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PCS Edventures Fueling Imagination, Inspiration and Creativity PCS Stem Programs Engage Students to learn, lead and thrive in the new global economy

It started with a dream. School teacher Patrick McShane had a vision of creating an education center where K-12 students could engage with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects to enhance their learning and prepare themselves for a successful future. In 1988 McShane founded Pat’s Computer School, which he set up in the garage of his rural Idaho home. He worked tirelessly, crea

Operating as usual

[02/02/19]   someone is buying PCSV. Not sure who or why but it is being gobbled up.

buzzfeed.com 10/26/2015

Disarming The Drone Gender Gap

PCSV - Buzzfeed Article.



Have kids in the Boise area? Check out the Zombie Month open house at PCS EdventuresLab in Eagle on October 28 and in Boise on October 29! Both facilities will be open to the public from 5:30-7:00 PM.

huffingtonpost.com 10/23/2015

Making People Register Their Drones May Just Create More Problems

Congratulations to EJ Duarte, owner of Thrust-UAV, for being quoted in a pair of Huffington Post articles yesterday! Thrust UAV is a supply chain partner, and PCS is currently in active business development discussions with them.



huffingtonpost.com "So many people are buying consumer-grade drones that won't last a week. Do we need to spend tax dollars on this?"


Giving Good Guidance: What Every Public Company Should Know

As the CEO of PCS Edventures!, I would like to provide shareholders with an update on our operations and address some of the frequent questions that we have received. We appreciate feedback that we receive from shareholders and feel it’s important to continue that dialogue.

Question: What has 5W done for PCS to date and what are they doing for PCS this quarter?

We are very excited to be working with 5W and they have done a good job so far getting us placed in a number of publications, establishing PCS and our team as thought leaders in STEM education. Placement of these articles is important to build more awareness of PCSV over time and I am confident that this will pay off through awareness of our company and its offerings. This quarter, we continue to expect big things out of them due to the major media emphasis on drone sales for the holidays and the opportunity to present PCSV within the context of these messages. PCSV has extensive experience in the drone space and we have created curriculum and conducted a good deal of R&D on hardware, software, and supply chain resources. 5W has put together an operational plan for PCS and is generating regular interview and exposure opportunities, as well as introducing us to potential customers. What investors may not realize is that there is a turnaround time between arranging interviews, conducting interviews, drafting an article, clearing the article for release and finally being published. This process can take days, weeks, or even months.

We have received feedback that recent articles aren’t filled with red meat for investors, but the underlying reason is the context. As I mentioned, we have made great strides to be positioned as intellectual leaders within the industry. The leadership position within an industry leads to additional sales, product placement, institutional investing, governmental discussions and other opportunities. We are very proud to take part in the larger discussion, and while some exposure is meant specifically for investors, some is geared towards a different demographic. I think the real take away is that it’s important to understand that there is usually not an immediate turnaround, but that 5W has built its reputation as top PR firm for a reason.

Question: Why does PCS refuse to release earnings estimates?

This is also a good question that we have received recently. While some companies release forward looking earnings projections, others do not. These projections can potentially cause legal issues down the road, and we have decided to avoid unnecessary risk to the company or its shareholders at this juncture. One primary reason for this is the nature of some of our larger projects with clients such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since these projects represent a significant portion of our revenue in some quarters, they can significantly impact our reporting. For example, government acceptance of deliverables can occasionally delay revenue recognition which can seriously impact our earnings reports – even though the business is there, the associated earnings can’t be reported until all the t’s are crossed and I’s dotted. Linked below is a Harvard Law Review article about the earnings/legal issues that we agree with. While I wish we could have that discussion and release earnings estimates, we will continue to take a conservative approach out of an abundance of caution.


Question: What is going on with Thrust UAV?

We have a lot of respect and admiration for the Thrust UAV team and all that they have accomplished. Thrust is an important supply chain partner as well as an R&D partner in the drone space. Curriculum that we developed, and the associated products that support that curriculum, were created in conjunction with Thrust and other, internal resources. Thrust UAV drones are part of the project we are delivering in Saudi Arabia and the quality of their product is outstanding. We continue to use Thrust for other R&D projects are in active business development discussions with them as there is a great deal of alignment between their skill sets and resources and our work in K12 robotics.

Question: What is the status of the further up-listing to higher exchanges?

This is an exciting time for PCS. We have seen the introduction of new products, the conversion of existing products into a digital format, the announcement of a strong sales channel with School Specialty, up-listing to the OTC QB exchange, and striving to form new opportunities for growth.

We are exploring many opportunities for growth and, as a public company, an obvious topic of discussion is charting a path off the OTC and on to a larger exchange. I am excited about the opportunities we see before us as a company today, and I have a lot of confidence in our Board of Directors and our executive management team to make decisions in the best interests of PCSV shareholders in initiatives such as this.

