Folklore and Ethnomusicology Student Associations at IU

Folklore and Ethnomusicology Student Associations at IU


Does any one have Silvers, Michael B. 2018. Voices of Drought: The Politics of Music and Environment in Northeastern Brazil. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. IUCAT only has a physical copy. Would really appreciate if anyone could take photo's of the introduction and email it to me!
Just sharing this new interdepartmental forum to discuss topics related to language! Hosted by grad students in linguistics.

Here is a link with the dates and poll for meeting times.
Hi Folklore and Ethnomusicology researchers!

I work for the Folklore Bibliography of the MLA, indexing new and backlogged articles and books in folklore and ethnomusicology. We aren't seeing many searches from IU logins, so I just wanted to share this with you as you research final papers and projects!
You can access the MLA database to search within IU Ebscohost.

The MLA has made specifically about how to search for folklore topics here:

Can I ask who all has sent or is sending abstracts for the IU/OSU conference?
Not many IU students have signed up yet! This is a great opportunity!
If you're planning to come to the meeting, this is your last chance to save some $!

FSA/ESA facebook space for activities and events. This page will be for posting upcoming activities and events from FSA/ESA. This will also be a more informal space for everyone to share, so please feel free to post other related events, pictures, or anything else you would like to share with your fellow graduate students.


IU Folklore & Ethnomusicology

How does traditional arts connect us to one another? Dr. Jon Kay asks this question in his research on creative aging and folkloristic gerontology, alongside his new book "The Expressive Lives of Elders." Find out more in the latest episode of SoundLore​ featuring Dr. Kay and Phd Candidate Lydia Campbell-Maher where Dr. Kay discusses Traditional Arts Indiana's recent publication "Memory, Art and Aging: A Resource & Activity Guide." Give it a listen!


IU Folklore & Ethnomusicology

A Conversation on Memórias Afro-Atlânticas (Afro-Atlantic Legacies)

Friday, November 20, From 7:00 – 8:16 PM
Runtime: 1 hr 16 min
Cost: Free, no ticket required

Contact [email protected] for the registration link.

Director Gabriela Barreto, Executive Producer Cassio Nobre, and Associate Professor of Anthropology, Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia Xavier Vatin are scheduled to be present for a virtual conversation and interactive Q&A with the IU Institute for Advanced Study. This event is the Institute's Fall 2020 Branigin Lecture.

In Brazil, November 20 is celebrated annually as Dia da Consciência Negra, Black Consciousness Day. The day celebrates Afro-Brazilians and their contributions to Brazilian society while reflecting on the injustices of slavery. Learn more about Brazil's Black Consciousness Day.

Participating in this panel are:

- Gabriela Barreto, Director, Memórias Afro-Atlânticas
- Suzanne Godby Ingalsbe, Associate Director, Institute for Advanced Study, Indiana University
- Maria Hamilton Abegunde, Founding Director of the Graduate Mentoring Center, Indiana University
- Cassio Nobre, Director, Couraça Criações Culturais; musician; musicologist; music producer; Executive Producer, Memórias Afro-Atlânticas
- Solimar Otero, Professor, Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University; Editor, Journal of Folklore Research
- Xavier Vatin, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia, Brazil

In 1940, a Black American linguist, Lorenzo Dow Turner, came to Brazil to study the African languages still spoken and sung in the Candomblés of Bahia. Over the course of seven months of intensive research, Turner found and recorded the most emblematic religious figures of the time: Martiniano do Bonfim, Menininha do Gantois, Joãozinho da Goméia, Manoel Falefá, among other distinguished representatives of Afro-Brazilian religions. The recordings and photographs by Turner in Bahia—whose aim was to show the linguistic relationship with Gullah, a language he had studied in the 1930s and which is still spoken today in the south of the United States, along the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina, by descendants of slaves in a situation of cultural and geographical isolation—serve as a pioneering and unique witness to the presence and preservation of African languages in Brazil and the Americas. Presenting rare images and sounds, the feature-length documentary Memórias Afro-Atlânticas follows the footsteps of Lorenzo Turner and revisits the Candomblé terreiros recorded by him almost 80 years later in search of memories and remnants still alive.

In Portuguese with English subtitles.


Listen to Soundlore’s third episode featuring Dr. Alisha Lola Jones and her new book!

Soundlore's third episode features Dr. Alisha Lola Jones and her new book, "Flaming? The Peculiar Theopolitics of Fire and Desire in Black Male Gospel Performance." Dr. Jones's episode is part of Soundlore's "Behind the Books" series, where our esteemed faculty share their stories and experiences of researching and writing their recent publications.

Check back in the coming weeks to learn more about the new writings by the Folklore & Ethnomusicology professors!


