Someone Really Cares, a non-profit org.

This is a registered non-profit organization with the Secretary of State of Idaho, and is a result of many health issues & experiences that I have been blessed to be a recipient of because of heart failure and a anonymous heart organ donation

We are a registered non-profit entity with the Secretary of State in Idaho and have been since filling an application in late Feb. 2010 with the currently elected officials, which is where I reside, work, and sometimes play etc. Someone Really Cares, a non-profit organization is not competing for your disposable, after tax dollars, as we know most people are passionate about giving back to their c

Operating as usual

[08/27/14]   Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Someone Really Cares, a 501c(3) non-profit org,
380 W. Mayfair Ct.
Boise, Idaho 83706

Dear Donors, Family & Friends,

It is with a deeply saddened heart, that I announce the closure of the non-profit Someone Really Cares, that I founded Feb 26th, 2010! A heartfelt thank you sent out to the donors, who chose to send in charitable contributions to help me educate kids and adults. The talks focused on importance of Heart Health and the equally important issue of learning more about anonymous organ donation, which has prolonged my life 7 years as of this correspondence.

It was a crushing blow that more of you did not believe in my abilities to educate nor see the value to communities that I could have possibly educated as Cardiovascular Disease is still on the rise in the United States. Part of the reason, can be attributed to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. There are of course other factors that your medical providers can share with you, provided one takes the initiative to ask!

I have poured everything I had into this endeavor for 4 1/2 years with not enough financial contributions to accomplish several other educational goals! I worked at it almost everyday, except the numerous days my health was not strong enough despite all the needed medications that I take daily. It has cost me more of my own financial resources than I expected in order to personally guarantee payments to all creditors and vendors for business expenses.

At this time, all financial obligations have been met and I am in the process of getting a few last items taken care of. This endeavor was of great value to those who attended my talks at schools and with people in various communities that I found myself in while traveling.

Sincerely yours,

Stu Bailey, Founder
Someone Really Cares, a non-profit org.

[02/20/14]   A serious question for everyone to ponder and make the best choice of "Where to be taken in case of a Heart Attack or Stroke?" I choose the Downtown St.Luke's Hospital on Bannock St./Broadway at home here in Boise, as they have taken excellent care of my heart issues and Sharp Memorial Hospital Hospital on Frost St. in Mission Valley when traveling!

Both of these medical facilities have copious notes about my medical history of cardiovascular problems & of my Anonymous Heart Organ Transplant!

Do you have such info in place for the ambulance, fire & police when they arrive on scene to provide you with the best & most accurate treatment plans?

*Any & all allergies also must be readily available to those Emergency 1st Responders I just mentioned above!

**Take a few minutes upon reading this to make those decisions now instead of when it happens, as it could mean the difference of living or dying!

~Stu 01/17/2014

Heart Disease Pictures: Heart Attack Symptoms, Heart Failure, Angioplasty and More

A good description of some heart information to look over and then go to your Primary Care Physician to seek additional, life saving techniques/tests if they feel a closer investigation needs to occur.

*If you have a family physician, that's fabulous, and if not then make an appt. to see one and develop a trusting relationship as medical questions or concerns as they come up. So grateful to my family physician of over a decade now! He aligned further testing and referrals to other specialists, which I am also grateful for as well!

If I ignored the symptoms that were active 8 years ago, in regards to my heart health, I would have died!

Plain and simple as that!

~Stu A pictorial overview of heart disease covers symptoms to watch for, diagnostic tests, treatments, and prevention strategies. 09/15/2013

Heart disease patients with positive attitudes likely to exercise, live longer | American Heart...

Positivity is one attribute that I contribute to healthy recovery from heart transplant & 3 AiCD's implants. It is fun to see dear medical team members, along with new nurses, doctors, nutrition specialists, and all ancillary personnel at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

~Stu AHA Newsroom, AHA News, heart news, heart health news, news releases, heart news releases, stroke news releases, stroke news, advocacy news, advocacy news releases, press releases, multimedia, podcast, video, audio interview

[07/08/13]   Well, the office areas are cleared out in anticipation for Hardwood floors being installed starting Monday morning in my home office. All office equip is disconnect for next couple of days. Hope to have office areas all organized & electronics up and running sometime Wed. Signing off for now!

~Stu 05/05/2013

Heart-healthy diet helps men lower bad cholesterol, regardless of weight loss

An interesting article that gives more weight to Mediterranean Diet!

My question is simple, do I need to be dining on a cruise ship in Med. Sea to begin this regimen?

I always bring humor into presenting information, as it was successful when teaching elementary students, and when asked to share & educate (formally & informally) others about the importance of Heart Health! A heart-healthy diet helped men at high risk for heart disease reduce their bad cholesterol, regardless of whether they lost weight, in a new study. 04/26/2013

Metabolic disorders predict the hardening of the arterial walls already in childhood

An interesting study about arterial thickening in young children. As a blessed individual, who receives fabulous medical care here at home & on the road, I developed atherosclerosis a year post heart transplant.

