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Brought to you by the team at GoGo Labs Heroic learning, come play! Rezzly is a game-based learning platform that allows you to design quests, give awards, badges, and experience points.

Students are showing deeper engagement, higher grades, and longer persistence in learning! Our fully online teacher camp gives you the tools and training to make it happen, hope to see you there! Over 200,000 quests completed to date in over 13 countries.

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Together, technology and teachers can revamp schools

"..making the best of edtech means getting several things right." How the science of learning can get the best out of edtech 09/25/2017

How Social Media is Reshaping Today's Education System From Instagram to Twitter, learn how social media is transforming relationships between students, teachers and parents. 07/10/2017

From little Acorns – a brief history of computer games in the classroom Video games have been helping kids to learn for years, here's how.

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Hey friends, just a reminder that Epic Academy with Lucas Gillispie starts today through March 13th! Join us in the Quest Armory! 02/23/2017

​Accessing the Metropolitan Museum’s New Stockpile of Over 375,000 Open License Artworks (EdSurge News)

375,000 open artworks you can embed in your quests, awesome! Ever feel the need to visually jazz up your lessons with The Night Watch? Now you can use Rembrandt’s paintings—and many others—for free.Last week New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) announced a new policy allowing over 375,000 public-domain artworks to be available for free and unrestr 02/20/2017

The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images you can use for free

The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images you can use for free, great to add visual impact to your quest design! The New York Public Library just released a treasure trove of digitized public domain images, everything from epic poetry from the 11th century to photographs of used car lots in Columbus, Ohio from the 1930s. Over 180,000 manuscripts, maps, photographs, sheet music, lithographs, postcards, and othe...


Tech Tools Tour: Online productivity Tools - AnyMeeting | Web Conferencing, Webcast and Meeting Service

Join Mark Suter live tonight for his favorite classroom Tech Tools Tour! 4 PM PT/ 7 PM ET @iRezzly Tech Tools Tour: Online productivity Tools powered by: Web Conferencing and Webinar Software. Produce your own high quality online meetings, with registration service, polling, surveys and more. 12/30/2016

We All Teach SEL: Perseverance

Helping students learn to perservere in the face of obstacles, something we can all use! Common Sense Media Resources to inspire perseverance in every classroom, every day.


Gamified PD with Lucas Gillispie

Lucas is always doing cool work!

Are you tired of the same old PD? See how Surry County Schools is changing the face of teacher professional development. 10/26/2016

Biosensors to monitor U.S. students' attentiveness

Biosensors to monitor U.S. students' attentiveness | Reuters The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has poured more than $4 billion into efforts to transform public education in the U.S., is pushing to develop an "engagement pedometer." Biometric devices wrapped around the wrists of students would identify which classroom moments excite and interest them… 10/18/2016

Learning to make a positive online footprint

Used effectively, social media can help boost student success. By teaching strong communication skills, educators steer students away from bullying and other pitfalls 10/13/2016

How Gamification Can Make News Sites More Engaging

More in gamification news, oops, excuse the pun ;) Gamification, the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications, is transforming online news into an engaging, social and fun activity. It’s quickly becoming the next fron... 09/17/2016

Types of Structural Gamification

Karl Kapp on Structural Gamification Introduction “Structural gamification is the application of game-elements to propel a learner through content with no alteration or changes to the content” (Kapp, Blair, & Mesch, 2013, p. 224). The 09/06/2016

Trend update: Gaming is a higher education wild fire - eCampus News Gaming has traditionally belonged to the K-12 sphere, but in recent years higher education has taken a vested interest in this learning approach.


Minecraft Teacher Camp | Rezzly

3 more days--are you ready? Summer – Minecraft for Teachers! Grab your pickaxe and join us for teacher camp!Quests will introduce you to the incredible, open, sandbox world of Minecraft. While learning the basics of the game and its history, you’ll have a chance to see how other schools are using it while making connections to... 07/12/2016

14 Reasons Why Pokemon GO Is The Future Of Learning

Always cool to explore new ways to engage students! ONE Students are on their phones ALL the time. Students are not on their textbook all the time. Think about that. TWO Since reason #1 is true are you going to use it or fight it? Remember this scen… 06/10/2016

» The Difference between Gamification and Game-Based LearningASCD Inservice

Ever wonder the difference between Gamification and Game-Based Learning? Check out this informative article by Steven Isaacs By Steven Isaacs Have you tried to gamify your classroom? Do you incorporate game-based learning into your curriculum? Gamification and game-based learning have become buzzwords in education yet some general confusion still exists regarding what each is and what each is not. I would love to clear up... 05/30/2016

EPIC Academy »

EPIC Academy – Game-Inspired Professional Development Lucas Gillispie EPIC Academy EPIC Academy – Game-Inspired Professional Development The Presentation: What is Gamification? It’s important to distinguish between gamification and using games for learning. Gamification is the application of game mechanics to non-gaming situations. If you’re still confused, my f...

[05/27/16]   Teaching EBP Using Game-Based Learning: Improving the Student Experience


GeekDad gamifies his classroom!
"Gamify My Game-Based Learning!" 12/15/2015

The Growth of Gamification: What it Means for Schools and Districts

Great summary article on gamification trends By Kelsey Voss - There are a number of gamification projects in the works in products and services, information technology software & services. 12/05/2015

Pursuing Quests: How Digital Games Can Create a Learning Journey The ability to design classes as games has opened up options to teachers interested in framing learning as a quest. 12/01/2015

Epic Fail or Win? Gamifying Learning in My Classroom

Sweet article from Liz Kolb! A teacher shares how she gamified classroom learning (including turning assignments into quests, and encouraging students to mod them), along with what worked and what didn't.

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QuestBoise 2015

15 @Minecraft Lessons in 60 Minutes, starting now! QuestBoise 2015 Dr. Chris Haskell @3dgamelab #qb2015 QuestBoise 2015 Unconference on gamification and quest-based learning 07/29/2015

QuestBoise 2015

QuestBoise 2015 starts tomorrow! Join Dr. Karl Kapp,Five Game Elements that Lead to Learning #gamification QuestBoise 2015 Unconference on gamification and quest-based learning 07/29/2015

QuestBoise 2015

QuestBoise 2015 starts tomorrow!! Join Dr. Chris Haskell for 15 @Minecraft lessons in 60 minutes! QuestBoise 2015 Unconference on gamification and quest-based learning 07/24/2015

What Game Based Learning Can Do for Student Achievement (EdSurge News)

How Game-Based Learning impacts Student Achievement @EdSurge If I had written this article two years ago, it would have been very different. Back then, I would have made (or felt like I had to make) a compelling case for why we should even consider the idea of incorporating video games into classroom instruction. Back then, I would have expected most reade





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