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Sorry it’s been so long.... here’s a reading for you today!


The chariot
The chariot card represents action, determination, and success. Your objectives are set, you’ve made a plan, you’ve made a decision, and now it is time to act. The chariot tells you that now is not the time to sit around day dreaming about what might be, but now is the time to take action on your plans.

However do not think that it will all be smooth sailing. There will he challenges along the way, and you may find yourself being pulled in multiple directions at times. This is when determination and will power come into play. It is up to you to keep your eyes on the prize, it is up to you to keep going even when it feels like it might not be worth it. However, success is your should you choose to take it, it just might not come as easily as you hoped it would.

So take charge and work hard to achieve your goals! You have what it takes, you just need to trust that you know how to achieve them!


Happy Monday to all! I have to apologize to you! I thought that I had posted the results from the reading on Friday, and it wasn’t until my fiancé asked me about it that I realized I failed to do so. So please forgive me as life has been crazy with work, and then having my family in town this weekend as well. However here is the results from the reading. If you have any questions or want further clarification please feel free to comment on this post or reach out to me privately.

Love and light to you all❤️

Card 1 is the king of wands:
The king of wands is likely to take an idea and enlist the help of others in order to make this idea new reality. When the king of wands shows up in your reading this is often a sign that you are getting ready to step into a new role as a visionary leader. Your vision is clear you have what it takes to get others excited to work towards that same common goal.

Because the king of wands is a visionary it is more important now than ever that you continue to keep your vision open and your eye on the prize. Opportunity is presenting itself to you now is the time to take on this challenge. However do not go at this alone! Use this as an opportunity to lead and mentor others along the way.

Be sure to fully commit yourself to this opportunity because if you do not the opportunity that has been presented to you may not grow to its full potential. You have the power to determine your outcome be mindful of your intentions. My recommendation to you is to use the power of this visionary card to keep a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Card number 2 is the 10 of pentacles reversed you may be questioning whether or not being in the position you are in is actually worth it. Typically the The suit of pentacles is associated with money so this might mean that You have found yourself in a job where the money is good but the amount of stress it puts upon you may not be worth it.

However this card might also represent that you are questioning a relationship whether it is a friendship or a personal relationship. Either way you have found yourself questioning whether or not the level of effort you put into this relationship is being returned to you by the same person.

Remember life is about give-and-take and if you find yourself giving more than taking perhaps it is now an opportunity to stop and ask yourself why you are doing this. Are you staying in the job because you are receiving the reward you deserve or are you staying in this job because the money is just good?
Are you staying in this relationship because it is feeding your soul? Or are you staying in this relationship because it looks good to the public?

Sometimes just because we are comfortable in our situation doesn’t mean that our situation is good for us. The real question that this card asks is are you happy? If you are not happy now is the time for you to take stock of your life and consider what you might be able to change that will bring you the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

Card three is the magician

The magician provides you with all the tools needed to make your dreams come true. Everything you need at this very moment is being provided for you. Now is the time to go forward with your plans and goals because the magician has your back.

The magician is all about manifestation now is your time to manifest your goals. Be clear about what you want before you act however. Motivation is not enough when this card comes around but action is the key to success this time. When you are clear about what you want and why you want it then and only then will you know it is time to act. Now is your time to go out and make this vision into reality!

Be sure to stay methodical, plan wisely, and keep your vision clear. These will be necessary for you to see your vision through to manifestation.


Self Care Saturday is all about taking some time for ourselves. Not sure what to do? Have no fear I have created a Self Care Checklist for you to use as you take some time out the day to practice some self care.


What message is the universe trying to send to you as you head into the weekend? Today I offer you a group reading. You know the drill pick card 1, 2, or 3 and this evening I will reveal your choice and its meaning!


New to Tarot? Want to try it out but not sure where to start? Well here is a simple 3 card spread to try out!

Card 1) What in your past is holding you back? What energies or events from your past are stopping you from experiencing your present?

Card 2) What is your current situation? What message is the universe trying to send to you today? What can the advice from the card offer you in the moment?

Card 3) Future opportunities and outcomes! What does your future hold? What are possible outcomes should you take the advice from the universe?

Give it a try and let me know what you cards you got and how you might interpret them! Or reach out to me and we can do one together!


Finding Blessings in a Time of Hardship - The Tower Card

Is the Tower card really a negative card? Sometimes people are faced with life shattering events. These events will change who they are and how they see the world. Do they try to change these events or do they just let go of control and do their best to ride it out? Find out on this episode of the Daily Tarot.


Today, I drew for you the 5 of Wands. Notice, however that this card is presented to you reversed.

When the 5 of wands shows up in a reading it comes as a representation of conflict. When the card is upright it represents an external conflict with others. This can be over a job, a project, at home, with friends, etc. This battle with others affects your goals and can stand in the way of obtaining them should you let it.

When the card is reversed, it represents an internal conflict. You are unclear on where you stand today. You are surrounded by people who seem to feel so certain about things, yet you can’t seem to figure anything out and this adds to the conflict even more.

