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Welcome to Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop), where high-tech tools, research-based practices, innovation and experimentation all combine to make learning happen. An organizational unit within the Center for Teaching and Learning, Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop) provides consultations, training, and faculty development opportunities focused on

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#OER at #BoiseState in the news -- “Anyone is allowed to add to the story,” said Monica Brown 07/29/2019

Survey: Male Professors Lag Behind Women in Adopting Technology to Engage Students | Press Release | D2L

Higher ed faculty want more resources to introduce classroom tech - And we also know that male (and female) Professors at Boise State are using technology to engage students in some clever ways. New data shows that while male university professors believe they are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology adoption in the classroom, they actually lag behind their female counterparts. And less than one-third of all professors say they are prepared to equip Generation Z students for the m...

Mobile Learning Summer Institute 2019 Accessibility 05/16/2019

Mobile Learning Summer Institute 2019 Accessibility 05/16/2019

Krishna Pakala on Twitter “Faculty, get ready for a 3 day immersive experience. Facilitated by Lana Grover, Serena Hicks and Krishna Pakala @BoiseStateCOEN @boisestatelive” 05/16/2019

Boise State Researcher Breaks Down Learning Barriers With Virtual Office Space - Boise State News

HAPPY HOURS at the Mobile Learning Summer Institute! Really! See how Krishna Pakala creates virtual office hours that student rave about in course evaluations using mobile devices and apps #mobilelearningbsu For educators and students, the traditional office hour is a well-intended measure plagued with limitations....


Mobile Learning Summer Institute 2019 is on its second day! #mobilelearningbsu 04/29/2019

What has ASBSU done this year?

“This year, I have advocated immensely for open educational resources. We created presentations for the OpenEd18 conference and presented there to many staff, faculty, and librarians from across the world,” Melchert wrote in an email."

Thank you, Mikayla Melchert! PresidentKaleb Smith is the Associated Students of Boise State (ASBSU) President and will be returning to his position next year. The president oversees all legislation, code and regulations adopted by ASBSU.“I'm 04/25/2019

Textbook prices up more than 1000 percent 1977

Textbooks prices are increasing faster than inflation! According to an NBC analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, textbook prices have soared more than 1,000 percent since 1977 – over three times the overall rate of inflation. Some new textbooks cost more than $400. 04/25/2019

How Rising Textbook Prices Mirror Rising Drug Costs

We are preparing for our OER Institute. Here is just a sampling of some of the research we are combing through... Ben Popken explains what's behind the rise in textbook prices, and how the economics behind school supplies will keep pushing prices higher. 03/27/2019

Open Educational Resources Institute (OER) 2019

Call for applications is now open. Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop) will hold a 1-day institute focused on creative pedagogical strategies that leverage the power of Open Educational Resources (OER) to enhance teaching and learning. Areas of exploration will include the creation of OER ancillary course mate... 02/21/2019

Open Education Resources and Inclusive Access lower costs for students

“Sometimes it’s like some things at the university might have already kind of started to happen, or maybe haven’t quite started and all it really needs is that student push,” [ASBSU President Kaleb] Smith said. “And we’re starting to kind of see that now. We’re getting a lot more people–and by people I mean faculty–interested.” Students at Boise State are expected to pay for a lot. They have to pay for housing most of the year, tuition, meals, course registration costs and course materials—to name a few. These course materials can be anywhere from $100 to $1,000 depending on a student’s 12/17/2018

Intercultural Learning & Universal Design for Learning

Making Connections: Intercultural Learning & Universal Design for Learning 12/14/2018

Boise State OER - Open Educational Resources

OER at Boise State, now a member of Open Textbook Network (OTN). Support is available for students, faculty, and staff who want to learn more about OER and start adopting, creating, and sharing open content. 12/10/2018

Bob Casper, Laurel Traynowicz and Michael Strickland | UPDATE

Bob Casper, Laurel Traynowicz and Michael Strickland presented at the Open Education Conference from Oct. 10-12 in Niagara Falls, NY.
(They presented with Jasmine Roberts from Ohio State University.) They presented with Jasmine Roberts from Ohio State University on “Who are you calling racist? OER’s role in addressing institutional discrimination.” Race is a major, but not the only, factor signaling the potential for discrimination. Gender, class, sexual orientation, race, first-generation... 12/10/2018

Lana Grover and Devshikha Bose | UPDATE

Lana Grover and Devshikha Bose led an interactive workshop on "Rethinking Mobile Learning Professional Development." Office of Communications and Marketing    |    [email protected]    |    (208) 426-1577    |    Campus Location: Alumni and Friends Center 10/26/2018

Report Pegs Cost to Develop an OER Course at $11,700 -- Campus Technology

Cheap at twice the price. According to a recent research project, developing an open education resources course costs, on average, about $11,700, to cover salary and benefits for the instructors involved. Those results come from a study examining the implementation of OER in colleges. The work was commissioned by nonprofit A...


