Wilde Ving Tsun Association, Boise, ID Videos

Videos by Wilde Ving Tsun Association in Boise. Traditional Ip Man Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung-Fu. Sifu Jeff is certified instructor in the Ip Ching

Proper Tan-Sau from chambered position.

Other Wilde Ving Tsun Association videos

Proper Tan-Sau from chambered position.

Sifu Jeff Demonstrating Sil-Lim-Tau

Chark-Yiu Sil-Lim-Tau Section

Lap-Sau with Fak-Sau from Chum-Kiu

Correct vs incorrect Fak-Sau

Tan-Sau Final Position

First Tan-Sau from Sil-Lim-Tau

Sifu Paul and Derek Chi-Sau'ing

Sifu Jeff and Sifu Paul demonstrating Sil-Lim-Tau drill

Poon-Sau Drill

Sifu Jeff demonstrating Kwan-Sau Drill

Chi-Sau at Twin Falls Perrine Bridge Visitor Center

Sifu Damon demonstrating using Yiu-Ma to control the line.


Kung-Fu Corner Demonstration
Sifu Damon and Sifu Keith and their students were asked to perform in Kung-Fu corner. Every Sunday a different group of ...

One of our instructors, Jeff Wilde, working the wooden dummy form in his home.Jeff is a student of Sifu Damon Nielson, w...

Jo Gau Jim Darr demonstrates some practical application with Chum Kui student Timothy Seibert. Enjoy!