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Get your hands and feet dirty, grow your skills, and expand your mind by volunteering or participating in one of our workshops.

[01/01/16]   Summer workshop series schedule coming soon!
Follow me on Twitter @_chrisreinhart to get updates on my research and links to great resources on regenerative, DIY, open source architecture, natural building. 09/22/2014

OpenSource.House STUDIO | Innovative Design/Build

I've launched a new website for my work, and brought all the diverse types of projects I work on under one roof, OpenSource.House STUDIO. Check out the new website, and like the page for OpenSource.House STUDIO, because the Baby Creek Page will be coming down soon! Open Source.House Studio has committed to sharing the construction details and other design assets we create with the creative commons under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 lisence. This site is just launched, but we have a stockpile of construction details to add to our library from years of building experience.… 07/07/2014

Job Opportunities

Architecture for Humanity is growing... and looking for people to work with them. If you're able to relocate and want to use design to help change the world, check out their job openings! Architecture for Humanity is a growing organization. We are seeking talented people with diverse backgrounds to help us succeed in our mission. Provided is a list of open opportunities with the organization.

The Shelter Blog 06/24/2014

A Tiny House Made from Old Windows

I can't imagine this place is thermally efficient at all, but it sure is beautiful!

The Shelter Blog
photo source
In 2012, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz quit their jobs and set off to build a glass cabin in the mountains of West Virginia.


DIT - Do It Together - Natural Building Workshop


Workshop underway...


Building more than homes : Chris Reinhart at TEDxBloomington

Here's the TEDxBloomington talk I gave on the MicroHouse -- a collaboration between Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology and me... and lots of wonderful volunteers!

Chris Reinhart shares his vision for re-imagining barn-raising for the 21st century using open source industrial equipment and extreme manufacturing. He want... 06/10/2014

A Pattern Language in Cob

Hello cob home. You are so beautiful. This is a tour of Charles André's cob home in Canada with a list of some of the design patterns that make it so beautiful.


Tiny Bonsai for a tiny house!

Tiny Red Currant Bonsai.
Found on -


Microhouse 2 build, Open Source Ecology

Here's the hot-off-the-press timelapse from the MicroHouse 2 workshop that I lead for Open Source Ecology back in April. It was tons of fun to work with such a great group of people! Thanks, @maxrvetter for making this awesome summary of our work!

This is the Microhouse 2 build at a workshop at Open Source Ecology Factor E Farm, done over 5 days. Made using the OSE CEB Press. Video: Max Vetter @maxrvet...


The City Museum in St. Louis is hands-down the most magical expression of using salvaged materials that I have ever seen. 05/29/2014

“We The Tiny House People” (Documentary)

A documentary about the Tiny House Movement. This has moved right to the top of the list of movies to watch! “We The Tiny House People” (Documentary)CabinsSustainable LivingHomesteadingMay 28, 20140 0 viewsIf you haven’t watched “We The Tiny House People” you should. It’s hands down, among the best sustainable living videos on the internet. Detailing the basics of off grid living, and the phenomenal growth…


Interior Finishes at Baby Creek


Catarina and Marcin finished out the inside of the second MicroHouse module, and here are the photos. I had a great time working on this project with them and leading the workshop where we built the shell with two dozen participants - most of whom had never built before!

We had a great MicroHouse Workshop. Here are the first photos of the interior. Video forthcoming. 05/13/2014

Natural Pools

On the topic of natural pools, here's a link to a page where you can download a free ebook on making your own DIY pool. Not only beautiful, fun and environmentally friendly but also MUCH cheaper to build and something you can do as a DIY project.


Seneca Treehouse Project

My friend Scott Bunn's cool project out in South Carolina.

