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This Page is dedicated to all those interested in Self Discovery, Personal Growth, & Spiritual/Emotional/Mental Expansion. I am offering this page in support to all those seeking further remembrance of their True Essence, that which Embraces and yet Transcends the day to day personality...those choosing to BE the Authentic Self. Through this service I offer many tools of Transformation, such as:

Operating as usual


A Better Day Ahead

Great Message of Preparation and Hope.

A Message Of Hope For The Days Ahead


Cairn the Load

Things are finally slowing down after what seems like a very long intense period of time. As I look back upon 2019 it seI was running from one task to another. Often my days were filled with Good, Better & Best Choices.

I have learned a lot about myself and about trusting and moving forward with promptings to do something, even if I could only see a short distance down a path I felt prompted to take.

My days were not filled with leasurly strolls throughout the flower gardens or the mountain trails, but power walks in the hot summer sun or up the steep mountainside, all providing opportunities for growth and learning.

Cairn the Load is something that my husband Mark and I felt strongly inspired to create. This is a safe place where we hope all will feel welcome, loved and supported. A place where someone's load will fill lighter as they realize that someone has been there before and that they are not alone.

I have learned the importance of setting goals and actually writing them down. Mark has always been a goal setter. He seriously considers what goals to set and then writes them down and evaluates where he is throughout the year.

I on the other hand, struggled with goal setting. I felt like if they were written down and I didn't succeed then that meant I was a failure. I know that doesn't really make sense, but in my mind it made perfect sense.

Refresh, Renew & Restore will be my focus words for 2020!

I love the possibilities and growth that are within my reach...physcially, spirtually & emotionally.

What are your top 3 things that you want to focus on in 2020!
Cairn the Load would like to help.

#goals #goalsetting #relationshipgoals #renew #refresh #restore #cairntheload


It's always more fun to do things with friends. Earn an Apple 4 Watch by getting 4 friends to join the challenge with you.
Join my friends Mark and Annette as we focus on renewing our health. You can go directly to my website to register.

Who would be down for a BIGGEST LOSER Challenge with Mark Anderson, me, and Plexus? 🤩Cash prizes range from $2500-$12,500!! 🤩There will be 6 finalists and ALL 6 get $2,500!!

🤩Two Grand Prize winners will receive an additional $10,000 each. #foreal #ready #winning
Prize giveaways every week!

I'm looking for a few accountability partners who are ready to go hard for 60 days minimum. We have goals and are ready to start 2020 right! I want to sweat at every workout, and I’ve already been making myself do this in December! There will be healthy meal recipes and exercise ideas in the group with us to help you do what YOU want to do.

Mark and I are feeling better than we have in years. He is down 19 lbs and me 27 lbs. Our lab tests validate how we are feeling and that these supplements work!

Who wants to join us?!

Are you interested in a fresh start for the new year? $25 amazon gift card (or venmo) for the first 10 people who register.

I almost forgot.....It's always more fun to do things with friends. Get 4 friends to join us and get a FREE Apple 4 Watch

#renew #newyearsresolution #healthandhappiness #plexus 12/10/2019

New Year's Resolutions 2020

Friends, I am working on a little project and the feedback from this survey will be very helpful.

It will take about 60 seconds.

Thank you. Answer a few short questions and you will be entered for a chance to win a FitBit. This literally should take you less than 60 seconds. 12/06/2019

Do you or any of your family or friends suffer from S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

I do and so do many of my friends and family.
Before I gained an understanding about the Gut Brain Connection, distorted thinking took over. I began to think that something must be wrong with me. I thought I could will myself to be happy. At times life felt pretty hopeless and I thought that I would always be depressed and that I didn't deserve to be happy?

Have any of you ever thought this way before?

Are there times in your life that you have felt hopeless or that you can't continue on...not even for one more day?

When you or someone you love starts feeling this way, what do you do that helps you find your way out of that dark space?

I have a collection of inspirational art that I look at. I even created one of these pieces of art as the wall paper on my phone & computer for a frequent reminder of hope. I also have my favorites in my home to help bring light into my soul on those dreary days.

3 months ago, these women and I met for the first time. We quickly tore down any walls of protection that we had built throughout our lives and connected from the heart. We come from different backgrounds and have had different life experiences. Each of us have had our heartaches and pain. We support one another. We cheer one another on. We would drop everything in a heartbeat to be there for one another in times of need. These women are my “Sunshine Chicks Tribe”.

I feel blessed to have a few different tribes in my life. I haven’t always had that and I will forever be grateful to God for those who have divinely come into my life.

I had been searching for answers for my well being most of my life. About 2 years ago I was introduced to plant-based supplements. Something inside me told me to purchase them. Without question, I purchased them. I didn’t have much hope that anything would change with my health, but I had committed to myself long before that when those feelings inside me came up I would not question them, but follow them.

