CJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice

An overview of crime, criminality, and the criminal justice system.

Operating as usual


What "luxuries" should inmates be allowed? i.e. cable, private bathrooms, playing cards, books, etc. Is babysitting the wrong method of watching inmates?


does the death penalty provide a crime deterrent or does it tell the public that killing is OK?

thinkprogress.org 03/18/2011

ThinkProgress » Palm Trees Come To Cleveland: FreedomWorks Uses Discredited Footage In New.

thinkprogress.org FreedomWorks, a right-wing group bankrolling the Tea Party, has a new advertisement it is planning to run in Ohio supporting Gov. John Kasich’s union-busting efforts. The advertisement tries to paint union protesters in Ohio as violent thugs. One problem: the ad uses footage from an old union protes

nytimes.com 03/18/2011

Report Finds Wide Abuses by Police in New Orleans

nytimes.com The Justice Department report describes a department that is severely dysfunctional, and sets in motion a process to improve it.


if the bill allowing students to carry fi****ms on campus passes, what will your reaction be?

thinkprogress.org 03/17/2011

ThinkProgress » Blog Archive » FL GOP Rep. Says 11-Year-Old Was Gang R***d ‘Because She Was Dressed.

thinkprogress.org A Florida state house subcommittee passed a bill — the so-called “Sagging Pants” bill — that would require state school districts to adopt a dress code that prohibits students from “wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner.” “This would make for a better

washingtonpost.com 03/13/2011

The Hidden Life of Guns - A Washington Post Investigation

washingtonpost.com A year-long investigation by four Washington Post reporters documenting the ways guns move through American society, from sales at retail dealers to crimes on city streets.

pnj.com 03/10/2011

Proposal to allow guns on university campuses shot down | Pensacola News Journal | pnj.com

pnj.com State senators Wednesday dropped a proposal to allow fi****ms on Florida campuses, an idea unanimously opposed by university police chiefs.


An Open Letter to the Idaho Legislature re: Guns on Campus


Why should/shouldn't people carry concealed weapons on college campuses?


Peoria woman exonerated by judge seeking $12.6 million

azcentral.com Peoria woman exonerated by judge seeking $12.6 million, A Peoria day-care provider exonerated by a judge in a death-penalty murder case involving the 2007 sudden death of a baby boy is seeking $12.6 million in damages from the city and Maricopa County.

msnbc.msn.com 03/08/2011

Father: I will kill my 5-year-old son's murderer

Take different perspectives - the father of the victim, the offender, the courts, and prospective juror in the case the father carries out his threat - and discuss what should be done in this case.

Should the father be arrested for making a threat?

Do you see an opportunity to help the victim's father with his recovery (assuming that he is willing)?

msnbc.msn.com The father of a five-year-old boy slain in 1975 has vowed to murder the man who did it "as aggressively and painfully as he killed my son" if he is released from prison early.

nytimes.com 03/06/2011

States Prosecute Fewer Teenagers in Adult Courts

nytimes.com With states raising the age of adult criminal responsibility, New York might be, by year’s end, the only state where adulthood, in criminal matters, begins at 16.

nytimes.com 03/03/2011

Closer to the Truth About Big Branch

nytimes.com A grand jury has made clear that Big Coal cannot cover up why so many miners perished at the Upper Big Branch mine.

video.pbs.org 03/02/2011

Me Facing Life, Independent Lens, PBS Video

Thought provoking documentary - what should we do with children who commit violent crimes? Before you answer, consider the background and age of the victim.

video.pbs.org Me Facing Life - Complete Program


Private prison, public problem part 2


The second of a two part investigation into the Idaho Correctional Center, the privately managed prison run by Corrections Corporation of America.


'The public doesn't know what goes on behind these walls'

Part one of a two-part investigation into the Idaho Correctional Center, run by Corrections Corporation of America.


Thoughts on the weird cannibal incident; how does consent effect a trial/prosecution?

sspa.boisestate.edu 02/24/2011

Lambda Alpha Epsilon :: Department of Criminal Justice

In case you missed the intro to class or didn't pick up a packet, here is the website for Lambda Alpha Epsilon at BSU.


sspa.boisestate.edu LAE is an organization open to all students interested in a career in criminal justice. This organization participates in regional and national conferences in which a variety of competitions are held. Such competitions include: written exams (criminal law and procedure, law enforcement, correctio

msnbc.msn.com 02/23/2011

FDA knew of problems at plant that made tainted alcohol wipes

The child died Dec 1, 2010. The FDA new about the problems at the manufacturing plant back in 2009. The products were recalled January 5, 2011. Why isn't this a case of murder?

msnbc.msn.com The death of a Houston toddler blamed on contaminated alcohol wipes has prompted dozens of reports of similar infections even as documents show government inspectors knew about problems at a Wisconsin medical products plant as early as 2009.

clarionledger.com 02/22/2011

Ex-inmate cleared after his death | The Clarion-Ledger | clarionledger.com

clarionledger.com The late Larry Ruffin has become the second person in the U.S. to be formally exonerated posthumously, thanks to DNA testing.


What do you think about discrimination in the hiring process? Such as not hiring people who smoke, are overweight, have chronic illness or disability because they could raise your insurance and risk?


Should employers be allowed to ask to view your page? What is your opinion on this?

salon.com 02/22/2011

Facebook: Government employer asks man for Facebook login during job interview

Students can expect more of this type of background checking as employers (public and private) are seeking reasons NOT to hire someone.

salon.com Maryland Department of Corrections asks a candidate for his Facebook password. Is this the next privacy frontier?


Craig Watkins on Preventing Wrongful Convictions

The Drum Major Institute's Marketplace of Ideas event features Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins speaking on his successful policies to prevent wrongful convictions and exonerate the innocent.


Who saw Shawn the Baptist on the quad today? Opinions on what he is doing?


Last night's presentation by Kirk Bloodsworth was informative, entertaining, and very moving. He highlighted many of the issues that make reducing the number of wrongful convictions so important. What are some of these problems? What can you do to address these issues in Idaho?


Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition

In 1992, Jim Gray, a conservative judge in conservative Orange County, California, held a press conference during which he recommended that we rethink our drug laws. Back then, it took a great deal of courage to suggest that the war on drugs was a failed policy. Today, more and more Americans ar


Budget Crunch Forces A New Approach To Prisons : NPR

npr.org More than 2 million people are incarcerated in the United States, and the cost is becoming unbearable for many state and federal governments. Even some "tough-on-crime" conservatives are starting to call for the release of inmates.


Sterilization of women so they cannot reproduce?! What do you think?


What do you think is the biggest factor in determining why people commit crimes?


What do you think is the best policy for deterrence?

spokesman.com 02/15/2011

Study: Substance abuse treatment saves the state $$, but it's being cut anyway - Eye On Boise - Spok


spokesman.com Idaho now has the data to show that its substance abuse treatment services directly save the state money - for every $1 spent on treatment costs, Idaho avoided $1.38 in criminal justice costs, according to new research from the Washington State University Public Policy Center. But the news comes as





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