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⚪️🔴⚪️🔴CONGRATULATIONS TETER!🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ We are so proud of our riders and all of their accomplishments!

Congratulations to the women of team Teter - your new women's #Little500 champions.


Hey Teter residents! Grab a friend and come out to our night with Emergency First Responders! Learn about fire safety and eat pizza!

[12/05/18]   Hey Hoosiers! Only 9 days until break! What are your big plans?


Happy Halloween Teter! Now that the month of October has rolled around, it is time to introduce the this year’s annual Teter Treat event: the Halloween Carnival! Each year, Teter puts on an event around Halloween for local kids in the community to have a safe and fun space to go trick-or-treating. This year’s event will be on October 29th from 6-8pm in the NST and the Teter Theater and will include carnival games such as a ring toss, a prize wheel, face painting, and lots and lots of balloons! Come check it out, you won't want to miss it!


Hey Teter Friends and Family! Today is Day of Hope for IU’s Dance Marathon, a huge organization on campus that raises millions of dollars every year for children at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. On Day of Hope, IUDM aims to raise $300,000 in just 24 hours, one dollar for every kid treated at Riley each year.

Three of the RAs here in Teter are not only involved with their jobs at Teter and their academic responsibilities, but also commit time and effort to raise money for Riley in their spare time.

If you’re interested in giving to this organization and helping them reach their goal for today, please check out the fundraising links for the RAs involved below!

Jessie Bailey: http://donate.rileykids.org/goto/jbailey
Ben Ferracciolo: http://donate.rileykids.org/goto/benjaminferracciolo
Lauren Schmitt: http://donate.rileykids.org/goto/laurenschmitt13


Introducing...Kyle Newnum, Teter's Residence Manager! Kyle is starting his 9th year on campus, so keep reading to learn more about Indiana's finest.

Kyle Graduated from Indiana State (he conveniently did not disclose his graduating year), with a major in Automotive Technology Management and minors in Motorsports, Manufacturing, and Business.

Fun Fact: While in college, Kyle won the "Big Man on Campus" award (a philanthropy event to support breast cancer). How exactly did he win? He performed a Spartan Cheerleader skit like Will Farrell. Undercover reporters are still trying to dig up a video--stay tuned for more juice.

**Bonus Info** When Kyle was just 19 years old, he drove in the Indy 500! His promising career as a NASCAR driver came to an abrupt end when he forfeited the race after just 12 laps to try and fulfill "an insatiable desire for a hot chocolate and a soft pretzel". He later pursued lucrative careers in "hoop n' stick" and "disc golf" throughout his mid-20s.


Introducing...Griffin Graham, a Graduate Supervisor in Teter! Griffin is pursuing a Master's of Public Affairs.

Griffin is an alum of Michigan State and loves to remind us of it. He sticks out like a sore thumb in that tacky green apparel.

Fun Fact: He plans on being the mayor of Bloomington by 2040! #Griffin2040

**Bonus Info** Griffin used to rock a handlebar mustache and mullet in high school!


Introducing...Sylvie Choiniere, one of 3 Graduate Supervisors in Teter! Sylvie receiver her Undergraduate Degree in Biology from St. Lawrence University and is about to graduate with a Masters in Public Health Administration.

Sylvie is from the great country of Canada, and loves poutine, wings, pasta and being extremely nice to people.

Fun Fact: While her heart is in Canada, her true love is Europe. In fact, she is planning on traveling there once she graduates!

**Bonus Info** When Sylvie was a Residential Assistant in college, her bulletin boards were "subpar". -Resident on her floor, St. Lawrence University 2015.


Introducing...Ryan Thorsen, RA on Thompson 5! Ryan is majoring in Finance and Real Estate.

Fun Fact: Ryan owns a jazz club in Chicago.

**Bonus Info** He competes in international Hoop n' Stick tournaments, bringing in some hefty prize money!


Introducing...Nick Atkinson, RA on Rabb 2! Nick is majoring in Chinese and International studies.

Fun Fact: Nick is trilingual! Cool! Or should I say 凉?

**Bonus Info** Nick's lifelong dream is to become a comedian and star on a sitcom similar to Seinfeld! Who knew?


Introducing...Jessie Bailey, RA on Wissler 1! Jessie is majoring in Exercise Science with minors in French and Psychology.

Jessie spends most her free time running, eating, throwing dance parties in her room (alone), watching Netflix and participating with IUDM.

Fun Fact: "I'm obsessed with superheroes". Jessie is a female, so logically FE = iron, male = man...Jessie is therefore Iron Man (superheroes...Iron Man...bad joke).

