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Putting the Self in Self-Care 01/22/2021

Putting the Self in Self-Care

Putting the Self in Self-Care “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”  — Audre Lorde


This week’s healing grids! Why an honor it is to work with so many amazing souls! 12/05/2020

Clarity Now Wellness: Solutions for your Soul!

Free reiki!! You have your choice of 30 or 60 min sessions and can include whether you want in-person or virtually when you schedule. Let me know if you have any questions! Schedule your appointment online Clarity Now Wellness: Solutions for your Soul! 12/03/2020


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Even in nature I can show up disconnected, the birds sound like a cacophony of noise, all I can focus on is the distant whir of an airplane engine, the sun is blinding, it is a blur of sensation. My mind is buzzing with fourteen different thoughts, each one a different thread, voice, volume.

I close my eyes.
Focus on the sun.
Filling energy into each pore.
Sinking into my soul.
Moisture beads and slips,
sliding down my ribs.
Cool, refreshing air,
Balancing the intensity.
A deep breath
Fills my lungs with freshness.
Life giving ions fill my cells.
I am full.
I drop.
Stillness waits.
Connecting to my own vitality,
Distinctly generated inside.
Blood rushing in my ears,
heart thumping through my chest,
My skin tightening with a sudden chill.
Connection starts slow,
Coming into focus.
magpie chitting,
woodpecker working,
doves cooing,
brook babbling,
bees buzzing,
grasshopper busy munching,
cows lowing,
I open my eyes and see a whole new world.
A ladybug perched on my knee,
leaves settling slowly in the grass,
river otter frolicking in the creek,
yellow finch flitting from branch to branch,
sleek horse neighing to say hello,
I stand.
Raise my face to the sun.
New me,
New moment,
New world.


As I prepare for our biggest team growth month yet I want to hear all your curiosity about a wellness business with Joiya !!


What is wellness to you?

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When setting wellness intentions for your 2020 vision consider all the areas of your life and rate each one on a 0-5 scale to see where you can achieve better balance and attention.


How do your ripples impact the world?


Launched solstice season with a new moon meditation and dark crystal cleansing! 🌚


Rocks make any hotel an insta home! #rainbowobsidian #quartzmarble #angelite #rosequartz


Just a little candlelight yoga at home! What did you do for yourself today? 10/20/2019

Clarity Now Wellness: Solutions for your Soul!

Wellness appointments can now be scheduled! These can either be in-person or over the phone. Schedule your appointment online Clarity Now Wellness: Solutions for your Soul!


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Friday the 13th Harvest moon cleansing ritual!


I dream of a society where everyone’s basic needs are taken care of no matter what they look like and who they are. Where each persons individuality is celebrated and the color of our skin and diversity in our minds is looked at as the asset it is. Where people with disabilities have the opportunity to fully participate. Where we teach our children to embrace their quirks and their brains just the way they were born and retain every bit of their creative genius they come to the worlds with. Where we don’t have to select a gender because we know that gender isn’t a binary black and white thing and that everyone has a mix of masculine and feminine qualities and that means we can dress, act, talk, listen, caretake, however we are feeling in the moment. Where we can fully love every person and commit ourselves to whoever we want to for whatever length of time makes sense for that relationship. Where we are self-governing and the majority rules and it isn’t based on how much money one has or how popular someone is or their external charisma. That we all take responsibility for the leadership of our community and stretch ourselves out past our comfort zones to put ourselves in service to our fellow citizens. Where personal responsibilities and mutual accountability is the expectation. Where we each have what we need and want and no one is stockpiling excess and forcing others to live with less than. Where we are strong and brave when we have conflicts and are honest and stand in our own truth and find creative solutions. Where when we are feeling like our needs aren’t getting met we go into solitary take care of ourselves instead of relying or expecting others to take care of us. A place where self care and standing up for our personal preferences is celebrated and expected. A future where individuality and community are integrated and balanced so that multiplicity is our most valued asset. This is my dream. Photo credit to Clarity Brown 07/30/2019


Treasures from the Earth! Slow down and use your senses to connect with our planet and see what gifts she gives you.