Trickster Press

Many of our graduate students have worked with TAI during their time at IU and had a hand in the development of TAI's new publication. Check it out at the link below!

Check out Traditional Arts Indiana's publication "Memory, Art, and Aging: A Resource and Activity Guide." Receive shipments as early as Nov. 1, or you can access a PDF copy through their website.


IU Folklore & Ethnomusicology

The department's new podcast, Soundlore, has just released its first 'teaser' episode, "Walking with Ghosts, Stories of Spirits!" Join Dr. Robert Dobler, Krystie Herndon, and Chloe McCormick as they walk us through their memories and footsteps of the Ghost Walk, an annual Halloween tradition hosted by the Folklore & Ethnomusicology Student Association. FESA IU

Stay tuned for next week's timely teaser about the 2020 election and the role of sound in political campaigns, and look forward to regular releases in the near future with current faculty, students, and alumni. Listen to Soundlore via Soundcloud.


Trickster Press

Just a reminder that the 2020 AFS Virtual Annual Meeting will be starting this coming Tuesday! Many of us at Trickster press will be attending, and you can check out a preview of the conference in the link below.


The Latin American Music Center in partnership with the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology are proud to present an evening with Chilean-based folk roots group KelsiCote. The trio, made up of guitarist Cote Godoy, singer Kelsie Lee, and pianist and percussionist Pablo Espinoza, will be visiting Bloomington as part of their U.S. tour. The group's music reflects a diverse confluence of cultures, fusing Chilean and South American roots with influences from Midwest America as well as other parts of the world.

Please join KelsiCote on January 22, 7pm at the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology's Performance & Lecture Hall (800 N. Indiana Ave).

The performance will be followed by an informal presentation and workshop on Chilean traditional folk rhythms. Be sure to bring you instruments! This event is free and open to the public. Musicians of all abilities and styles are welcome! 04/03/2015

2015 Conference: The Familiar and the Obscure

Many details about the IU/OSU conference are now available on our website! Eighth Annual IU/OSU Folklore and Ethnomusicology Conference: The Familiar and the Obscure We are happy to announce the Eighth Annual Folklore and Ethnomusicology Joint University Conference, spons...


Vietnamese musician Vanessa Vo, who was one of the 2014 Lotus Festival performers, will be on campus this week for a series of events.The Foster International Living-Learning Center would love to have students from our department (both undergraduate and graduate) come to the events with her. Attached is a flyer with more information for those who might be interested!

[02/15/15]   Don't forget, this is your very last chance to submit an abstract for the IU/OSU conference this spring! Also, we're having a conference planning meeting this Tuesday at 6 p.m.! 02/02/2015

Eighth Annual IU/OSU Folklore and Ethnomusicology Conference: The Familiar and the Obscure

Deadline extended again! Submit by Feb. 15th!

[12/03/14]   Time flies! Our last ESA/FSA meeting of the semester is TOMORROW at 5 pm in 510 N Fess. I know it's a busy time of the semester for everyone - if you'd like to be kept in the loop or if you have any announcements/news, please let Meredith or Kathleen know. Wishing all of you the best with finals and the end of the semester.

[11/19/14]   Heads up! If you're coming to either of the meetings today we'll be meeting in the student lounge due to construction at 510 N Fess. Hope you can make it.

[11/13/14]   We're excited to announce that our 2015 conference theme will be The Familiar and the Obscure, Niche or Not? Myc and Kathleen will be working on the CFP this weekend but if anyone else would like to join in, please let them know. Any and all critical eyes are welcome. Finally, this was another super, super close race, with only three votes separating the two, so if you have any feedback regarding the conference's title/theme, suggestions for how to proceed, etc., please don't hesitate to contact Kathleen or Meredith. Enjoy your snowy Thursday, everyone!

[10/20/14]   Conference planning meeting at 510 N. Fess this Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m.! Please remember to submit your conference theme ideas before the meeting so we can discuss them!

[10/06/14]   Reminder: Our next FSA/ESA meeting wll be this Wednesday, October 8th, at 5 pm in 510 N. Fess. Message Kathleen or Meredith if you have news/items you would like to share or discuss! We will have snacks. Kathleen will also be giving a short presentation on her research.

[09/30/14]   Our first IU/OSU conference planning meeting will be held this Wednesday, October 1st, at 3 pm in 510 N. Fess. Message Kathleen or Meredith if you can't come but still want to be a part of the planning process! 09/21/2014

IU/OSU Conference Planning Meetings - Doodle: easy scheduling

For those of you who are unable to make it to our regular meetings but would still like to be a part of our conference planning committee this year, please let either Kathleen or Meredith know (so we can add you to our list of people to email). We are about to plan our first meeting date - fill out the Doodle if you are interested! Let's set a date and time for our first Conference Committee meeting! Ideally, future meetings will be at the same time and on the same day of the week, at least once a month (possibly more often).

