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JCMS Silver Team includes Mrs. Poage (Language Arts), Mrs. Knox (Science) and Mr. Duvall (Social Studies). Thank you for following us.

Operating as usual


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community.canvaslms.com 10/14/2015

How do I sign up for a Canvas account as a Parent? | Canvas Community

We have shifted most of our info over to Canvas Learning System and Instagram. Parents and Guardians can also have a Canvas account to see what is going on in your student's courses. Below is a link to directions to sign up for a Canvas account. You will need your student's login information to complete the signup and become an “Observer” of his/her Canvas courses.

community.canvaslms.com Canvas recently introduced a new page design called the New Canvas User Interface (UI). This lesson may include two images for specific steps to show the

quizlet.com 05/08/2015

Cells & Disease

Science: Quizlet for Cell vocabulary

quizlet.com 12 terms · cell theory → the theory that all living ..., germ theory of disease → the theory that infectious ..., nucleus → the structure near the cent..., animal cell → a small living part of a mu..., plant cell → a

microscopy-uk.org.uk 04/23/2015

A virtual pond dip

Missing the Pond Water Lab from Activity 36?
Click on an organism here and click more info to find a picture of the actual organism (not the cartoon) Draw the actual organism on your paper. 10 required if you are making this up. http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/ponddip/

microscopy-uk.org.uk The Home of Enthusiast Microscopy on the Web!

wonderlab.org 04/22/2015

Events Calendar: Programs: WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology

Awesome opportunity at Wonderlab this Sunday!
Real Life Science: Get Techie
Date: April 26, 2015
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

wonderlab.org Members: FreeNonmembers: Museum admissionAudience: Upper Elem, Teen Find out what it takes to pursue a computer science or technology career! Meet professional “techies” who work in a wide variety of settings. Explore the equipment and technology used by these developers of robots, video games, comp…

quizlet.com 04/08/2015

The Compound Light Microscope Parts

Microscope Part Functions Quizlet

quizlet.com 18 terms · arm → this part on the side of th..., base → the bottom part of the micr..., coarse adjustment k**b → this part moves the stage u..., cover slip → name for the small plastic ..., diaphragm → this part of t

quizlet.com 04/08/2015

Microscope Parts

Microscope Parts Quizlet

quizlet.com 14 terms · Body tube, Revolving nosepiece, Scanning objective lens, Medium Objective lens, High Power objective lens, Stage clips, Diaphragm, Light, Eye Piece, Arm, Stage, Coarse adjustment, Fine adjustment, Base


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Career Survey for Silver Students Only:





Have a wonderful Spring Break!
Skyward is up to date for all Science classes, so please make sure you complete any missing work.


Cool Science Opportunity for Girls ages 7-12:
Passport to Hi-Tech Saturday, March 7 10 am – 4 pm Conner Prairie 13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN Free with paid general admission ($8.00) Organized by Women & Hi-Tech and Conner Prairie Passport to Hi-Tech is THE place for girls ages 7-12 to learn about careers in science, engineering, biology and other STEM disciplines. Think of it as a ticket for your journey around our increasingly technological world. All ages are welcome to participate in this event featuring interactive exhibits and hands on experiments designed to inspire girls to discover more about biology, chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, computer science and more. Also, meet and talk to female experts and professionals working in the hi-tech field with Indiana-based companies including Rolls-Royce, Dow AgroSciences, Roche Diagnostics, Cummins and others. Discover how you can transform your curiosity into reality as representatives from Indiana’s colleges and universities show you programs and activities that can help you train and prepare for the future. Activities include: - Build your own propulsion system and test it. - Create a unique DNA bracelet based on your characteristics. - Discover the world of computer coding. - Discover the importance of civil engineering as you design and build a structure. - Check out some really rockin' robots and take over the controls. - See what makes electronics work in the Deconstruction Zone. - Explore 3D printing. - And so much more . . . . Visit connerprairie.org for more info.