**Bonus Info** Jessie is planning on opening a sock puppet theater this fall! Break a leg (or bust a sock)!


Introducing...Lauren Hess, RA on Wissler 4! Lauren is currently studying Hospitality/Tourism.

A jack of all trades, Lauren is interested in volunteering, music and Teslas. She loves the electric vibe volunteering provides, boogies to electronic beats and loves electric cars (wanna guess what word describes her personality?). Ironically, too much of any of these means she gets gassed.

Fun Fact: Lauren loves doing icebreaker activities with new people.

**Bonus Info** Lauren set a personal record (maybe world record?) of watching 27 hours and 14 minutes straight of Netflix over Spring Break. Her stamina is impressive, but clearly misunderstood the term "break".


Introducing...Julian Luna, RA on Wissler 2 (Louis Davila Latinx Community)! Julian is majoring in Elementary Education and is from Elkhart, Indiana.

Rather than asking coworkers how they would describe Julian, we asked the modest man himself: "I'm like, one of the nicest people I know".

Fun Fact: Julian (Mr. Luna) is teaching a 4th grade class right now!

**Bonus Info** Julian can burp the ABC's backwards, and isn't a tad bashful to do so if you ask!


Introducing...Ben Ferracciolo, RA on Thompson 1! Ben is an Exercise Science major from Carmel, Indiana.

Ben loves his dog Duke (photo below) because he is the sweetest boy in the world. Ben has diabetes, so Duke actually thinks Ben is the sweetest boy in the world.

Fun Fact: Ben once had a crawfish as a pet that escaped from his tank and ran into the kitchen. His mom "almost killed me". Spooky.

**Bonus Info** Ben is quite talented on his bicycle, always doing wheelies and neat tricks. He credits his talent to joining an amateur circus when he was 13!


Introducing...Anabelle Cloutier, RA on Boisen 3! Anabelle is from the sweet land of Los Angeles, and is an International Studies and Economics major.

Fun Fact: Annabelle enjoys cycling and painting, and starts every bike race by shouting, "3, 2, 1, (Van) Gogh!"

**Bonus Info** Rumors have been swirling that Anabelle will be participating in the 2018 Tour de France, but investigators close to the source have confirmed that we misheard and she is actually taking a "tour of France" instead.


Introducing...Alyssa Anglin, RA on Boisen 4! Alyssa is a junior majoring in Biology with minors in Spanish and Theatre.

Alyssa is from Hammond, IN, and she likes to knit, crochet and listen to angsty alternative music!

Fun Fact: Alyssa is a coffee ​connoisseur and a pizza snob, and believes sarcasm is a state of being, much like nirvana (that wasn't sarcastic).

**Bonus Info** Alyssa co-authored the New York Times best seller, "50 Shades of Chicken"! One critic described the cook book as...well done.


Introducing...Gabi Cantor, RA on Rabb 5! Gabi is majoring in Intelligent Systems Engineering, with minors in Math, Urban Planning and Community Development.

Aside from becoming the next Albert Einstein, Gabi likes to spend her time skiing and 3D printing pretty much whatever she wants.

Fun Fact: She just published her first research paper (up for debate whether that was fun or not)!

**Bonus Info** We all had our suspicions about Gabi's mystifying Hollywood career after she modeled for numerous IU Informatics posters, but it turns out Gabi was actually cast as the back up voice for Pixar's WALL-E!


Check it out if you are interested!


Introducing...Ian Armstrong, RA on Elkin 1! Ian is an enthusiastic Geology major--that rocks!

Fun Fact: Ian is 6 ft tall, and has excellent cardiac health due to his daily diligence in the gym. One might suggest he is s-toned (Last rock joke, I promise)! Ian also has a secret soft side that no one knew about: "I cry everyday. I just cried watching last night's House Hunters".

If his sublime health and soft heart have yet to charm you, it is worth noting that Ian once had a love poem and an erotic story published on the same day, both under pseudonyms. Some have compared his work to that of the great Lord Byron.

**Bonus Info** When he is not out wrestling bears, fly fishing or carving the statue of David, Ian spends most of his time searching for coins made before 1967 around IU!


Why not apply for the Orientation Team? Orientation Leader applications are now open and due 10am on Monday, January 22.
As an Orientation Leader (OL) you'll get to represent IU, work with an outstanding team, build your resume, and have fun at the same time. This position is a paid position with summer housing, leadership experience, diverse friendships, and the opportunity to create life long memories.

