Krav Maga of Albrightsville, Blakeslee, PA Video June 6, 2020, 1:49am

Videos by Krav Maga of Albrightsville in Blakeslee. Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Combat Training and Fitness, Realistic Self Defense for the Real World.

Defense against a chest grab and possible knee

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Chest grab with possible knee defense smaller opponent

Defense against a chest grab and possible knee

Gun self defense

Knife defense from the ground

Stopping a kick to the ribs

Knife to throat threat

Bottle vs. knife defense

Self Defense with a bottle

Self defense techniques to take someone down.

Knife self defense

Knife Self Defense

Knife attack


Hostage situation

Hostage situation

Active Shooter

Release from arm lock.

How to get out of a triangle hold

Another technique from inside a car

Some of our techniques from our event yesterday

Some of our techniques from the Krav Maga event today in Blakeslee.

My right arm is being grabbed while a knife threat to throat.

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Dennis performing technique on Sean Toole

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