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Invite Inc. Helps families stay together.

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Don’t scramble your good egg!!

It is fixable! Keep your relationships alive!!


There is belonging- and it is available to us all! The path is forgiveness...


Ideal Personality

Need a last minute gift that says "You are important to me!" Here is your digitally delivered gift!! Will 100% make it by Christmas! Simply follow this to our newly published website!

Ideal Personality Ideal Personality uses the only quick neurologically based tool to help you identify what is your innate strengths--and what you are doing that is not your strength, so you can stop or modify the things that cost you too much energy!


Invite Inc. USA non-profit supporting marriages and we have a waiting list worthy family sponsorships. Simply go to to donate! 12/01/2019

Suicide rates for U.S. teens and young adults are the highest on record

This is not getting better. It is time for community to step up! If you want to build skills and help your kids call today! The rate at which young Americans took their own lives reached a high-water mark in 2017, driven by a sharp rise in suicides among older teenage boys, according to new research.


Time for a new story? Let your values guide you!

We've been talking about this for over twenty years and it's always a good place to start when moving through the tensions in your coupleship.


Family and feelings... Invite Inc. is dedicated to building communities of healing!

Stop Having the Same Fight Over and Over Again 08/27/2019

Stop Having the Same Fight Over and Over Again

Tool #1 for all relationships!

Stop Having the Same Fight Over and Over Again Are you tired of having the same fight over and over again? It's exhausting and will eventually lead to discontent and disconnect in your coupleship. There is one thing you can do to win every argument... Really. And actually, it works no matter who it is you feel conflict with.

Blindsided by Anxiety 08/20/2019

Blindsided by Anxiety

Important that we start paying attention! Community Matters!

Blindsided by Anxiety Anxiety, like all emotions, is a series of constructs. We all “make up” what is okay to feel and express by the signals we get from our parents and peers. The methods and habits that get ingrained in our heart and mind are, crazily, completely developed and set by the time we are seven years old...


We must start thinking different if we want different results!


Let Freedom Ring! All the best this 4th of July weekend!

Provoker Newsletter July 2019 06/26/2019

Provoker Newsletter July 2019

Big News!

Provoker Newsletter July 2019 Interdependence is created when we learn the art of deep listening and connecting where there was previously disconnection and hurt. The thing is, it is practically impossible for a couple to find these blind spots and heal them without a little help. The weekend of July 12 through 14 we will be hav...


When families need help staying together - Invite Inc. helps!


Family connection tool!

We started with an anonymous “ditto copied” feeling wheel and developed this tool to help communicate by speaking your truth in love! It makes all the difference!


Building Legacy requires focus on what is most valued, and living into that dream! Invite Inc. is about helping your build that legacy.


Building community starts with you, your partner and your family!

Most all of our clients say, "I wish we would have done this years ago!" It is not weakness to ask for help, it is strength!


Why care? Why do we work so hard to help others? Because all but about 3% of relationships we work with have the potential to be better than ever! The factors are 1) There was a real spark of attraction between the two of you, 2) You are willing to do the work and (fifteen minutes a day), 3) You are able to choose to forgive. It is that simple and that hard. Make your free appointment to learn how it works @ JamiAndMarla.LOVE

Gaslighting: A Slow-Burning Emotional Abuse Tactic 03/23/2019

Gaslighting: A Slow-Burning Emotional Abuse Tactic

Share this free tool! It is step one in getting your power back! Let’s build better family and community!

Gaslighting: A Slow-Burning Emotional Abuse Tactic Gaslighting, an insidious form of emotional abuse, involves the denial or warping of another person's reality. It is a common weapon for those with narcissism.


If your having bad dreams, and feeling extra anxiety this time of year, it is probably about old hurts! Building boundaries requires forgiving fully!


Invite Inc. is about developing community!


We all live off his generous abundance, gift after gift after gift. John 1:16

Photos from Spicin’ It Up Retreats's post 01/15/2019

Your coupleship matters in building a community for generations to come!!


Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR!

The VERY BEST to all our friends and family! All of you have made this year so grand! We are so EXCITED for 2019 and growing love in all the world! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Happy families start with a happy couple!

Happy holidays, friends, and a VERY happy 2019!!!

(Did you know that the monthly average for married couples is only TWICE A MONTH??????! What you see here will dramatically increase that number--we guarantee it!!)


Exciting news CHRISTMAS NEWS!!!
A Jr. High School here in Idaho is in the final stage of authorizing a Pilot program of the Forgiveness Process this spring! Look for details in the Provoker! (our newsletter) Donations are needed to cover costs. We have heard "I wish they would have had this in my school!" Thousands of times. Donate at


Supporting families so legacies can grow!

What we do on the daily: BrainSculpting—for life and love. 🧡

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Don’t scramble your good egg!!






Boise, ID

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Invite Inc. Is in in Boise, ID and is focused on healing relationships. Providing partial assistance for relationship Coaching, Leadership Training, and Family Programs are provided at low cost. Donations are encouraged to foster continued healing for those in need.

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