Mr. Zaragoza

Best substitute in Boise School District

[11/27/17]   Who knows my first name? 😏🤔


Mr. Zaragoza

[11/15/16]   Trump lover? Clinton lover?
Black? White? Red? Brown?
Or some other color?
Each woman is a sister here
And every man a brother
Let us put our judgments down


Today is a special day. We have reached a special number in likes.

[12/31/15]   Those who have siblings still in high school, please ask them if they've had the legendary Mr. Z!

[09/21/15]   Current high school students, please share any news/stories about Mr. Zaragoza!


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[10/17/13]   Anyone got any memorable Mr. Z quotes they want to share?

[09/02/13]   How's the 13-14 school year going? Anyone have Mr Z yet?

[06/06/13]   We are searching for a new admin, since the current admins have both graduated. If you believe you are a good fit, send a 300-450 word essay (MLA format) in a private message with three stories about Mr. Zaragoza and why you believe you will be a good fit.

Thank you retards,
-A and J

[04/17/13]   [ Upon seeing Mr. Z pacing around in the hallway at Boise High ]
Student: Hey Mr. Z, what are you doing?
Mr. Z: I'm looking for that idiot who call the bomb scare.
Student: Oh, ok.
Mr. Z: Yeah, was it you?
Student: No.
Mr. Z: Oh... Well in case you don't know, there's a $1,000 reward. $1,000 buys a lot of 6 packs, you know.

[03/02/13]   Mrs. Waters: Hey Mr. Z, you care to join our class?
Mr. Z: Oh no thank you, I'm just here to pick up my 6 pack and go home for the weekend.


by Emma Nord

[09/23/12]   What should the location of Mr. Z be?


by Ashley Makidon


Mr. Zaragoza's cover photo


Meanwhile in the library...

[03/17/12]   Students hug and kiss each other on the cheek upon entering Spanish classroom.
Mr. Z: *gasps* what's this?!
Teacher: (before leaving) Oh we practice the Spanish tradition of embracing people when you see them.
Mr. Z: Oh. The Spanish people must have been very horny.


COMING SOON! Zaragoza t-shirts! Anyone interested?


It's perfect.


Math Class With Mr. Zaragoza

Math Class With Mr. Zaragoza

[02/25/12]   Teacher: I won't be here tomorrow, you'll have a sub.
Students: Oh can we have Mr. Zaragoza please?!
Teacher: Umm I had him sub for me once, apparently he slapped a kid or something so I don't know... They probably deserved it though.

[01/06/12]   Student: "Hey Mr. Zaragoza why aren't you reading your Victoria Secret Magazine?"
Mr Zaragoza: "Oh i got a new one on sunday when me and my wife went there, but it's at home"
Student: "Really what did you get?" (Girl enters room)
Mr. Zaragoza: "Oh just a few g strings" (Girl looks at Mr. Z and immediately leaves the room)

[11/16/11]   Mr. Zaragoza takes me to front of class...
Mr. Z: "This is the kid who make my Facebook. It got a thousand 'hits'."
Class: story bro

[09/19/11]   Us: Hey can I get that dollar now?
Mr. Z: My Facebook get 1,000 fans?
Us: Yes
Mr. Z: Sure what you spend the dollar on?
Us: Food
Mr. Z: Ok but only if you buy food, don't use it for drugs [gives dollar]
Us: Ok, thanks
Mr. Z: Yeah don't go giving that to your druggie.

[09/11/11]   [to PE students] "Ok now you go in locker room, get naked, get dress and come back up here."

[06/10/11]   Post your favorite Zaragoza quotes here!

[05/28/11]   Mr. Z: Hey I hear you make Facebook!
Jeremy: Ya we made you a fan page and got you 900 fans... 956 to be exact.
Mr. Z: Oh good, if you get 1,000 I'll give you a dollar.

[05/14/11]   "...I used to be an engineer until I turn retarded, and now I am a substitute teacher."

[05/09/11]   "If I leave the classroom don't lock the door, because one time some students locked it and when I came back they were going mad at it in the classroom."

[05/06/11]   "My mom is from the Philippines and my dad is Chinese. You put those two together and this is the face you get. I know, it's not that pretty."

[04/27/11]   Recently everyone's been rating their friends on Facebook... What would you rate Mr. Zaragoza?

[04/27/11]   "Who are you? Are you a retard?"

[04/27/11]   Thank you to all that like this page, spread it on send it to all of your friends




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