Devshikha Bose and co-author Dr. Patrick Lowenthal have just been published in an online journal today. This article is a case study on the IDEA Shop's e-portfolio faculty learning community which Devshikha Bose co-facilitated with Brian Martin. Here is the link to the publication:


IDEA Shop staff and ASBSU worked together to Present at Open ED 18 in Niagara, NY in October of 2018.

#photooftheweek: Kaleb Smith, Emily Rembert, and Mikayla Melchert were part of the 12 @boisestateuniversity campus groups to travel to the OpenEd18 conference in New York. Photo by Kaleb Smith. #POTW #BoiseState #BSUnews2u #MyStudentMedia #niagarafalls #StudentNews 10/08/2018

Support for Open Education Resources is Growing on Campus | UPDATE

OER is growing at Boise State and the IDEA Shop can help you find, use and even create OER for your course. Boise State was the first public university in Idaho to join the Open Textbook Network, an international collective of more than 800 campuses that work together in support of open education in general and open education resources (OER) in particular – articles, courses, images, data, video, code a...


Devshikha Bose working with a new faculty member at New Faculty Orientation. 08/14/2018

The campus push for open educational resources continues into 2018

OER is back on the front page, again! In addition, Dr. Schimpf said that OER is #3 state priority. “We still want to maintain a level of autonomy for teaching staff, but OER is like laughter — as instructors see each other succeeding with it they gain interest.” Casper said Faculty and students at Boise State are gaining momentum with the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative on campus. Bob Casper, instructional design specialist at the 05/22/2018

Online learning options are better than ever Online learning has the potential to revolutionize higher education. We must continue to make such access a priority for the future of our state and its citizens. 04/13/2018

Priority Deadline Approaching for Open Educational Resources Institute | UPDATE

More than taxes are due on April 15th... An April 15 priority consideration application deadline is quickly approaching for the 2018 OER Institute. Faculty can reduce student textbook costs, increase course enrollment and improve student learning by adopting OER — freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media useful for teaching... 03/22/2018

A Welcoming Classroom

"What began as an accommodation for people with disabilities became a design strategy that had almost universal appeal." As more students request accommodations, you may find that meeting their needs can help all of your students. 03/22/2018

More online possibilities

"I have been able to greatly enhance my online and hybrid courses with my faculty and staff cohorts from BSU’s eCampus as well as our Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop). The eCampus Center is dedicated to expanding the programs and offerings beyond traditional borders to meet the academic needs of students anytime, anywhere. In the IDEA Shop, high-tech tools, research-based practices, innovation and experimentation all combine to make learning happen." More online possibilities December 10, 2017 by Michael Strickland Higher tuition, budget cuts, course shortages and parking problems are merely the beginning of a long list. Daunting challenges face many Idaho students who want to attend traditional colleges and universities. In October 2016, the St... 03/22/2018

Use of Free Textbooks Is Rising, but Barriers Remain

"Familiarity with openly licensed materials is also growing: About 30 percent of respondents said they were aware or very aware of open educational resources. And nearly 90 percent of faculty members said that cost to the student was a key factor in how they select required course material." A survey finds that the share of professors who have adopted open-licensed textbooks has risen to 9 percent from 5 percent in just two years. 03/22/2018

#TextbookBroke campaign raises awareness about high textbook costs | The Journal 03/22/2018

Why Students Are Still Spending So Much For College Textbooks New technologies are revolutionizing education—but they’re also keeping prices high. 03/22/2018

The Next Great Hope for Measuring Learning

An article which might provide ideas about Authentic Learning/Assessment? Thirteen states are using a common tool to evaluate how well their students write, calculate, and think. Can this effort paint an accurate portrait of academic quality?


Analytics in Action: Empirical Findings from an Online Learning Program Pilot of A4L

Analytics in Action: Empirical Findings from an Online Learning Program Pilot of A4L

Presented by Rob Nyland, Boise State University For several years, Learning Analytics has been touted as a potential tool for improving student success and r... 03/22/2018

Cengage announces unlimited digital subscription

What are your questions and concerns with Cengage's new model for textbook acquisition (by faculty and then, also by the student)? Is this a good or bad thing? In a shift away from traditional publishing models, Cengage introduces an all-you-can-read subscription offer for digital course materials. 03/22/2018

Virtual Reality for All "We have helped people with all ranges of body limitations, stress or anxiety, autism, social skills, and even if you are fully paralyzed, we have found relaxing VR videos or music experiences to be effective." 03/22/2018

When Accessibility Doesn't Make It into the EDUCAUSE Top 10: Turn It Up to 11 As national-level conversations continue to take shape around supporting accessibility and sharing resources, community colleges must be included: the 03/22/2018

Designing for VR accessibility means dialing down from, or sometimes up to, 11 For the past year, Lori Landay has worked on using virtual and augmented reality to help people on the autism spectrum tackle challenging experiences like socialization and stage fright. She and he… 03/22/2018

Bob Casper, Teresa Focarile and Debra Purdy | UPDATE






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