About 6 weeks of consistently taking these supplements I began to feel a bit different. I couldn’t put my finger on it. After a few more weeks there were many changes with my physical health that I could not deny something positive was happening. It wasn’t much longer and I remember asking my friend who is a Nurse Practioner why I was happy. She started to chuckle and told me that 90% of serotonin is created in the gut. I had no idea!!! Up to that point I was led to believe that serotonin was created in our brains. Obviously, I had no idea about Gut Health and its connection to the rest of our bodies.

The supplements that I had been taking focused on Gut Health, Inflammation & Blood Sugar Balance. A comment in Dr. Brogan’s article that jumped off the page when I read it, talking about research it says.... “this helps us understand that no one is “just born with it” when it comes to disease. We have the power to heal ourselves.
(For easy reference the entire article is in the comments below.)

I am not saying that you will never feel anxious, depressed or sick another day in your life. Of course, we will. We have bodies and live in a world where there is disease. What I am saying is that this can be a tool in your tool box that helps you not be stuck in those dark places and have the HOPE that you have been searching for.

The HOPE I had been seeking for most my life came in the form of these supplements that something inside told me to buy. Since I first started focusing on gut health, blood sugar balance and inflammation I have not struggled with Anxiety and Depression or S.A.D like I once did. I haven’t even needed to use the S.A.D lite box that preivously I used daily in the winter. Because I feel as strongly as I do about what this can do for you please let me help you determine a course of action that will help you realize your emotional and physical health goals.

You are worth it! You are loved! You deserve to feel better. Don’t believe the distorted thoughts in your head.

Cairn the Load is a place where we can create a beautiful tribe of support and understanding.

You are not alone and there is HOPE!

❣️Consider sharing this post and your experiences in the comments below so we can see that we aren't alone.

❣️ Have you ever felt alone, or like you are the only person who has ever traveled this lonely road before. Cairns are a means of communicating…that someone has been there before you, marked the path, and is giving you reassurance – here’s the trail, you’re on the right path! In our lives, we can build “cairns” and contribute to other cairns by placing a stone on top helping others life journey. Please help support our community.
#seasonalaffectivedisorder #seasonaldepression #anxiety #guthealth #youareenough 10/27/2019

What Matters Most?

Have you or anyone you know kept their life on hold because they were waiting for a miracle? Often times we can find ourselves having a pity party saying things like life isn't fair or "if only _______, (you can fill in the blank) or when ____________ has happened then I will be happy and whole. I have seen far too many people not really living, but existing and putting limitations on their life waiting for their miracle.

For over 25 years I sought a miracle for my health. I received temporary reprieves, but nothing lasting. I was frustrated and dare I say depressed. My life was not playing out the way I had hoped.

A few years ago, I read the following quote. “You can be cured and never healed or at other times you may be healed but never cured.” This was a powerful concept that sank deep inside my heart. For days I pondered what this meant. I thought that being healed and cured were the same thing, but as I thought about it more, I realized that they were not.

My miracle came in the form of becoming "healed". I found peace in spite of my challenges. I allowed myself to find joy on my journey. I continued to search for what would offer the physical and emotional healing that I sought. The difference was that I no longer felt that life was unfair. I loved others and could see their pain and I wanted to serve others that were suffering.

I would be ungrateful if I didn't share with you more about my miracle. It came in the form of knowledge. I would love to share with you some of the knowledge that I gained. By taking a moment and filling out this short survey I will better be able to help you. Also, by doing so you will be entered in a drawing to win prizes worth over $300.

Our bodies are magnificent and when we give our body what it needs it has the ability to heal. What Matters Most


Come learn for 30 minutes Thursday October 3rd at 8pm MDT about how gut health can get to the root of any issue you're dealing with in your physical body and mental health. It's not magic, it's not voodoo, it's not a WITCH's's PLEXUS!

Please comment or like this event and I will send you an invite.

Giveaway of FREE BAG of Pumpkin Spice Lean shake meal replacement. (or chocolate and vanilla if pumpkin isn’t your thang 😉).


Come learn for 30 minutes Thursday October 3rd at 8pm MDT about how gut health can get to the root of any issue you're dealing with in your physical body and mental health. Please like or comment in the message and I will send you an invitation. 10/02/2019

Hello Happy Sip and Share Video

Hello Happy 07/13/2018

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Intuition is our extra-sensory inner intelligence and is a powerful aspect of ourselves which is often neglected. It takes courage to follow your intuition, your life choices most likely will not look the same as everyone else's when you listen to your intuition. This inner intelligence exists outside the realms of societal boxes. Do it anyway. It's worth it. Self respect & stronger inner resolve are the results. Choosing to live via this soul-perspective opens us tremendously to otherwise unseen prospects...our horizons expand to a panoramic extraordinary life-view! Life is then guided by our connection to a greater intelligence rather than what society has deemed correct for us. I don't know about you, but I'm excited about the potentials...💞 06/07/2017


Hello Friends! My Website has been updated...check it out!! 💓💖💓 Abundance Psychic Energy Healing Reiki Intuitive Angels Mystic Seer Energy Healing Aliens Extraterrestrials Wellness Happiness Spiritual Transformtional Coaching Readings Lanuage of Light Spirit Guides Light Codes Quantum Feild Prana Sound Healing Frequency Vibrational Therapy Love Universal Light G...