Question: We have seen this teaser page on your website. What is Droneology?

Droneology is an exciting step forward in the PCSV business plan. It is the first title we will be launching on our new digital learning platform that will become the electronic highway for hundreds of PCSV STEM titles. The Droneology curriculum, our first title to release on the platform, is incredibly timely as it focuses on drone safety, regulations, responsible behavior, and general operations information. With over 1MM drones projected to be sold into the retail market this holiday season, the FAA is understandably concerned about responsible behavior. Monday, the FAA announced that it has assembled a task force and will be requiring drone registration for consumers in some form – by mid December! This has created a lot of controversy and drawn attention to a national issue that Droneology, as an educational application addressing this topic, can help address. We have created an advisory board for Droneology with multiple representatives that include airport managers, industry representatives, educators, engineers, and air traffic controllers. The curriculum, in digital development now, will be presented for endorsement to a number of regulatory bodies in November as well.

Droneology will be sold through direct purchase from our website as well as through resellers, drone manufacturers, and retail outlets. We have generated a lot of positive buzz with manufacturers over Droneology and see it being integrated into packaging, sold as a standalone product, or included in product bundles. It is our first digital title that we will be releasing for mobile learning, which we view as a platform for generatig high profit margins on our digital content. Additional information about Droneology will be released in the near future – watch for our media release with complete details.

corpgov.law.harvard.edu The following post comes to us from Alexander F. Cohen, partner and co-chair of the national office of Latham & Watkins LLP. This post is based on a Latham & Watkins client alert by Mr. Cohen, Nathan Ajiashvili, Jeff G. Hammel, Steven B. Stokdyk, Kirk A. Davenport II, and Joel H. Trotter; the full p…

theblaze.com 10/21/2015

Get Ready to Register Your Drones: Gov’t Expected to Announce New FAA Regulation

Great exposure for PCS Edventures to TheBlaze's 8,000,000+ unique visitors per month! -

Dr. Jim Schmidt, a drone specialist leading the Drone Safety Advisory Board of PCS Edventures, told TheBlaze in a statement that while he thinks registration is a good idea, he does see the potential for some issues.

“Blanket requirements for registration on all consumer drones seems to be a reactionary approach to a very complex situation,” he said in an email. “Similar to tracking and registering fi****ms, the logistics and dynamics of registering and tracking all drones makes it unlikely to be successful if the decision is to register all drones. The task force assigned to evaluating this situation will most likely come to this conclusion as they will be wanting to achieve a balance of common sense and safety.”

Schmidt said a “practical response” include limiting registration “to a certain level of performance in the consumer space. Commercial drones are already licensed and controlled, and expanding this to high performance and large (over a certain size and weight) consumer oriented drones could be a reasonable approach.”


theblaze.com WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) -- Federal regulators are expected to announce Monday that the government will require registration of most drones to help track operators who flout safety rules, according to an industry official. The industry official, not authorized to speak publicly but talking on the co…


PCS EDVENTURES COM INC (Form: 8-K, Received: 10/16/2015 10:29:36)

otcmarkets.com Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the filing obligation of the Registrant under any of the following provisions (see general instruction A.2. below):


PCS EDVENTURES COM INC (Form: 8-K, Received: 10/19/2015 13:14:46)

otcmarkets.com Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the filing obligation of the Registrant under any of the following provisions (see general instruction A.2. below):


PCS EDVENTURES COM INC (Form: 8-K, Received: 10/19/2015 13:15:29)

PCS Edventures! has and will continue to make protecting this great company and its shareholders a top priority. This is a very exciting time for the PCS Edventures! team, and we look forward to issuing multiple updates for shareholders on other topics over the next few weeks. #StayTuned

otcmarkets.com Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the filing obligation of the Registrant under any of the following provisions (see general instruction A.2. below):

buzzfeed.com 10/18/2015

U.S. Government Will Require Drones To Be Registered

"If drones are registered and regulated like piloted aircraft, Kaplan argued, it could mean a boon for innovation and their use commercially."


edventures-com.myshopify.com 10/16/2015

3D Printing as a Comprehensive Solution

Read the latest blog from PCSV

edventures-com.myshopify.com Known as “additive manufacturing”, 3D printing is known as a process of forming three dimensional solid objects using a digital model.

instagram.com 10/15/2015

PCS Edventures on Instagram: “Live action shot from our coding Webinar #STEMpower #STEM...

PCS Edventures! CEO Robert Grover with Randy Jamison, founder/owner of Curious Media, during the "Code Your Future" Webinar yesterday.


instagram.com “Live action shot from our coding Webinar #STEMpower #STEM #education #codeyourfuture”


PCSV Investors Page


PCSV Investors Page


PCSV Investors Page's cover photo

csmonitor.com 10/13/2015

Drone racing: The sport of the future?