wonderlab.org 02/11/2015

WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology

Teen Night @ WonderLab: Superheroes
Friday, February 20, 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Do you like Iron Man, The Hulk, Starlord, Batman, Groot, and other popular superheroes? Enjoy FREE admission and FREE food, plus special themed activities provided by the IU Biotech Club and IU Physics Club exploring the science of superhero and super villain powers. Feel free to dress up as your favorite superhero or villain, and be sure you take a ride in the fire extinguisher-powered car! Teen Night is open exclusively to teens in middle and high school (and home school equivalent). Youth groups are welcome. Upcoming Teen Nights, each with a different theme, will be held on March 27 and April 17. WonderLab is located at 308 W. 4th Street in downtown Bloomington. For more information, call 812-337-1337 ext. 25 or go online to wonderlab.org or WonderLab's page

wonderlab.org The WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology is an award-winning science museum that provides opportunities for visitors of all ages to experience the wonder and excitement of science. The museum is an accessible facility, with two floors of hands-on science exhibits, a garden, and a gift…

quizlet.com 02/02/2015

Force & Motion

Science: Quizlet for Force and Motion Unit. Please note that we will have separate assessments on force (the first 10 words) and later on energy (the last 5 words).

quizlet.com 15 terms · speed → Distance an object travels ..., acceleration → Rate at which an object cha..., force → A push or a pull, newton (unit of measurement) → Unit of force; kg m/s², Law of Inertia → A body at rest or in


Making predictions about where the marble will go when it leaves the track. Inertia around a curve. #TeamJCMS


Team 3 E Class inertia around a curve investigations. Team 1 photo bomb. #TeamJCMS


Team 5 in V Class testing effect of mass on a collision. #TeamJCMS


Chocolate windmills


Poor strawberries.


Vanilla Creations


What a great day on Silver Team today!
Have a great weekend everyone.

Skyward for Science class is up to date so please check for any missing work and get it done.


Tired from getting too many supplies? #chocolategreed?


Well Silver Team science students, how can it be 90 degrees and a wintery mix? #technologyfail.


Right back at it doing labs in Science today. Finding speed of a cart down a ramp from different release heights. Yay for physics--our new unit. #TeamJCMS


Silver Teamers past and present involved in the JCMS Holiday Choir concert.


Help for activity 49 AQ #2. Due Friday 19 December


glaciers.ppt - Google Drive

Science: Glacier PowerPoint for Mon/Tues Class.



SEPUP Plate Motion Simulation

Link for plate movement simulation we used in class Thursday and Friday:



Science: L class using Quizlet to review Plate Tectonics vocabulary words.


Study Guide for Plate Tectonics 2014.docx - Google Drive

Science: Study Guide for Plate Tectonics Summative Assessment on Wednesday December 17 for S I V E classes and Thursday December 18 for L and R classes. Study guide is due this Thurs/Fri.


docs.google.com 12/09/2014

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Drawing Page.xlsx - Google Sheets

Science: Vocabulary quiz is tomorrow, Wednesday December 10. find the vocab drawing page here:


learner.org 12/08/2014

Interactives . Dynamic Earth . Plates & Boundaries

Check out this cool site to help with learning about plate boundaries.


quizlet.com 12/08/2014

Plate Tectonics

Quizlet for Science Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday, Dec 10.

quizlet.com 15 terms · geologic time → periods of thousands, milli..., karst topography → area with features that for..., glacier → forms when heavy layers of ..., continental drift → idea that all continents we..., plate tecton


The red warm water moves up out of the vial. As it moves across the surface, it cools and sinks. Convection!


E class experimenting with convection. #TeamJCMS


Powdered sugar snow at JCMS this morning. #teamjcms


V class making earthquakes happen! #teamjcms

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Team 5 in V Class testing effect of mass on a collision.  #TeamJCMS
E class experimenting with convection.  #TeamJCMS
V class making earthquakes happen! #teamjcms
E class doing the Continental Drift
Lab 86:  vehicle with a high center of mass hitting a barrier.




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Established in 1991, the Archives of African American Music and Culture (AAAMC) is a repository of materials covering a range of African American musical idioms and cultural expressions from the post-World War II era.

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The Kuali Foundation is a non-profit organization to help foster the development of community source software for higher education, by higher education.

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Traditional Arts Indiana is dedicated to expanding awareness of Indiana's traditional practices and nurturing a sense of pride among local, traditional artists.

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Books, events, and PD for K-12 educators. Helping you use PLCs, assessment, RTI, edtech, and more to build schools where all children learn.

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Scholastic journalism workshops and outreach programs for students and teachers