Pat Harris School of Dance / Broadway Dance and Event Center, Boise, ID Video August 20, 2018, 10:10pm

Videos by Pat Harris School of Dance / Broadway Dance and Event Center in Boise. We offer Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop for age 3+up. Our classes encourage and teach, confidence, creativity, self expression, core technique, and personal growth. (COVID 19) Protocols/Mask

The benefits of dance for young children
Kids love music and are normally found dancing about whenever they hear it playing. Whether it’s free-styling at home or in more formal classes, dance is a great form of exercise for young children.
little balerinas
Small children enjoy moving their bodies, so dancing – even though it might look like jumping up and down to you – comes naturally to them. And it is this type of movement that helps them learn what their bodies are capable of doing.

There’s no doubt that dancing is a highly physical activity, which has many benefits, including:

It improves your child’s range of movement
It increases flexibility
It improves physical strength and stamina
It develops muscle tone
It improves posture
It increases balance and co-ordination
It improves cardiovascular health
Your child’s rhythm
Children are naturally aware of different rhythms from a very early age. For example, if you put on slow classical music and ask him to dance you will see that his movements are very different to the ones he makes when he dances to something with a fast beat.

In fact, playing different types of music during the day will encourage your little ones to try out different dance steps of their own – even if they don’t realise they’re doing it!

Become dance partners
Even if you have two left feet, your child won’t care; he’ll be very happy to dance with you. You can dance to your kind of music, or choose a catchy nursery rhyme with lots of actions such as “If you’re happy and you know it” or “Here we go round the mulberry bush”.

Dance classes
There is a wide range of dance classes available for pre-school children – for both boys and girls – from pre-ballet classes and tap, pop dancing to creative movement to music.

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The benefits of dance for young childrenKids love music and are normally found dancing about whenever they hear it playi...

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