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Operating as usual

Photos from Clarity NOW's post 09/21/2022

Some of my favorite photos of my mom


We will miss you mom

Photos from Clarity NOW's post 06/20/2022

This Mid-year IG flurry of activity is brought to be you by Covid. Will now be returning to the regularly scheduled program of social media free 2022.


Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room

Chapter 14,15,16 Dedicated to my friends from the Lakota and Ottawa tribes


Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room

Chapter 14,15,16 Dedicated to my friends from the Lakota and Ottawa tribes


Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room

Waterfall Chapters 11-13 dedicated to the Susquehannock peoples


Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room

Chapter 10 Pink Waterfall Dedicated to Shoshone, Bannock and Paiute tribes


Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room

Chapter 7 Pink Waterfall dedicated to the Maya Yucateco and Garifuna peoples


Friends, I’m planning on a social media hiatus. Not sure how long. I depend on social media to keep me in contact with so many of you so hoping you’ll take time to text or call so we can stay connected. Much love for you all!


Just thought this photo composition was grand!


Can’t remember what application process I wanted to use these questions for however they are pretty great!! Feel free to use in your next upcoming interviews.


And this is my hair after being well rested and home with my loved ones!


Doing a little dreaming, brainstorming today. Stretching my imagination to see how expansive I can get.


When you need all the encouragement go to Disney + . I promise it never disappoints. Plenty it does disappoint on however Hope and inspiration it’s never short on


When you’re extra exhausted and your hair is flat and behaving in ways it never does you take a selfie. That which is within is always without.


Lots of exciting changes coming! Simplification always makes me a happy happy lady! Holler at me if you wanna know more!


When shopping for just myself this is what I end up with! This is my version of eating like an adult. There was also a pound of butter, carrots, oj and milk.


Bogo at the perfect time of year!


Thanks for making my whole week with this stuffie!!

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2021 has been the year of dreams coming true and dreams being crushed. What 2022 has in store is still a big mystery! Spending this new moon dreaming and plotting our future in the mountains! What we will gain, what we will lose, what we will need to let go of, what we will learn. Mostly I’m excited to see who comes along on the journey with us and who comes to visit! Our mission is to nurture each other, our family, our community and our planet. Having a quiet, peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle will make that so much deeper and impactful. Also have all the space to save humanity should the apocalypse require it.


It’s a drowning your sorrows in cookie dough kind of night! **keverything


Missing vacation hard today! #


It was the perfect fall day for connecting with so many women I love! Thanks for the perfect Saturday .wisdomhealing for an amazing day of feminine love and joy!


Headed to the land of the Maya Yuceteco peoples! Grateful for for always being my go to resource for honoring indigenous and First Nation peoples!


JOIYA makes trips so much easier! Load up on the CBD and I’m ready to fly to far off places!


Cats packed and ready to go! Cancun here we come!

Photos from Clarity NOW's post 10/23/2021

It’s important to remember that everything we do on social media is monetized for someone. Trying to create equity in the world? Make sure that each place you engage you’re intentionally using your “spending” power! Pay attention to what you’re voting for when you’re engaging on social media. Avoid consuming mindlessly.

Photos from Clarity NOW's post 10/22/2021

Got to celebrate this amazing human that I’m lucky enough to call my daughter tonight with her aunties. Been a steward of her spirit for 24 plus years this lifetime and full of gratitude for the help of these powerful, magical women (and those not pictured who were with us in spirit) who have helped her in the becoming! What a lifetime we are living!


My message to you today from Be Yourself! If you need help finding who you are under all the crap that life has thrown on you, dumped in you, covered you with I’m here for the journey. We can slowly and surely find your essence. I have so many tools to help, and most powerfully my loving presence holding space as you do the work! CBD helps prepare your system to make it gentler and easier, reiki allows you to remove decades of harm in an instant, core gifts focuses on WHY you are here, regular energy hygiene keeps you running, somatic healing gives you tools to do the emotional work as it comes up! We can talk however none of this healing requires re-living or litigating past traumas. That’s the most beautiful part. I would love to be your wellness partner when you’re ready, I’m always looking for new energy partners to learn and grow with and ordering CBD is lightening speed!!


Cats are some of the best teachers about rest! Observing my cats finding the sun spots and how they change through the seasons and through the days is one of my favorite activities. Oh how I long to curl up in the sun for hours! Kiki is so much more relaxed and happy with her daily CBD. Just like us!

Photos from Clarity NOW's post 10/18/2021

Some days it’s just nice to hear it from someone else! Thanks this love note couldn’t have come at a better time!


If you listen to the podcast and I did this will make all the sense to you! Feel free to reach out if you wanna hear more about this.


If you listen to the podcast and I did this will make all the sense to you! Feel free to reach out if you wanna hear more about this.

Photos from Clarity NOW's post 10/18/2021

Getting out and enjoying nature is bringing me solace this season. Everything feels more settled and aligned in my body when I’m in the wild. Nothing in me needs to be contained, I can just go, be, stop, be, return and be. Beingness seems the most important thing to me right now. What helps you be in your beingness?


Been thinking about trying CBD? What are you looking for relief from? 85% chance I can help!


Cheers to Friday! Cheers to life! Find your people, do what you love, take time to rest, relax and celebrate! Did you know you can add CBD tincture to any drink? Hit me up to learn more! How are you finding rest and celebration this weekend?


Love this little .life display so much!! Thanks for thinking of me and giving me the sign! for the pumpkin . Wanna bring more calm and harmony to your world? Holler at me for a sample of our Joi jellies or join me in our wellness community for daily prompts that promote your well-being and self-care!

Photos from Clarity NOW's post 10/14/2021

Inviting everyone I care about to Join me in the Joiya COMMUNITi Total Tranaformation challenge that’s happening for the next 90 days!

It’s already made a difference in how I’m flowing through my days and the choice to prioritize my own loving care every day! Will you join me?

Here’s how-
1. Go to your app or Google play store and search for Joiya COMMUNITi
2. Enter your name and email to request to join
3. Request access to the Slim-V Total Transformation Challenge
4. Introduce yourself and start getting daily wellness prompts


His and hers! Ready to go out into the cold for all the things. He walks the dog and rakes the leaves, I do the errands and do CBD drop-offs!


Wanna join me on .life COMMUNITi app for the Total Transformation group? Having so much fun! Meal prepped for the first time in months today, started my daily breathing routine after months, and thinking about adding abs to my daily push-ups. Get wellness support, tips, wisdom and find friends like me!

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Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room
Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room
Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room
Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room
Sally BB (she/they)'s Personal Meeting Room
Started a suicide prevention awareness push-up challenge in September of 21 push-ups a day. I’m still going strong! Star...
Push-up challenge! Every day is a new day!
Shedding your skin, healing rythyms and more
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