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The Big Problem With the New SAT

More criticism of the New SAT. To summarize: It ranks students instead of measuring their knowledge of subject areas. It emphasizes speed, quick recall, and time management. And the writing section is not required. In other words, it tests how well students take tests. But, learning how to take tests well can also develop valuable skills such as: 1) learning how to learn, 2) self-discipline in creating and following a study schedule, 3) self-control under stress, 4) turning anxiety into excitement, 5) developing and trusting your instincts, 6) working backwards, 7) looking for clues in the context, 8) looking "through" a question to see into the mind of the person who asked it, 9) eliminating suggestions that don't make sense, and 10) staying focused on the moment. It still ranks students. It doesn’t assess learning.

[05/17/15]   STUDY TIP: Short practice sessions every day are better than long sessions once a week. In between those short sessions, you forget. Forgetting is good. The process of struggling to remember what you forgot is what gets new learning into your long-term memory. If you study and practice without time for forgetting in between, you feel good in the moment, but it does you no good long-term. So, build time into your study schedule for intentional forgetfulness. And then patiently allow your brain to struggle to remember. Repeatedly. Forget. Remember. Forget. Remember. Repeat. Also, "remember" does not mean "look up the answer". It means struggle to locate the answer in your brain, or recreate it. It's the act of struggling to remember that results in learning. 05/17/2015

Hawaii Law Will Admit Students Who Haven’t Taken LSAT

Yeah, okay, so this may not be the best thing for me to post given that I want people to hire me to tutor them for the LSAT... but it's Hawaii. And no LSAT. How cool is that? If you're truly terrified of taking the LSAT, keep your eyes open to find out if the law schools you're interested in are considering adding this option. The University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law is the latest to allow certain undergraduates to apply without taking the Law School Admission T... 05/17/2015

Great Reasons to Take the GMAT Before You Graduate

Research has shown that women who take the GMAT before they graduate from college tend to do better on the test. But don't despair if that's not you... check out and for strategies and inspiration. As a college student, you may be deprived of many things—time, sleep, money—but you always have plenty of exams. With dozens of midterms and finals dotting your undergraduate years, to say nothing of projects, papers, and pop quizzes, it’s understandable that you might want to postpone taking the GM… 05/17/2015

CommonBond: is a treasure trove of useful information about student loans. Check it out. CommonBond is the premier lending company focusing on student loan refinancing and student loan consolidation for those who attended graduate school. We empower you to lower the cost of their graduate student loans through consolidation & refinancing. 05/17/2015

Erase 3 Top LSAT Preparation Myths - US News

The LSAT is rough, people. Take as many logic classes as you can while you're still in college. Then take as many practice LSAT's as you can. Then take as many practice LSAT's as you can under timed conditions. And don't be afraid to ask for help. A few tweaks and refinements to your strategy can make all the difference. For starters, don't expect to cram for the exam with only a few weeks of preparation. 05/17/2015

Fit the GMAT Into Overall MBA Application Strategy - US News

Also consider beefing up your business school application by taking additional business classes. Some top business schools offer undergraduatecourses online. For example, check out the McCombs Business Foundations Program at Aim to get the exam out of the way before finalizing your business school short list. 05/17/2015

Use Stress to Your Advantage

Welcome stress by turning it into excitement. Own it. Embrace it. Use it to your advantage. To perform under pressure, research finds that welcoming anxiety is more helpful than calming down. 05/17/2015

College Board Launches STEM 'Credential' Initiative - US News

Does anyone out there know if Chico Unified schools are planning to participate? Project Lead The Way (PLTW) programs are implemented at Bidwell Junior High, Chico Junior High, and Marsh Junior High - will that be expanded to the high schools for students who want to pursue STEM credentialing? Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. College- and career-bound students can now gain official recognition for studying science, technology, engineering and math. 04/30/2015

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Take the New SAT

Here's one general opinion about taking the ACT instead of the new SAT next year. The problem with this article is that it reaches the same conclusion for everyone. But each student is different. In my opinion, each student should play with both tests, and decide which one is right for them. Khan Academy will be providing free online prep for the new SAT soon, so that will be one good source of information about the new SAT. In the meantime, play with ACT questions. When releases its new SAT videos, play with those. Then decide which test YOU should take. by Dan Edmonds The SAT is changing (again). You should take the ACT instead. Here's why. In 2005, the SAT changed because the University of California system threatened to stop using it. In 2016, it’s changing because the ACT is threatening to make it irrelevant. You’ll hear a raft of other [...] 04/30/2015

Social media plays increasing role in admissions

Be careful what you post and be attentive to your privacy settings... Admissions Officers may be searching for you online A college consultant said that admissions officers will investigate if any concerns are raised about a particular applicant. 04/30/2015

Five Charts That Show You Should Apply to Law School This Year

Finally... good news about law school... Becoming a lawyer has never been a more obvious decision

[04/19/15]   ALWAYS practice on real questions, no matter what test you're prepping for. My favorite source for real LSAT questions... Their questions are well-organized, downloadable, and reasonably priced. Great resource! 04/19/2015

Software Engineer - In Photos: The Ten Most Promising Jobs Of 2015

Test prep can help you reach your academic and career goals. Understanding the job market can help you shape and define those goals. Number of job openings: 104,800Average base salary: $98,100Career opportunities rating (ranked from 1-5): 3.3 04/19/2015

A Short, Thumb-nail Sketch of What's Going on With College Admissions Testing: The "New" SAT and...

ACT vs. New SAT: Mandatory reading for high school juniors and sophomores, and their parents... For the Class of 2016-2017 (current sophomores) colleges and universities will be accepting the new SAT, but many have not yet decided whether they will continue to accept the old one. Oh boy!...


The Official GMAT Exam

GMAT Prep Camp April 14-16. Free live Q&A chats, expert advice, plus a chance to win a GMAT exam voucher.


Tree City Test Prep's cover photo


Tree City Test Prep's cover photo


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