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Josh's Critter Den strives to help connect the bond between animals and humans. Our goal is teach and have open discussions about animal care taking

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🐀Baby rats avalible now. Pm for details 🐁💚


Baby rats avalible pm for details


Goodmorning everyone💚.Sasha is so cute🐈.Even if she's always begging for food 🤣


This is Bailey💚. My male boa constrictor🐍.He is almost three years old now and around 4 feet long! Hanging out with him is always a blast💚.


Hello everyone 💚 I would like you all to meet Lincoln🐍 He's a ball python that was a bit of a picky eater when he came to us, but he is doing much better now. I love to hangout and spend time with him, he's such a beautiful snake.


Goodmorning everyone💚.This is Morgan my female veiled chameleon🦎. She's one sleepy girl😴.i love how pretty she is when she's all sleepy just wakeing up for the day.


Josh's critter den has added two new additions.the black one is fred and the blue one is roger🐇🐇💚

These are not feeders and are not for sale


🐢I would like to introduse you all to Andy.💚 He's a sulcada tortise 🐢 he so adorable


Male rats avalible 🐀🐀

🐁pm for details


🐀Two female dumbos avalible🐁 2 months old

Pm for details 🦖

None available at this time 02/20/2020

🐀🐀🐀Avalible rats!!!🐁🐁🐁

Rex dumbo
Pm for info


🐀🐀Avalible hairless rats 🐁🐁

Dumbo, Male
Dumbo, female
Standard female


Josh’s Critter Den's cover photo


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Avalible *2/2/20*
standard male or female
dumbo male
for dumbo female
I will do holds for an additional $5.00. Comment HOLD on the photo below and message Josh's Critter Den with the number of the rat you would like to place on hold.

[01/01/20]   It’s the year of 2020 now, Happy New Years everyone! I’d like to continue and grow JCD. What’s your New Year goals?

[12/25/19]   Happy Holidays from all of us here at Josh’s Critter Den! What did you get for a present this year, feel free to share below 🙂

[12/02/19]   Hey everyone, due to the passing of a family member, I will not be responding to messages or posting for a while. Thank you for understanding as I take the time to grieve

[11/29/19]   Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m thankful for all the support I have with this page. What are you thankful for this year?

[11/25/19]   I just want to say thank you. To everyone that made it out to Vetrans Memorial Park today. I really appreciate your support.


Any one intrested in rats!!!!!!!!!
I will be at:
Vetrans Memorial Park
In boise

On Monday from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Please let me know if you plan on coming. Can't wait to see you there!


For those who are romantic or for those with a funny sense of humor, this post if for you today 😍🤣


Available soon! Pick your favorites now! 🐀


Here are just a few of the different types of mice we have. In the first two photo's are mice of the fox variety. In the third photo is what is known as the dove variety. In the last photo is known as a broken marked variety. Lets see some of your mice in the comments below!


Let’s meet the face behind the scenes! Hey guys, my name is Josh and I’ve always had some sort of animal on my life. My current personal pets list consists of 2 lizards, 8 snakes, 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 turtles, and fish tank and many mice and rats. Here’s some random facts about me

•I used to work at a small business pet store
•I want to educate the public and strengthen the bond between our pets and us humans
•As a child I used to go out and catch wild insects and take them home to show my dad

So tell me below, what type of stuff do you want to see posted? Any particular topic or animal that interests you?


It’s #nationalcatday so here’s our two cats, Meeka and Sasha. Do you own a cat? Post yours below!




Erwin is a 7 year old female bearded dragon and she is one of the oldest members here at the critter den. With the year coming to a close, I'd like to reflect on her very first day with us compared to now.


Feeding day is a good day. Ichabod is a two year old bumblebee ball python or a spider pastel. Beacuse of his genes he has a bit of a wobble and tends to eat upsidedown. He will never be a breeder but he's an awesome beautiful pet snake and we love him to death.


So true


Do you need some reptiles to model for you? We offer a variety of services just for your needs! Feel free to message so we find the right fit for you. You can take pictures of the animals or have a model use the animals in your photos, either one is fine by us!

[10/16/19]   I heard this joke this morning in the radio.

What’s a snakes favorite subject?


Mika's morning crunchies


This is Tara. She is a 1.5 year old Columbian boa constrictor. As you can see she has gotten big. A 20 gallon long has been her home for the last year. This is a good example of a snake that has outgrown their enclosure and is ready for an upgrade. An update on Taras new enclosure is coming soon.


Here at the Critter Den one of the many things we love about owning reptiles is getting to raise these litttle guys. Not only are they cute as can be but they also make very good pets with minimal daily care at a low cost.

About my Page

From a young age I’ve always had reptiles and fish. I would go out and catch and release different bugs and animals. Currently I am working at establishing a reputation for myself and I’m working my way to owning a pet store. One of my biggest goals to to rehabilitate neglected animals and rehome them. I like educating the public on how to properly take care of their pets and make sure they are getting the best possible care they can.

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🐢I would like to introduse you all to Andy.💚 He's a sulcada tortise 🐢 he so adorable
Mika's morning crunchies
Snake shed up close and personal
The angel fish thought this snail was a good place to lay some eggs .





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