Even so, I do my best to prevent further advancement of this condition in my donor heart, through a number of methods, ie diet, exercise, close monitoring of labs & tests by my fabulous medical team members!

~Stu Metabolic disorders, such as excess abdominal fat, raised blood pressure, higher levels of insulin, glucose and triglycerides and lower levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol can be found in children as young as 6 to 8 years of age, according to a new study. These metabolic risk factors often accu...

[04/20/13]   QOTD: I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them. -Diana, Princess of Wales

My job entails exactly what Princess Diana's did! While educating others about the importance of heart health through my personal journey with bits of humor at certain times!

One thing that I learned while teaching elementary school is that students learn & remember things, when the teacher shares a bit of personal experience about a given subject they are teaching/lecturing about!

Anyone that knows me will verify how much humor & positive energy I bring to life everyday/night!

So, remember to get some fun exercise this weekend!



A great short video by a Cardiologist that I receive newsletters from on heart health. Do what you are able each day and the amount of steps will grow and become easier with time. I employ his suggestion to walk in new places, and that is what I love about living in Idaho. Lots of fabulous places to exercise/explore outdoors!

Have a fabulous weekend all and get some form of exercise each day/night!

~Stu 04/11/2013

Cardiopoietic 'smart' stem cells show promise in heart failure patients: First-in-humans study intro utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily%2Fhealth_medicine%2Fheart_disease+%28ScienceDaily%3A+Health+%26+Medicine+News+--+Heart+Disease%29

A interesting article in the ongoing stem cell research and implementation of smart stem cells. I struggled with my EF numbers prior to my anonymous heart organ donor's heart transplant surgery. It is just minor surgery!

Grateful to be able to pass along information that may be of benefit to others who may currently be suffering from heart issues, or as a mode of preventive measures.

*Always seek medical attention for anything that may concern you! One technique that I employ in my daily life is keeping my vast medical team informed of anything that can pose a further health issue!

It is a daily maintenance, that pays dividends beyond my wildest dreams, plus I have a fabulously talented team that always go the extra distance to make sure that I receive the best medical care! Thanks again to everyone who has cared for me in the past, and those currently involved in keeping the humorous, neon yellow laced patient moving in a forward direction!

~Stu Therapy with cardiopoietic (cardiogenically-instructed) or "smart" stem cells can improve heart health for people suffering from heart failure. This is the first application in patients of lineage-guided stem cells for targeted regeneration of a failing organ, paving the way to development of next g...

[04/10/13]   Thanks to Mossman Law Office for representing myself in a Medicare benefits review case for a chronic issue!

For anyone needing experienced Medicare SSA/Disability legal reviews & representation, please call Mossman Law Office @(208) 342-6900.

Thanks Joyce & Taylor, et. all at Mossman Law Office!

Such a blessing in my life to have such a caring legal team to help clients walk through such an important issue as Medicare/SSA & Disability!

~Stu 02/07/2013

Transplant Foundation | Erik Compton

A dear friend sent me this link about a Pro Golfer who has had 2 heart transplants and is working to educating others about Heart Education, when he is not practicing or playing in a tourney.

Please enjoy and take care of that Heart Muscle of yours, you may not get another one. God has blessed/entrusted me with a second heart to perhaps add humor and a lightness of load to those I meet on my daily path!

~Stu I’m really proud to be able to talk about the Erik Compton Golf Classic to benefit Transplant Foundation, Inc. The tournament took place at the beautiful Dearing Bay Yacht and Country Club Monday March 12 . We had 36 four-person teams and we had the support of some of the game’s greatest players: Ri... 02/07/2013

Transplant Foundation | Erik Compton

A dear friend sent me this link about a Pro Golfer who has had 2 heart transplants and is working to educating others about Heart Education, when he is not practicing or playing in a tourney.

Please enjoy and take care of that Heart Muscle of yours, you may not get another one. God has blessed/entrusted me with a second heart to perhaps add humor and a lightness of load to those I meet on my daily path!

~Stu I’m really proud to be able to talk about the Erik Compton Golf Classic to benefit Transplant Foundation, Inc. The tournament took place at the beautiful Dearing Bay Yacht and Country Club Monday March 12 . We had 36 four-person teams and we had the support of some of the game’s greatest players: Ri... 01/26/2013

Don’t ignore the snore: Snoring may be early sign of future health risks

An interesting article to read over and ask your trusted medical team about!

Perhaps, this article will continue to inspire people to seek preventive testing and care, so that you may side step some of the serious Cardiovascular issues and procedures I have been blessed with!

It has all been for a purpose, and remains to be something I am passionate & very positive about daily!

~Stu Snoring may be more than a common bedtime nuisance, say researchers. According to their new study, snoring, even without sleep apnea, causes thickening and abnormalities the carotid artery - a potential precursor to atherosclerosis.

[12/19/12]   Quote to ponder for remainder of 2012: To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge. -Thoreau, Henry David

Happy Holidays from me to you & your loved ones!


[12/15/12]   Until further notice not accepting donations or requests for my time!