A sustainable development company offering consultation, design, build, educational services, and housing. 05/12/2014

Natural Building Exploration

Receive the early bird special of 25% off if you purchase your tickets for the upcoming Natural Building Exploration before May 23. Discover building with earth, straw, and other natural materials. Play with salvaged materials like glass bottles and urbanite, too. Gain an understanding of the basics of sustainable design. Get answers to your questions about building your own home. Learn how to connect more deeply with the land a… 05/11/2014

Inside Six Cob Homes

I love living in my own cob home - and I also love looking at how other people live in their cob homes. A collection of six beautiful and unique cob home interiors around the world. 05/10/2014

Natural Pools: A Sustainable Alternative To Chlorine

Item #742 - designing and building one of these beauties for Baby Creek. I'd really like to move this up the list, but many other projects have higher priority, like finishing the existing house, adding on to it, building the guest cottage, the outdoor kitchen, the forest gateway, the larger water tank, planting the orchard.... Swimming in natural water is a delight to our senses. Your skin and hair feels soft and your eyes don’t sting. It seems as if, every cell in your body is telling you – this is the way swimming should be.


I've been using metal pipe railings on my ship's ladders lately, and I enjoy working with the material. Today, I came across these instructions on making your own pipe table from DIY Ready. They look easy to follow and very thorough.

Get that rustic furniture style with this upcycled DIY Metal Pipe Table


Baby Creek Natural Building Center's cover photo


Wow! Check out this gorgeous tree house!

What do you think of this Tree house?
I like the swings underneath.

Hands and Feet :) 05/06/2014

Photos by Phoebe Higgins from a workshop at Be Here Now in Muncie, IN.

Photos by Phoebe Higgins from a workshop at Be Here Now in Muncie, IN.


Baby Creek


Open Source Ecology is gathering ideas and precedents for the further development of the MicroHouse. If you have any great information related to DIY, modularity, rapid construction, open source equipment, prefabrication, or sustainable design, please add them :)

Have a great design idea that might improve the MicroHouse? Post it here and I'll add it to the newly formed repository for ideas for the next iterations of the MH. You will be able to see all the ideas here, on the Open Source Ecology wiki: 08/07/2013

Chris Reinhart Log - Open Source Ecology

In a little under two months, Marcin Jakubowski, myself, and two dozen volunteers are going to build the first module of demonstration home out of compressed earth blocks... IN ONE DAY!!! Check out my log documenting the design process on the Open Source Ecology wiki - we would love to hear your comments and ideas. Chosen as the best passive heating strategy because of the building size. Future designs should explore indirect gain systems, as well. The page of calculations is a starting point for determining apertures.


The roof is off! Deconstruction of walls able to continue without danger of overhead members falling on someone.


Bamboo Building at Cambury


Interior wattle-and-daub wall. 05/23/2013

Dan Phillips: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff | Video on

Aside from being a fantastic builder, this guy is philosopher and comic, too! In this funny and insightful talk, builder Dan Phillips tours us through a dozen homes he's built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways. Brilliant, low-tech design details will refresh your own creative drive. (Filmed at


Composite based on photos by Phoebe Higgins. 04/25/2013

LBC | Living Future

Very excited to have been accepted as a volunteer presenter for the Living Building Challenge! If you are not familiar with the LBC, check it out - I believe it is the most visionary certification tool we currently have. The Bertschi Living Building Science Wing is the world's first Living Building certified under version 2.0 of the Challenge.


This Sunday at Be Here Now. Help us create Muncie's (maybe Indiana's or even the Midwest's!) first earth sound booth. You provide the sweat, Whitney provides the food and beer. Hard deal to beat.
We'll get started at 11 and be working all day.
Hope to see you there. 04/18/2013

Garbage Warrior [Full Length Documentary]

What a fabulous documentary of a true architectural innovator!

It's heartening to see someone really pushing the boundaries, not just architecturally but socially, too. As designers, we need to address the broader context of the cultural systems in which our buildings exist, not just the buildings themselves. Do you wanna know in advance the winners of this weekend's UFC card? Check out where a scientific approach is used to pick the win...

[04/11/13]   The workshop for this Sunday has reached capacity! I'm delighted I get to spend the day exposing a great group of people to the joys of building with cob and salvage. Gonna be a fabulous time!





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