[09/21/14]   Mark your calendars!
FSA/ESA meetings this semester will be on Wednesdays at 5 p.m.:

October 8th
November 19th
December 3rd

All graduate students are welcome and encouraged to attend!


IU Folklore and Ethnomusicology Student Associations

One last chance! Please click on the link below and let us know when you are available!

Hi everyone! We'd like to have our first meeting next week, tentatively on Wednesday or Thursday. Please add your availability to this Doodle so we can set a time!

[08/27/14]   Also, we really need a treasurer this year! It's not a lot of work, but you get to help plan fun events and it's a great line on your resume :) If you're interested, let us know - it would be great to vote someone in during the meeting next week!

[08/27/14]   Hi everyone! We'd like to have our first meeting next week, tentatively on Wednesday or Thursday. Please add your availability to this Doodle so we can set a time!

[07/21/14]   Fall semester is going to start before we know it! Time to start thinking - what would you like to see our group do this year?

[10/04/13]   FSA/ESA Meeting at 4pm in room 510-Today! Also, coffeehouse at Rachel's Cafe tonight! Come check out the departmental talent.

[08/20/13]   FSA/ESA Happy Hour this Friday at 7pm at House Bar! Come meet and great old and new friends, and enjoy the lovely porch area in the back.

[08/20/13]   Like our page to stay in touch about FSA/ESA events, meetings, conferences, and happy hours!

[03/29/13]   Meeting in 15 minutes 510 N. Park for FSA/ESA! 3pm. 01/15/2013

2013 IU/OSU Collaborative Student Conference in Folklore and Ethnomusicology

Deadline Extension for Call for Papers for the IU/OSU Folklore Student Conference!!::::Deadline Extension

Publics and Networks: Discourse, Circulation, and Power
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN | March 1-2, 2013
Cliff Murphy, Director of Maryland Traditions, Keynote Speaker

We are happy to announce the 6th annual collaborative conference between The Ohio State University Folklore Student Association and the Folklore & Ethnomusicology Student Associations at Indiana University. This conference aims to create a space for graduate and undergraduate students to share their research in folklore, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, material culture, performance studies, and related disciplines connected to the study of academic and vernacular interpretations of everyday life.

In “Publics and Counterpublics” (2002), literary critic and social theorist Michael Warner describes a public as “a space of discourse organized by nothing other than discourse itself” (50). Publics therefore are “only realized through active uptake” (60) as individuals, communities, and institutions generate, sustain, and transform discourse through various expressive forms (material, textual, kinesthetic, etc.). Folklorists and ethnomusicologists have long been interested in communities of circulation and this year’s theme will reflect back upon and build from these histories of inquiry. This year’s conference therefore seeks to explore the following questions and themes:

• What is the “public domain” and how does it impact individuals and communities’ distribution and ownership of expressive forms and practices?

• How do public and private discourses create, validate, or transform hegemonic structures and power relations amongst communities’, individuals’, and institutions?

•What problems do public and applied folklorists and ethnomusicologists face within their work and how might these be mitigated, overcome, or theorized? How might theories of public/applied engagement impact practice? What issues might public workers face as they act as mediators between various publics and counterpublics?

• How do individuals and collectives take up, reproduce, modulate, and (re)distribute various expressive forms (material, textual, kinesthetic, etc.) as they are reiterated through various social networks?

• How can our previous understandings of the public and private sectors be enhanced by exploring the idea of the counterpublic?

Themes for consideration might include:

•Public discourse and counterpublics
•Applied folkloristics and ethnomusicology and the question of activism
•Public art, spectacle, and festival
•“Participatory cultures” (Jenkins 1992 and 2006)
•Folklore, technology, and the media
•Theories of circulation, intertextuality, or “intermateriality” (Michael 2000:30)

*We also welcome submissions on other topics.
The conference will have four opportunities for participation: 20-minute paper presentations, a poster session, 10-minute experimental panels for works-in-progress, and a discussion forum for all attendees. We will be accepting 250-word abstracts for all presentation formats, apart from the forum.

Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, January 18, 2013. Please email submissions to [email protected]. You can register for this event for free at For more information on the conference visit in the coming months. We are happy to announce the 6th annual collaborative conference between The Ohio State University Folklore Student Association and the Folklore & Ethnomusicology Student Associations at Indiana University. This conference aims to create a space for graduate and undergraduate students to share their...


Travel Awards | IU GPSO

Two great opportunities from GPSO for grad students: Note: If you still have questions after reviewing the following information, please contact our Awards Officer at gpsofnds [at] indiana [dot] edu.