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross invest $1 mill in Drone racing.

csmonitor.com Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is investing $1 million in drone racing, bringing it one step closer to becoming a professional sport.

thestreet.com 10/13/2015

'Star Wars' and 4 Other Awesome Drones to Consider Buying This Holiday Season

PCS Edventures mentioned in The Street.com.

thestreet.com The Millennium Falcon is just one of a slate of drones expected to end up on consumers' wish lists this year.

sltrib.com 10/12/2015

Drone pilots descend on Utah for 'the closest thing to racing without the risk of dying'

Drones are gaining big attention!!

sltrib.com The air was humming over Salt Lake City’s Warm Springs Park on Saturday, and it was more than just the gnats. The first Road to the Utah Cup drone race got off the ground with ...


PCSV Investors Page's cover photo


PCSV Investors Page


Timeline Photos

[10/10/15]   Robotics is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

[10/09/15]   PCS has established a network of 7,000 customers and lab sites, many of whom are robotics customers.


Timeline Photos


Robot Issue 55 November/December 2015 | 2015 | Store |

PCS Edventures RIQ Education - Front Cover
3 page review of the RIQ Robot!!

rcdriver.com 3.5 MILLION DOLLARS AWARDED IN DARPA ROBOTICS CHALLENGE FINALSThousands of screaming fans filled the Fairplex in Pomona, California to witness oneof the biggest

[10/08/15]   PCS has proprietary K12 robotics materials including controllers, software, and curriculum.

Industry research from the International Federation of Robotics reports 1.2MM entertainment and hobby robotics units sold in 2013, with over 7.5MM projected from 2014-2017

edventures-com.myshopify.com 10/07/2015

Video Games and STEM

How are video games helping in STEM education? Read the latest PCSV blog to find out!

edventures-com.myshopify.com Video games are creating a tremendous opportunity in the STEM education field to move our youth in a positive direction.

[10/07/15]   PCS Edventures! has specialized in K12 robotic education for many years, the result of which is a sophisticated hardware and software solution for creating engaging learning experiences for students. Robots are a natural enabler for learning and create a rich environment for teaching students.

PCS Robotics features the PCS Brain and Cortex, our own micro controller and programming software designed specifically with the educator in mind. Multiple levels of programming in the Cortex empowers students from the elementary level to high school, and the open architecture of the device makes it a perfect complement for university and hobbyist applications.

cbsnews.com 10/07/2015

FAA proposes record fine against drone operator

cbsnews.com SkyPan accused of operating aircraft "in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger lives or property"

[10/06/15]   Mobile Learning

Tremendous growth in the online learning industry is a major driver in education, and represents the future of learning across all segments, K12, corporate training, and lifelong learning.

PCS has a large library of core content that will serve as the "raw"materials for many of the learning experiences. Some of this content is currently being migrated into a granular delivery format called "LABCards" developed for our school and after school curriculum. From this format, the lessons can be staged and migrated into a digital learning system which PCS is investigating now in the R&D stage.

themonitor.com 10/01/2015

A week of STEM returns to Edinburg

themonitor.com EDINBURG — Robots will invade the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Edinburg campus next week. No, the apocalypse is not here. This is purely educational.

sporttechie.com 09/30/2015

49ers STEM Education Program Partners With Silicon Valley Robotics Company

sporttechie.com 49ers STEM Education Program Partners With Silicon Valley Robotics Company to give young children early exposure to STEM education.

roboticstrends.com 09/30/2015

Robotics Playing Bigger Role in STEM Education - Robotics Trends

roboticstrends.com Only 16 percent of American high school seniors are proficient in mathematics and interested in a STEM career.

[09/29/15]   PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. (OTCQB:PCSV) designs and delivers educational products and services to the K-12 market that develop 21st century skills, programs emphasize hands-on experiences in (STEAM) and have been deployed at over 7,000 sites in all 50 United States and 17 foreign countries.


PCSV Annual Shareholder Meeting 2015

Dear Investors,

Here is a video of the PCSV Annual Shareholder Meeting.

I have listed a few key times in the video you should listen closely to.

8:22 - 12:00 - STEM Expertise
12:00 - 18:00 - Products
18:46-23:15 - Distribution (This is Very Important)
23:46 International (This is Very Important)
Creya Learning (India), Middle East (Saudi Arabia)
28:45 - 30:00 The Future is Digital
30:00 - Dronology - (This is Very Important) Pay attention to market size! Digital format! Profit Margins!!
33:50 - Holiday Sales
35:00 Question (This is Very Important)

PCSV Annual Shareholder Meeting 2015 September 25, 2015 Boise, ID




Discover Robotics and Physics
Discover Robotics and Engineering
RIQ Robotics



345 W Bobwhite Ct, Ste 200
Boise, ID
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