There is nothing wrong with uncertainty, this might be the time to embrace it. You cannot make everyone happy, and that’s alright. Take some time to meditate on the issue, research it and even seek out those who have an opinion. You don’t have to agree with what they say, but be open to it as it will assist you in coming to your own conclusions.


I offer you the to get your week off to the right start. The wheel reminds us that what goes around comes around. When you place positive energy into the universe and treat others with kindness and generosity, then you too will be rewarded with the same in return.

But remember this works the other way as well. Should you treat others poorly then do not be surprised when the [email protected] is reflect back at you.

As you head into the beginning of a new week, the wheel of fortune asks you to be optimistic, and have faith that the universe will take care of the situation in the best possible way.

, , seek support in which ever way feels right to you and your path. But know that the universe has your back, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Have a blessed Monday.


Daily Tarot Reading August 29, 2020

Your Daily Tarot Reading for August 29, 2020. I wanted to try something different this time and deleiver your reading to you on camera. You picked a tarot card and here is my interpreation.


Good morning and happy Saturday! My offer for you today is a group reading! Please pick a card and later I will reveal which card you chose, and how this it’s energy might fit within you life and current situation. Make sure to leave your choice in the comments below.


Good morning, and happy Friday!

As another long week comes to an end, the 7 of pentacles has made an appearance. In the image we see a crow who has worked tirelessly to gather up coins to adorn her nest. However, you see that she has stopped to take a break from her hard work. She uses this time as an opportunity to admire all that she has collected, she is proud of her hard work. She uses this time of reflection to consider her next steps, will going out and collecting more pentacles for her nest benefit her in the long run or should she focus on more sustainable and long term additions, ones that would allow her nest to last the season?

This is the message the 7 of pentacles offers you today. You have been working hard to achieve your goals and now it is time to step back and look at the bigger picture. Take the time to celebrate, take in all that you have accomplished, but also take some time to assess your long term goals. Is what you have been working so hard on going to sustain you in the long run, or are the gains you have made just for the short term?

The 7 of pentacles invites you to think about what you can do to ensure your long term success. Where in your life can you put in effort to reap maximum results. It does you no good to continue to put in a bunch of effort on something if the results will be minimum.

My advice, take this weekend and celebrate your accomplishments, take some time to assess what you should move on from and what you should keep putting your efforts into. While it might not always seem like it, slow and steady wins the race, and you too will be successful in whatever it is you are working to accomplish as long as you keep your eye on the prize.

Love and light!


Good morning!

Today I am drawn to present you with one of the most feared and therefore most misunderstood cards of the Tarot deck. Death.

In this image you see the spirit of the crow leaving the body. Death is only sad for those who are left behind, for the dead do not mourn their own passing, they know they are transitioning on to a new plain of new existence. The crow knows a new and exciting journey lies ahead, for her death is just the end of this journey but the beginning of the next.

Death comes to all of us, but so does change. Change is inevitable as is death, to live a life of stagnation where everything is the same all the time is to not live a life at all. Just as the crow embraces her death with her wings pointed towards the heavens, so should we accept change with our heads held high and excited for the next journey to come.

We fear death because we fear the unknown. But do not fear this card, this card is one of the most positive cards of the entire deck. It represents transcendence, transition, and the end of a journey, but the beginning of a new one.

When this card arrives in your reading it comes as a sign that the change and transformation you are undergoing is a good one, a change that is celebrated by the universe. Even if the change you are going through is painful, this card tells you that this pain is not forever and the after the pain great new opportunities will arise.

Let go of all that is holding you back, do not stay bound to your old ways, lift your head to the heavens and move forward with your head held high! Let go, purge yourself of negativity and allow the energy of this card assist you on your new journey.

Love and light!

Please feel free to like and share this post, as well as follow my page Daily Tarot for daily card draws, weekly group readings and so much more. Also send me a message if you are interested in a one one reading - it’s on the house ❤️

Timeline photos 08/26/2020

The crow looks down at 3 cups that have been knocked over, their contents flowing out into the river. Overtaken with grief by what she has lost the crow forgets to notice that two cups still remain.

The 5 of cups comes to us in a reading as a sign that something in our lives hasn’t gone to plan. This situation has made us sad and regretful. We become so intrenched in our grief that we find it hard to move on from this disappointment. Soon this grief turns to self pity and can consume us like a cancer. You have been focusing on all that has gone wrong and all that you don’t have. But like the crow if you would just stop focusing on that you would notice that not all is lost. There is still hope and you still have things to be proud of.

The 5 of cards advises that you move on. Move forward, now is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. Sure things didn’t turn out how you wanted, but that doesn’t mean they never will. Do not let your negative emotions hold you back, pull up those big kid pants and begin your journey forward.

Even though things didn’t work this time, this card reminds you that opportunities are still there. But first you have to be ready for those, they might not be what you wanted initially, but the universe has a way of making sure we still receive what we need, and the ability to find fulfillment still exists within other opportunities.

Return daily for new card draws, weekly group readings, taroscopes, and more. I also offer 1-on-1 phone readings that can help you gain a little more insight.

Love and light

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Sorry it’s been so long.... here’s a reading for you today!
Finding Blessings in a Time of Hardship - The Tower Card
Daily Tarot Reading August 29, 2020





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