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For those curious about parlaying your library and UX experience into other careers: Business Process Analysts are individuals working for companies who document the flow of work across an organization's departments-- a journey map of services and strategy. Business Process Improvement is basically UX applied at the organizational level to improve customer experience by smoothing the relationships among departmental handoffs.

Think of your process for having a customer request a purchase. Where do they encounter the instructions or ability to request an item? Does it flow to Collection Development? Does it require interaction with public services staff? How is it automated or how is it not automated? Does optimizing the process for Collection Development cause friction with public services staff and customers? Optimizing hand offs between departments represents the greatest opportunity for improving UX and efficiency and creating organizational alignment rather than prioritizing one department's needs over another's.

Business Process Analysis is a growing field in many companies. Analyst positions do not require specific education credentials or trainings but instead the ability to analyze and connect information. Your ability to understand database systems (such as an ILS) translates well here.

If you're passionate about organizational culture and UX and wanting to eventually change careers, this is a path that may be open to you. 06/08/2017

Boise Public Library reaches out to adult readers with Books & Brews book club

I love this UX approach to readers advisory! Meet people where they are, doing what they love, and share what you're reading. A local brewery is probably not where you'd expect to find a book club in deep discussion, but the Boise Public Library is reaching out to adult readers in a unique way. Jillian Garrigues takes us to Books & Brews at Highlands Hollow Brewhouse. 05/09/2017

How do you hire for passion or curiosity? Here’s one question to ask

What's the sneaky interview question that will detect passion in a job candidate? Ask Dr. Dre, How do you hire the right people? You learn through mistakes, but it’s still a challenge. Writer Cal Sussman asked rapper Dr. Dre a revealing question.


Libraries advocate for funding through their services, staff, and spaces - every interaction counts. 05/01/2017

‘Dicks For Breakfast’ and other library barcode placement fails

Label placement is important, friends.   PC Sweeney at the online librarian and library culture magazine,, recently collected a slew of photos of books with unfortunate barcode placements. Sweeney writes: Everyone knows that we must rigidly adhere to the agreed upon institutional standards of barcode placement. However,... 11/09/2016

The Daily Design Quote You will learn most things by looking, but reading gives understanding. Reading will make you free


I'm looking for people trying to make UX improvements in their libraries. Sound like you? Message me!


Hallelujah 08/28/2016

A College Turns to Design Thinkers to Refresh Its Aging Curriculum

Conversations play a large part of successful UX. "Where did they live? What were their families like? What would a perfect Saturday be for them?" Colleges have used design thinking to improve their business practices. Now it’s being used to change what lies at the heart of an institution. 08/26/2016

7 reasons to join the IDF: Learn great UX design: Get 1 month off your membership with the Interaction Design Foundation

Get one free month of membership to the Interaction Design Foundation and audit their awesome classes with the link below. It's like Coursera for interaction design. The Interaction Design Foundation is the world’s leading online community to learn UX design. Learn from 30 curated courses created by top UX design experts and academics. 08/24/2016

The Daily Design Quote It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.


Susan Brown, Director of the Chapel Hill Public Library, tells us how she learned that UX is for every library because we are in the people business and, well, the picture says the rest.


Timeline Photos 08/03/2016

The Daily Design Quote [...] In this new age of portable, fully- communicating tools, it is ever more important to develop a humane technology, one that takes into account the needs and capabilities of people.


How to Align #UX With Product Management?

Img Src: 08/01/2016

Muted Colors : A new (and old) trend of which to take note: A new (and old) trend of which to take note | UX Magazine

For designers: muted colors read as modern. 07/18/2016

Unpleasant Design & Hostile Urban Architecture - 99% Invisible

Unpleasant design deters unwanted behaviors in public spaces. From subtle to sinister, subtle design hacks can change the way that people use your space. Does your library use these for the betterment or to the detriment to UX? listen here: Benches in parks, train stations, bus shelters and other public places are meant to offer seating, but only for a limited duration. Many elements of such seats are subtly or overtly restrictive. Arm rests, for instance, indeed provide spaces to rest arms, but they also prevent people from lying down... 07/15/2016

The Daily Design Quote No matter how beautiful, no matter how cool your interface, it would be better if there were less of it. 06/20/2016

Your UI is your product’s humble compensation for not being telepathic — Free Code Camp

Your UI is your product’s humble compensation for not being telepathic Take a few products and keep asking “what is this compensating for?” and you’ll eventually end up with the same answer. And that answer may…


The 7 Factors That Describe User Experience According to Peter Morville


Asking the Right Questions | The User Experience

Are you asking the right questions? “Let’s ask people what they want from the library.” I’ve heard this said in a few meetings, and I’ve seen related questions in surveys from libraries. I’m not so sure that this is the most productive way to think about creating a user-centered library.


Timeline Photos… 05/05/2016

Asking the Right Questions | The User Experience… “Let’s ask people what they want from the library.” I’ve heard this said in a few meetings, and I’ve seen related questions in surveys from libraries. I’m not so sure that this is the most productive way to think about creating a user-centered library.


Every choice we make affects how people use the library. Make the right choices.

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The gold standard on design thinking workshops starts today. Free!

Class starts today! Register for a free, seven-week online course from + PlusAcumen that will teach you the fundamentals of Human-Centered Design -



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Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients. Design Thinking draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be, and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user (the customer).


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Quote of the Day: 03/18/2016

UX Best Practices & Strategies

Two of my librarian crushes (West and King) come together for a presentation on UX? Yes, please! ^DB Our panel shares good practices and strategies from small to medium sized public libraries as well as academic libraries. With David Lee King, Digital Services… 03/18/2016

6 Careers That Involve UX (Whether They Know it or Not)

Your library's customer service and strategy can benefit by infusing UX concepts Understanding the core concepts of user experience can help improve your work in a variety of careers from web development to marketing and design. 02/14/2016

UX: Design For Space, Parking, Fly Fishing And The World

Great introduction into what UX is. State of Wonder guest curator Elena Moon takes us through the world of user experience design, challenging us to think about what works and why. 02/04/2016

Teaching Human-Centered Design to Solve Problems of Poverty - Trish of - +Acumen

""If you can facilitate in a way that builds shared respect and empathy for different viewpoints, then you can provide a common path for people to find uncommon solutions," says's Patricia Merino Price, Director of Learning. " New Free Design Kit: Facilitator's Guide to Introducing Human-Centered Design with launched today! Interview with Trish, Director of Learning ...


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