Joplin Elementary School

Joplin Elementary School


Are kids are having online classes on the days their teams aren't meeting in person?
Thank you Joplin for an epic kindergarten year!! We will miss Michelle Barnes, thank you for loving our kids like your own. Thank you to our principal for keeping this crazy year fun and memorable! We will see yah in the fall, as a first grade Jaguar!
We sure do miss our Joplin family ❤️ we had to do a quick drive by to show the hard working teachers and administrators some love for all the hard work!! THANK YOU! I look forward to coming back to work again, and the kids can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces 💕💕
Love this! We should do this at Joplin. ❤️
When is Back to School Night?
How do we sign our kiddos up for things in the STEM lab?
Ps- looks awesome Miiah!

Joplin Elementary is a respectful and collaborative educational community committed to the emotional, social and academic success of all students.

Lowest grade taught: Kindergarten - Highest grade taught: 5th Grade

Operating as usual


We love checking in on our grant winners to hear what innovative ways they have used grants to inspire creativity in the West Ada classrooms.

Ms. Vaage of Joplin Elementary School was excited to share with us her cart of supplies used to hold items for her science and social studies centers. Materials such as Play-doh, blocks, pipe cleaners and Legos are accessible for the students to get hands-on learning that is so important to a student's thinking and understanding. She attached picture cards of things they are currently learning about so that students could flip through to get ideas on what they might want to build. This is a fun way for the students to think about classroom lessons and expand upon it in a creative way!


2020 Winter Message for Joplin 11/06/2020

Individualized Learning with Apps in Clever on Laptops - YouTube

Want to know more about our individualized learning apps and how your student can access them at home? Watch this! Guide to get to and bookmark Clever and access Imagine Learning, Imagine Reading, and i-Ready Math apps via student laptops.


Enjoy a socially distanced and safe Halloween!!!🎃

[10/27/20]   Parents, it's time for you to have that talk with kids. Tell them that you love them and respect their choices of self-expression... but it's below freezing in the morning, so the shorts need to get put away and the coats need to come out. Especially those middle school kids freezing outside while waiting for the bus. This is also a good time to write their name on or near the inside tag of their coats, jackets, and reusable masks, as we are starting to accumulate more lost and found items. Thank you for helping us maintain the safety and health of our students.


Laptop reinstall VPN

IT has an updated VPN install for student laptops to help with connectivity issues. Our teachers are going to have to check/install it on Monday and Tuesday when your student brings in their laptop. If you have time before they go to school, please VERIFY it (does the orange ball on their task bar say 'CK Authenticator'? if not, then it still needs the update) and if needed install it at home during off peak time (Sunday, early morning or after school, etc.) to help your teacher out. VSH classes will need to install it from home. Here is a video explaining the process. My Youtube channel is accessable via student devices. Thank you for your help. 😁

This video will show you how to reinstall and update the VPN application to better connect to the internet with your West Ada Student Laptop.

[09/10/20]   Parents, please make sure you have restarted your student's devices this evening and left it on. Then restart it again (update and restart if it is an option) first thing in the morning. 09/08/2020

Laptop Navigation Help

Trouble accessing district support for laptops or desktops? Bypass the district site and go straight to a Youtube playlist for updated support videos and walkthroughs. 09/08/2020

iPad Navigation Help

Trouble access the district links for iPad support? Click here to go straight to the Playlist on Youtube!

[09/08/20]   New ipad help vids for tomorrow! 09/05/2020

Brown, Jeramiah / Help with iPads

Have questions or troubles with your student iPad? Our new video support section can help get you up and running! Topics cover setting up WiFi, logging in and navigating programs, and care for your device. New videos added as needed. You will also find a link to these videos on the "iPad Help" button on your iPad (internet connection required) 09/05/2020

Brown, Jeramiah / Help with Laptops

Have questions or troubles with your student laptop? Our new video support section can help get you up and running! Topics cover setting up WiFi, logging in and navigating programs, and care for your device. New videos added as needed.


Teacher appreciation week came early for Mr. Brown this year. 08/29/2020

Boom Cards

Hey parents, can you have your students test out an activity on a new platform for us? Your favorite PE teacher helped make it! Just click the link on your phone, tablet, or computer. Be sure to comment below and tell us what you think.


Day 2 of training: meetings controls, using dual screens for multitasking, switching cameras, sharing screens with students and teaching lessons with digital whiteboards. These teachers are doing an awesome job learning new ways to teach this year!


Our new socially distanced training room for staff is setup for 3 days learning, practice, and experimentation with our new apps and devices. Time for a nap before class...