[11/28/12]   Coming up this Friday: the last Happy Hour for Fall 2012

Don't miss this great chance to boost your energy and freshen up your spirit before the crazy season of final papers !!!


House Bar on Friday, November 30th at 7 p.m.
See you all there!

[11/24/12]   Coming up in a Week!
Whatever you plan to do on Friday, November 30th,
don't forget the last Happy Hour of this semester! Write it down on your planner now so you won't miss it! :)
House Bar on Friday, November 30th at 7 p.m.
See you all there!

[11/17/12]   Coming up in Two Weeks!
Come to the last happy hour of the semester at House Bar on Friday, November 30th at 7 p.m.! Tipsy folklore is the best kind.

[10/16/12]   EFA/FSA Happy Hour!

Tired of Studying? Come and boost your energy, talk to people who share the same experience, and enjoy drinks and snacks!

Come to Upland Brewing Co on 11st. It's between College and Rogers. Here's the address:

350 West 11 St., Bloomington, IN 47404

The date is October 17th at 7:00 pm.

For Additional Information:

The distance is about a 20 minute walk from campus (1.2 miles), but if you need a ride contact Lydia
Or the Folklore Student Association at: [email protected]

[10/15/12]   Just a reminder there will be an FSA and ESA meeting this Friday, October 19th at 2:00 PM in the seminar room of 510 N. Fess (NOT 501). In addition, I wanted to inform you that there will be an IU/OSU videoconference at 4:00pm with the members of OSU's Folklore Students Association. It will be held in IDAH's facilities in the Wells library and will focus primarily upon finalizing a conference theme and discussing possible keynote speakers.


Mythology and Science; Or, What Do We Want From Popular Science?

Dr. Schrempp from the IU Folklore and Ethnomusicology Department in HuffPost! Carl Sagan (Cosmos), citing the origin of everyday chemical elements in stars, concludes that "We are, in the most profound sense, children of the Cosmos." Obviously Sagan is not talking literally, but just as certainly he knows the power of anthropomorphic appeal.




Bloomington, IN
Other Education in Bloomington (show all)
Strategic Leadership Development for Senior Vietnamese Government Officials Strategic Leadership Development for Senior Vietnamese Government Officials
Vietnam Initiative, Indiana University 1315 East Tenth Street, SPEA 410
Bloomington, 47405-170

S-LEAD is a distinguished executive training program sponsored by the Vietnamese government that offers leadership training to select senior officials.

Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT)
8111 N Lee Paul Rd
Bloomington, 47404

The Agency for Instructional Technology has been a leader in educational technology since 1962. A nonprofit organization, AIT is one of the largest providers of instructional TV programs in North America.

SoIC Direct Admit SoIC Direct Admit
919 E 10th St
Bloomington, 47405

Eta Sigma Gamma - Nu Chapter Eta Sigma Gamma - Nu Chapter
Bloomington, 47405

Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) is a national professional health science honorary organization. The Nu Chapter is located at Indiana University.

IU Enterprise Systems Club IU Enterprise Systems Club
1275 E 10th St
Bloomington, 47405

The IU Enterprise Systems Club is an organization at the Kelley School of Business, geared toward sparking interest in enterprise systems.

JCMS Silver Team JCMS Silver Team
3980 S Sare Rd
Bloomington, 47401

JCMS Silver Team includes Mrs. Poage (Language Arts), Mrs. Knox (Science) and Mr. Duvall (Social Studies). Thank you for following us.

WonderLab Museum WonderLab Museum
308 W 4th St
Bloomington, 47404

WonderLab Museum is open with limited public hours. For the most accurate information about days, times and prices please check

Map2Maurer Map2Maurer
210 S Indiana Ave
Bloomington, 47405

A social media experience brought to you by the students of the Maurer School of Law. Home is where the heart is...let us lead YOU home. <3

New School T'ai Chi Ch'uan New School T'ai Chi Ch'uan
611 W 11th Street
Bloomington, 47404

Anyone who is interested in learning Grandmaster William C.C. Chen's forms and push hands in the Bloomington, Indiana area is welcome to join this group.

Business Horizons Business Horizons
1275 E 10th St.
Bloomington, 47405

The bimonthly journal of the Kelley School of Business (Indiana University) offering readers immediately applicable content grounded in scholarship.

Scaly Tailz Scaly Tailz
PO BOX 1393
Bloomington, 47402-1393

Scaly Tailz is a Reptile & Amphibian Education & Rescue Group. We offer educational reptile demos, and we take in herptiles that need new homes.

Blooming Kids Yoga Blooming Kids Yoga
8364 W Gardner Rd
Bloomington, 47401

Blooming Kids Yoga is a local business devoted to educating children to practice self awareness, self regulation, and physical and emotional well being.