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I'm a wife, mom, teacher, gardener, doula, friend, blogger, goat herder, CPST, short order cook (my kitchen only), a daydreamer, and this is my life...

I am a Jesus loving, mommy-blogging, homeschooling, homestead building, coffee drinking, diaper changing, loving wife who aims to laugh and have fun EVERY DAY. Check out my blog at to see what fun and exciting things are racing through my living room and my head. Join me for decompression mode after crazy days trying to keep everyone alive. I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy writing!


Just and Askew Christmas morning...


But I'm Just Saying

Always at least one of my kids...

When you are not getting the attention you deserve!!!


Calculate weight before usage...


Someone has an egg in her pocket..

Granger... oh, Granger.


Perfectly Askew Surrogacy Journey pt1

Wanna see me cry? It’s not quite an ugly cry, but close.


[08/17/20]   Just 👏🏼 gonna 👏🏼 remind 👏🏼 you 👏🏼

When you LOOK for trouble, trouble WILL find you!!

Look for blessings!
Look for kindness!
Look for laughter!
Look for tender moments!
Look for gratitude!
Look for positivity!

It’s out there, let it find you!



perfectlyAskew goat yoga

When there isn’t anything better to do... you know... you pretend todo yoga with farm animals,


Water OR Wine

Friday's Live didn't happen, so we are making up today!

We had issues yesterday but we are back up and running and ready to chat with y'all!!


Water OR Wine


Water OR Wine

Nicole and Dana... doing the talking thing

Fave Meme, Hot Topic, Good News


Sharing a secret...

I've just discovered a hidden secret of parenting and I HAVE to share it with YOU!


was there a time when God allowed different species to breed?
Cause... this:

What other interesting looking animals are there out there? Drop a pic on the comments!


Meanwhile, the Askew’s are shopping st the mall today...


Perfectly Askew Life's cover photo


Perfectly Askew Life's cover photo


Filter Free Parents

Loving this article!


So, I went to this thing... and I did some stuff that I’ve never done before... yeah.


Why I don’t like carving pumpkins...


I 👏🏼 do 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 like 👏🏼 snow. 👏🏼

I love the way it looks, and snow sports are amazing, but I would be a happy woman if I never had to see it on my front porch ever again.


Oh man. I’ll post mine in the comments... 2 have already happened this month!


10/10/2019 10/01/2019

Target: 5 Reasons Target is On the Mark with Moms

You love Target, right? Great. Read this and agree with me. Target and Moms are like mashed potatoes and gravy.

[09/30/19]   Someone's mother has 4 sons: North, West, and South. What is the name of the fourth son. Reply to the post VIA MESSENGER with the name of the fourth son.

If you lose you have to repost.


Heather Land - I Ain't Doin It

pass. HARD PASS.
I know it’s some people thing, but my thing sounds more like chasing 8 preschoolers across a soccer field right before lunch.
That’s my thing.
You do you.

Cocktail dress over Danskin shorts all day everyday. 🙌🏼

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[07/13/19]   Parents who have more than 1 kid no matter the age- let’s see the difference between your kids. 😂

Who is the most stubborn? Tyler
•Most laid back? Granger
•Worst temper? Tyler
•Pickiest eater? Banner
•Who sleeps the most? Banner
•Who is the sneakiest? Granger
•Who is the loudest? Strider
•Who is the shyest? Strider
•Who has the most attitude? Cooper
•Most dramatic? Tyler
•Who talks the most? Cooper
•Who has their mom personality? Granger
•Who has their dads personality? Strider
•Most likely to take care of you? Tyler
•Who is likely to cause me to lose my mind? Yes
•Who makes you laugh the most? Granger
•Who is weird??? Granger
•Who is likely to give me gray hair? I WISH I had grey hair!!!

[04/21/19]   That moment when...
The 5 year old girl in the back seat, with a lap full of snacks drops all of it onto the floor and cries that her knees “didn’t stay together!”

So, naturally, I yell back, “maybe that will teach you to keep your legs shut!” And the husband shoots me a look of shock.

What? Life lessons learned young, right? #amiwrong #youcantsaythat #parentingishard

[04/12/19]   Just another thing to waste time with...

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? Tater tot

2. Do you sleep naked? I have too many kids to do that

3. Worst physical pain you ever felt? Having a child removed from my body with forceps that ripped a 7” long internal gash... non medicated

4. Favorite place you have been on vacation? Hawaii

5. How late did you stay up last night? 10ish

6. If you had to move somewhere else,where would it be? Somewhere with more trees

7. Which of your Facebook friends lives the nearest to you? Jody

8. When was the you last time cried? It’s been a few weeks

9. Who took your profile pic? Me

10. Two of your favorite movies? Mary poppins, Harry Potter and the half blood prince

11. What’s your favorite season? Spring

12. If you could have any career what would it be? Midwife

13. What was the last book you read? I’m reading City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments book 2) by Cassandra Clare
Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

14. If you could talk to ANYONE right now, who would it be? My husband

15. Are you a good influence? Sometimes, we all have bad days though

16. Does pineapple belong on pizza? If you don’t like it, I’ll take yours

17. You have the remote, what channel is it on? TLC

18. Three people who you think will PLAY?

19. Last concert you went to? It was a worship concert with a bunch of artists

20. Favorite type of food? Fresh

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Someone has an egg in her pocket..
Perfectly Askew Surrogacy Journey pt1
perfectlyAskew goat yoga
Sharing a secret...
Meanwhile, the Askew’s are shopping st the mall today...