One-to-one student devices are almost ready at Joplin, and we've got some fun new programs that we'll be using with students this year!


Check out kindergarten and first grade teachers volunteering time before their contract starts to learn about and practice how their students will use new apps on iPad and the differences in using MS Teams between tablet and desktop! We are #Weastada!


What do you do when you don't have a delivery truck for 2,000 laptop chargers that need to go to 7 schools? You build a delivery truck! We are #westada!


Idaho State Department of Education

This light-hearted senior prank gave educators at Meridian High School a much needed laugh!

Photo credit: Meridian High School, 5.20.20


Parents!!! I just found out that Netflix has added Alphablocks and Numberblocks to Netflix! If you have a preK to 2nd grade, Alphablocks covers letter sounds and word building from CVC words like cat, digraphs and blends like thing and spin, and even vowel teams like play, book, and kite. I use these for kinder and spelling interventions and they have even helped my two year-old that knows letter names and sounds, spells and reads 3 letter words, and some four letter words. Number blocks is great for 1:1 counting, number bonds, addition and subtraction, and greater than less than. The first 3 seasons cover 1-20 and Seasons 4 & 5 cover the Tens to 100. I'm not suggesting you buy Netflix, but if you already have it, this is a great use of screen time for students that need to learn those skills.


A message from Joplin Staff.


May the 4th be with you teacher appreciation and packet pick up

Brick Challenge 04/30/2020

Mr. Brown's 100 Brick Challenge has begun! What can you build with your imagination and 100 bricks?

Mr. Brown's 100 Brick Challenge has begun! What can you build with your imagination and 100 bricks?


Okay families...It is the moment you have all been waiting for. All of the students' belongings are now bagged and ready to go home. We will be passing them out to families during the packet pick-up on Monday, April 27th, from 9:30 AM until 12:00 PM. If you aren't able to catch us during that time, don't worry, we will have more scheduled pick up times coming soon.


Have your students earned their Fact Fluency Certificates in MobyMax for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and/or Division yet? Fact Fluency keeps track of all the math facts your students get correct. 5-10 minutes a day after doing MobyMax Math and they will earn their certificates in no time! Ask your teacher for login information if you need it.


Sesame Street: A Moment to Yourself | Parent PSA

Congratulations parents, you've completed the first week of remote learning! Great job helping your students transition to this new learning process. Here's a friendly reminder that when you take care of others, be sure to take some time to take care of yourself too.

To all the parents out there: you are doing an amazing job! But remember to take a moment for yourself, to breath, stretch, whatever you need to keep being y...

Brick Challenge 04/16/2020

Mr. Brown's 100 Brick Challenge has begun! What can you build with your imagination and 100 bricks?

Mr. Brown's 100 Brick Challenge has begun! What can you build with your imagination and 100 bricks?


Ms. Watson checking in and staying in touch with our Joplin families.

Ms. Watson checking in and staying in touch with our Joplin families.


Thank you to families who made it out to wave at teachers and make it fun for us in our first day of learning packets. It was so much fun for us that you will have to stay tuned, we might make this weekly fun on Mondays at Joplin. Here are some pictures we wanted to share from the morning with all of our families.


Here we go again families. If you have some neighbors and students who aren't playing yet, time to get them involved. These are our round 3 Who's Who faces. Good luck.


Ms. Pratt Saying Hello

Ms. Pratt sending out some good wishes to our Joplin families.


Joplin families, you did so well on the first round, we have round two coming at you today. See if you can figure out who these yester-year faces belong to.


Okay Joplin families, it is time to play Who's Who? We will be bringing you some photos from the younger years of Joplin's staff and it will be up to you to guess who those staff members are. Here are today's contestants. Can you figure out who each of these kids are?


Mr. Rohlmeier checking in with our Joplin families.

Go Jaguars!

Welcome to the new Joplin Elementary School homepage made for Joplin staff and families! Want to see and share all of the fun stuff going on at our school? Make sure you Like and Follow!

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2020 Winter Message for Joplin
A message from Joplin Staff.
May the 4th be with you teacher appreciation and packet pick up
Ms. Watson checking in and staying in touch with our Joplin families.
Ms. Pratt Saying Hello
Mr. Rohlmeier checking in with our Joplin families.
Did you Kindergartner tell you they learned about Magnetic Force this week? All 3 classes got to try out our new magneti...
Our Vex Robotics class is off to a great start! Here is last weeks match where students built a robot and then improved ...
And the award for most holiday spirit goes to...




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