Please contact your medical team(s)for issues related to your heart health!

Taking a much needed break from many activities, also a digital break, in order to get some rest!

At this time, I am requesting to be left alone, and not bothered!

If you have a problem, call someone else!

I am giving myself the best birthday & XMAS present, time off doing what I want or not doing anything as I so choose!

Do not need or want anything at this time, including phone calls, texts, faxes, e-mails, or visitors!

I have spent way too much time making others happy and running here and there!

It all stops now!

Happy Holidays to you and yours this year!


[12/13/12]   Daily Quote: The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.- Robert Kiyosaki

Have a fabulous Thursday all!

~Stu 12/13/2012

Used 2010 Toyota Tundra LTD (White Truck) | Dan Wiebold Ford Serving Nampa, Boise, Meridian & Caldwe

Got the carfax from the salesman at Dan Wiebold, and have not had a chance to head out and take it for a test drive! Hopefully, I can get out there sometime soon, before another person snatches this really clean truck to get me from place to place to educate school aged kids and adults at various venues!

If this rig is meant to be owned and operated by Someone Really Cares, a non-profit org., then the funding will arrive in time to purchase it!

~Stu Check out this Used 2010 Toyota Tundra LTD Truck at Dan Wiebold Ford Serving Nampa, Boise, Meridian & Caldwell, ID 12/12/2012

Laughter is an Instant Vacation Movie

Laughter is vital to anyone, anywhere at anytime! Enjoy this cute video by Simple Truths!

~Stu Corporate Gift Books from Simple Truths by Mac Anderson,the Founder of Successories. These gift books make great business gifts. Each book is filled with Mac's insight's on Customer Service, Leadership, Teamwork, Attitude and Success. They include some of Mac Anderson's favorite inspirational quotes...

[12/12/12]   Quote: Take all that is given whether wealth, love or language, nothing comes
by mistake and with good digestion all can be turned to health.-Herbert, George

Unless, it given with strings attached, then politely say "No Thank You" and walk away!

~Stu 12/12/2012

Fight Stress with Healthy Habits

Keeping your heart healthy is so vital to human survival! Here are several tips on ways from AHA to reduce stress in your daily life!

~Stu Healthy habits can help fight the effects of stress

[12/12/12]   Tonight's Dr. Oz show highlights Cholesterol types & all three doctors on the show recommend asking your physician about having a particle size test!

My recommendation is still always ask your trusted medical team what their profession guidance is!

So grateful to every member of my ever growing medical team!

~Stu 12/12/2012

Buy a Gift Voucher | Qantas

This is a fabulous way to give the gift of International Travel Down Under for your favorite traveler! Who knows, your gift voucher(s) may even provide an opportunity to share the importance of Heart Health with school aged kids and adults that I see at various venues in Australia and New Zealand!

I could sure use some "Down Time" in Australia to relax, recharge, catch up with friends and perhaps get some alone time to get my first writing project complete!

~Stu Give the gift of an experience. Create your own Qantas Gift Voucher for flights and holiday packages starting from A$50.

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As the founder of this 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, I am currently working on several projects, i.e. my book, educational materials for printing & distribution at schools, medical partners, and speaking engagements at various venues.

Upon completion, these items will be submitted for editing, then presented to publishers, or self published, whichever seems appropriate and will benefit various communities or population groups through the 3 focus areas mentioned above.


380 W Mayfair Ct
Boise, ID

General information

When you wish to make charitable contributions to our non-profit organization, you may visit any local US Bank Branch and they will be able to help you with making your donation to our general account. If you would like to be recognized for your generous contribution, please have the teller make a copy of your deposit/slip, add your contact information to it if not already pre-printed and have them e-mail/fax it to our home office at [email protected]/(208) 338-3797 to ensure timely receipt and note of thank you note. *We are currently searching for & seeking new business leaders to serve as board members to help further the mission of educating about the importance of heart health. Previous work experience working for/with non-profits raising funding/major gifts as well as excellent people skills are prefered. Candidates interested are asked to fax or e-mail prior work experience & contact information to our office Stu's attention to review at the previous noted e-mail/fax number for Someone Really Cares, a non-profit org. Individuals are encouraged to be actively meeting, referring potential donors whether they be individuals or businesses interested in corporate funding/sponsorships as it relates to Someone Really Cares, a non-profit org. in educating others about heart health. ** We are also seeking individuals to assist in the office activities in working to streamline thus making processes more efficient so that our founder, Stu Bailey can focus on writing & educating others in the coming year(s)! These positions will start off being volunteer based, then as time progresses & additional funding continues through charitable contributions to Someone Really Cares, a non-profit org., we will look into making these position(s) paid/ongoing volunteer possibilities. We always welcome & invite anyone to send us an e-mail at: [email protected] or a note via fax (208) 338-3797. Have a fabulous day/night and please encourage family, friends, colleagues, etc. to join our journey via facebook & consider making charitable contributions of both monetary & time to take us to the next level(s)! ~Stu Bailey, Founder [email protected]/(208) 338-3797 (e-mail /fax)
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