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Intuitive Illuminations's cover photo


Intuitive Illuminations's cover photo 02/20/2017

Innerstanding Innerwork: Authenticity: Lisa Tenney & Yvonne Palermo - YouTube

💖Thank you to all those who tuned-in and participated on Friday. The webinar with Yvonne Palmero, myself & friends went fabulously. We deeply appreciate the Authenticity which everyone takes courage to discuss these topics, especially when we relate them to our own healing experiences. Huge high fives! Hugs and Love!
(*As a forewarning-there is swearing throughout this webinar*) 2nd workshop; we discuss what authenticity with friends! every other friday night! what is Authenticity? what gets in the way of being authentic?




Timeline Photos 09/21/2016

Sept 22nd: 8pm pst/ 11pm est

I'm so excited for this opportunity to have a conversation with Yvonne Palmero...
My desire is that it be a discussion which promotes upfront communication, an authentic sharing of tools and ideas for discernment & healing. Intending it to be a growth-inspiring, empowering & motivating experience for those who choose to tune-in!✨🙏🏼✨ INTUITIVE SPECIALIST & TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH BORN WITH THE ABILITY TO SEE, HEAR, AND FEEL ETHERIC ENERGY, LISA HAS LEARNED TO HONE HER ABILITIES INTO THE PROFESSION SHE CURRENTLY OFFERS TODAY. LISA IS A TRUTH RESEARCHER, ON A QUEST TO REVEAL ALL WHICH HAS BEEN FO...


I've been contemplating further the last several months on the subjects of Discernment, Personal and External Authority, Spiritual and Emotional Sovereignty, Soul-Consciousness & Healthy Ego vs Inflated or Deflated Ego
WOW How do we balance it all?

How do we navigate during a time when things can feel so rocky?
Intense energies and emotions are flying around like never before!
The human and earth collective is discharging imbedded buried trauma & pain. This pain and trauma is in the etheric and auric memory of each living thing as well as the physical body & DNA. It can no longer stay this way.
All is shaking loose and we are feeling it in a multitude of ways, one most prevalent for many is through the nervous-system, anxiety, heart palpitations, irritating strange electric sensations and thought racing etc...
Hmmmm how do we heal and grow most optimally through it all??

We need each other through this process of healing and awakening! As my wise Momma says, we can "hold hands" with with each other in our growth and healing. We need community and those we can feel safe with, hold hands with & gently process together... We need people who have learned some wisdoms through their own processes to share how they've healed and continue to heal, sharing of their practices, and now embodied experience of such states of being within their own self-work.

In addition however, we need to continually grow our own individual guidance compass! Let's get our unique extra-sensory gifts and abilities "online" now! It feels imperative at this time to consciously take a look within ourselves, pay deeper attention, be still within and ask ourselves who we really Are. We all have gifts of extra-sensory navigation which could use some cultivating...

It can almost become addictive to rely on others words as a way to distract us from our own self work and that's a pit-fall which could greatly benefit from a giant spot light shone on it!

It can become an easy pattern to attach to what others have to say because maybe they "know more" and maybe they do! But checking in is extremely important. Another potential is maybe we are too afraid of the personal responsibility and/or ultimately facing our shadow & shame. Again, check in...

Yes there are people who can assist us and we can search for them, cherish them and have respect for their teachings... But Ultimately it is Us who heal and enlighten Ourselves. We are the ones who put it into practice. We apply the knowledge.

Let's search & find those who hold us in the light of who we are beyond our shame!!! Those who See us as our Own healer and assist us to access that part within ourselves!!! We can be those people for each other! When accessing this community or even one person who can hold such space, let us not forget ultimately to grow our Own extra-sensory intuitive skill-sets.

We can share our wisdoms and hold hands, being most Unity Aware in this journey and it is certainly important, yet ultimately it is our individual connection to internal divine-guidance which matters most in order to fully Embody our growth process🌟💛🌟

Balance is key. Along with our hand holding, we can work in unison with our personal autonomy, choosing in addition to be in-tune with our own divine-guidance systems... always ultimately checking within.
Gentle Loving Kindness to ourselves and others is a huge part of creating a unified, healed, securely & yet sovereignly connected People.

Remember, We are all learning and growing as individuals & as a multidimensional collective 💓
~Lisa Green Tenney





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