All of the information regarding the position description, important dates, and the application can be found at go.iu.edu/oteam.

If you have any other questions, please email [email protected] or call 812-855-4357. We hope to see your application soon, and GO HOOSIERS!

PS - Do you know someone who would make a great Orientation Leader? Nominate them here


Introducing... Jared Kelly, RA on Thompson 4! Jared is majoring in Ballet with an Outside Field in Marketing. He is also a big fan of makeup and fashion!

Fun Fact: Jared has performed while having vertigo! One might say his performance had its ups and downs...

***Bonus info*** Jared loves spicy food, and has completed the "Blazin' Wing Challenge" at Buffalo Wild Wings!


Be sure to check it out!


Introducing...Kylie Frederick, RA on Elkin 2! Kylie is a Journalism & Public Relations major.

Fun Fact: Kylie is getting married to her "best friend ever" this summer!

On a more exciting note, Kylie can do a handstand for a minute.

**Bonus Info** Kylie was a backup singer for Kidz Bop!

Say hi to Kylie if you see her around campus (and make sure she can do the handstand trick)!


[12/07/17]   Why not apply for the Orientation Team? Orientation Leader applications are now open and due 10am on Monday, January 22.

As an Orientation Leader (OL) you’ll get to represent IU, work with an outstanding team, build your resume, and have fun at the same time. This position is a paid position with summer housing, leadership experience, diverse friendships, and the opportunity to create life long memories.

More information is available through our website. If you have any other questions, please email [email protected] or call 812-855-4357. We hope to see your application soon, and GO HOOSIERS!


Introducing...Noah Bousum, RA on Wissler 5! Noah is majoring in Advertising & Public Relation.
He enjoys dancing, improv comedy (he is apart of a great improv group at IU!), and generally being a spectacle.

Fun Fact: Noah has an alter ego named Harriet. "She is 76 years old and never misses a beat. One day you'll all see how wrong you we were about Harriet. Just wait."

***Bonus Info*** Noah's heritage can be traced back to a few Swedish Kings! Though he did not inherit wealth and fortune, he did receive their renowned golden locks upon his head.


Introducing...Lauren Schmitt, RA on Elkin 3! Lauren is an Informatics major with a cognate in Business, as well as minoring in Psychology and Human Sexuality.

Hobbies: Traveling, working out, meeting new dogs and loves writing up residents.

Fun Fact: Lauren is a dedicated vegan, which means she does not like bacon or cheese.

**Bonus Info** Lauren's favorite treat is "vegan coffee". It's strikingly similar to actual coffee, but vegan!



Staying on-campus for Thanksgiving? Don't forget about the rules for guests! Only other IU students are allowed to stay over in the res centers over break.


Introducing...Nick Thurin, RA on Whistler 3! Nick is majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Spanish and Chemistry.

Fun Facts: Nick loves to play ping pong at Teter, enjoys riding his bike around campus and wants to make a lot of the IU basketball games.

**Bonus Info** Nick denied a lucrative Red Bull sponsorship for BMX Biking so he could focus on his studies!

Make sure to give Nick a warm greeting if you see him around Teter--glad to have him on staff!


Introducing...Sarah Head, RA on Rabb 6! Sarah is a sophomore majoring in Comprehensive Design, with minors in Fine Arts and Italian.

Sarah is very sweet, mainly because she has type 1 diabetes. With her free time, Sarah enjoys photography and playing volleyball.

**Bonus info** She doesn't like to brag, but Sarah is ranked in the top 1000 for Dominoes tournaments in the United States!


Introducing...Brenae Zimmerman, RA on Rabb1! Brenae is graduating this May with a degree in Community Health, and is planning on getting her masters in Public Health!

Brenae is in the African American choral ensemble, a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and is the Vice President of Black Girls Mentoring Association.

Fun Fact: Brenae loves to sing, watch basketball and binge watch Netflix shows!

**Bonus info** Brenae's younger sister is YouTube famous for her rendition of the National Anthem--check it out!


Introducing...Awais M***i, RA on Boisen 1! Awais is a Neuroscience major interested in becoming a dentist.

Fun Fact: Awais can wiggle his ears!

**Bonus Info** Awais uses over 20 different facial masks and herbal remedies to keep his skin smooth as a silk.

Make sure to say to hi to another amazing member of our staff (just avoid telling him you don't floss)!


Only a few days left in the October Autumn Games Challenge. Teter currently has the lead! Earn triple the points for Teter by participating in the JB5K this Saturday! Follow the link for more info :

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