group reached out to a murder victim's sister to support a push for more gun control laws in Oregon. Her response left a shocked anti-gun representative sputtering and backtracking. 08/11/2014

James OKeefe as Osama bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US James OKeefe as Osama bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US


Lew Rockwell


CBN News

Our opportunity to prepare is growing smaller...

Recently we asked the question: Can Hamas-type tunnels infiltrate American soil? We were shocked by the answer and you might be too.

The Gaza War has revealed to the world the sophisticated network of tunnels Hamas militants used to infiltrate Israel.

How likely is it that terrorists could use similar tunnels along the U.S. border with Mexico to wreak havoc in America?

Chief International Correspondent Gary Lane talked to political host and analyst Michael Dozier about that possibility, and what should be done by the government to prevent it?

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Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afraid

Yup! ~Benghazi~JZ




Survival Still

Do you know your blood type? Here's a chart of good information to know.


Nothing to worry about here. No need to get prepared... 07/23/2014

Acuity Flagpole | Tallest Flagpole in North America | Milwaukee | Mortenson It's something everyone would rally around. Every time you see it, it means something. A symbol of freedom, but also a symbol of hope. 07/21/2014

I can't believe we made it.

Congratulations!!! You Made It! If you grew up in the 1950's through the 1980's this is a tribute to you making it to adulthood.


The Heritage Foundation


Good Advise...


Free Our Marine

Andrew Tahmooressi's "court date" is today. Results to follow.


WBEN NewsRadio

Here's quite a sign.... 07/08/2014

Chicago murders top Afghanistan death toll A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997


Happy Independence Day!!

Enter the "Grand" Old Giveaway for your chance to win a shopping spree! Everyone who enters gets a FREE Stars & Stripes Car Flag.

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Heartland Institute

What will you do?


Food City- Salute

Happy 4th of July.

At Food City, we honor those people that serve and protect our country, and we know that without the men and women who watch out for us, we would not have an...


Survival Still

Uses for garlic



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Modern Combat & Survival

Maximize your go-bag space! Make single-serving packets of soap, shampoo, etc. by cutting plastic straws into small pieces and sealing them with a lighter. 06/21/2014

Study links vitamin D deficiency to 'all-cause mortality and cancer prognosis'

The importance of Vitamin D:: A new study finds a link between low vitamin D levels and all-cause mortality - including CVD and cancer. Researchers say the deficiency may even be linked to cancer prognosis.


Think this will have an effect on food prices and food supplies? Think this will have an effect on an already burdened unemployment problem? Think this will have an effect on community and home security? Get Prepared! More to Come... 06/15/2014

Marine Stuns the Crowd with 4th Verse of Star Spangled Banner Lyrics Most Americans Have Never Heard First, the crowd was stunned into silence. Soon they were singing along with the Marine with the surprisingly powerful voice...


Zindagi Gulzar Hai



I was just invited to do a class for Oath Keepers on Securing Your Home When the Power is Out. That will be 6/17 @ 7 pm at the American Legion Bldg, Meridian. Come on out and join the fun! - Jerry


Last night I did a class on H.R. 2847, which goes into law on July 1st. Many speculate it could lead to an economic collapse. We talked about what the Bill is and that it contains a portion called Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) that could cause foreign countries, banks and financial institutions to pull out of the US economy rather than deal with intrusive IRS regulations. We had a lively discussion! The next class will be June 24, 6 pm at Food 2 Store where I'll be building/explaining 6 to 8 Do It Yourself Emergency Preparedness projects. Should be a lot of fun! We'll see you then, Jerry



Anyone wish their parents knew about this trick growing up? 06/09/2014

[Watch] Diseased Illegal Aliens Being Transported Throughout the U.S. Risk Epidemics The reporter, Navideh Forghani, is in McAllen, TX, reporting on what could be a very serious consequence of the Obama regime’s promotion of open borders, disease. She says that right now, the only thing separating those with contagious infections from... 06/09/2014

Make a Basic Herbal Ointment for your First Aid Kit — Joybilee Farm Make a Basic Herbal Ointment for your First Aid KitApril 29, 2014 by Joybilee FarmHow to make a basic herbal ointment for your first aid...




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Kirks Law Corner LLC Kirks Law Corner LLC
6477 W Fairview Ave. Suite C
Boise, 83704

A comprehensive outreach educating the People on the Powers belonging to the People in the Administration of Our Government and Due Process of Law. The process that is due depending on the situations involving the Law and the enforcement thereof.

BSU Afro-Black Student Alliance BSU Afro-Black Student Alliance

The Afro-Black Student Association is a student organization at Boise State University for African, African-American Students and anyone that wish to associate. Our vision is to empower and unite students and showcase our cultures.

Boise Hempfest Boise Hempfest
700 S Capitol Blvd
Boise, 83702

A Cannabis Education Event

Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society

A nonprofit scientific and educational association dedicated to active and careful management and conservation of wildlife and their habitats in Idaho.

Idaho Virtual Reality Council Idaho Virtual Reality Council
404 S 8th St, Suite 200
Boise, 83702

Idaho’s first networking and education council for Idaho’s leaders and innovators interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

NurtureU NurtureU
Boise, 83702

Children's Developmental Products

Double Dare Double Dare

Cannabis Education

A While Ago In Idaho A While Ago In Idaho

Kids can explore historic Idaho in this fun new book series! These books will take kids on tours across Idaho, exploring some of the state's more interesting—and sometimes strange—history.

WAEA West Ada Education Association WAEA West Ada Education Association
620 N. 6th St.
Boise, 83702

Educators working together for students and staff in the public education system.

Idaho Education Technology Association Idaho Education Technology Association
777 S Latah St
Boise, 83705

The purpose of IETA is promoting and facilitating the use of technology in Idaho education.

Abundance Budgeting Abundance Budgeting

Budgeting Seminars relevant to Treasure Valley Citizens. We post tips on saving $$$ locally & making healthy financial choices.