Heroes Academy: An Acton Academy, Boise, ID Video November 3, 2018, 1:59pm

Videos by Heroes Academy: An Acton Academy in Boise. At Heroes, we believe that each child who enters our doors will find a calling and change the world.

Why we exist

Curious how we inspire children to find a calling and change the world?

Join us on the journey at http://heroesacademy.org

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“The first rule of the Acton Academy is: if a kid asks you a question, you're not allowed to answer them.” Seth Godin re...

I was asked to be a guest in the Dare to Be Great Summit a few weeks ago. I thought the questions were powerful and I wa...

Each year we have the opportunity to host the Treasure Valley Children's Business Fair.It's hard not to leave inspired b...

We don’t have grades, tests, and homework at Heroes Academy, and it’s not to make things “easier.” Here’s why.

We get really caught up in the things that matter very little. If you could step back and look at the big picture, you’d...

When people hear that we give children freedom in the classroom, they often envision something different than what you’d...

Being a parent is so powerful

Heroes Academy: Why we're here
Are You Looking For a Traditional Elementary School, or the Adventure of a Lifetime? Start your journey with us: http://...

Snack For Thought: Episode 4
Snack For Thought: Episode 4Why it's important to have technology in the classroom.

you can change the world
Are you ready to change the world? Here's how.

Food For Thought: Episode 4In this episode: A day in the studio, why every child is a genius, and how children can reall...

When a child is allowed to find an answer on their own, it teaches them how to think critically

Giving students the freedom to choose their learning is essential to their growth

"If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." -Albert Einste...

Use your passions and gifts to serve others, and you will change the world

Being a genius is about the effort you put in.

Snack For Thought: Episode 3Why giving children the freedom to choose doesn't mean what you think it means.

Every child has a unique journey. The way they use their precious gifts and passions will be unique to them.

The freedom to choose
Children need freedom in the classroom.

Food For Thought Episode 3
Food For Thought: Episode 3In this episode; no homework, the freedom to choose, and why we don't prepare children for co...

Why children don't need homework
Homework isn't necessary.

Giving students freedom doesn't mean no accountability. In fact, our heroes are held to significantly higher standards.

College isn't the only option after high school.

A Hero's Journey
If you want to embark on a Hero's Journey... watch this video

Are you ready to change the way you look at elementary school?

The network of Acton Academies has been a powerful way to experiment, document, and improve as we explore a better way t...

Homework isn't necessary.

The freedom to choose is crucial in education. We don't want children to make good choices because we told them to, we w...

Why we exist
Curious how we inspire children to find a calling and change the world? Join us on the journey at http://heroesacademy.o...

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