Today’s word- Joyful

Joy is a feeling of immense pleasure we can experience when we are free of all resistance and our body, mind, spirit are aligned in purpose. This pleasure fills our bodies with such energy and exuberance that often we are caught by surprise. Joy can only be experienced when we are caught up in the present moment of our activities completely. Often times we equate joy with the person or activity we are involved in when we feel it. This is an inaccurate analysis. We can feel joy with anyone, in any moment if we allow ourselves to. Often people who are immersed in negative emotions long for a past memory of a joyful experience and try to inopportunely leap for joy. The recipe for joy is a difficult balance to achieve, if we strive or work too hard for it we will often fail. Better to practice serenity, be full of inner peace and dispassionate than spend our lives on a quest for constant joy. Many of us believe that joy can fill our void, rather than accepting and loving our selves and our lives as they are in the current place and time. It is why drugs, s*x, shopping, food, relationships and high adrenaline activities can be so addictive for people. When we spontaneously allow ourselves to experience these fleeting pleasures, we become fully aligned and present so we may experience joy, however as we seek to replicate the experience it often becomes more and more difficult. From this place of mis-alignment, the harmful side effects of living out of balance impact us. Joy is fleeting and requires a great deal of energy to maintain. Think of a dog. Dogs are the most joyful creatures on our planet. They are so full of curiosity, expression and energy. It is one of the reasons many humans are drawn to them and they make such good therapy animals. Dogs don’t TRY to be full of energy. They don’t spend their lives questing to recreate memories of joy. They too get hurt, sad, anxious, depressed. They live in the present moment and allow themselves to fully experience activities. Chasing a ball, greeting each other,
loving their person, running in a field, romping in water, following a powerful smell. Close your eyes and imagine you are a dog. Let your resistance melt away. Allow yourself to be completely in the present moment, feel yourself full of love and energy for everything that is around you. Notice all the sensations in your present experience. What can you sense? What can you smell? What can you hear? What can you feel? Fully immerse yourself in your present experience. Allow whatever sensations and feelings that are generated to wash over you, doing your best to unconditionally love and accept yourself. Allow yourself to be filled with this most pleasurable sensation and feeling. It may be warm, bubbly, or buzzing sensations somewhere in your body. Practice keeping these sensations alive as long as you can, with each breath you take allow yourself to feel more pleasure. This practice will help you keep the spontaneous moments of joy you experience in your life alive longer and slow your present moment down so you can be fulfilled with your joyful moments, experiencing and enjoying them.


Today’s word- hopeful

Hope is feeling positive about something in the future. We can fill ourselves up in the present moment with hope. The inspiration that can come from forward looking and anticipating some amazing future event can be fulfilling. Being hopeful is a still space of anticipation and transition. Similar to watching a caterpillar sitting in its chrysalis in hopes of seeing a butterfly emerge. We patiently wait, allowing ourselves to be filled with the beautiful feelings of optimism, delight and anticipation of something wonderful happening. If you struggle with hope it is important to practice using your imagination. Some people tell me that they don’t have a good imagination and when I ask questions, it turns out they focus their imagination on worrying about all the bad things they could happen. If you are good at worrying then you have a great imagination that could benefit from a different focal point. Focusing your attention and feelings around all the beatific, amazing things that can happen is much more fun, rewarding and better for your health. First set aside some time to spend in a natural setting outside. Sit and focus on the most beautiful things you can sense. This may be the beautiful blue of the sky, the sound of the birds singing, the buzzing of the bees gathering pollen, the crickets singing to each other, the green of the vegetation, the breeze blowing through your hair, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the reflection in the water. Notice each detail you become aware of with your senses. Then let your imagination unfurl and dream about the amazing happenings that are waiting for you in the future. Focus your imagination on sensing the most enchanting, amazing happening you think of and use all your senses to get in touch with that future event. What does it look like, what does it feel like, what does it sound like, what sensations does it cause in your body, how do you feel as you experience this wonderful future event? Allow yourself to be filled with the imagination of this happening. Find where in your body that sensation is the strongest and then focus on that sensation spreading and growing through your body. It may feel like a tingling, a buzzing of energy, a sense of fullness, a warmth moving through your whole system. Just sit and enjoy this pleasant, positive feeling. Allowing yourself to be hopeful is one of the most important skills we can practice for a happy, fulfilling life. Photo credit Dean Ferguson


Today’s word- forgiveness
Forgiveness is the release of negative feelings. We know it is time to practice forgiveness when we are triggered by an experience that elicits an unexpected or exaggerated response from our system. This can be an outburst of words, lack of volume control, a sudden heart-thudding in our chests, a build-up of blood in our face, or clenching of our muscles. Often times it is our very own self we hold negative feelings against. Forgiveness is a skill that gets easier with practice. It may be difficult at times and require multiple sessions before you can fully release and experience the rush of freedom that forgiveness brings. If you struggle with a build up of negative emotion take a moment every day to close your eyes, focus on your breath and imagine you are a bird soaring in the sky. Just as a bird takes flight and soars, we too can be free of the weight and drain of negativity. Feel the wind rushing through your body and releasing all negative emotion, simply blowing away all that heaviness weighing you down. Allow yourself to feel weightless and free. Feel the sun shining down on you as you are filled with brightness and positivity, white light pouring through every cell of your body. You are reborn each moment, with each breath that flows through you. Forgiveness is a gift we can practice daily to free up our energy and attention. Photo Credit Dean Ferguson


Today’s word- Patience

Patience is staying calm during expectancy, delay, suffering or chaos. When those butterflies and energy begin to build up in our system it is a clear sign to allow life to unfold at its own pace rather than rushing it. Whether it is eagerness, excitement, anxiety, agitation or simply an extra jumpy feeling the solution is to slow ourselves down. Breathing is always a good reminder for our body to relax and slow down. Take a moment now gather up all the extra energy in your system by focusing on your inhalation and then let it all go with an audible exhalation. Feel your shoulders, your chest relaxing and focus on letting the energy drain out of your body all the way through your toes and fingertips. You can imagine you are bee collecting pollen, an ant scavenging for food or a bird collecting nesting materials. There is no way to rush the work of nature. Life happens in its own time and way with each creature doing its work to accomplish their life purpose. We all have a life purpose to accomplish in our way and time. Staying present, calm and focused will allow us to expend our energy sustainably.

Special thanks to Cassandra Brown for teaching me everything I know about patience and hard work and Dean Ferguson for this great photo.


Today’s word - faith
Faith is confidence in something that one doesn’t have physical evidence of. Some take for granted the mysteries unknown to them and others limit themselves to the definitions of all they have seen and experienced. Yet most scientists acknowledge that scientific discovery is based in disproving what we think we know. Our worldview is limited to what our senses can assimilate in the environment around us. At a time when exploration was limited by foot the world was seen as flat with the sun orbiting the Earth. Take a moment to acknowledge the mystery and wonder that drives so much of the world around us. Admitting that we are a very small thread in the tapestry of all time and space is vital to know our place in the world. Faith is knowing that every small thread is equally important and woven together in connected ways that we can only begin to wonder. If you struggle with faith imagine something you are curious about and keep asking questions until you run out of answers, imagine you have the answers until you run out imagination, and then feel your brain stretching to provide more answers but unable to do so, that space of unknowing, that stretching emptiness of synapses searching to connect to a piece of knowing, that is the space to allow yourself to sit in, and let time spin out and unfurl around you. This is the space of faith. Knowing there are answers and imagining there are questions you haven’t thought to ask that describes existence that you are completely unaware of. Because we can only know what we know and we know so very little.


Today’s word- surrender

Surrender is letting go of resistance Each and every exhalation we have is a chance to let go and surrender. Our body effortlessly does this automatically after each breath we take, thousands of times a day. We know resistance is present or we are holding on to something when our breathing gets shallow, our body tenses up or we hold our breath. We could be reacting to pain or pleasure, fear or fantasy, something wanted or unwanted or any number of experiences. Regardless of what we are holding on to we always have the choice to surrender, let go and move into the present moment. Most humans have 16 times each minute to choose surrender. If you need some help, meditate on how water flows over, around, through and under anything in its path. Picture yourself as a stream or river gushing through the forest floor, meeting and greeting everything you come into contact with and yet never attaching, clinging, resisting. Just simply flowing; fresh, bright, cool water over the land. Let your breath be like water, flowing in and out through your body, each moment refreshing your senses, your spirit and surrender.





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